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December 16, 1921     Quad City Herald
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December 16, 1921

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Page3 THE 8RIEWSl&apos;ER HERA.D DE(EMBER 16 t921 Only one nore week until Christmas. Walter Seal'; r*et:4ed from Wen ' T H" ../ atchee Thffrsda:.. * i/) Mrs. Pete McPherson and Mrs. . . Pettit made a business trip to Wen- i atehee Thursday. : , $ * @ $ :q," Mr. andMrs. J. H. Greaves of Cheian ]eft Thursday for Los Ageles, where; they will spend the winter. $ $ $ $ i Mrs. William Gillespie of Brewster 2 caae home Thursday after spending two days in Wentchee cm business. Mrs. Mary Stoddard and Mrs. A. C. Glllespie of Brewster, started for! ....,. fv Marysvllle Kansas, Thursday, where : 'I p ' 't ! will spend the winter. --World. sick the past few days with a severe attack of asthma. E. R. Tyler came in from outside points last Friday for a couple of days visit with his family. He returued Monday. Mr. and Mrs. Dug Morris left fro" Wenatchee Thursday norning where they will make their home for the whiter. $ $ /., Mr. Barney representing the Lino- type Company was a pleasant visitor here the first of the week, as our mt- chine needed a little .overhauling. His presence was very acceptable. Our merchants have each expresssed their appreciation of your patronage for the Imst year and extend to you a Christmas card bearing the greetings of the seasoll., ill this issue. $ * * F. M. Millberry left Wednesday for Spokan where he ges to meet Mr. Simmins his brother-in-law, who has some valuable orchard interests on' the Flat. Dr. Wilson, of Okanogan, was in the city Friday and while here nmde arrangements to put in a couple of days here of each week. His head- quarters will be at the Hotel Brewster '$ * * * Dr. A. Nitteberg and wife returned to Seattle Monday, where he is em- ployed as den.fist in one of the lead- ing dental oflire of that city. His nmther returned to Seattle with them. TWO MORE SCALPS ON OUR BELT /- Our Basket Ball Lads of the high school added a couple of scalps on their record of victories. The first game Friday night was the High School second team against the Bridgeport High School team with a score of 21 to 36 in our favor. The second game was our High School first team against Mansfield -High Lads first team. This game was hotly con- tested and on the start Mansfield was in the lead but, soon our boys found themselves sad from that time on they Just simply played Mansfield off tleir feet. However .our boys.were greeably suprprlsed in the clean and gnHemnly mannen in which the visitors played the game. They all played hard and clean. They are the kinds of sports one likes to meet In a gains of tlds kind. They are a credit and an asset to any community. The score at the end of this game was 14 to 30 in our favor. STATE WiNS IN RECLAMATIO,N', Washington vastly improved its po- Ition in the fight for Nlational Aid for reclamation during the m0etinlg of the Western States Reclamation Associa- tion at Salt Lake, Director of Conserva tion and Development Dan A Scott re- ports. Washington men filled the pc. sitlons as chairman of the finance corn mitteo and Secretary of the resolutions conmlittee during the convention and finally a Washington  was uriah. aously elected to represent the 13 weste arid states at the capital dr- the fight for congressional legis- ration. Mr. Scott is this states mem- ber of the executive committee. FEDERAL MONEY FOR ORCHARD8 The federal farm loan bureau witl raake a special investigation of Wash- lngton fruit ands for the purpose of making them eligible for Government learns if they are found to afford the security claimed for them. E. L. French, Director of Agricul- ture, made a special trip: to Washing- ton after the adjournment of the agrl. cultural and livestbck conventions he atteuded in Chicago. and succeeded In doing away, with nuch preduJice a. garnet oroharc lands. Reretofore, Mr. French points out, the bureau has been willing to make loans in this i state on farm lands and im,provements i but has been reluctant to place much valuation on fruit trees. Possibly the fact that lie was talk- ing to a boyhood friend and farm as- sociate when he appealed to the famn loau commissioner helped Mr. French in impressing federal officials with the vaJlue of Washington fruit lands; in any event he paved the way for ob- taining farm loans for orchadists. The investigation wlll be made at once. Mr. French say Senator Miles Poin- dexter and possibly some of the other members of the Washington con, gress- lonal delegation will try to visit the State during the Christmas holidays. A Full School Yea,r After January 1 The second quarter of the 1921-1922 session of the Ellensburg Normal begins January 2. It is possible or a student to eater at that time and com- plete a frill academic year by attending the second and third quarters and re- maining for the summer session. If you were prevented from entering the first quarte, plan to come Jantary2. We are enjoying an unusually success- ful year with a large erellment, a live student bod' and..ptemsant s)cial tllmes. The school offers academic courses of first and second year college gTade, as well as the regular teacher training supervision courses. For catalog or further information address; George H. Blak, President State Normal School, Ellensburg, Washington. CONGREGATJONAL CHURCH NOT,E Ray. O. L. Fowler of Lakeside will hohl services at the Congregational Church Suaday the 1,Sth. Morning at 11 Evenin at 8. U. S. TIRES ARE THE BEST AND SELL AT THE SAME PRICE AS THE INFERIOR TIRES. GET THEM OF D. L. GILLESPIE. DIRECTIONS FOR KEEPING RAZORS 8HARP O O let. Have your barber hone and strop them. 2nd. Oil blade and wrap in silk paper. 3rd Have the barber do your shaving. BATHS ARE CHEAPER THAN DOCTORS. TRY OURS . 0 ------'----- 0 O DOWELL" The Barber cHIPS AND SPLINTERS o**OO$*e Eat apples and keep healthy. eeoeOOOOo Fruit gives variety to the diet. O**OOOOl A septic tank may save your life. **0@0.@** Rotten apples and poor sires go to- gethea-. **OOOOe$ Where 'wouhl the roses in baby's cheeks go,, without milk. oeooOeO** A window over the sink, ligte the heart of the housekeeper. o*@O$Oe$ Manure stored in the pen is robbed of its treasures by the weather. ee.o*OOeeo It takes a lot of tim!e to eed a scrub cow, but a short time to milk her. eooeOOee* The man who keeps a scrub must love him or else why does he keep him. eooOOOOe Did you do it? What? Let yqur son in as a partner in the farm busS ess. Use of fruit lmprove the quality ot the bleed and prevents acidity ia the system. $@e$Oe@@@ The kitchen floor should be covered wlth some material which is easily cleaned. **$oOeeeo Your wife is your partner, see that she has conveniences to work with as well as you. .."O'*'; xttts are rofreshlg rl cooling to the human system and help elim- inate waste. oeooOOeeo For the scrub cow to produce milk and butterftt, wotfld detract from her physical beauty. A greater love 1" no man than he who wears his yotmg life away to support a scruh. A dairy farm should have s silo, and a farm that can afford a silo can afford a bathroom. /, "A colmw of bees having a good yotmw queen will generally recover rapidly in the spring. slmuld extend to the eel|Jng. This given more roo tot W. H. STARKEY THE CONTRACTOR, AND RIHI. nI PLANS FURNISHED AND ESTIMATES GIVEN WOOD OR CEMENT BRRWSTER, OKANOGAN COUNTY, WASHINGTON The Answer for all time:. KEMPiE'S CANDY pure and Cln lh)liday Boxes. Pure Chocolatesany size and Flavor. all Fresh. CANDY BARS,, CANDY BOXES, CANDLED FRUITS and NUTS For Dad Vehy Not 1)resent DAD with a Christmas box of his Favorite CIGARS or CIGARETTS, We have them in all sizes. Fresh. For Hother or Sis A INE BOX'OI SIEC[AL HAND MADE CHOCOLATES Will just about fill the bill This Year's Crop of Nuts The Freshest that can be bought Kemp!e's Place Y-ERE ARE A FI]V  1NEXPENSIVE S ['C.:S'fIONS TO ALL _ _ -_ . .................................. : .................... ,-  N  ;]nrr "1 PYREX C,55EOL5. E.D ?'blS LFGE & SMALL. DEEP P:E PL:TrE$. ClaRE FL/'TES. BRKiEG DlSi".. ['4!10 P.LU !HUb TEF; KETTLES, $,FUCZ ;%Z, FEE3EVI EETTLE$, FRY F,i'5, 7,ED PUDDinG PN. *' GRISWOLD CRST S':LLETS ;NO GDDLES ,,..'.  :o, i' 31_UE EHr',vEL. LONG MRND- '<,, LzD- DUST o Ar.o."' O'CEDLR NOP$. iNIFE S-ARPNERSJ SLICING Et:,Vr.o. GLR55 ROLLING PINS Fer the Nen /1 DISTON SAWS. RANEL SAWS. MflYDOLE HAMMERS *' PLUMB AXES. ZIG ZAG RULES. STANLEY PLANES lJ CARBORUNDUM STONES. PRUNING SHEARS& " KRAUTER'S PLIERS ALL KINDS. I STILL SON WRENCHES For the Children t SMALL PLIERS. SLEDS, WHEELBORROWS. i CORN POPPERS. SAWS AND HAMMERS, ALUMINUM DRINKING CUPS. TOOL SETS.(NINE TOOLS IN NE) / F. R. woodbury Lu .tuber Co. ' 95 ."The Home Builder storage and less room for dirt. A silk thread measurinK between --,---:- ..... [600 and 8.00 yards i length may be Dont waste your whore nre worK- . .... unwounu xrom a SllgWOl cocoon. ing up a ,good fara and forget some of I .... - . -- --.-- ..... a - ho--e " i Tramp' aeroplanes, cogtlng DOUt ue comlorts o1: goes m  , J $I00,000, and able to carry ten tons of Under ordintry conditions ta hand- me#chandlse, are berg designed. ling manure from one third to one Beds which can be lllnmlnated un- half of its actual value is lost. derneth by electricity are an Am.el*- * ican invention for the use of nervous An. outstandlug sire aul a com- petent care taker are team mutes in people. producing good registered stock. Eggs found in the trunk of a large __,___ ehn while being cut into plsjaks, are Prepare your <.ampalgn for next estimated to have been lying there spring against tile Europe,an and about a century. American Foul brood amon,g bees. With wings nearly a foot in width F()rty pounds of superphosphate to]extended, the Great Atlas Moth of in each ton of marure reenforces the din, is the largest moth or butterfly in nanure like steel reenmorces concrete, the world, Front Quarter of Beef .... . ................................ 9 to 12 cts pound Hind Quarter of Beef ............................................ 10 to 15 cts pound Hams .................... 35 cts pound Bacon ............ 30 to 35 cts pound Mutton ........ 10 to 12 cts pound Lard 10s 1.90 ................ 5s 1.00 SPECIA4. 8PECIAL BRING IN YOUR LIVE CHICKENS, TURKEYS, DUCKS, GEESE HIGH'EST MARKET PRICE'8 HIGH!EST MARKET PRICE8 i BREWSTER HE,T NARKE T . 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J The First National Bank of Brewster. Heavy Pine Apple Boxes ALSO PE'ACH AND PEAR BOXES PROMPT SHIPMENT8 MADE AND BOXES ARE MANUFACTURED FROM DRY PINE LUMBER, GET OUR PRICES. WE CAN'SATISFY YOU IN BOTH GRADE AND DELIVERY. Biles Coleman Lumber Co