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November 18, 1932     Quad City Herald
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November 18, 1932

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Ill .I I II I I I I II I I II I I BANKER MAY DEPARTMENT OF THE INTERIOR U. S. LAND OFFICE at Spokane, Washington, November I, 1932. NOTICE is hereby given that, as directed by the Commissioner of the General Land Office, under provis- ions of Sec. 2455, R. S., puluant to tile application of Jacob W. Wright, R. F. D. No. 1, Pateros, Washington, Serial No. 017201, we I will offer at public sale, to the high- t bidder, but at not less than $1.25 per acre, at 10 o'clock A. M., on: the 00Lh day of December, next, at this office, the following tract of land: SWA SEW of Sec. 24, T. 30. N., R. 24 E.. W. M.; and also, at the same time and place, the NEA NEt of Sec. 25, T. 30 N., R. 24 E., W. M., at not less than $1.50 per acre. Tim sale will not be kept open, but will be declared closed when those present at the hour named have ceased bidding. The person nmking bid will be required to er Of The Estate Of NOTICE TO CREDITORS TO FILE No. 1998 NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN: That Anton Andrsen has been ap- pointed executor of the estate of Christen Andersen, deceased, and that all persons having claims against said deeasd, or against his setate are hereby required to prepare such [ el aims in due form reqmred by sta-! t.ute, and serve the same upon the un-1 de.rgned at the office of his attor- steys below stated, and file said claims with proof of such service with the Clerk of the above entitled Court, within six months after the date. of the first publication of this notice, trwit, within six months after the 'Oth day of October, 1932, and no- tice | further given that if an) eTaim is not l,resented and filed with- i'n t time aforesaid, it shall be for. er bmTed. ANTON ANDERSEN Executor of the estate of Christen Andersen PatrSO & Davis Attys. for Executor, Office and P O. ddress, Okanogan, Wash. NOTICE OF SALE OF STATE LANDS NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, That on Tuesday, the 6th day of De- araber, 19B2, commencing at ten o'- clock in the forenoon of said day, in front of the main entrance door to County Court House in the city of Okanogan, county of Okanogan, State of Washington, by the County Auditor of said county, the following state lands, together with situated thereon, auction to the to wit: eitie::= f who to be- state lands. No. 14284 n 9, township 30 W. M., .con- es, more or less, ac- government survey ,raised at $189.0,0. t to the payment of $3.89 improvement assessments Methow-Okanogan Ivriga. District, which must be paid in on the day of sale (Subjvct for easement for right way for railroad purposes hereto- re granted to the G. N. Railroad Company. ) Sa/d landa will be sold for not less than the appraised value above stat- ed and upon the terms and condit- .ons fonoltlng: Not one-tenth of the pur-  must be paid at the time of The if he be not owner of the must frthwith pay to the officer making sale full amount of the ap- value of the improvements, stated. One-tenth of the )rice must be paid annually with on all de- at the rate of six annum: Provided, may make full interest and time and obtain land contain- mater- cut- timber or BE SPEAKER OF THE HOUSE (Continued From Filst Page) which Governor-Elect Martin desires to bring about mucil remedial legis- lation. Roads and bridges will probaby ;'o to Banker who served long and faith- fully upon it in days gone by. Bank- or, however, if he takes that chair- manship and does not and the speak- ership, cannot sit on rules. If elected speaker he becomes an or-officio member of all committees and can act where and when he desires. Election Results Peculiar The results of the election are rather unusual. For instance the vot- ers have ousted the "old guards" of parties and have placed younger men without any ties, despite the fact een elected as Democrats. election returzis ladS- breakdown of the party sys- the state Democrats elected a United s Senator and six congressmen. The primaries refused to consider old tried straight-laced party followers. Instead the Democrats generally nom- inated men who were "overnight" Democrats, for federal places. The new United States Senator could not make up his mind upon which ticket to filehe had previous- ly tried them all with more or less success  until the e!eveuth hour when he cast his lot with the Demo- crats. In the first congressional district the new member of congress became a Democrat an hour before he filed. In the second, the new member is a iyounger Democrat, but like the first district representative is without pre- vious political activity. He, however, is an old party man, and has been for years. In the third district the member-elect tried the race two years ago as a Republican and failed. He became a Democrat overnight. In the fourth, the successful can- didate has been a progressive, Far- mer-Labor and a Democrat. Of course Congressman Sam B. Hill in the fifth, is one of the old school Democrats. The member from the sixth is a Democrat of long standing also. The same situation prevails in the Legislature. Many of the new mem- bers are only in the Democratic par- ty because they sensed the coming landslide and sought office. The ex- ceptions will be found to be men and women of exceptionally high qualifi- cations and ability. The two women members, Harry lluse, Ed Banker, John Jones, Steve McDonnell, Maur- ice Starrett, Don McDonald, Hugh Herren, George Yantis, Harry Brown Will Lowman and others are all of a type of citizens who will make ex- cellent solons with broad vision for legislation affecting state welfare. All are oht wleel horses of the Demo- cratic party and not opportunists. The coming session will be the most important in the state's history t tl arc to be named, one for each side of the hills. These are all desirable posts for hung'ry Democrats and will undoubt- edly be filled before the end of next summer. There is also another fine plum hanging from the trees for the in- coming administration, now that it is assured Democratic. For some }i:ne rumors have been rife that Federal Judge Jeremiah Netcrer was contem- plating upon retiring, leaving this post open to appointment by the president. ! The judge is eligible to retirement because of his long service and his :age. When it was rumored a year ago that he might retire when he reached his 70th year, a strong delegation of Democrats awaited upon him and urg- ed that if he contemplated such a plan not to do it until after the No- vember election this year. Now that the Democrats have swept the nation, Judge Neterer may carry out his original plan. That will open another fine plum. While all of these offices with the exception of the United States mar- shal arc open to appointment, very few employes can be named as all are under civil service. This means simply that the head of the office gets a job but will find it hard to place his friends on the fed- eral payroll. The attorney has some openings as does the marshal. The collectors and immigration commis- sioner, however, are not so fortu-! nate. ISOLATE CHICKENS WITH BRONCHITIS Although many treatments have been recommended for infectious] bronchitis in chickens, none of them have proven entirely satisfactory. It should be remembered that this is a self limiting disease and acute at- tacks often subside within a few days when no treatment is used, ex- BREWTER, HERALD, BREWSTER, WA.HINGTON. ! t ill plains Dr. C. E. Sawyer, veterinar. San at the Western Washington ex- periment station, Puyallup. Remedies seem to make little dif- ference in the number of deaths or recoveries in a flock. Make the birds as comfortable as possible. Artificial heat in the house appears to be of benefit in some outbreaks. Sprays which contain volatile oils, such as eucalyptus, may be of some value when sprayed as a fine mist over the heads of the birds two or three times during the night. An ointment con- taining' volatile oils may be applied to chickens with swollen heads. One attack of infectious bronchitis appears to protect surviving chick- ens against subsequent exposure to the disease, says Dr. Sawyer. How- ever, some of the recovered birds may be chronic carriers of the disease. There are several precautions which will aid the poultryman in pre- venting and controling the disease. All birds which are returned from exhibitions, fairs and contnests should be isolated fo,' three weeks before being returned to the flock. If these birds contract infectious bronchitis they shouhl not be added to a flock of birds which has not had the dis- ease, even after they have made a in many respects. It is the first time complete recovc'y. since 1897 that any party other than Do not buy bargain birds from un- the Republicans have undisputed con-I knwn sources and add them to a trol of the House. It will also place clean flock, warns Dr. Sawyer. Keep! the Republican party in the position of the minority group, although there is still a possibility that the Repub- licans will control the Senate. If this is true the Republicans can assume their duties as a minority party. These duties require that as l such it can watch over and vigorous-i ly combat any legislation or propos- als which will not be of benefit for the entire state. In other words a strong minority party can and does: control Legislation to a large extent, and it rests up on its shoulders the burden of preventing unwise Legisla- tion at any stage of the game. There is no question but the Re- publican leadership in both the Sen- ate and the House will assume their new roles an'd carry on actively in the interests of the state as a whole. Few Federal Jobs FederM plums in this state are comparatively few but are most de- sirable. The chief is that of collector of customs, now held down by George Hubbard. new president is inaug- Clarence C. Dill, will of those who will te presidential councils  just a possibility that he to a diplomatic I filled the federal with his recommen- outsidc4"s out of the chicken houses, ! and also keep away from diseased birds and diseased premises. If birds on your plant become infected, do not place the recovered one with next year's pullets or other non-in- fected birds. Remove all diseased birds from the flock unless the dis- ease spreads to too large a number. Change the litter fl'equently and burn it. Infected houses should be quarantined. Have different attend- ants for infected and non-infected houses if it is possible. The caretak- er of the ifected flock should wear overalls and rubbers and leave them in the poultry house. He shouhl scrub his hnds with soap and water and disinfect them when leaving the in- fected houses. All carcases sould be burned. PIONEER HOTEL APARTMENTS Wenatchee, ...... Wash. Hot & Cold Water---hower & Tub Baths Low RatesCooling System Corner O[ First & Mission St. Across From Cascadian Garage Mr. and Mrs. F. H. Barren PROPRI ETORS 42 Years Residence mmmmmmm..m ollection of customs, collector of internal revert-i issioner of immigration, and fited States marshals, one for I rn and one for Western Wash- I Two United States attorneys[ FACTS ABOUT OUR FORESTS An average of 75 cords of sound wood pet' acre is left after lop/ging Douglas fir forests. Forty-six million railroad cross ties were purchased by the steam and e- lectric railroads in the United States in 1931. The purchases in 1931 were 46.2 pqr cent below those in 1929. According to a report recently re- ceived, there have been established by the U. S. Forest See'vice in the U- nited Stats, 52 primitive areas, com- prising an area of 8,788,298 acres of national forest land and 221,107 acres of other land. !for:ner associate of Rev. Pendleton. The Adult Bible Clas. held it's monthly meetin:' and social at the home of Miss lda Curry on Thursday evening with a g'ood attendance aml pleasant time for all. Mr. Gamble has donated the haul- ing of the Church wood and Mr. Warner has promised to saw it up for the church. When we haven't money we can help in many other ways. Several have remembered the minis- ter and his family in substantial gifts of wood and farm produce this fall for which we are grateful. One of the blessings of the depres- sion is to feel that we are getting closer together as we fell our depend-i ante one on another. In removing old varnish from fur- niture it has been found that by add-i ing alcohol equal to about 50 per i cent of the varnish remover a great: Glass, unbreakable, even under hammer blows, a non-conductor of heat and cold, is now made of wood. Its installation is expected to effect a saving of 25 per cent in heating a home. Another new product of the chemist is wood that bends and is e- lastic like rubber. --" "; .... NOVEMIER :[3, 193 sliving in time and labor is effected. It should be allowed to soak accord- ing to the usual directions then be wiped off with a stiff-bristle brush, dipped in a strong solutibn of sal soda. Follow this treatment with a thorough rinse and allow the work to dry with its flat surface tilted at an angle of 45 degrees or more. FOR SALE 1928 WHIPPET COACH# Good Rubber Good Battery Bargain Price For Quick Sale E. C. SAWYER SAVE NONEY There are over 300 fire lookouts on the national forests of Oregon and l Washington. These lookouts frequent- ly "pick up" the smoke of small fires more than 2{1 :niles away. THIS WAY Aerial bombs arc used on the na- tional forests of Oregon and Wash- ington as fire alarm signals to as- semble fire fighters. Lightning starts more than half the forest fires on the national forests of Oregon and Washington, and three-fourths of all lightnin, fires are started on only three or lour days, each year. Temperatures of 2000 F have been measured during forest fires. More than 13,000 fires have been extinguished on the national forests of Oregon and Washington dining the past nine years. The volume of the average dwell- ing constructed in the larger cities of Washington and Oregon is ap- proximately 21,000 cubic feet, ac- cording to recent studios by the Pa- cific Northwest Forest Experiment Station. The 432 dwellings constructed in Portland, Oregon, during 1931 re- quired nearly seven million feet of lumber. A frame dwelling requires approxi- mately 850 board feet of lumber for each 1,000 cubic feet of volume, ac- cording to the Forest Experiment Station. COMMUNITY CHURCH WEEKLY NEWS NOTES Thanksgiving Day will be observ- ed in the local church with a union Thanksgiving service at ten-thirty in the morning to which everybody is invited. Tanksgiving evening there will be a concert at the church that will long be remembered by those who im- prove the opportunity to heat' "The Cotton Blossom Singers," who will present a program of negro spirituals as only the colored people themselves can sign them. This quartette of col- ored men is touring the country in the interest of The Piney Woods Country Life School, a non-sectarian christian school for colored boys and girls in Piney Weds, Miss. After the concert an offering for the school will be taken. We are to have another' treat Sun- day morning, November 27, when the local pulpit will be filled by Rev. Gertrude L. Apel of Seattle. Miss Apel was a former pastor of the Methodist Churches at Winthrop and Twisp. She is now general secretary of the Washington and Northern lda- he Coucil for Christian Education. Sunday, Nov. 27 the Older Young .Peoples Group will be host to dele- gates from all over this and Chelan County to the Fall rally of the local council of which Miss Mary Jane Mc- Pherson is president. Monday, Nov. 28 the Fall Sunday School Institute of the Okanogan Council for Christian Education will be held at the Presbyterian Church at Omak where Rev. Apel and Rev. Witter of Seattle will be the speak- ers. There will be no service of wor- ship at the local church on next Sun- day but the Church School will meet as usual at ten o'clock and the Ju- niors at four o'clock. The Christian Endeavor and the discussion group will meet as usual at the six-thirty hour. Roy. and Mrs. Pendleton drove to Oroville and between points Monday and Tuesday in the interests of the Sunday School Institutes. Rev. Pratt the new minister of the Presbyterian Church at Okanogan is an old Sunday School missionary and The big subscription offer of the Hald is meet, ing with instantaneous response. Now folks, we do not want you to feel in any way squeamish about taking advantage of this offer, wherein we cance! all back subscriptions. It is our offer and we are pleased to make it. You do not oweus for the back subscriptions we cancel. We make this offer fre ly and voluntmrily, so do not hesitate in taking ad, vantage of it. Send in your renewa! and forget a! back charges. We haven't any. WE ARE GLAD TO EXTEND YOUR SUSSCIP= TION TO 1933 AND CANCEL BACK CHAROE ON THE PAYMENT OF If you wish to send in your renewal by mail use this coupon. Date BREWSTER HERALD, Brewster, Wash., Enclosed find $1.00, check, money order, crreney, which extends my subscription one year an cam cels all back charges. Name ............... - : Address Youthful Strength Dr. Magnus Hirschfeld, the world-knows authority on SezleOy and Director of the Institute for exual eience of BerHa Gay cated TITUS-PEARLS to help the' millions of men and women who have Io or are Ioaln their vital physical power. In his 35 yea of pragtce and rerh however, he realized that the weakenfn of man' gland wa al responsible for other troubles: High breed preuuv, hsrdaig e the arteries, physical exhaustion after work or exercise, aea, depression, neurasthtenia, etc. All these troubles can be removed with Titus.PurlL NtceraUS cases were treated by Dr. Hlrschfeld in his Be'Hn Ih'TOte L. S. (State Offic2al; 60 years old, married) eonptained of physical exhaustion, dizziness and tremors. Was easIl' tired. Mental powers dull and slow moving. Phyeal powr had been campete for previous 5 years. Blood pressure too high. Given 2 Ttts.earfs 3 times a day. 2 weeks later the medical rp.rt on thi ma wut,, General health better, more vigor; dizzies much |es and rctrig of power. Treatment continued and 2 wk |ar L, S. rvprtcd again, this time to say that all wearineeS and eXh'aton had gn he felt fresh and buoyant. His blood pressur hai falhm and at t" years of age he had regained the hysla! power and virility t?aat he had known in the prime of hie life. Start regaining your yo.uthftflnst ow! T.dty! 'In 2 wee time you will be aware of te new, virfte fere it Fu. S'lfl $5.00 (cash registered or money-orile)flr 9. ws treatment, ' I I I I I To avoid mistakes please fill out e fe[lowfng coupon: TEUTONIA IMPORT & EXPORT S.RV|E ,. II4IET @$6 211 FoUrth Aenue,  Yerh L't, I, Y. Gentlemen: Please forward tO (he foIow|lg' adr. ....... Box's Titus-Pearls, for which I enclose $ ........................ My name is ...................................... |ty .............................................. y address is ............. . .................. Stat. ...........................................