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December 5, 1991     Quad City Herald
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December 5, 1991

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DEC. 5 i 5:00 am [SHOW] Igl MOVIE: I Could Go on Singing 6:15 am [HSO]m MOWE: Skyward 7:00 am O MOVIE: Christmas in ConnecUcut E) SportsCenter 7:06 am (]D MOVIE: Chdstmee in Connecticut 9:00 am [HBO] O Inside the NFL 10:00 am (SHOW] ml MOVIE: Test Pilot [HBO]O MOVIE: Fast Forward 1 E) MOVIE: Meet Mo at tha Fair E) MOVIE: Steel Cowboy 00 MOWE: The Many Advanturos of Wlnnle the Pooh ( Scholastic Sports Amedca [;] 10:05 am U) MOVIE: Steel Cowboy 10:30 sm ) Snow Skiing 11:30 am E) Road Race of the Month 12:00 pm [SHOW] 00 MOVIE: CheJ;[y 2000 [ [HBO] 00 MOVIE: Radio Days ( Black College Sports Today 12:30 pm ID Motowodd 1:00 pm ( Global Suporcard Wraetllng 2:00 pm [SHOW] IO MOWE: Give My Ragords to Broad Strse; (NTPA All-Star Mud National Championship 2:30 pm [J:o] 00 MOVIE: Tha Lemon Slstars 1 ( Thoror&apos;ghbrsd Digest 3:00 pm E) Up Clots 3:30 pm  MO,J,E: Bedknobs and Broomsticks LJ E) SportsCentar 4:00 pm ( College Baakatboll 4:30 pm [SHOW] 00 MOVIE: Born Free [ 5:00 pm [HBO] (D MOVIE: Race for Your Life, Charlle Brown  MOVIE: Giant MOWE: On the Line 6:05 pm (]D MOVIE: Giant 5:3D pm 00 MOWE: Flight of the Navigator 5:00 pm ID CD ID (][LNews I (D ABC News !-I E) Charles in Charge [] E) Father Dowlina,Mysfariss ] • Pros & Cons LJ 00 MOVIE: A Smoky Mountain Christmas (]D Countw Musig_Vidaos (] Colby Show [] (]D Billy Graham December Crusade [;] ) AI File de la Muarte E) Beyond 2000 6:05 pm [SHOW] In MOWE: Uffio Niklta 00 The Nutcracker 6:30 pm I C Cosl:LShow [ ) (: Full House [] [HSO] E) MOVIE: F4et Forward [] ID (]D Wheel of Fortune i -- E) Hard Cony • Dltttron[Vodd [] Im College Baskathlill 7:00 pm E) ( Cheers [] O  Who'= the ssT[ 0) Jeopardyl ID ntartainment Tonight [] O 700 Club With Pat Robaftson News • Paid Hart)on Two_..Ldourl That Changed tllJ, Wodd [ 00 Cheers LJ • THai8 of Rolls O'Neill [] O MOVIE: The Phlladolphld Story IB Fama y Fortuna t Amadc8 Coast to Coast 7:30 pm 00 CD Night CoutIJ "1 O (][} Perfect Sfrsngara O (]D Family Fou(L ; I • Cuwent,..Affair [] 00 wings I -- D Clta con el Amor 7:50 pm 00 MystaWI I1 8:00 pm 00 ( Top Cops [;] [SHOW] I MOVIE: FUr E) (]D Pros & Con8 [] iD GD Colby Show_Ill E) The Slmbaorl,l]r E) Bordertown ],,J • Night Cour. • MloOyvar I.J 00 Reasonable'Doubts I.;4 • Knots Landing []- ....... • NotlcJero Unlvlsl6n E) Natural World 8:30 pm [I'gLO] Q MOVIE: Bonfire of the Venltias I.J O (]D Diffdrant WO([ I ID Oroxell's Class I E) MOWELI}rokon Arrow E) KoJak 1 E) Spertsentar E) La Movlda 9:00 pm 00 CD Tdals of Regis O'Neill • (]D Pored Harbon T.o Hours Thee Changed tha dd [ I (]D-CheerL [-j _Mystaryl MOWE: The l1ognIflo9 t Ambaroona Bov°dy/]e 90210 00r* 00 00 News I) l'hequollxer Country Music VIdeol 00 MOVIE: Tho Bishop's Wife E) Jecklo Ohen 9:05 pm • MOVIE: The Magnificent AmDarsone 9:30 m Wings • OVl Clackout 1 E) NASCAR Year In Review 9:35 pm [SHOW] 00 Medusa: Dare to Be Truthful  Choirs [] Tonight Show Inside Edition [ 10:00 pm 00 CD Knots LondlngJ • (]D Reasonable Doubts LJ E) Wild, Wild Wodd of Anln[als IB News J MOVIE: C.H,U.D. lie Bud the Chud E) NHRA Drag Ricing E) Wodd Monltor 10:05 pm • M°A'S'H 10:30 pm (SHOW] E) MOWE: Tarsan, the Ape Men O Homatimo E) Arsonlo HIII'[ O Paid Program E) NTPA AIFStar Mud National Championship i Wodd Vision 00 Glacier National Park 10:36 am • Nlghtilne f'l • LataNIgh| With D|vld Littorals E) Crime "[101o After Pdmo Time S#k Stalking# I 11:00 pm • CDO(]D ID(]D News [HRO] ID Inside the NFL ID Advances In Instruction I 8 700 Club With Pat Robertaon Im im MOWE: The Defiant Ones O Cary Grant:. A Colobratlon of His Lifo IB Thoroughbred DIgast O Progrsmaolon Papa g Nature of Things I.xl 11:06 pm @.Hard Copy D Love uonnocbon 11:30 pm E) CD C,no Time Affar Pdmo Time Stalklnga La O QD NIghtflol [] 00 Advancas in IhstruotlolLL i Entertainment Tonight [1 • Hogan'l NOr(HIS E) SponsCentar ( Muchachlths 11:35 pm E) (]0 Tonight Show.. • Entartalnmant Tonight L Later With Bob Costa =' •Paraonsls 12:00 am00 (]D E) Paid Program LHSOI Play by Play: A fflstory o( Sportl /olewslon  Advances tn Instruction I Love Stodes Joan Rivers MOVIE: Fancy Pants Country Music Videos MOVIE: Courage of Lassie Up Close 12:06 sm • MIssion: Impee$1blo Nawa Night Games 12:30 om E) CD Personals (SHOW] (I) MOV,,; In tha Spldt E) (]D Nowhlrt I1 O Economics USA I MOVIE: Tha Rod Monaco ( College Basketball • La Marquasa do Santos 12:35 am • I (]D Late Night With David I.Ottorman NBC Nightaido News 1:00 am • CD Night Games IB D All News Night [HBO] B MOVIE: Wild at Heart E) Aft in tha Family • MOWE: Bordortown Ounllghtaro 1:05 am • All IB the Family iz News • Nightwatch 1:30 am 00 CID Nowa E) Hogen'a Heroes E) MOVIE: +Right of the Navigator 1 • AI File ue m Muorta 1:35 am E) G[ letar With Bob Colthl •Hogan'a Heroes 1:40 am 00 MOVIE: Bachelor Flit i FRI.. DEC. 6 i 6:00 am [SHOW]  MOVIE: The Good Fairy 7:00 am B MOWE: A Holiday Affair E) SportsCentor 7:08 am E) MOVIE: A Holiday Affair 9:00 am [SHOW]  MOVIE: Kid Coltor 9:00 am [HBO] I MOVIE: Tho NoverEndlng 8tory Ih Tha Next Chapter 1 0:00 am [SHOW]J) MOVIE: Marry ;I MOWE: RIn Tin Tin, K-9 Cop: TOe BIg MOWE: A Step Out of Une WTA Wodd Tour Moglzlna 10:85 am • MOVIE: A Step Out o( LMo 10:30 alt,[HlO] E) MOVIE: Fat Man and Uftle 0000.Yc,oa. 11:00 am E) Junior PGA Golf 11:30 sm [SHOW] in MOVIE: Edk tha Viking E) PGA Golf l:00pm [HBO] 00 MOVIE: Thank God, It'e Fdday 1:30 pm ]SHOW] 00 MOVIE: A Place to CaU Home E) Senior PG/ Golf 2: pm [HBO]  MOVIE: Big Top Pie-wee 4:00 pro[SHOW] IO MOVIE: Kid Cotter uMnOWE: RIn Tin Tin, K-9 Cop: Tha Big E) SportsCenter 4:30 pm[H80] 00 MOviF#;.,Untalthfully Yours 00 MOWE: Stowawoy I,,I ( Ski World 5:00 pm 00 MOVIE: King of Kings 00 MOVIE: Dust for One E) Thrills end Spills 5:05 pm 00 MOVIE: King of Kings 8:30 pm E) ESPN Tan Yaars of NASCAR Ricing 5:00 pm 00( 00(]D News ]SHOW] ) MOVIEL Christmas Carol • (]D ABC Nsws D ( Charles in Cher-'o 1"I E) Father Dowllng stades [ • Family Matters I, 00 Beyond Reality • Countw sic Videos • Matlock Ii • Oadle;d Christmas Special ] 00 MOVIE: EIvls on Tour E) AI File de Ii Muerte E) Choppers 6:05 pm 00 Washington Week in Review 9:lSpm [HBO] I MOVIE: The NeverEndlng Stow Ih The NeXt Chapter 6:30 pm 00 C[] CoslZIL Show I"1 (]D Full House E] 1 ( Wheel of Fo-una [;] Nard Copy • Step by Step • Ray Bradbuw lneater ( A Claymatlon Christmas Celebration NASCAR Winston Cup Awards Banquet 00 Firepower 6:35 pm O Christmas With the Mormon Tabernacle Choir 7:00 pm ID CD Cheers [] 00 ( Who's the ROII;F-I::; Il (]D Jeopsrdyl I1 00 Entertainment Tonight [] I 700 Club With Pat Robetson • News • Perfect Strangers I,.pI • Swamp Thing Man of the P-sepia [] MOVI;CBS Friday Movie Lady Pergola I.J 00 El HOYI de Mane|or un Ford E) Amadce: The Way We Were: The Homofront (Pt 1) 7:15 pm (SHOW] 00 MOVIE: Making Mr. Right 7:30 pm 00  Night Court_ 00 (]D Perfect arrangers [ • (]D Family Feu(_ I) Current AffAJ I] • Baby Talk []-- 00 The Hitchhiler 7:50 pm O MOVIE: It's s Wonderful Life 8: om I P Garfield Christmas SPecial 00(]D Family Msttars [] [HSO] 00 VIE: The Aventurss of Ford Faidena LJ ( (: Mattock [] ( medca's M6st Wontad [] ( Bordortown J L-] .N!t C.urt ca zu u M}E.'I"O ttlng t,u;ky • Pond [Pt 3 of 4)[; • BIIlyOroham December Crusado 00 MOVIE: Boys Town ESPN's SPeodWeek 00 El Show do Paul Roddguaz E) Invenbon 8:30 pm 00 (]D Step by Stop [;1 i Legand of William Tell MOVIE: Scavenger Hunt Street Justice SponsCentor Beyond Tomorrow 8:35 pm 00 MOVIE: Scavenger Hunt 9:00pm (B C) WE: CBS Fdday Movie Lady Forgars LJ (SHOW] I MOVIE: Pop’o,0 00 (]D Penoct Strangero I,J_ Men of the People 8 iotallY Hidden Vldo [;I E) Vldeesyncrssy • • • News • Country Music Videos E) Field of Honor I Notlcloro Univlslon E) Huntars in the Sky 9:30 pm E) (]D Baby Talk[;] I Best of the Worst [] MOVIE: Born Innoceht La Movida G.I, Diary 9:36 pm 00 Cheers 00 Tonight Show E) Insldo Edition [] 00 MOVIE: Gaslight" 10:00 pm 00 20/20 [.BOl E) ,a00.00lghta 8 3 of 4) o Paid Program • MOVIE: KSwlngln' Summer E) NFL's GroatesfMomants E) Wodd Monitor 10:05 pm • M'A'S°H • Cdm+..Tlmo After Pdme Time Dark JuaUoe I 10:20 pm 00 Wall Street Week [;] 10:30 pm I Arolnlo Hall 1 ( Ski Wodd E) Tha Adirondacks 10:35 pm [SHOW] E) John Mendoxa: Over Easy 00 Nightilna [] E) |t Night With David Lettlrman • " 11,00 pm 00 C) 00 QD I t] Nows  Rolatad Serv|oos]n3chOOll 700 Club With Pat Robertaon MOVIE: Flit Break Warren MIItar'e SklIOG In the Sun Amldca Coast to Coast 11:05 pm[SHOW] ILl MOWE: Crash and Bum • MOWE: Flit Break • Hard Copy • Love uonnoctlon 11:30 pm• (]) ma Tlma Aftor Pdmo TieD Dark Juatico LJ Nlghtllno 00.,.tad ,. sc=o,s Entartalnment Tonight [, Ho0an'a Heroes MOVIE: Stowaway [ SPortaCentar Muohaohltas |1:38 pm 00(]D Tonight Show • ABC's In Concert '91 Fddly Night Vldaos • Highway to Heaven 12.:00 am00 (]DIO Paid ProrJm [HBO[E) Kids in the Hall [ . E) Ralstad Services In Scrmos 00 Love Stodos • Joan RIvars 00 MOWE: Forever Evll Count/Msalc Videos E) Up Close 12:30 am 00 CD Ptraonola O D ABC"s In Concert 'gt __ [Hag]  Tllas From.the Crypt ] I Related Services in Schools 00 MOWE: The Song Parade E) Sealer PGA Golf E) LJ Marqulaa do Santos 12:35 am [SHOW]El MOVIE: PenltentiaW Ill I la leto Night with David Lottanoln ,-nterbl]nment Tonight [] • News I.I • Candid Camera 1:00 am 00CD Night Games • MOVIE: Too Much Too 8oon E) MOWE: E v s on Tour 1:05 am[HaD] E MOVIE: Satan's Pdncosa • • News 1:10 Im 00 NBC Nlghtslde 1:15 am 00 Night Tracks 1:20 am • Night Tracks 1:30 am E)CD Newl E) (]D All News Night ( JILl FIle da la Muorte 1:35 amQ (]D .Fdday Night Videos f/ MOVIE: Oom9 for the Gold: Tha Bill ,Johnson Story 1:40 am • MOVIE: Tha Deadly Game i SAT.. DEC. 7 i 6:00 am O 1990 Goldman Envlronmontal Pflze I Augio Ooggla and Friends Bonanza U,8. Farm Report New Adventures of Wlnnio the Pooh Speceolta [] Jim Henson'S Muppot Bibles 1 Donald Duck Presanta Outdoor Wdtors Programaclon Pagoda 6:06 am • Bonanza 8:15 am [HBO]  Sinbad: Brain Damaged 6:30 sm 00 ( Shop ot Home E) Toughe Trail E) People to Penplo_ • lend of UULLOII [] Yo, Yogll 8 Mother o[]sa and Odmm [] 00 Jump, Rattle end Roll -- Ultimate Outdoors With Wayne Plaroon 6:46 am 0 D Sunday School of the Air 6:00 am 00 CD Paid Program [SHOW] E) MOVIE: R.oc-ky Ill 1 m (]D Inspector Gaogot Glfford Pincher: A-model's First Forester Petor Pan E tha Pirates I FIlntatone Kids WCW Power Hour Chaflando ProLIno DarkwlngDuck[] Country MUSIC Vl§eol CalgJn N and the New Super Made dd[] • Oarfrald and Fdonds [] • New Kids On The Blook E) FIshln' Hole "" Q Wodd Vision I Deaf Mosaic 6:06 am • WCW Power Hour 6:20 am [HAG] 00 MOVIE: Sis and the 8ingla Parent 6:30 am 0 CID K-TV (]D The Jatsone Peter Pen & the Pirathl Naw Archlos • Heart of Chlolgo • Hollywood llllJor ti iul 00 ProStars I,,J ' ( Outdoor Magazine E) Predators and Prey 7:00 am 00 (]D Bucky O'Haro and tho Told Wars (D Darkwlng Duck [] 1 eddy Roosovolt anU the Waatom podonoo I Attack of tha Killer Tomatola PO eye B Nlonll Goographlo Explorer •Mlnodty Buslnon Report • Cartoon Expr&s • Hammorman ki WishKId Stardhg Macaulay Cut 1 • Teenage Mutant N!nJA,Tudlee I; E) Mlokay Mouse Clue I O Hunting Strathglos Chlepovlsln: l Show do Xuxo •Wondors of tho Wild 7:06 am • Natlooll Geographic Explorer 7:30 am III (.eptain Pienot and the Planataoro I.J Ip..( Soatlouico Ii 00 (]D Paid Progrsl lx uobby'a Wodd LJ E) Backstage et thd Zoo Bob UecXer's Wacky Y.rtd of Sports Plrstes of Dark Water L.J Chip & Pepper'i Cartooh Madnoss r'l 00 Teen Win. Lose or Draw  ( Jimmy Houston Outdoors 00 Profiles el Nature 8:00 am I,C) Teenage Mutant Ninj8 Turtlel LJ ]SHOW] 00 MOVIE: S. Done Him Wrong 00 ( Hammermen[] Be]  Babar -- I (] Home end Ger(21 Hour I Wall Stroet Week[] I Tom & Jerry Kids ( Bonanza ) NWA Pro wrsstUng I Youthquaks ) Bugs Bunny & TweJUy Show [] ) Saved by the Bell I_ ) Back to thLL=uturo ] I Sldaklcks [ ) Greel Outddors I Csrrulel 00 World Awev 8:30 sm 00 (]D Plrstol of Dark Watar [ [HBO] 00 Wondartul Wizard of Oz 00 Oregon'l OckJLn I TAZ--MANIA [ • Dance Party USA ( Saved by the Bell.l E) Where's WelLg? 00 Danger Say [] E) SnortlCinter 9:00 am In C:D garfield end Friendl 1 00 ( Bugs Sunn& Tweety Show[] [HBO] 0oBoe. MeThat Tool A Kldl' Gulda to TV Ads [] (] WlshKid Starring Macaulay Culkln 00 Prince Charles: The Earth In the Balance BIII & Ted's Excellent Advanture [;] The Virginian MOWE:Ona Million Years B.C. 00 Soul Train 00 MOWE: My Mom's s Werewolf 00 SIImeri and ths Real Ghostbuetore I] • Count W Music ViLos (] NBA Inside Stuff [ 00 Inspector Gadget [] E) MOVIE: The Gi FroWn Tomorrow ( Celebrity Golfjhpotout 00 Chospldto  America Coast to Coast 9:05 sm ]SHOW] O MOVIE: Anchors Aweigh 00 MOVIE: OneMilllon Years B.C. 9:30 an)_HaO] I MOVIE: The Christmas Wlle[] (.(]D Chin & PeaDer's Cartoon Madness 00 Little Shop [] • ABC Weekedd Special ]  Likaly Stow Riders in the Sky [ College Basketball 10:00 am 1CD (] Olympic Wlntarfest (]D Sltmsd end the Roll Gholrbustars ( Saved by the Bell [] 00 National Audubon Soctety Specials ([ Game Pro • MOVIE: Planet Earth 019 Nlne Cares Colorado Sharsa Paid Program ) Johnny Canstes 00 Jeckle Chert 10:30 am 00 (]D 00 College Eootboll 00 (]D Saved by the Bell ) Seehewks Insider E) Wagon Train 11:00 am [HBO] Isids tha NFL €I  PreSets L,J O Nature [] O Americe Gladiators MOVIE: The Lost ContlnJll MOVIE: Princes in Exile [ rth News  MOVIE: Barmen Boxeo ( Bovond 2000 11:05 em 00 MOVIE: The Loll Continant 11:30 em ]SHOW] 00MOVIE: Prancer O QD Spacecats I.J (]D Bob Ueckei'a Wacky World of Sports  Quest for Gold PGA Golf 12:J pm [HBO] .MOVIE: Shag, the Movie 00(]D Widget [] IWWF S-uporStaro of Wrestling IBIg Valley - . • MOVIE: Elcape From Nod Rocx • Countw Music Videos Tolomua[ca lq Survival 12:20 pm 00 Nova [;] 12:30 pm 00[]D CoptalnJ, i and the New Super Made World [] 00 Winter Sportecas 12:45 pm 00 D 00 Collage Baeketholl 1:00 pm ( (]D NBA Insido Stuff I1 00 MOVIE: Nutcrockar I Gunemoke 00 MOVIE: Tha Last Dinosaur I Smuds: Baby's Firm Christmas This Is the NFL MOVIE: Mlrk Twain end Mo I Hunters In tho Sky 1:05 pm 00 MOVIE: Tha Lilt Dinosaur 1:30 pm [SHOW] I MOVIE: F.I.S.T. Il (] • Gatorsoa Ironmon Tdathlon I Scooby Ooo: Tho Nutcracker Scoob ( Senior PGA Golf E) G.t. Dlaw 1:35 pm 00 You Oesarvo...With eel Brown 1:46 pm [HBO] O MOVIE: Llffio NIkita [ 2:00 pm 00 (]D 00 Collaga Footholl Awards E) Bonanza 00 Street Justice 00 My Two Dads ( Sailondo ) Dlscovary Joumol 2:30 pm00 Gonzo Games • Tu Musics 2:46 pm 00 Live Your Drsame..,Got Past Fsars...Wlth Los Brown 3:00 pm In CD First Look D Zoo Lira MOVIE: Yogl's First Chdltmn MOVIE: Talk jd[o Bordertown 1 Wodd Championship Wrestling Llfaetylas of the Rich & Famous Counterstdke I Weekend Travel Update I CountrY Mulic V|doos Roggin's Heroes I Emargency Call I MOVIE: Miroclo at Moroaux l,.J Lo Major de Noticlas y Mas-- Yellowstone, the First Naonal Park . 3:05 pm 00 Wodd Championship Wrssffing 3:30 pm In (D Paid Program [HBO] IO MOVI,Taps E) Now Zorro I=4 • ABC Naws [] 00 Memories: T.[lan and Now • CBS News [] E) Noticloro Unvlelon 3:50 pm 00 Power to Chongo...Wlth Los Brown 4:00 pm 00 (]) Lifostylos of tha Rich & Famous (SHOW] 00 MOVIE: Rocky 00 D Fishing the West 00 Rio Tin Tin, K-9 Cop [] ) $100,000 Fortune Hun( • MacGyvar il • • 00News 00 MOVIE: A Fdendlldp In Vienna II E) SportsCenter • Sabado Glosnto 00 Earth Guido 4:30 pm 101 D Slskel & Ebort  Black Stallion [] NBA Saskatbolr Wheel oLFo.rtuna ..[;;I , ,;OIIOga UaSKa|Oall Moc and Mutley 4aSS pm 00 Christmas With tho Mormon Tabomocta Choir 6:00 pm 00  Roggin's Heroes E) (]D Star I rak I (][] DMC Zone ID On Scene: Emorgancy Response ( MOVIE: Tho Dalart Rats 00 MOVIE: In Harm's Way MOVIE: Groveyord Shlf • Entertalnme, nt Tonight I1 00 NBC News I.J 00 Candld..Cm4ra . Im W Jnol I 6:05 pm• MOVIE: In Harm's way 5:30 pm E) CD • WKRP In Clnolnnatl LHSO] OWE: The Shdmp on the uarb[a [] ( (]D NBC News I__ MIislng/Raward I  Broncos Beat -- 6:00 pm CBS News RockR, 0 .w, i) Who's the Boss? [] 00 Country Music Videos E) News E) Ramembor Poad Harbor [] World War lie A Personal Journey E) Pearl Harbor Attaok 6:06 pm 00 Lawrsnoo Wolk 6:30 PmA?c( N:swl.- 8  Emqlgencyall E) COPS [] • Growing" Paine [] E) Collage Saskathkll 7:00 pm E) (D Bast of National Goosrophlc E) (]D Star Trak: T.Ize Next Genarauon [HBO]  Boxing [ 1 (] Star Search ID Chedla Hoover [] Burt Wolf: Eating'Well in Vancouver News 00 The Hifchhlkor. i Young RiderL Empty Naet I" MOVIE: Torsi Torsi Torsi War Ylarl 7:30 pm E) Gate Life 1 00 Beyond ,eality 00 Nurses LJ ) Tu Muslch 8:00 pm 00 CD Remember Pearl Harbor (SHOW] ]1 MOVIE: Misor3.. 00 (]D Who's tha Boss? [ (() Godan Gidl [] ( Hlgh School .otball I Bordertown I.,,I •Tho Honaymo'onora • MOWE: Assault of tha Klllar Blmbos (D Tha Commish 00 Paid (Pt 4 of,.'l • P.S.I. LUV U I1 • World Vision E) Hollywood Stuntmakars 8:20 pm 00 Adventures of Robin Hood 8:30 PmO (]D Growing PdL08 [: Q  Waltar and Emlly i  BOnenxo U.S. Olympic Gold MOWE: Tha Fines Countdown E) SportsCentar E) Moments of Courage 8:35 pm• U.S. Olympic Gold 9:00 pm 00 (]D Young Riders 0. _BO] p MOVIE: OFJl,,Hsrd 21; Q (JU Empty Nell II @ @ • News country Music Videos ( College Basketball E) TormX 9:30 pm I[ ( Nuraea [;I , MOVIE: Scroogo ZOlS Lavitt MOVIE: OM Heavenly Dos MOVIE: The Freshman I Smlthsonien Traaeuras[] 9:3S pm (iS MOWE: Ohl Heavenly Dog 00 M*A'S'H ( Soturday Night Live • Highway tO HelVeS I 10:00 pm 00 (D P.S,I. LUV U [ ]SHOW] E) Tim Allen Rawlras Amadco (D Billy Graham Dar, Junbor Cruaode I @(D Pearl (Pt 4 of 4) 11 I (,,ald Program • MOVIE: Eating Reeul • Johnny Cassias Yellowstone, the First Natiooll Park 10:06 pm• WKRP In Clooinnati 10:30 pm [SHOW]00 Super Dave [;I E) MOWE: Nicholas NIckloby Twilight Zona 10:39 pm • Mission: Imposllble • Clndid Camera 11:00 pm •(E)(]D(] Nawl [SHOW] I[I MOVIE: Twa(ffh NLobt [HBO] O MOV/.E: P, uldator 2 I1 (D Sttoat Justtco Lel Jewllh Voice @ Monataro i SportaCantar Sabado Gigenta Discovery aoumal 11:05 pm 00 Amedcen Gladiators 00 Lifestyles of the Rich & Famous 11:30 pm 00 CD MOVIE: Graystoko: The Legend of Tarzen,Lord of the Ape8 00(D Star Trek: The Next Genorstion ( Saturday Night Live raid Program E) MOVIE: The Fish That Saved Pittsburgh • Teloa From the Darksida 00 MOVIE: Mark Twain and Me I] E) Motoworld 11:35 pm (MOVIE: Ths Fish That Sired Pittsburgn 12:00 am  Comic Strip Live  Prsile the Lord Paid Program MOVIE: G'noulies II CountwMuslc Videos Senior PGA Golf 12:06 am 00 Byron Allen 00 Runaway With the Rich & Famous 12:15 am [SHOW) E) MOVIE: No Men's lend 12:30 em O (: Paid Program 9) Classic Count W 00 Runaway With tha Rich & Famoul 12:35 am 00 Nawa 12:55 am [HRO] In MOVIE: Staphen King's Graveyard shlh ] 1:00 em 00 (]D All Newe Night (]D New= Pump It Up • Love Boat 1: am 00 MOVIE: A Fdendlhlo In Vienna 1:10 sm 00 NBC NIghtaide 1:30 sm (GD Paid Program 1:<5 am 00 Night Trocks: Chsrtbustars 1:50 em 00 Night Tracks: Chsrtbu=tars i SUN., PEC, 0 i 5:00 am E) (] NBC Nlghtslde O Wild, Wild World of Animals E) Swiss Family Robinson 00 Fllntstonea (] Chicago's Very Own -. • Timelels Tslal • Studio  UmOla Wall Street Journal Report JIm Henson's Mother Goose Stodos (Lee Honey's Championship Workout 00Santa Miss 6:05 am • Fllntstones 5:15 am 00 What's Nu? 5:20 em [HBO] In MOVIE: Corporals Affairs 5:30 om ]D Shop at Home O Naturscane E) Gerbert 00 Captain Planet end tha Planotaors 00 Heritage of Felth •Timalasa Talol • Fradadck K. Pdca 00 Denver Showcase • House of tha Lord 00 Wizard of Oz I) Ski Wodd E) Tamll y Dabetas 5:36 sm • Captain Planet end tha Plenotaare 6:00 am (SHOW] 00 MOVIE: The Llvoe of a Bongol Lancer E) () EWU Education O Wilderness Allvol SundsyMase E) Super Mldo 3 00 Anay Uml=m • Mass for Shut-Ins • Cartoon Express • Countw Music Videos MIrsclos Today Q Chides Stanley 00 Anlmstad Fraggla Rock E) ESPN'e SpeodWaak • World Vision E) Amadcsn Madical Television 6:06 smm Andy Grltflth 6:30 em 00CD E)(]D 00 Paid Program I Convarsatione Captlln N [ Happy Day8 Seorch World Tomorrow Donald Duck Prasanta ScholaeUc Sports Amadca [;I Amadcan Modlcal Television 5:35 am 00 Happy Days 7:00 emE) QD Jamae Robloon (HBO] E) Adventures of Tintin @ ( Day of Diaco.y.Iry U osama Street I1 E) Bullwlnkle •Popeya E) Hs ppy Days • MO.V!E.: Shootout In a Ono Dog Town • It Is wrltton • Sunday Today •CBS Sunday Morning [] ) MOVIE: Sugs Bunny' 3I'd Movie 1001 Nsbblt Talo8 i SporteWaokly Chllpsvislon: Ei Show do Xuxa Amadcsn Medical Television 7:0S sm 00 Happy Days 7:30 am E) ( The West E) (]:) Kenneth Copeland @ (D Sunday Today Ill uennls the Mensca O Prince Valiant I1 00 MOVIE: Betels of the Bulge • New Design For Living 00 AmoricenMedical Terevlsion 7:35 am • MOVIE: Battle of tho Bulge 8:00 am E) C CBS SQ;lCay Morning [SHOWl]I OWL/TV [ [ [HBO] In Bsbar -- E) Peter Pan & tha PIrstaL E) Madollne's Chdetmes []" @ Robl Schullar With th Hour of Power E) Spos Reportars E) Csrmaal E) Amarican Medical Tolavision 8:05 em 00 Bluetoea, the Chdstmal Ell 8:10 sm 00 Sesame Street [ 8:30 em [SHOW] E) MOVIE: The Bear [] 1 (D RJart Schuller Wl|h the Hour df Power [HBO] Wondrfpl Wlzwd of Oz 00 Peter Pin L the Plrall ( Madollne in London [] • MOVIE: Choore for MISs Bishop 00 Meet tho Prsla Il •Foce the Nation 00 Sebastian'8 Party Gras E) SportsCenter 00 Amadcan Medical Tolovision 9:00 am[HBO] 00 MOVIFUJt Tokes Two [ 1 (ID Most tha Prsse E] 00 Peter Pan & the Pirates [] E) MOVIE: The Lamon Drop Kid • All American Wrsstllng • Lsrw Jones • Countw Mullc Videos • Broncos Beat Sunday Amazing Facts Mr. MOGoo's Chdstmss Carol E) NFL GameOay • Chaspirito 00 Dilcovew Journal 9:15 am 00 Wondarworks Famlly Movie [; 9:30 am E) [] • NFL Today 00 (]D 00 World Tomorrow • (]D 00 NFL Live E) Toxic Crusadars 10:00 em •CD 00 (]D Paid Program ) (] NFL Football I  uparboy I MacGyvar [] I T h_Is _Woe.k .W. Ith David Brinklay [ I NPL FOOtOa:l I Highway to Heovan [] I MOVIE:It Happened One Night I Nstlonsl Hereto Show I Portads 00 Earth Ouldo 10:05 am [SHOW] 00 MOVIE: Cherry 2000 [;] 10:30 Im [HBO] 00 Mal Glbson OOOI Back to School  Super Force !"1 MOVIE: CrY Rabol Temas y Debates Mac and MuUey 10:35 am 00 MOVIE: Cry Rapol 11:00 am00 C;D Simon end Simon__ [HBO] (O AventuraLgf Tlntin[] 1 Lightning Force [] E) MOVIE: Cheaper b'y the Dozen MOVIE: Mlrrlsge on tha Rookl • MOVIE: A Smoky Mountain Christmas • Bullneu World • AdoIphus Childron'l Chdltmss Poroda E) Challenge of Champions Tdsthlon • Futhol/So’cor 00 Wlldllla Telas 11:30 am [HSO] .@ MOVIE: Popeye E) Hsrwana  Hendersons • MecGyver[] E) Wildlife Chr6nlcles 12:00 pm qBCD • CBS Sports Sunday [;I [SHOW]00MOVIE: 3 Godfathers 8  DETOhie Week With David Bdnkley I E) MOWE: Pete's Dragon 00 MOVIE: Panic on tha 5:22 E) Countw Music Vldoos Welt Dlsnay Co. Presanta Amarican ;eschar Awardl I.J E) Wide Wodd of Alaska Sports E) Wit Stories 12:05 pm 00 MOVIE: Panic on the 5:22 12:30 Poe (: Tha Sabbath Maglc Lolllpop Adventure GED 1:00 pm 00 (]) 00 NFL Footholl (]D 00 NFL Footbldl MOVIE: Gentlamen Prafor Slendos MOVIE: Pata's Dragon Santa and tho Throo Belt* PeA Oolf E) BIIIlarda Panorama Daportlvo Chopparo 1:0S pm E) The Nutcracker 1:30 pm Igl QD Buslnosa Wodd [HBO] ID For Lsughtor, for Teera: Mekiog of For the BOys 00 Tom and Jerry's Chdltmal Speoiol •Flrspowar 1:35 pm• Tom and Jorry's Chdstmoa 'apociol 2:00pm (SHOW] m MOWE: Torranth of fin  glPald Program [HBO)  MOVIE: Sllvor StmS, [ Curront Affolr Waokano I 00 My Two Dade • Senior PGA Golf E) Hollywood Stuntmskara 2:30 pm 00 (]D Babe Winklomen'e Good Fishing E) Captain Planot and the Illenoteera • My Two Dods 00 Momente of Courage 2:35 pm • Captoln Planet and the Ptanatoors 2:48 pm O Chdstmos at Pops 3:00 pm Q (]D PeA Golf i MOWE: lt Noldy Ysn't Christmas i BIg Brother Jako I.J ) WCW Main Event " ) MOVIE: The Groat Waldo Popper i Swamp Thing i The welt i Country Mgslc VIdoos I Avonlei []  Bmtando Natural Wodd 3:09 pm 00 WCW Msln Event 3:30 pm Q Maniac MenllOn [;I Gonxo Gemu • ABC News [] • Notlolaro Unrvlsion 4:00 pm • ( MOVIE: The Last Btarflghtar [aHOW] ) A Broeoway Chr(lmas [HBO.  MOWE: Tho Holat ) AlrwaVOI M, E) • MOWE: Amoush BOy __ • MOVIE: Deed In tha Water LJ • • • Nawa • MOttle: Back Home 1 I NFL PdmoTIma • Slompra on Domh]o t Nlture of Thing8 4:06 pm ..O Chdstmal With Luclano Pavarom 4:30 pm [aHOW] E) M OWE: Flm Birds 1 CD Earth JoumlL  Pdnce VallaJlt L CBS Newl [] S:00 pm E) (]D Ounsmoke 00 (]D Pdmetimers ( Entertainme,J Tonight [ E) New Zorro LI • Star Starch ( ABC's Wodd oLIscovary [ 00 Eorle, IndlanJL ( 60 MInutal .. E) NFL Football 00 Target: Paid Hsrbor 5:20 pm 00 Peter, Paul end MaW Holiday Concert 5:30 pm im (]D North Idaho Chrlstmao E) Black Stallion 00 Tha Torkslsons'i] 6:00 pm 00CD CBS News [] _ [SHOW] E)MOVIE: orW 2000 I1 00 (:D E)(]D Nawe I.,J [HBO]O MOV. Roky V Beywatch 8 You Askadlor It, Ageln 00 00 Natlonol Oengrophlo Explorer • Lltaatyloe of tlIL'RIch & Famous •Sllk Stalklngs [] • Amarlcc's Funniest Home Vldaos I ( Country Music VidogJL • Hot Countw NIgll 00 Brooklyn Bridga LJ-- Wodd Wor Ih A Pdrsonsi Journey • Casa da Sus Suanos 6:30 pm E)C) NswL O ( ASC News [] 00 (]D Memories: Then Id Now E) Witness to Survival [] • America's Funniest Feopla I (]MOVIE: CBS Sunday Movie eachee I America: Tha Woy Wo Were: The Homefront (Pt 2) 7:00 pm 00 C 60 Minutia ] E) ( ASC's Wodd OI,.IICOVO W [ (]D Eedo IndLl.ns 1.5,1 ]1 True Co(ors [; ) Charles Stanley 00 News • Counterstdka O MOVIE: ABC Sunday Night Mo.lLe Yea, Virginia, There laa Santa Claus l . MOVIE: NBC Sunday Nlght the mowes usa Special Victory I, MOVIE: Mister Robarts D MOWE: Le Sonrlla de It Vlrgon 7:30 pm O D The TorkeloonlL 00 Parker Lowll Can't Loss [ 7:35 pm O Malterpioce Theotrs [ 7:40 pm 00 Instant Replay 8:00 pm •  Brooklyn Bridge [] [SHOW] 00 MOVIE: The Long W41k Home .(]D Amerlca's Funnlalome Vldool [HBO] 00 MOVIE: Hamlet .  Hot Countw Nihtl I. In Llvlng Color [- Ben Haen Charfged Llve8 I/j _( Network Earth Q Monsters @Sllk Stalklngs ,m Win e Im] SportaCentor w g 8:30 pm 00, MOVIE: CBS Sunday Movia Beache# I.J 8 Po='t00 "€''' Fun.,, Penp,. ) John Ankerbarg 00 00 Paid Program 00 Billy Graham December Crusade 9:00 pm E)(]D MOVIE: ABC SundaJf Night Movie ,y.,fs, Vlrglnla, Those la • Santa Cl•ua LJ (]D MOVIE: NBC Sunday Nt ot the Movlos Ona Special Wctory.. (J Msrrled...Wlth Children 1" In John Osteen  Hollywood Insldar '00 In News • Country Music Videos E) NFL PrlmoTime • Tituisres Daportivol 00 Target: PesdHarbor 9:05 pm 00 MOVIE: Anchors Aweigh 9:30 pm 00 Herman's Head [;] E) Larry Jones E) 00 World Tomorrow 00 MOVIE: The Burning Hills 00 Paid Proorsm I) Johnny Caneles 9:36 pm 00 Sports Extra In WKRP in Cincinnati 9:40 pm [SHOWj 00 Bugly: Dark Passion of en Amadcan uresmar O Maatarplooo Theatre ] 9:45 pm 00 M'A'S'H 10:00 pm [SHOW] 00 MOVIE: Runaway Train ( Sunday Comlca i 00 Paid Program I Ilaorgo Michaal's Sports Machino E) NFL's Greatest Moments 10:05 pm 00 Candid Camera 10:16 pm 00 Hollywood Ona on DaD 10:30pm [HBO] Classic Mel Gibson: Tho Making of Hamlet 00 First Look E) Wodd Vision @ Amodca: The Way We Were: Tho NeeD[rent (Pt 2) 10:35 pm 00 Highway to Heaven [;I 10:40 pm 00 Mystaryl [;] 10:45 pm 00 WKRP In Ctnolnnotl 11:00 pm E) ([) E) (-4") E)(]D Nowa LHSO] 00 )VIE: The Advanturos of Ford I'lldsna LJ E) Arsanld Hell's._eokond Jam I1 00 Golden GIds [ E) SportsContar 11:15 pm 00 Mission: Impoasibla 11:30 pm 00 ( CBS News I E) Q[:) Slskol& Ebert ( MOVIE: The King of Comedy tl Paid Program I Walter and Emily [] 00 MOVIE: It Happened One Night • Futhol/Soccar 11:35 pm 00 Siskel & Ebart 11:40 pm 00 MystaWI 1 11:45 pm E) CD Paid Program 12:00 em [SHOW]E) MOVIE: Fear 0  Pozner& Donahua 00 MOVIE: Pste*s Dragon • World Vision (10 Countw Music Videos 00 New8 E) Sonlor PGA Golf 12:05 sm 00 MOVIE: Nutcracker 12:15 am MachlnqB_ CD George Miohlol's Sports • Streets of Sen Francisco 12:30 em • Paid Program 00 NBC Nlghtlldo 12:48 Im E) D Beauty Ind the Beast 1 [HSO] 00 MOVIE: Satan's Pdncoss 1:00 am 00 (]D All News Night iD Paid Program 00 00 WCWInin Event • Magnum, p.I. 1:15 sm • Naws 00 MOVIE: Sack Home [ 1:30 om 00(]D Shop ot Home 00 SIompro an Domingo 1L40 an'[SHOW] E) MOVIE: King of Now orx 1:45 am 00 CD Runaway With tho Rich & Fomoue 1:60 am •MOVIE: Rolls: Tha Roeomaw Cloonsy Stow i MAN.. DEC. 9 i 6:00 am (SHOW] E) MOVIE: The Light Thlt Failed 6:10 am [HSO] O MOVIE: Conrock [;I 7:00 am 00 MOWE: Perry Mason: The Casa of tho Sinister Spirit E) SportsCenter 7:05 am • MOVIE: Perry Mason: Tha Casa of tho Sinister Spidt 8:00 am (SHOW] E) MOVIE: Rage of Angala (Pt 1 of 2) 9:00 am [HBO.]J MOVIE: Gramllns 2: Tho Now Batch I 10:00 am [SHOW[ IB MOVIE: At the Circus E) MOWE: Mr. Balvodora Rings tho Bell 00 MOVIE: Blood end Orchids [1=I 1of 2) MOVIE: Tha NaverEnding Story I E) Women's College occer 10:05 am • MOVIE: Blood and Omhlds (It 1 of 2) 11:00 am [HSO]  MOVIE: Tha gedy of Flight 103: The Inlido Story 11:30 am [SHOW]E) MOWE: Little Niklta 12:00 pm E) BIIliardl 12:30 pgI,[HBO] K{I MOVIE: An Unrsmarkabla Lira I 1:00 pm E) Global Suporoord Wrestling 1:30 pm [SHOW[ 00 MOVIE: Go Wast, Young Gid 2:00 pm E) Monster Truck Chollango 2:30 pm LHBO],@ Play by Play: A History ot SpOrtl TolOVlalOn E) Sports Roportars 3:00 pm  MOVIE: Whlta Fong ; E) Scholastic pOrtl Amorloa k 3:30pro [HBO]  MOVIE: Tronsylvanll Twist $ Up Closa 4:00 pm [SHOW] 1 MOVIE: A Chdstmas Carol E) SporteContar 4:30 pm E) NFL Monday Night Mogazlno 8:00 pm (HBO.LE) MOVIE: Gremlins 2: Tha Naw Batch [] E) MOVIE: Mrdway • MOWE: Houla of Cardl E) NFL Monday Night Match-Up 5:06 pm • MOVIE: Midway 6:30 pm• Denver Huddle 00 gin Reevos E) Schalp Talk 6:00 pm •(E)(]D Naws LSHOW]E)MOWE:GIvo My Regard, ,o urged Street • (]D @ ABC Mondoy Night Football 1 Chinas In Chsrga LJ Fathar Dowllno Mys[odes _1 WWF Pdme Ti-moWrostllng Country Music Videos Fresh Prlnca of tl Air [] Evening Sheds [] -- Wodd War lie A Froraonsl Joumoy Tho OlympM .d AI File da la MUOrtO A Fllght of Deer 6:15 pm 00 Nsturs [;I 9:30 pm IB () Colby Sho(l 00 (]D Wheel of Fortuna O Hard Cop1. , • BlOlSOm LJ_ • Major Dad 7:00 pm• CD Cheers 1 [HBO] I or Tlntin  (3:) JooRsrdyl I;; I -- I,J Ul ntortamment Toolght [] 700 Club With Pat Roboftson • News Mur hy Brown MO'IIE: It's e Wgdertul Lira E) Amerlca'l Wildernoll I Portada E) Wodd Away 7:30 pmE) CD Night Court [] [HBO] E) Advanturel of Tldtin Il (D Family Feud_ 00 Current Affair E] •Dasigning Wom-'n [ E) Dssoo Hollywood 8:00 pm • (D Evanlng Shads .. HOW] 00 MOVIE: The lelt of tho Finale [RSO]  MOVIE: Toloe From tha Dorkslda: The Movie o(]D Fresh Prince of BOl Air[] 1991 BIIthoerd Music Awar [;I Bordortown t-] Night Cour MscOyvor LJ MOWE_:" NBC'Monday Night ot tho vial Ins Sfory Ldldyl • Northern Exposure I. Noticlero Unlvlslon E) Safad 6:20 pm E) Movers/Spirit end Nature [ Quid City Herald 8:bu pm 151 (3J Mr Dad 1.1,] E) ( Blolsom I1 E) MOVIE:RIde  Crooked Trail 00 KoJak ] E) SportsCaster (D La Movida 8:45 pm (] National Gaogrephic Explorer 8:50 pm (] National Geographic Explorer 9:00 pm In ( Murphy Brown [] O :) Siskel & Ebod Holiday Speclsl . ( MOVIE: NBC Mon’.y Night It the Mowes The Story L•dy I) The Equalizer ) Q 0SNows 00 Country Music Videos 00 Beyond 2000 9:15 pm 00 MOVIE: The King end I 9:30 pm 00  Designing Women [] [HSO] MOVIE: In the Cold of th4 Night (iS MOVIE: The Diamond Queen E) NFL'I Groetast Moments 9:35 pm O A You Being Served? Cheers kj ( Tonight 5how 00 Inside Edition [ 10:00 pm E)C Northern Expoluro I] ]SHOW] InMOVIF, L_Blua Velvet MacGyver 8 lld, Wlld W0rd of Anlmale E) News 00 Hollywood Insider 00 World Monitor 10:05pro • M'A'S'H B CrlmLTIme After Prime Time Sweating Bullets [ 10:30pro 00 Molor,Lgok '92 E) Arsonlo Hall L E) Paid Program 00 Dog House ) NFL'e Greatest Moments World Vision I) Gelepegos 10:35 pm 00 Nighttine [] 00 LatsNIght With DSvld Lettermen 10:45 pm ) MOVIE: The Magnificent Ambersons 10:50 pm 00 MOVIE: The Magnificent Ambersone 11:00 pm In C 00 (  (] News O Teaching Students With SpeclM Needs 700 Club With Pat Robertoon • Paid Program ( NFL's Qreatest Moments  Programacion Pegada Top Guns - The uocumentaw 11:05 pm ) Hard Copy (] Love Connection 11:30 pm InC) Cdm.Tme After Primo Time Sweating BulletLJ.J 00 (]D Nightline []" [HBO] ( Kids in the Hall [] . . • Teaching Students WitLpoclal Neeos O Entertainment Tonight L 00 Paid Program MOVIE: The NeverEnding Stow [;]  SportsCenter Muchechitss 11:35 pm  ] Tonight ShoL. 00 Entertolnment Tonight I • Later With Bob Coates 00 Personals 12:00 am [SHOW] Igl Paul Provenzl: The Incredible Men-Boy In ( E) Paid Program O] In MOVIE: Bonfire of the Vanities E) Teaching Students With Special Naod8 (II Love Stories 00 Joan Rivers  Countw Music Videos Up Close 12:05 em 00 Million: Impolllbil News Night Gamas 12:30 am Ill ( Personals [SHOW] InMOVIE: I Love You to Death I1 00 (]D Nowhart I. • Desert Under Siege () MOVIE: NO Man'sWomen  College Basketball La Marquess de Ssntol 12:35 sm ( (]D Late Night With David Lettorman NBC Nightslde News 12:45 am 00 00 Three Stooges 1:00 am E) ( Night Gsmol 00 (D All News Night ) All in the Famffy 00 MOVIE: Twirl 1:05 em • All in the Family tln Nowl 00 Nightwatch 00 Movir White Fang [ 1:30 am In(D NOWl E) Hogan's Haroes I) AI File de la Muerte 1:35 em ( () Later With Bob Costal 00 Hogen's Heroes 1:40 em  MOVIE: The Housa on Gadbeldl Street i TUE.. DEC, 1Q i 8:00 sm ]SHOW] 00 MOWE: Test Pilot 6:30 em [HBO[ 00 MOVIE: Race for Your Life, Charlia Brown 7:00 em ( MOVIE: Mrs, R's Daughter E) SportsCenter 7:05 sm • MOVIE: Mrl. R'I Daughter 8:00 em [SHOW] E) MOVIE: Rage of Angel8 (Pt 2 of 2) 8:30 am E) Tannis 9:00 em [HBO[ 00 MOVIE: Seems Like Old Time8 10:00 am(SHOW] E) MOVIE: Madams Cuds E) MOVIE: The Reglng Tide 00 MOVIE: Blood andOroh[ds (Pt 2 of 2)._ 00 MOVIE: Bedknobe and Broomsticks [ 10:05 am W MOVIE: Blood and Orchids (let 2 of 2) 10:46 am ,[HBO] 00 MOVIE: Sex and the Single P'arent 12:06 pm [SHOVJD MOVIE: Three Men end s LJffiO Lady [; 12:30 pm [HBO] 00 MOWE: Second Sight [] E) Belt of American Muscle Magaxino " 1:00 pm E) Global Suparcard Wroetilng 2:00 pm [SHOW]In MOVIE: A Place to Call Home E) Monster Truck Challenge 2:30 pm E) Thrills end Spills 3:00pm E) NBA Today 3:.o.(,so] 00 MOVIE: Th. cti,,tm,, MOVIE: The Adventurse of Mile and E) Up Close 4:00 pm E) SportsCenter 4:30 pm [SHOW] 00 MOVIE: Born Free I1 E) College Balkatbali 4:45 pm [HBO] 00 MOVIE: Seems Like Old Times 5:00 pm 00 MOVIE: The Devil's Bdgade 00 MOVIE: The Bells of St. Maw'a 5:05 pm QD MOVIE: The Devil's Brigade 6:00pro InCD 00 (][Lews E) (_.13 ABC Newe I iD Charles In Chara [] E) Father Dowling ysriel [ €1 MOVIE: ReoL.lndow • Full House I1 (] Countw Musi£,_Vldeos • I'll FlyAway E] • Rescue: 911 [] World War Ih A Personal Journey • AI File de 18 Muorto 00 Invention 5:05 pm [SHOW] 00 I'm e Fool 6:15 pm O Moyars: A Gathedng of Mon 1 6:30pm E) CD Costtx.Show [;] 00 (]D Full House [] [HBO] IO For LsugKter, for Tsars: Making of For the Boyl (]D Wheel of Fortuna I. 11 Herd Copy Home Improvement E) College 8alkethaU 00 Beyond Tomorrow 7:00 pm Cheers ,-'U.L*]'" Rabbit [SHON](Pha Velva O E) (D Who's the BOSS? 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I D Family Fau(L (I CurronLftalr [] • Coach I] -- 7:45 pm 00 00 MOVIE: The Big Rid Ona 8:00 pm E)()Rolcue: 911 I [SHOW_LMOVlE: Three Mdn and • Llttlo Lady [] E) (D Furl Housa ._ I'll FI Away 8OIvIE: ho gho Loved Chrletmal 00 Bordartown [,J • Night Court..] • Homefront l,J_.. • Law & Orde([] ( MOVIE: Show Beet t Nottcloro Unlv]sion E) Wings 8:10 pm 00 Tribute to Harry Chapln 6:30 pm 00 (]D Home Improvement 1 [HBO] E) MOVIE: Marked lop Daath E) MOVlELha LIwlosa Brsod E) KoJsk il __ • MecOyysr I.,4 ( SportsConta'r 00 La Movlds 9:00 pm E) CD M OWE: CBS Tuel(ly Movie Nhtmara In uollbla County l E) (]D Roseenna L,J O D In tho Heat 6f tho Night [;] • Nawl 8 ountry Music Videos E) WoddWar II 9:30 pm 00 (]D Coach [] 00 MOVIE: Megniflcen| Roughnaoks •Tha Equallzor E) Off Road Rocln._ 8:36 pm E) Cheers [] • Tonight Show -- • Inald'a Edition I1 10:00 pm [SHOW] m Tim Allen Rowtroa Amedca E) (]D Homofront [] LH .ao].@ Play by Ray: A HIslory el Bpoftl /elavlliOn i []D Law &Ordar L,J I Wild, Wild World 6f Anlmoll 1 NaWl r Paid Program I • MOVIE: Too Late tho Horo MOWE: Womsn of the Yeer I Wodd Monitor 10:05 pm • M'A*S*H • Cdrog Time Aftar Pdmo Time Urban Angal l 10:30pm (SHOW] IB MOWE: Misery Tony Brown'ILournsl Araanlo Hall [] • MOVIE: Not a Penny More, Not s Penny Less,(PPt 1 of 2) E) NTPA All-Star Mud National Championship E) World Vision E) Things That Go Bump in the Night 10:35pm • NIghtllna [] 00 Late Nlghl With D4vld Llttarman 11:00 pm Newl J:eeph Campbell: Tranlformluona el YT00 Club Wlth Pat Robartaoo E)NBA Today @Progrsmaclon Pagada t World Away December 5 1991 p_x 15 11:o5 pm ) Hard Copy 00 LOVe Gonnaction 11:30 pm ]B C G1ima Time After Prkol Time Urban Angel SS  Nlohtllnd r-1 En tarlnm en-(To nlg ht [ 00 Paid Program E) SportlCentar 00 Muchechltal 1 1:35 pm O D Tonight ahoY/,_ • Entertainment Tonight I1 00 Letar With Bob Costaa •Personols 12:00 am 00(]D  Paid Program • National Audubon Soc]aty Speolate [ 00 Love Slodel Joan RIvars Country Music Videos MOVIE: Adam'l Rib Up Close 12:05 am  Mleslon: Impossible Newl Night Gomos 12:25 sm [SHOW]E) John Mondosa: Over Elly 12;30 am 00CD Pe.£ionsle O (]D Newhart I.J E) MOVIE: D-Dayr on Morl 00 MOVIE: Not a Penny More, Not a Penny LOll [Pt 2 of 2) E) College Basketball • La Mlrquala da Santos 12:35 em O (]D Late Night With David Lottermen NBC Nightaldo Newe 12:45 am 00 00 Threo Stogoe 1:00 am In ('J Night Olmll [SHOW]  MOW]E: Stolllng Heaven 00 (]D All News Nlght E) All In the Fsml[y • MOVIE: Angola Wlth Broken Wlngl 1:06 =m (HOe]J) MOVIE: Senior Week • All In the Pamlly •Naws • Nightwatch 1:30 am 00(D NlWl 00 Hoglnl Haroll 00 At File do II Muarto 1:35 am In (] Latar With Bob Costal 00 Hogan's Haroos 1:40 sm 00 MOVIE: From the Temlol i WED.. 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