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December 13, 2001     Quad City Herald
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December 13, 2001

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Page,~ " Dee 13 2001 Ouad Ci~ Herald The following articles are not necessarily the views of the Quad City Herald or its employees. From the "Mr. bin Laden? I'm your attorney. I understand you told the judge that your assets were tied up or frozen so you couldn't afford an attorney on your own. I've been appointed to represent youin your forthcoming trial. "We've already challengeduse of a military tribunal with a handful of military officers deciding your fate. We want a jury of your peers, which means 12 men of equal standing with you. No women, since in your former homeland, Saudi Arabia, and your most recent homeland, Afghanistan, women are not considered equal to men. ' When the law says peers, we'll insist on peers. Saddam Hussein. Perhaps Arafat, if they're both still alive then. Members of some of the terrorist pardon me, freedom fighter groups with which you associate. Some of the boys from Hamas. We want jurors like O.J. Simpson had, who don't give a rat's patootie about guilt or innocence they want vengeance for every injustice ever done to their kind, in this case, an Arab. "'Now, we are going to have to do something about your appearance. The beard has to come off. Americans aren't hot for beards. We had a Supreme Court justice in Washington State who grew one during his first term, shaved it offwhen he was up for re-election and grew it back after he was re- elected. It makes you look like you've been sleeping under a bridge. Yes, I knew you slept in caves. With 300 miles of intersecting caves in Afghanistan, how in the world did they ever. catch you? Oh, you stepped out to inspect the poppy crop and the narcs got you. "And the beard stays because it is the symbol of your manhood ? How about trimming it then, to make you look Lincolnesque? No, not the car, the president. No trimming either? Oh, well, let it go then. It'll probably be white by the time they get around to deciding punishment if you're found guilty, and maybe you'll remind people of Santa Claus. Come to think of it, a lot of people don't like Santa Claus either because of that sweat shop he runs at the North Pole. "Now, your clothes. You look like you wear your bedding during the daytime. I want you in jeans, tee shirt, one of those sweaters like Bill Cosby wears, loafers. I want you to look like the librarian in a school where the kids place high in the WASL tests. WASL? It stands for Why Are Schools Lousy. Just kidding. "You don't like that either?. Well, we'll discuss that later BY ADELE FERGUSON Now, for your defense witnesses, it will help !o have a few legal prior to the court throwing 1-695 out as unconsti- members of your family testify that you savagelytutional, had their chance then to divide motor ve- abused as a child, whichwarpedyourpersonalit oyoumay hicles into classes and assess motor homes, etc at a have committed the acts for which you're being tried. Do higher rate. They were too chicken to do it. you have brothers and sisters? How many? You think about 400? Oh, I see, your father had a number of wives. Well, we can drop him as an abuser. He was so busy providing future generations he didn't have time to do any abusing. "Do you think any of your brothers or sisters might oh, they don't return your telephone calls. Your mother? Your father had so many wives and they were all veiled so you don't know which one is your mother?. I guess we'll have to wing it then. We've already contacted some of your former neighbors, who lived in other caves in your area. They were shocked to hear you were suspected of master minding the plot to blow up the Twin Towers and the Pentagon by hijacking commercial jets full of passengers and crashing into them. They said you were a good neighbor~:You were quiet and "It allows them to have other employment when not in session. They also receive free dental and medical care, permanent aides and all kinds of other fringe benefits. They also receive $82 per day expense money when in session, even when commuting from home. "Is the regular session only 29 days? Is that $82 per day money on top of that $32,000 salary?" Regular sessions are held each year and convene the second Monday in January. During each odd-num- bered year, the regular session must not exceed 105 consecutive days. During each even- numbered year, the regular session must not exceed 60 consecutive days. Special sessions of not more than 30 consecutive days may be convened by a two-thirds vote in each house, or called by the governor. The $82 per diem pay is in addition to the $32,801 annual salary (as of Sept. 1) and is intended to pay the expense of having to maintain a second residence in Olympia while the Legislature is in session. They also collect it when attending committee meetings or on other legislative business during the interim. Some legislators in counties nearby Thurston commute to Olympia from their homes during sessions but are still eligible for the per diem pay. "'I voted no on Initiative King Eyman's 1-747," writes Hamlet Hilpert of Centralia "It is justone more piece of legislative piffle dumped on voters during the past 40 years concerning the property tax. King Eyman is afflicted with a virulent strain of "knowitallitis' virus. His 1-695 for $30 vehicle license fees gave owners of 40-foot motor homes and luxury sedans benefits of several hundred dollars. But the single parent working two jobs at minimum wages in order to support her kids, and driving a 15-year-old clunker, got zero relief. Also workers at the bottom of the income structure that own no property realize no benefit from so- called property tax reform legislation. King Eyman has done nothing to help the poor." Eyman wasn't trying to help thepoor. He was trying to help automobile and property owners. If the Legis- lature hadn't piled on taxes for the average passenger car as if it were in a class with luxury cars and motor homes, the voters wouldn't have revolted as they did and passed 1-695. Legislators, in attempting to get back in voters' good graces by making the $30 fee "It's too bad we don't have more like (U.S. Rep. Jim) McDermott," writes Peggy M. Norris of Port Angeles. "At least one Washington Congressman is not afraid to tell it like it is." I'm grateful we don't have more like Jim McDermott, who not only was the only congressman to question Bush's handling of the war, but who on Nov. 28 was the only member of the Washington delegation to vote against the $317.5 billion defense budget, which passed, 406-20. It included a $4.6 million military pay raise, funding for 59 additional aircraft and one submarine, $20 billion in response to the Sept. 11 attacks, $2 billion for combating bio-terrorism, $1 billion for air- port screening, $1.5 billion for dislocated workers, $539 million for the FBI and $410 million for the "kept to yourself but bought your. light bulbs from theLions Immigration and Ngturalization Service Club and always contributed to United Way. The only thing odd about you, they said, was you had about a thousand guys with guns visiting you. They figured you had something to do with the NRA. We'll call these folks as character wit- nesses, for sure. Your testimony? Oh, don't worry about that. We won't be putting you on the witness stand. Yes, I know you said you didn't do it. So did OJ. "In your article, you say that the legislators receive a yearly salaryof $32,000, which is only a part-time job," writes Mrs. Lottie Latvala of Port Angeles. L ' b' Ike Vallance Apples in Houston, Texas - Red Delicious apples in Houston, Texas, are selling for $1.89 a pound, That's $1,89 a pound. A representative of a food supply chain said to apple growers last week, we need a set, across the board, price for all apples, all the time! Who is this guy trying to fool? I have been growing apples for fifty years and it has always been my idea that those who bought the apples to sell on the market set the price. They have always pretty much paid what the seller would finally move them for. As retail outlets have grown or merged into large corporate chains and big box stores they have become their own brokers. And the sales desks that used to be the middleman have vanished. Packing warehouses and or individual growers have their own sales staff. Four or five years ago Red Delicious apples were selling at 89 a pound in stores in Seattle and Spokane and I as a grower was receiving enough return to maintain a fair opera- tion and a living. Those same apples in the last three years with the same or higher retail price have put many growers out of business and the Test hanging on by aslim margin. Retail stores are selling at a higher price and growers are going broke. I would say a lot of the cause is greed at one end! Go figure. Tell me where I amwrong. If thegrower got a fair piece of the pie, maybe everyone would be able to survive, The big corporate chain stores are going to close down rural America- farmers and small town businesses Most farmers do not control the pdce they receive for their products. There is a "trickle down" effect that spreads the profits from retail to buyer to sales desk to warehouse and if anything is left, the farmer, tdckle is staying more at the top of the falls and little or nothing makes itto the bottom. That part of the dver is going dryf If Red Delicious are selling lor$1.89 a pound in Houston growers should be making money! f, From the Pages of the Past I December 16, 1921 The Bridgeport municipal election was held Tuesday, very few votes being cast. Three councilmen were elected Tracy Williams, Wm. Lindert and Harry McAroy. C. Waddle won over Clara Wright by four votes for treasurer. Crimson and white - The Brewster high school affirmation debate team, Walter Timmrick, George Grant and Luster Dowell left here Friday morning at nine o'clock with their coach, Mrs. Fisher, for Quincy where a debate was held between the two schools. Brewster won the debate and returned in high spirits to the school house during the basketball game. Miss Brenadine Humphrey and Mrs. Grace Fisher have rented the Guy Jolly home and will occupy the same during the remainder of the school tenn. December 12, 1941 The State has hired B.F. Six and Norman Evans as guards for the Brewster Bridge and plans are to have the span guarded until the emergency and war is over. Mr. and Mrs. Barney Sachse have purchased the equipment of the Brewster Donut Shop from George Evans and the building from Mrs. Bertha Sears. Mr. and Mrs George Evans took over the management of the Lincoln Caf6 in Brewster. Last week R.M. Billigsley took charge of Leo's Cash Store on the highway in Pateros. Morry Whitworth, Dick Snyder, Lee Nickell and Bill Manke attended the W.S.C. vs Texas A & M game played in Tacoma last Saturday. Perry Pedersen recently released from service in California was ordered back to his station. He has been visiting with his sister Mrs. O.S Skylstad and family and brother Arthur Pedersen and wife. December 19, 1951 Swede Ralston of Portland delivered a new Piper Cub to Geo. Brewster Bridle Club was L.H. O'Neal. Sam Smith was elected vice president, Janice Wilson, recording secretary. Marion corresponding secretary, Jeannelte Winans, treasurer. Pat Troutma and Tim Joy were elected direction. / December 14, 1961 Opened last Monday under nc operator, Mr. and Mrs. Maurice Fisk, formerly of Spokane, the Bridgeport Super Market starte with a completely new stock. Howard Brandt was elected president of the Bridgeport bur of Commerce. Robert Wan was elected vice-president; Dic Sellers, secretary; Eldon Landil treasurer. Roger Smith, general manager of Smith Orchards, What bothers me about McDermott is th0t I see a pattern in his voting unlike any other of our members. If you readthe "How Your U.S. Lawmakers Voted" rundown each week as I do, you'll notice he frequently is the only no vote. Those bills can't be all that bad or the five other Democrats wouldn't vote for them either. I think McDermott does it for kicks; he's like the kid in class who dyes his hair green so everybody will look at him. I think child psychiatrist McDermott,should psycho- analyze himself. (Adele Ferguson can be reached at P.O. Box 69, Hansville, Wa. 98340.) Weather H L P December 5 39 24 .14 December 6 42 19 .12 December 7 38 19 trace December 8 37 28 0 December 9 38 21 0 December I0 33 23 .17 December 11 33 28 .04 11 days 'ill Quad City Herald Established 1901 Ike Vallance Editor & pubfisher Doris Vallance Office Manager Win. E. Vallance Associate Editor Rhonda Taylor Subscriptions John Cleveland II Sports Cheryl Schweizer Staff Writer Michele Humborg Ad Design Fred Hanke Printer Published every week on Thursday at Brewster, Washington. Entered as periodocals maUer at the Post Office, Box 37 in Brewster Okanogan County, Wash- announced the planting comple of 45 more acres of pears, maki total of 267 acres of peats in th Bridgeport area. The Tidewater Oil Distribut( ington 98812. Telephone (509) 689-2507. Periodicals postage paid at Brewster, Wash- ing~n USPS 241-920. Postmaster, please send change of address to Quad City Her- aid. Box 37, Brewster, Washington 98812. ship of Bridgeport was taken o by Wayne Schmidt of Bridgel of December l't. The October and November i of Brewster high School Girl's ~W 1 YEAR SUBSCRIPTIQN Okanogan $20.00 Washington State $24.00 Out of State $29.00 Out of Country $35.00 Single Issue .50 . Subscriptions must be paid in advance. Notice of Church entertainments where an admbsion f~ is charge, cards of thaaks, remlunUen of candoience or aotkes Intended to promote pttvate business of any kind must bid ~ fm-,at cesnlar rates. Desk iek on tg a er rtas ids Club were Janice Schofield ant Utonna Damian. December 16, 1971 All obstacles have been clea d in all departments and advertis =- ment for bids will begin early qext spring for the Alta Lake pumping project, according to Jake Bo= m, park supervisor. Reorganizing directors of Brewster School district, the b elected Scott hull, chairman, Horace Smith, vice chairman, Kirk and Pat Troutman, Legist committee. Elmo Cook compk es ard sck tive the five-man board, l The Jack Wells house of Du[ey Lake was completely destroye by fire Wednesday night, The Bil Knapps and David Knapp, wh were passing by, discover the re. December 17, 1981 P.L. (Bud) Randall, employ, e-- of-the-month for December al the Brewster Hospital. Pink and blue helium filled Tbayer of Brewster this week. The balloons decorated the home plane will be used for pleasure and Mrs. Verda Rommell for a tw student instruction, shower honoring Mrs Dana Sixteen members went to Thompson and twin sons Bria Brewster to become members of Jason, 6 moth old, and Mrs. the Future Farmers of America. Barbara Hallet and her daughl The Pateros chapter will be known Heather and Holly. The little 1 as the Green Thumb, Officers are: will be four months old on ' Larry Best, President; Leon Umherger, Vice President; Eldon Stennes, Secretary; Perry Buster, Treasurer; Bob Gilden, Reporter and Lloyd Fender, Sergeant of Arms. Mr. Smidt the vocational agriculture teacher, is the advisor. Other members are Carl Bergenholtz, Clyde Goodell, Don Moore, Geo. Chapman, Gary McAlvey, Jay Grinnell, David Gray, Vaughn Wolfe, Rodney Fender and Ronnie Davidson. Named as president of the mas Eve. Brewster Kiwani s Club, 'the what the school administral hopes will be the first of se donations, Kiwanis Treasur Dave LaVallie presented a $200.00 check to high schc student body president Sco (Woody) Benge on Monda Let me bore you with the on going S ' aga of the Vallance s hohday decoratton. The several strings of lights in place and :rs, iris st- n on ,eral :r )1 t The over the big building and garage refused to twinkle beyond the first section Ladder up, inspection made nothing! Patience getting just a tiny bit thin I handed Ike a couple of fuses, just maybe this could be the trouble. A silent prayer as he climbed the ladder one more time, thinking I have never had a simple little fuse cause anything before, miracle those little white bulbs flashed right on! We have always had two deer in the front and Santa in his sleigh behind on the front lawn. Being old fashion, these decorations were old fashioned, wire frame with outline of lights. Well, never until this year, did one of these reindeer blink. Big white bulbs blink, blop, blink, blop, drives the eyeballs crazy This display really went sour when Santa and sleigh refused to light up! I restrung this entire wire frame last year not to do again this year. I checked bulbs, yes and fuses, all Club's donation will be usqd to provide bussing for the Bre vster basketball squad this year. [ Denise Rockwell is Bridgel[bort School artist of the month. / / L By Doris Vallan to no avail, the dumb thing just there doing nothing. So we now have two silly looki little old fashioned reindeer ing in this big yard -for what? Ho, Ho, Ho, is pretty well sh, this year's decorating. This and sleigh will join a big old who was also restrung, who refuses to light up, in a dead m, heap in the big building why keep them? Certainly not for se mental reasons. The nativity sets are in place glowing lights, both here at and at the QCH, the reason for season as the saying goes. Which reminds me, look up, around when driving Main StJ Brewster. Those new decorat, look mighty nice, compliment the efforts of the city crew. L, great - thank you! i, *rlTI~- IT -~ L'~ ] r ~--" ]~ II 7II1 I[1 7 I111 Ir' [