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November 19, 1981     Quad City Herald
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November 19, 1981

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Quad City Flerald November 19. 1981 We e m- my mp.. ef- Rh teh ey rid in. ,.x't MID WEEK MIXERS Pinheads 27 12 The WB's 20 20 The Rebels 19 20 What Four 19 21 Four Seasons 19 21 The Jokers 15 25 Team High Series The Pinheads 2360 Team High Game The Pinheads 822 Melts High Series Del Biliman 528 Mens High Game Jim Washburn 192 Womens High Series Ruth Billman 572 Womens High Game Ruth Billman 228 Mens Team of the Week Del Billman 528 Jim Washburn 503 Bill mar 464 Monte Butler 435 Womens Team of the Week S h o o t Mike Shenyer and Bill Hogan put finishing touches on a bank of silhouet- te targets for the Bridgeport Eagles' annual turkey shoot, held east of Brewster November 7. Handgun and rifle enthusiasts showed up to lay their skills on the line at two dollars a shot. Several turkeys were awarded but, as one competitor put it, "The targets sure look smaller through a scope!" NCW'B' League All- JudyRUthBillmanLynnFriSkMcWhorter 471572455 Opponent volleyball team Marilyn Rader 450 The following girls were 1.Iuren Gormley Waterville 5.Coneen Meadows Splits picked Up; Marllyn selected for All-opponent in 2.Deanna Hull Pateros 6.Mona Miller Rader, 2-7-10 (twice); the Northern Division for the 3.Arlene Jensen Watervine Tie Richard Carmack, 2-7; Rick 1981 season: 4SherriNelson Brewster 6.BethOhlhauser Carmack, 3-10. FRIDAY N1TE MIXERS Four Strikes 28 20 Pinsetters 27 20 Hi-LO's 25 22 Strike Backs 25 22 Tenpinners 22 25 Four Aces 15 33 THURSDAY AFTERNOON TRIO LEAGUE Greens Drug 31 13 Fashionette 28 16 Seaview Prop. 23V2 20% Needle Nook 22 22 Camp Whatcham- 20 24 Christy Leigh 19 25 CWGG 17 27 Nutley Jewelers 15 28 High Team Series Greens Drug 1667 Fashionette 1644 Christy Leigh 1629 High Team Game Christy Leigh 609 Fashionette 572 Greens Drug 569 High Ind. Series Roberta DeVine 517 Colleen Nystrorn 493 Sharon Bleitz 491 High Ind. Game Sharon Bleitz 196 Colleen Nystrom 180 Roberta DeVine 176 Splits picked up: Roberta quirk, 5-7. WOMENS CITY BOWLING LEAGUE Security Bank 31 17 A-1 Roofing 31 17 Vernon Lynn Inc. 29 19 Bridgeport Lanes 28 20 Chief Joseph Tav. 27 21 Bridgeport IGA 27 21 Steak House 25 23 Brew. Heights Pack. 24 24 Henton Farms 21 27 Ginny's Dress Shop 18 30 Quad City Herald 15 23 Pinger's Garage 10 38 Team High Series A-1 Roofing 2261 Team High Game Vernon Lynn Inc. 790 Ind. High Series Fay Palls 529 Ind. High Game Nancy Cornehi 213 Team of the Week Fay Balls 529 00A5gES-- Betty Henton 512 Pat Smith 508 Nancy Cornehl 491 Splits converted: Fay Rails, 3-10; Kathy Dial, 5-7; Helen McIntyre, 3-10; Joan Han- ford, 6-7-10; Judy Grable, 5- 6; Pattie Carmack, 2-7; Doris Vailance, 5-7-9; Lynn Halterman, 5-10; Mary Zac- canti, 5-7-8; Kelly Urban, 5- 7; Vickie Allen, 5-7-8. ENGINEERS LEAGUE The Gaffers 33 15 Odd Squad 30 18 Split City Rollers 30 18 Juette, 4-5; Theresa Ham- monds, 2-7; Rick Murison, 5- 7; Steve Davis, 5-7 & 5-8-10; Margaret Lupkes, 5-10; Joe Dial, 3-10; Great Howard Baker, 4-6 ! CITY HANDICAP Crestview Bar Feed A-1 Roofing Security Bank Bridgeport Lanes 20 Apple Valley Apts. 161/2 Team High Series Crestview Team High Game Crestview Mens High Series Joe Dial Mens High Game Team High Series Hi-Lo's 2190 Team High Game Hi-Lo's 772 Mens High Series Hans Moen 539 Mens High Game Joe Dial 187 Womens High Series Fay Rails 466 Womens High Game Fay Rails 171 Mens Team of the Week Hans Moen 539 Joe Dial 529 Roy Dial 510 Gene McKee 469 Womens Team of the Week Fay Ralls 466 Ratty Carmaek 423 , Shirley Kiedrowski 413 , Brenda Blair 410 : Splits picked up by: Bessie Dailey, 2-7; Patty Carmack, 2-7; Joe Dial, 6-7. KOFFEE KUP Bar Feed 9 7 Gross Drug 9 7 Davis Acres 9 7 Bridgeport Lanes 8 8 Food City 7 9 Eagles 6 10 Team High Series Gross Drug 2232 Team High Game Gross Drug 780 Ind High Series Brenda Blair 425 Ind. High Game ; Dora Adams 165 Team of the Week : Brenda Blair 425 Dora Adams 418 Annie Davis 412 Kathy Dial 403 .Splits picked up by: Annie Davis, 3-9-10; lVliliie Powell, :3-10; Sybol Dial, 5-10; Dora i Adams, 3-8. Olive Schndt 519 BRING IN THIS AD FOR Your Deductible With Any Windshield Replacement i J P That's right! Just br!ng in this ad and we'llgive you $25 off your deductible on any windshield replacement. BRING IN THIS AD! Now thin Nov. 30, 1981 Brewster Body Shop Tel. 689-2314 c=, v.,,, 1120. E,,.,ll3olsl Misfits 28 20 Bottoms Up 261/2 211/ If's 251/ 221/2 Do's&Don't's 25 23 BobMcIntyre 202 Seahawk punter Herm Strike Outs 24 24 Team of the Week Weaver at a dessert potluck Wipe Outs 20 28 Joe Dial 561 in Mansfield Friday evening For Funs 19 29 Short Circult ' il6':!::! 32 ..... Bill Gordon 527 ...... Maybes 'iJ ! 37 Bob Mclntyre 525 David James, acting as Hans Moen 519 master of ceremonies, in- Team High Series JimSmith 518 troduced Weaver to a Do's & Don't's 2269 Splits picked up by: Lee responsive crowd of about Team Hlgh Game Dial, 2-5-7: Ralph Dobson, 3- one hundred youth and Do s & Don t s 616 10. adults, that had come to hear MensHlghSerles the Christian speaker. He Joe Dial 525 shared his life story focusing Mens High Game on his career as a football Jerry Day 209 player. His easy manner Womens High Series S p O rts quickly captured'the audien- Fay Rails 532 ce and they listened intently Womens High Game Banquet as Herin told of growing up Margaret Lupkes 206 Melts Team of the Week Tuesday in in a small Georgia town with poor parents aria being draft- Joe Dial 525 Brewster ed by the Detroit Lions after Terry Hayes 524 finishing college in Ten- Ralph Dobson 502 Brewster High School nessee. His football career Lee Dial 498 Football and Volleyball was marked by many ac- Ric Matthiesen 498 Sports Banquet will be held complishments. He was once Womens Team of the Week November 24, 7:00 p.m. in the leading punter in the Fay RaiLs 532 the grade school multi. N.F.L. He also spoke of how Nancy Cornehl 498 purpose room. Christianity has changed his Margaret Lupkes 494 Coach Jack McMillan says life. Herm now travels PamMatthiesen 464 the public is invited and around thecountryspeaking Olive Schmidt 464 should bring a salad and own to groups and organizations Splits picked up by: Woody place setting, focusing mainly on high Thanksgiving is Thursday, November. 26. Send our FTD ICanyon C )untry Outdoors by Wayne van Zwol, As winter approaches and the Christmas mouse nibbles away at the family budget, many outdoerspeople are eager to earn a few extra bucks. One of the most popular ways to gar- ner profits here is to hunt or trap coyotes. Prolific reproducers, these cagey hack-country predators seem to tolerate heavy harvests quite well; always there are some too fast to hit and too smart to trap or call. Early indications are that this year will be one of high pelt prices. To maximize returns, you must not only shoot for a large take but do all possible to assure your buyer of quality pelts. It's not difficult to properly skin a coyote, but you must exercise good technique. The Basics It's generally best to work on your animal before all the body heat is gone. Hang the coyote upside down on hooks through the hocks, spread at least a foot apart. Using a small, sharp knife, circumscribe cuts around the hocks, then around the 'knee' joints on the front legs. Go hack to the hocks and slit the skin up the rear of the hams to the vent. Follow the line formed by the meeting of light and dark fur on the hams. Circumscribe the vent, then logitudlnaliy slit the underside of the tail a few inches aft. Don't cut into the scent glands on either side of the vent. Carefully work the tail bone out of the hide, using caution not to break off the tail tip. Return to the hams, where you should be able to pull the hide down toward the head without further cutting. Some judicious slicing may be necessary to clear the genitals. Make no more cuts than necessary. Some veteran trappers use a dull knife to work the hide free from the torso, to minimize the chance of inadvertent tears. The shoulders will temporarily halt progress. Resist the urge to slice with that knife; instead, use a pointed wooden stick to work the hide free and start stripping the front legs. Page 9 hard on the hind legs, tacking each at its extremity. Use ad- ditional tacks where necessary. Trim the mouth to a neat oval. Spread the frame to stretch the pews width. Cardboard cylinders should be inserted in the front legs to keep them from lying against the belly skin. Incomplete drying anywhere will cause hair slippage. After a few days in a dry, but not overly warm room, the dessicated pelt may be removed from the frame and turned rightside out. In this condition R will keep for many months. And, if you've done a good Job of skinning, it will fetch top market dollar. Okanogan N atural foods 211 South First Okanogan Open 9 to 6, Man. - Sat. Seasonal Bean Shipment Is In Bean Bottom Prices Stock Up For Winter Buy in bulk through EQUINOX Catalog Cost plus ten percent v, Vitamins , Herbs , Spices  Coffee Beans ,I Grains . Flour . Many Organics Pateros Remember, the only significant pelt cuts that should be IGtCZNtZ:I4 Manson necessary are those you made on the hams. BeRe.dyfor 0 Bridgeport From Toe to Head gm When you've cleared the shoulders, continue pulling the hide down over the head. Cut the ears off inside as you work xH. "- Thankso[v[ng [[ ........... the skin over the skull. Retain the eyelids and lips and nose. WOrkare especiallySlwly andhardVeryto sew.Carefully here. Rips in the head area H @ Oven Elements 0fl St0Ck) U .sa Ham- After the hide falls free, hang it by the nose and carefully  K [urison, 5- flesh it. Very thin layers of flesh and membrane need not be fl Top Burner Elements (m Stock, U & 5-8-10; totally removed. But every bit of fat should be cut away. 5-10; Joe Next, wash the hide thoroughly in cold hose water. Then II at Split' turn it rightside ut and repeat the prcess" Finally' immerse i : S :C S " 0 the pelt in a bucket of soapy water and agitate. Rinse the kille ontrol Drip Pans skin and hang it out to dry. [CA} Several hours later, when the pelt is still slightly damp, It M I 26% 17% can be stretched, inside out, on a wood (or metal) frame built 26 18 for the purpose. Basters = Flavor akers 22 22 Tack the nose over the top of the frame, then pull down 21 23  " S 27"24  Meat Thermometer .o punter in nsfield .Turkey oasterPans 561 The Friendship Bible cof- school students. fees, sponsored former Mansfields Friendship Thanh00givcr ]00ouquct Specially designed to capture all the colors of autumn. With fresh flower in an exclusive FTD Woven Fern Basket. Filled with warm thoughts for Thanksgiving to send or take home. Call or visit us today Order Early Elliott s Flower Shop Brewster Tel. 689-2378 . 00lptng,you it right.. Bible Club have sponsored U iectric tWO speakers in the last State E year, The first was Ken fi Greene formerly of Omak U = Brewster Tel. 689 2321 g Now playing for St. Louis. Thanksgiving Specials Sweah 20o Sweaters 6oo Shirts 00 Men's Dress Slacks 60o Sweatshirts Men's Vests 60o Apple Junction Inc. Bltwstlr, Ill. 609-3363 J; k