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December 2, 1932     Quad City Herald
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December 2, 1932

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BREWSTER HERALD Friday, December 2, 1932 I ii iiii I II ii "1 i [-LIGHTS OF NEW YOKK ] g'ALT E R TRUMBULL" ! lU The secretary of a famous play- wright recently called up a noted au- thor. She was telephoning, she said, to report for the opening of his show, which his friends could have at regu- lar box office prices. "Thank him for me," replied the author, "and tell hhn that I have at- tanged with my publlshers to have a tack of my latest book laid aside, and that copies may be secured by my Close friends at the regular retail price, without recourse to speculators." Science has opened one more Job to the blind. A New York woman, who lost her sight long ago, Is employed as a radio critic hy one of the largest broadcasting companies. The company has found her opinion of programs vluable. * $ Gus Dorals, football coach at De- troit, Is supposed strongly to resemble Eddie Guest, the poet. One way to tell them apart Is to watch Dorais write a poem and Guest coach an eleven. Eddie Batchelor tells me that Dorais has two small sons who are, as might be expected, enthusiastic dev- otees of the pigskin pastime. Re- cently, the coach stopped to watch his progeny engaged in an exciting game. He was somewhat puzzled by the pres- ence of a tbn-year-old, who followed the action up and down the lot with a large alarm clock hung around his neck by a piece of rope. Suddenly the alarm went off with a terrific din, and play was suspended. It was then explained that the boy with the clock was the timekeeper. He set the alarm to ring in fifteen minutes, which marked the end of a quarter. $ The average length of a hotel bed is said to be six feet six Inches, but Royal Ryan tells me of one hotel tbat has lald in a couple of dozen beds a foot longer. This will be good news for such citizens as Robert E. Sher- wood, Jess Wlllard and others who didn't stop growing. $ H. N. Swanson, who quit magazine editing, spent several weeks In New York, but now has returned to Holly. wood. These film executives seem to lead an active life. Since George Pal- mer Putnam, for example, has become connected with the motion pleture In. dustry, the only way to talk to him comfortably Is to ride along beside him on a bicycle as he sprints from conference to conference. $ $ In a penthouse on the West side of New York lives a baron who was once stationed in German Africa, a Filipino boy, and a monkey. The three appear to get along In perfect amity. $ $ The Dutch Treat club, which sus- pends during the sumer months, has started its luncheons again. Prob- ably more well known persons have spoken at this club than at any other like organization in tbe world. About the only tlme that New York youngsters get a chance to see a horse is when the Rodeo comes to Madison Square Garden. Whether or not this show makes the youth of the twn long to be cowboys is a question. The buckers they bring to these cham- pionships look slightly more danger. pus than lions and a city boy's reac- tion might be that they were better objects for big game hunting than for riding. But R does teach the city dwellers the difference between the bronks and the Bronx. 1932. Bell Syndlcats.WNU Service. l Vanderbilt's Team Wins His Contract Trophy I i . Here are tile four men who won the final match for the Vanderbllt cup, emblematic of the team-of-four con- tract bridge supremacy, at the tourmlment in New York. Left to right: Harold S. Vanderbi]t, the donor of tlle cup; WIllard S. Kern, P. Hal Sims and Wahlemar yon Zedtwltz. This and That HE serving of a good soup at the heglnnlng of the meal will save on the meat bill and also on the health. One is ealsily satisfied with a simple meal after being served wlth a soup of creamed wgetable. A light dessert or a bit of cheese and fruit makes a most satisfying finish to a meal. When serving a clear soup a few little yellow balls of egg added to it gives the color and adds to the cal- ories. Prepare them as follows: Take two bard cooked yolks of eggs and mix with the raw white of one, the paste, then form Into balls like mar- bles. A little seasoning should be add- ed. These, two or thre to a plate of soup, will take the place of croutons for a change. When the gardens are made next spring have a few feet for some of the savory herbs, so good In seasoning, as well as greens for garnishing. Chlckory, chervil, parsley and mint are only a few. One's own sage tastes so much better than that which has been put away in boxes. Pepper grass, black mustard for greens are all easily grown. Tarragon is used to flavor vinegar, but, wlen fresh, adds a flavor that is appealingly dis- HAD PAPA SCARED "Oh, papa, I'm going to break my engagement with Ned. ! fleer lie plays the---(sobs). I hear he plays {sobs) the races." "My but you scared nle. I thought ou were going to say that he played the piano." tlnetlve, to many dishes. Maitre d' Hotel Potatoes.--Cut cold potatoes (underdone) Into thick slices. Add a tablespoooful of flour to tile same of butter and co.k with a cup ful of broth. When boiling add the potatoes and a tablespoonful of minced 'L)arsley and pepper and salt to taste. Cook for a few minutes; then add the yolk of an egg beaten with a teaspoonful of cold water and a little lemon Juice. When the egg Is thick- ened, turn out on a hot dish and serve. , 1932. Western Newspaper Union. My Neighbor Says "= e A TEASPOONFUL of salt and a dessertspoonful of lemon Juice answer the same purpose as "salts of lemon" for removing iron mold from linen. It Is not poison and will not prove injurious to the linen. $ $ $ If you wish to keep your meringue light, add one teaspoonful of water after the sugar Is beaten in, or add a pinch of baking powder while beating. $ , Always prepare your Jars, placing rubbers on before you start canning. There will then be no delay when your fruit or vegetables are ready to be put in Jars. The smell of peppermint is most abnoxlous to mice. A little oil of peppermlnt placed about their haunts will soon make them look for other quarters. ( by the Associated Newspapers) WNU Service Girl Dashes Into Fire for Rescue of Her Doll Ericksdale, Man.No motiter could do more for the safety of her elflld than did Evelyn Johnson. five years ohl, for the rescue of her doll. Standing in tears as flames ate away the walls of her home, Evelyn relnembered suddenly that her doll had been left behind. She rusiled through the smoking doorway and disappeared. No one saw her go. It was minutes before Mrs. John- son mlsse(I tbe child. Fearing she had entered tile burning building she rushed In after her. There she found Evelyn. the doll In her arms, stand- ing paralyzed in terror In a circle of flanles. Mrs. Johnson swept her duughter'lnto her arms and dashed to Sllfety. Btth mtther and child were burned. but tllelr condition Is not serious. The doll's clothing was singed, Trap for Rats Catches Two Cats, Dog, Goose Kingston, N. C.--Rats threatened to exterminate his lh)ck of chickens, so Malachi Berry, set a trap. On suc- cessive nights be eaught tbe fcmlly eat, a stray dog, a neighbor's cat. e goose out after hours. Berry threw the trap in a corner of the barn, and the next night rats killed the rest of his chickens. No Detours for This Vehicle lsadore Cholfln, Inventive genius of Somerville, Mass., drives his "salt water taxi" over the smooth waters of the Charles river in first public dem- onstrathm of the craft. Tile "taxi," In reality a discarded automobile, Is sup- ported by pontoons. A series of under-water propellers connected to the drive shaft give it a speed of ten miles per hour. "H Why Do We Call It "Gas"? HAT is whut our indispensable friend Noah Webster has to con. tribute on the subject--that, and of course, lOtS more. For our purposes, however, it Is nec- essary to get back of the lexicon and search for the human interest story sure to be present In apparently so drab a syllable as "gas." To begin with, then, we have "gas" as the word Invention of the Dutch chemist yon Helmont, who dted in 1644. Yon Helmont made extensive re- searches Into the nature of "aerlform fluid," The Immensity of the subject appalled as it challenged and fascln. ated him. The scientific field before him was virtually untapped and limit- less. Its conflicting elements, its un- charted seas drew him as the open road does the wanderer. And all the time he did not know Just what to all this substance. Finally, he was inspired by a happy thougbt. Why not call It "gas" after the Greek "chaos?" He did and so It stayed. But, you may inquire, wily after "cbaos?" The answer Is obvl. ous when we consider the root defini- tions of the Greek primitive. These are : (1) An empty, Immeasurable space; a yawning chasm. (2) A confused, unorganized con- dition or mass of matter before the creation of distinct and orderly forms. (3) Any confused or disordered col- lection or state of things; a confused mlxture; confused disorder. . 1932. Bell Syndlcate.--WNU Service. Russian Workers to Be Put Back in Uniforms Moscow.--Local authorities have de. aided to put postmen, telegraph deliv- ery people, and concierges Into unl. forms again. It Is believed to be a first step towards uniforming other types of employees. Uniforms, except for policemen and firemen, were abolished soon after the revohltion, as a measure for avoiding the class distinctions of employment. Their gradual revival thus has a cer. taln social Interest. In the pre-revolutlonary times Rus- sia was perhaps the world's most uni- formed country. Practically every pro. Jobless Go Fishing, Rod Makers Thrive Post Mills, Vt.--The depression has brought prosperity to this mountain hamlet. A rod company, sole Industry of the village, re- turned to normal production and now has added a night shift, em- ploying a total of fifty hands. It manufactures split bamboo rods and other fishing paraphernalia. Many of the nation's Jobless have turned to angling to while away their idle moments, thus lncreas. lng the demand for these products. according to company officials. BUT TO GET THEM! "l llave Just been rea(llng the Con. stitution of the United States." "Well ?" "And l was surprised to find out how many rights a fellow has." fesslon, even clerks In govermnent of- flees, had their prescribed al)l)arel. In the reaction against this system the bolshevik regime abolished unl- forms wherever possible. The special types of hats and insignia dlstlngulsh. lag engineers survived for many years. but finally also were abandoned. To- day railway employees, street ear con dusters, and motormen and other workers usually uniformed In other countries have no distinctive clothes. The decision to put uniforms on let- ter carriers, telegram carriers, and Janitors therefore marks the begin. nlng of what may be a new policy In this connection. In Justification it is polnted out that the absence of unl- fornls gives thieves and oilier crimi- nal eletnents a cbance to enter strange houses under the pretense of deliver lng letters. What is easy l.q seldom exce:lent. Cheerio C] 00pters Fun for All the Children Edited by DOROTHy .E. DMOND__S A TALE OF OLD JAPAN In (a kind of wood) and as they walked they made a dainty tap- ping sound upon the path. They chattered gaily as (kind of bird found in America) and felt fortu- nate indeed to have a (time of va- cation) from their work. They were girls who helped to sort the {what caterpillars make) befoi;e they were shipped to other ports to be made into (what dresses and stockings are made of) when they reached the end of the path a (what westerners call a gulley) awaited them and they stepped daintily Into a Jinrikisha that took them to town. They stopped to have (a drink they have in England) and {kind of a pudding) cakes. They (In this brief tale decipher the names of Japanese objects and places by Interpreting the phrases in parentheses. For instance, in the first one the phrase Indicates rice, and you read the story using the word which the phrase Indicates.) Out in the (something we eat) fields one morning In (place where one gets water), two lovely Jap- anese ladies walked under the (what Washington chopped down), dressed In their gay kimonos with (parts of a window), and carrying their (something ladies use in the sun). They had their feet encased laet some friends who Joined them in a walk around the town. They saw the (something good for moths) trees In bloom and bougbl them- selves each a pretty (what they call a man fond of baseball). Over In the distance they saw the {what the North has in winter) peak of FuJlyama, as It gleamed in the sun- light. A SCISSOR PUZZLE Cut these pLeces out after you mount the whole section on some lightweight cardboard or heavy pa- per. Put them together and see what picture you canmake. (). 1952. Wnsteru Newrmnr Union.) Merc01izedWax Keeps Skin Young (let an ounce and ueo am directed. Fine particles of aged skin Peel off until all defects such as pimvle, l/vet spots, tan and freckles disappear. Bkin is then sots and velvety. Your face looks Fears youneor. M crcolized Wax btrings out the hidden beauty of your skin. "Ire Iromov$ wrbtkl tu one ouoo Powdered axo]Jt dmolvl in on-hal/plat witch hazed. At drag stor. Unarmed Youth Fights Tiger How a youth fought a tiger with, his bare hands has Just been report- ed from Kathlal, India. The young fellow was wlth a party of natives hunting for the animal. With an- other youth he was searching a cave when the tiger sprang out ferocious- ly. His dagger broke and he fought the animal bravely, but was no match for the beast. As he was about to collapse, others of the party arrived, "nnd dispatched the tiger with spears. The youth subsequently died from his wounds. Essence of His Grade Wills--He is one of the greatest halfbacks that ever lived. Players--Is that so? "Yes; he always gives halfback of all ne borrows." True Boss--You ask high wages for a, man with no exl)erience. Applleant--Well, sir, it's much harder work when you don't know anything shout It.--Good Hardware. OLDS TILL End Colds Quick T-I. was an cast victim to colds--and they -- mmg on so long--until she suggested the use of NR tablets. He seldom catches colds now. Wheh he does they are quickly broken up. This afe, dependable, all-vegetable corrective Nature's Remedy---strengthens and regulates bowel action as no other laxative can--carries away poisonous wastes which make you suscep- tible to colds, dizzy spells, hcadachcs, bills ousness. Works o griping. Try a box. 2,Sc--at your druggist's. -TLMS" Quick relief for acid indiges- tion, heartburn. Only lOc. L-- Her Only Chance "Did you marry the man of your choice?" asked tile Inquisitive one. "No," sighed the other one, "it was Hobson's choice." Try Lydls E.Plnkhsm's Vegetable Compound [ She Shouldn't be Tired No cncrgy...circlcs under h eyes. If she would only try Lydia E. Pinkham s .Vegetable Compound in tablet-form she could be strong and happy agai A Start "What would you do if you had all the money In the world?" "Pay my debts--as far as thai money would go."--Modern Radio. .'Other little girls stay homefromschool  when they have a cold mi]n but I never do. My  mother gives me:l BronchI.Lyptus for: colds and coughs." At youe druggist's. Fop FREE sample write to 732 Ceres Ave., Los Angeles. Nowadays BarherWet .or dry, sir? CustomerI never divulge my po- litical leanings--Just comb my hair, OWN A PAYING BUSINESS II W n llve Them All Over U. S. Drugs, Groceries, Hardware, Dry Goods, Garages,Auto 0stops,Shoes,Jewelry,Men's or Women's Clothing, Retail, Wholesale or ][anufaotnrlng. oet any siO lnvostenk WrK kind of blt$tnt4S mid in 'what ttt or towr wanted ATKINS CORPORATIOT *'Justnes$ Brokers of America" lean/fie 't'l Bldg., LOS Angeles, Cal. Teacher--Vlllle, what is an adult? Willie-One that has stopped growtng except in the middle. MATIC PAINS There are many causes of rheumatism- Hence, no one remedy can cure all case But if the cause of YOUR rheumatic pains excess uric acid, then you should know that by taking Gold Medal Haarlem Oil Capsules you can stimutate your kidneys to carry off more uric acid poison. In 23'/ years this fine, old medicine has relieved millions. Insist on GOLD MEDAL. C &; 75C. GOLD MEDAL HAARLEM OIL CAPSULES W. N, U,, Portland, No, 49--t.q2.