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December 16, 1921     Quad City Herald
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December 16, 1921

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Page i li ill ,, i ii i OUR SCH()OLS Editors In Chlefs:Janlce McCoy Marourlte Jamluon Phyllis Clarke and Helen Dffland. Associate Editors:Ltslle Crandall. Edna Young, Zelma. Crevellng, Olive Price and Cartha Hall. SHELOKUN STAFF OF 1920 mas vacation, but never ]l]Hld, we'll be out early next spring. Friday--A.nother Basket-Ball game. As we proven u) tne llri4gel)ort first t,qtnz we could "l)eat 'era", they sent their second t,e:,.n{ to uphold the honor of their school. But to no aw]il. Al- though llridgeport put up a splondld fight ('specialy theh" little fe.llow) we "skinned" 'e'm. q'h s(:o]'e was 19to40 in fsvor of ore" boy,'. Monday -Mr. Jay Austin (.ailed a meeting of the Basket-Ball girls to read over the rules und to nlake l,l' ran.gentellis l'ku" a game with Entiat, Entiat has challenged the girls for q gsme. The .girls decided to go (iowa the sanle tina a.s the boys go and as tim I)oys Imve not as yet a game witl] 10ntiat we don't know Just when tllat EDITORIAL >j(- Well did you read thc paper last weelC, p Of course you dhl. Your coming to the Alumni gathering, too. We all are. 1)o you rellember in the year of 191S you wise ones came down stairs to "spell d. ,va;' the seventh and eigllth grades? We were those youngsters then you km)w . We beat yon too, Maybe we'll give you a chance to bet- ter you[' record, Dec. 23rd. at the I. O. O. F. I-LUll, at S o'clock. You'll want to see what kind of en- tertatnmeut the lti,gh School cau give us ill tile afternoon. You first grads probably remember them all as little tads ill the "little school". Come, see 'era now. We're hoping to make this ' ." - - ill, I' I r I to do I be solved by an act or Congress or .[iy it will bo a very wise thing AVe and looks must not stand in the 1  by an executive order. Only a domes- v, ay of love my dear, the' they are aliCe reluedy will prove effective. bit troublesome at times. It has been said that workmen are Meth. Lige. themselves responsible fox" much un- __,__. em,ployment, because they will not Dear Uncle Meth: consent to .a readjustment in wages. 1 am a young and :properly guided 25th defeated Chelae 7 to 5. These gmns were all on the home floor. On Feb. 1st they played Okanogan at Okanoga and won by a score of onto Manson7 to 5. Feb. 8th, they Journeyed to Chelae and defeated them 8 to 4, the next day they went on to Manson and won 15 to 2. The last game was with Manso on the Brewster floor and another victory 29 to 0. The total score being Brew- ster 97. opponents 18, Brewster win- ning the chmmoionship. The line p was as follows: Francis Tyler, cen- ter; MarJorle Merrlck, side center; Dee Hold6n, forward; Martha Gamble, guard; Lillian Nickle, forward; Eva Erwin, guard; Esther White, sub. The boys were not as successful as the girls in wiRnlng the county etmm- pionshil) but they made a good try and worked hard. The first game was with Bridgel)ort on our own floor Dec. 14th, and wound up with a victory 15 to i0. Okauogan came to Browster or Jan llth, mid we lost after a hara game 8 to 6. On J;,n. 25th, we defeated Chelan 7 to 5 on our own floor. Feb 1st we went to O]ano, gan and at the end of playing time the score stood 14 to 1.. aud in tim extra 5 minutes, Okanogan won score 25 to 21. We lost ]]gain at Cimlan on Feb. 8th, 20 to 25, and o.n the next day we wont to al[son anti won 26 to 13. The 16th, of Feb. Mau- son came to Brewster and we won '19 to4. The total score fro' the year lining Brewster 104, op)onents 90. The lineup was as follows: Alphonso De((land, Amos Teas, forwards; Loris Gillespie, Ceuter; Rudolph Dofiland, and E(lward Phiuney, guards; Cyril Gamble, Sub. The Basket ball season for the win- ter of (1919-1920) was very short on ac cout of the Slu. The ,girls' first game was with Pateros at Pateros, Feb. 2th. They Ontak with Oka]log[tll r, Okanogan claim c(I 1] tel0. 10or ill() S,!lttSt)'l]: ,'4('t)Fe, ]I'kY'VS[C[' t,'t- al 1,40, :t]l(1 oppo]Icnt 99. The team noted for their wift and clean playing lined Ul) a follows: Leslie (]randall, runmnv forward; IloI]leconljng such  gralId success , [ that It will be accept(yJ as an mnual will be. event. Wollld'nt that be fine to keep ] Tl(e Jtlniors had auother meeting ! lit touch with all our old (:lass nmttes? I and cllose Its bhelr class flower a red We think so and ,are workiug like rose.. nd their colors red and white. TroJan' to put It at;ross, so eerie eill ]They also discussed "grub" for the coming High School imrty. Lets Go! Adieus, tlmu, till I)ec. 2.q ,Gerha.rd Nelson met will[ an ace|-were victorious by a score ef ,1 tel. Again on the following Friday they Hubert Downie, stauding forward Milton Gillesl)ie, center; Kenneth boy, but am smitten with tile charm McPherson, standing gtlard; Steve of a. sweet, flip girl at present. Please, !oh l)l(.se do give me advice as to Gasho, running guard; Clyde and Ray \\;Vhitingcr subs; Joe Trivc*tt coach. "the Girls Team For 1920 and 1921 At Brewster \\;Vintlu'op lost. At Brewster Pateros .h)st. At Twisp Brewster lost. At Winthrop Winthrop lost. At Twisl) Twisp lost. At Pat- eros Brewstqr lost. At Brewster with Okanogan Brewster lost. At Olnak. B.'ewatcr lost. * how to gain her affection and keep up. I am freckled of face and a bit homely which I suppose is the reason she does'at like me. ' R. Ans. to F. R. : Perhaps "keeping up" i.,Vt the highest aim for a youn.g man, but I can sympathize with you in your l),)sitiou. JUNIORS OF 1920 Advice To The Love Struck { If you a car this is no doubt Dear I:Ic.l( Metlulschth '!.igc: t lhe attraction, and in the first 1)lace l)o you believe ill love :it first ]don't I)* foolishly enamored with her sight " Am just a high school student I,)' you'll get a hard raM. You should and l'ln(l myself very ni]lc]).infatu'lt(,d ()b.;orv( that girls now-a-days dent with a ,girl of my own age. '\\;Vould ]hav( constant hearts md minds. No you advise m(; to spend less lime on lay lessons an(l give the alTairs of my lleart n]oro, of nly tin]e all(| atte]ltiol). Shall [ llltk( iLtlv;I]]ces It) tills lovely girl and try to win her? Strickol] ..... :1 _:L__ K. L. I.. I. ']'o win ller my boy IS a n]au sized job, and judging from your let- ter you are a mere)inftmt, fl.t leasi l will say it would bc an extremely her unus]]ttl thing Hn([ no dotll)t wouhi I)ro- doubt you are I)oth in School which makes yur case doubly absurd. Meth. IAge. UNEMPLOYNIENT (h't',']t lritiRu and tile United States are both f{lc, illg the unenlployed / prob- lem. Slmin does not seem to feel this problem at present, while Italy ha,s suffered from it but is im.1)roving dowly. Ja.l)au is also recoveril]g fronl wide-sl)read depression of last Although this unemployment prob- lem is growing bettor as a whole, the conditions seam to be worse in the East than in the South and West. The States in the East that the prob- lem has no,t touched as meh as in others are: the New England States, New Jersey and Pennsylvania. Cities which are facing this problem are: New York City, Cbica,go, Pittsburg, Des Moines, Omahai, Duluth, Cincinati, St. Paul, and Washington D. C. The following states that show im- proved conditions are: Ohio, West Vir- ginia, Indiana, Alabazlm Oklahoma, California, Missouri, Texas, Florlda Georgia, Tennessee, Utah, Colorado, Iowa, Michigan, New Yo,rk, and North Carolina have not suffered much. Men have been put to work on the up-keeping of parks, construction of buildings, i[proving state roads, re- pairing of the streets and numerous ether ways. The different cities have taken charge of the uuemployment, which helps the nation.a .great deal. :Some town, are building puhlic bull- dings, while other towns may be buff- (ling fire-stations or swimming ponds, The taxIm,yer ptys the wage of the men enplo,yed on public work. There are plenty of farms that are needing men, why not get some of the unem- ployed to work upon them? Written by.: Maudo McCormJck. Z BREAICI,'AST NOOK in ' 2k the ht)nle c,eatcs a chunl- my ]mtnellke atnmsphere. It t / vtart, the day right. It saves labor and I l h,otsteps for the housewife, In your bui,d-  [ ing plans {nclude a I|rcak|at Nook. We i I ;![sO lllaiLtl[actt]rc sash. doorp, OIII lllill-  I work. Ve are cr';ttfrs of "Better Mill- I I w(,rk." Rm'ig. 2216 l.'{r:a Ac, S,, 5cattle.  [ ':00,orea00#00st / I 6 NO, *** * * * * * *:4:********** * C.R. McKINLEY * * Physich(n :lad Surgeon * dent during manuar training. He Class of 1921 was usiug a chisel and" cut his hand; Is however the cut was not serious. We have auother new pupil, lter On Tuesday we learned our fat name is Laivia Noland. for---we received our report cards. Those 'who trove the neatest lan- Some of us were loard to remark, guage ,papers are: Lindsay, Bobby, "Pride ,goeth before a fall." lroue, Knn. Raymond, and Wallace. Vedn,esday--Last week we we, re Wallace has the most papers posted, told about two High Schools to be e- q'le new,test arithmetic papers are: reeted ia Fraeno and named for four Bernice B., Be[lco R., and Wallace. prominent talon: the funds for these Those who were priviledged tolight high schools to be given by the 0up(Is their cadles for being on time, neat, and quiet are: Alice Bernice R., Hazel G., Agnes, June, ltuth, Marian, Albert, George Go, George J., Ann,. Irene, Hazel C., Katherine, Melvin. Maurice, Mertn Wesley, Philip, Ray, mDnd, Bobby W., Bob W. Wallace, Waxren, Georgia, and Bernice B. Raymond brought us a lovely Christ- tree We have already made some chains for It. Mr. M. Alexan- der made a fine box to make it stand. We surely appreciate his work. The third grade fixed the sand table into an Eskimo scene. Am The follt*wing boys and girls were neither tardy n)r absent for the third month: Bernadetta, (ruth, Verla, Mac tester, Frank, Glen and Francis. Be We are practicing for a Christmas programs this week. We hope te. have a nice program. To-day we had our multlplication tables from two to as htr as we could go. Fern Hadley were the highest. The Sixth grade are having some book reports of History and Reading. In reading we each have a book to read and when we finish we have to tell it to the rest of the gade. When Mr. Jay ustin comes iu to give us physlcal trainlg, Ruth Simp- son, Gerda Nelson, Lottie Marsh, Ol- ,, Daugherty, Bessie Dauherty an4 Louise Freeze come and play with us, I Are Clarence Sherman was absent Fri- day on account of sickness. Quite a number from our room are raeticlng for the Caristmaa program, Ethel Morart has beer absm/t this week. The seventh and eighth grades in review, this weak wrote on last year s state test in physiology and Grammar. The grles were very good. Being WednesdayThis evening our boys had a basket ball tussel with Brews- ter's husky town team. It certainly CHAELPlON ws an enjoyable game, a real scrp, The town team was five ahead at the end of the first half and our boyshad History of Athletlos. their spunk up. They played harder In the win.ter of the school tem of than ever the second half and kept up {191 and 18) Brewster High put two with their pponents. The final score Bsket ball teams in the field, the was 26to16 in favor of the town teaXa. Girls winning every game th first ThursdayThis seemed to be our from Bridgeport Dec. 14, by  score Doom',, day for it was on this day we of 23 to 0. Again on Jan. 11th wl- ware told we are to tutve ae Christ- nlnS Zrm OlmmSau $ t o Oa Jma of the high schools in tile United i States. On Wedn{esday Miss. Brown sent in a eheck for two dollars which was the sam donated by our schools. The girls' first basl6t-ball quadron is reduced to seven, namely: Win. oaa Fox, Gla4ys Gillespie. Helen hipps, Gertrude Gillesple, Fern Wll- ) son, Sylvia Freeze ,nd Violet Hilde- brand. Miscellanious--Our school party has been postponed uttil Saturday, the 17th because the h School boys have a basket-ball .ame with Mans- field the 16th. :i'',,. Some of us hav; ': been very busy the last three ii.hts, practicing "Green Stockings", others attending an ventng make up class in Physics. $ 'ear. ht Great Britian unemploy- defeated Pateros ou the Brewster floor r vide quite a column for you' school I . 1]lent Irzs been rapi(lly increasing and 1.1to 5. The glri players were as fol- lows: Zelm Creveling, Olive Price Agnes Berntsen, Winona Fox, Eva Ervin, Helen Deffland, Phyllis Clarke. Margerite Jamison, Gladys Gillesple, Lucetta Raymond, Ix)ie Nash, and Frieda Raymond. As this was all tim ganges .that could be scheduled they had to close for the season. Brews- ter's total score being 15 Pateros 6. The h(ys were all green as none io us had ever olayed before Wu played firsst first game with Bridge- port on our own floor and lost 36to21. The racord game was with Bridgeport on our own floor as they had no ball" this time wa won 26to14. Our last ,game of the season was with Croak for the County Chant,pionship. We were defeated in a very hard game 14to, the totals were Br(wster 55 IXLI)er as well as cause quite :t colll-r nl,otion alnou'g the town folks. Be stlre tile' that you hav,. Ihe con- sent ef hcth I:arcmts an(l of the schoo| professor before you go ahcall with such au arduous undertaking. Moth. '[Age. * ])ear Moth. "(Age: [ find that i must writ(: i,) you u) I relieve my miml. I am golu5 to school :away [toni home, nnd really bare .'l,) i one to confide in. Ant still going wiLh the SIlln9 boy vvho Wg]S a st]ldent i,*lst year, hut he, lives st) f,.t' away I 1lover see hiln excel)t on week e'.ld., |l ] !a:l him on the I)hent. his I):treuta' obje;t and we simply Callt a]'va:lq h) Se ca- ch otitcr dllrinK t]lc wegk. What would bc advisable to do a- I)(. ut tlli. ? l'l'Cln (}reen l,]ycs Opponents 64. The lineup were: WhltlRger, guards; Do Lance Dow. center; Hubort Dowo n4 Leslio Crandall, forwards; with Milton GI1 .I lespio, Clyde Whitinger and Emery Crmldall as Subs. Our baseball team was liko our basket-ball te.n as none of us had ever played before. Onr first game Dear G]'eui .E-,e.; Must you ( really see hinl. during' see him du,'ing the week when you ]lave ,o DIII(']I scllool work to do? ls he re'ally s() attractive and (loe hc l]leall SO lllllcil tO 3'(}{1 t}at yell can't wait until lhe elld of th welds? VVell h 3;): r( .,llj,' ]nt]st see him*-]H)w abollt : !dei'.,,h ride (m V,r.{*:('d;ly Ili/]ll O11 15hKhu:d is facing as serio'ls or even n]ore Sel'iolls a crisis tiln ours. In li'lilnce conditions seenl te Ilave iln- I lrove(]. T}le :l)rincipal measures that have been takeu to relieve unemployment aro uuem,ployfient insurance, a nation- al syste,m pf. free employment exchan- ,ges, the organization of pul)lic works lo fm'nish em,ployment, and the co- ordination of all three of these sys- CtUlS. Theso nleasu]'es hav greatly helpe(1 Groat Britian and the United Sh.tes. The unemployment has been gradually dcrea:;lng ill. all the coun- tries. ( ( lhmmpoyment is prlrnarily a eom- muxdty 1)rol)lem. The conference which was called by President Hard- ink was held Sept. 26 1921. This cou- fer(mce requested SO]IIO authorities in all parts of the country to orgauizo ('mumunities to l{andle the world wide problcm. These com:mitties were ur- ged to '.me the(t, local construction work be bt,g'un, and factory and store l'Oi)ail'S 1)O undertaken IIOW and wher neco,:sary tlmt work be distributed im tim pa, rt time employulent basis thus taking care of as Insny of the! Jobless as possible. Has Been a was with Bridgeport on their dianmnd We have at last gotten to-gether a .we lost by a score of 15to6, the return iv. st[rr('Dliliotls fil'l((,n ]OilHIt chat o:t! F;efm'e the conference %(ljot0.ned' girl's town team Mrs. Dee Goehry, [game on our diamond which we lost ltlm l'ir t)ank? This usually Is'or(des they adopted ei,ght recommendations Mrs. Blinkkink, Mrs. Sybll HoldeiLilSto4. The lext galno was with MoP- a diversion front schuol routine. Bur which' are 't readustment of ralhvav Wilton Trivett, Helen Price, Frakle ]se which resulted in our favor 6to5. l l)e desereet, irates to a fa.h' busihess ]-elation and The return at Manson was lost to us Meth I th( v,du( of o Tyler, Heleia Deglnd and Phyllis { l .... ]  "  c aimed(ties; speedy tax Clarke arepracticizg- Five of this |12to7. The tie off was played at Che- { -- . ...... revision with reductions; definite set- I I)( I Un(lc Methuselah  , num;ber are memaberu ,f the B. H. S. [laz 4 Brewster winning 14to7. Thisi   ' : '. " " " :  , tl(m(ut Of ta,'iff legislation; quick fin-[ Alumni. : ,, I alu only uu unsoplust( tte(l lligh sic d e tlen /closed the baseball season  " "" "": " ' 'i' s 't rant hetween the overn Lest some Alumldid not see the In the winter of 1920and1921 with! Schl girl and I find 1 am wildly in meat aud raih'oads; limitatg:n ofi love with t colleg gaduate Ile seems  or d a Browster Herald lat week, we wish Dad as coach the boys Basket-Balll  ' ' " ..... " " v 1 "rmantent; stabllazation of fo' to love mc too do eu think it ould , n exehan to lavlte all af tho A'bl to the Home team began its most successful yea]']  '-- " ' " " ;g , ge rates; elimination of be wise Ior us lo ma]] Ul pite el tste m coming at the achooiiuse Friday af- that thO Brewster High School had] '. :" ' "'.' ' :; - ' w: in" dustrv" and seasonal cruet. ! tho (hffercn(( m tes, A {ood om teraoon and to the Hall in the evening eer dah The first game with Wln- ' "   ='s' ; ' " ations and aligument of who!esale and an of onr town said she thought it retail prices. The unem:ployment in Germany has improved as much as other industri- ous ntions except France. France is In a better position than any of the Allied and Associated nations. The unemployment in Great Britiaa and Italy is not as great a problem as it was. In France there are more work- ers employed than before the war and only two thousand less factories. Our credit not only stands higher than that of the European countries lint We can control oar own finances tra(lc relatioi]a, and foreig policies. However we cannot control the trade and foreig]t policy of other nations. There must be cooperation between all classes of a community, otherwise things will proceed front a crisis to a disaster. The nati(>] it-self can provide a hu;ge scale employment in two ways, which are by setting aside millions, BASKET BALL TEAM OF 1918 throp made (mr first success with a very foolish---but we are desperately * Brewsler. .... Washington. * * a * T.P. HOPP. UNDERTAKER * * Bridgeuort. -- Washington. '* * A Full Line of Caskets and * Funeral SUl0101/es. * * RALPH B. KENISON * * Licensed Embslmer * * Funeral Furnishings. * * Pateros. -- Washington * *** ** ** ** *** ** , , $, $,: * FIRE INSURANCI: I1. * T'et Us write that p0U0y fO * * you today .... We repressnt only * * the BTONGEBT and aEB * * Oomples, whioh py 100 @SDtS * on every dolla of |Oll * * THE RICE-GOEHR "" * AGENCY e 0 . !" B. BURKE i ** AUCTIONEER ; : MSFm.D. WASmNGTON : * WIll cry sales' anywhere in * * Douglas and adJoinihg counties * * blake dates with The First Na- * * tlonal Bank. Brewster Wash. * * ' II ********** * * *es**$e*** * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * u * RICHARD V. GOUGH *' * Architect q' * Member Washington State * * i(,city of Architects. * * e, * PLANS AND SPECIFICATIONS * , FOR ALL KINDS BUILDING * * Offices * , * Okanogan and Brewllter * />(_ ! ********************** *******,** * a. ***e*$ee*** * b A. L. FOX * * " CENERAL AUCTIONEER * *$ FARM SALES A SPECIALTY * SATISFACTION GUARANTEED * Make Dates at this office or at * The Bank ********************* * THE MODERN WAY " DOHB YO 1R'O w * OKANoGAN 8TEAM LAUNDRY * , I, score of 27to9. The next at Twisp with a final score of 45to37 in our op- ponents favor. At Bridgepgrt vgain we 'lost 29to21. After that for some time good fortune came our way. with Twinp 22to11, wlth Otraan 18to vtth Omak at Omk :ll41t, bt at in love and dent want to take her ud- as in the ,past for Federal-State road . MOI, Pop--E., 1 * vice. Please say it will be ah'ight, t canstruction, and by hurrying tip pub- , . I. }l. lic hnildlng by the money that was ** We Guarantee Satisfaction **' set aside for this purpose. The con- * Bawst, otsL Breweter AgenCY * L R. --Dear girh Your letter'erence is responsible for these steps . ParoeI Post ioktes mut s the most aensible of all I have racei- { just meatiuaed. *o* amount tOturnS0 eetPosuto laaure,,,. t' v that wk al  IIt ad tO [ The utemployment hln mn .., . t * * * * * * * t t Wl f 'q...L./ atch ii Mr Pettl atch(  : ;MI ' qeft ' ) they , Mr tWO M Gille ,.+...,,%...,.2, Mr wlll, Mi slck ;" l atta pc(n! ,! ... visit ' Men, MI i )., Wen they wint, i Mr type hero chim  pres t Ou theh' ,, for t Chrh of tl F. Spo] Simr semi the Dr the , arrm } : days quar Dr } to S '. ploy t , ing , "1 nmtl: TWC Ou seho their gam /" . Seho Brld.l , . - ' ' cor( eCOl first first teste in t them they tleir agre gnt' visit( Iplay( tim I In a credt The %vas ST . Wt sitio re31a West tion tion port sitio mitte com fiaaE west t her ( FEDI Th ingle nikl secu} E. ture, ton cultu att iu d( gam r. I