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October 24, 1924     Quad City Herald
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October 24, 1924

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.++ LL , , ? PAGE 3, BREWSTER SCHOOL NEWS r ACCURACY -- TRUTHFULNESS -- THOROUGHNESS Voi. I OCTOBER 24th No. G. Edited by Journalism Class of Brewater High School Editor-in-chief .................... EDI [&apos;H McFARLANE Assistant-editor . ....................... GLEN WIDEL News editor . ........................ DOROTHY HYDE Sports Editor ........................ JOE MePHERSON Society edRor .................... ALICE SHILLANDER AND , THELMA CRANDALI. Ply)of l.a(hrs ................ SALOME GEISSLER, EDNA GILLESPIE Reporters ...................... Thelma Johlmon, Clifford Jolly. h More Books Donated To School Library Al)proximately venty four books have been loaned or dolmted to the Brews(or High School library since tim beg'inning of the Editorial cam- paign. A very good series of "Stories by En.l.'lish authors" was loaned by Mrs. J. E. Bassett. Thi set consists of stories on "Ertgland." "Irtqand", "Scotland," "London," "Italy," "(r. ninny,' .... ['he Orient" and "The Sea." Mrs. Bassett also loaned Cailyle's "French R,.,.volution" and "Thaddeus Of Wtl'Slt W. ' These b,ooks will help wonderfully with am' school work but, we are bad- ly in need of fiction by American authors as the English IV class is studyirg Anlerican litertaure exelus- iwAy. All donations or loans of Am- erican fiethm will be doubly apprec- iated. EDNA GILI,ESPIE Twitmeyer Inspects Brewster High School I Edwin Twitmeyer, state high hooll inspector, accompanied by E. B. Grin-] rvAl, county superintendent of schools, visited ,tlle Brewster high schooll buihling Thursday afternoon. I Mr. Twitmeyer addressed the high I school and seventh and eighth gwade stud,,mts on the subject of "Thorough- ness it] Work." Tills is the first tinle that Mr. Twit- meyer has seen the new building. He prai.,d the "new house" in his ad- This year begins Mr. Twitmeyer's fifteenth year as state inspector. He has been in the educational prof,s- ion for 32 years being principal of he Bellingham high school previous to accepting his present position. That the Brewster school students present an unusual personale of good sctmol spirit and enthusiasm, was the statement made by Mr. GrinnAI to members of the faculty. Sidelights Into The Last Twenty Years "Roasted ground hog a Is, fur coat- ing" formed a delicious dish for the Indians of Okanogan county 20 years ago. The present site of the Elliott Theatre was in that'early period the camping ground for the first lumber men of Brewster. The hotel, al- though appearing too heavy for bal- last, really made the journew from th,; mouth of the Okanogan to its present site in the early days without noticeable dalnage. Practically the first attempt to sell any of the timber of the vicinity was nlad'; by U. E. Fries. of North Star, and Antoine Kiwalski. The trees were cut in the canyon above Bisher's, where the stumps can still be en. Fries anti Kiwalski camped on the present site of the Elllott Theatre. The logs wqre shipped to Wenatch'e on the steamboat "Virgin- ia City". Today the Gamble Lumber mills are running night and day. The Indians in the vicinity were a branch of the Colville Indian. They v:ere w,ry crude in the culinary art. Ground hogs. squin'els anti sarvice berries were considered "hiyu skoo- kum muckamuck." Tea and coffee were boiled in the same kettle. One of their delicacies was wild game and sarvice berries boi/e,t to a thick ma. One time Mr. Fries was invited to a muckamuck with an Indian family, which h',,, knew well The klooeh (squaw) thrust a stick through the entire body of a freshly killed groundl hog and roasted it with the fur on.i Strange to say Mr. Fries was not hungry. Them; Indians, wer, e very proud. If one happened to come to a ranch at meal tinle, and wa not asked in he w.ould leave immediately. Mr. Fries oeently remarked after confer-I ing with an old Indian that there was no need tO speak Chinook to! them anynlore.. Their children are] educated- and the oMer aries gradual- I ly take up the "Boston man's wawa." I Brewster was tory prosp(rous in I those days, because it had much tra I by wa of the steamboats, which went from Wenatchee to Riverside. Be- fern the settlvrs came in, Okanogan county had a drouth, but the lno1 settlers that canle in, the nlore it rained. The winters were w:.i'y short and open and springs and falls were very rainy. An Indian very pithily remarked in quaint paraphrttsv. "No loston nmn--no rain, cult.s. Boston man conle--hiyu rain COllie." EDITH MCFARLANE School Holds To 4 P. M. To Benefit Students After the n,,-xt six weeks or after the first semester, school will be held until 4 P. M.. according' to a statem'nt made by Mr. Peterson in an address to the student body this week. "This will be for the benefit of those who have eeived poor grades," says Mr. Peterson, "or have failed in any of their subjects, giving them an opportunity to further help wlt,re they nlost need it." Those who have llano good work will be ex- cused at 3:15 provided they have no regular class during last period." Mr. Peterson reports that there is going to be concrete floor put in the Domestic Sei,nee room. The room will be arranged with benches and tables, and used for a lunch romn also. When the weather t)ecomes colder, there will probably be wam lunches served. Floor Partly Laid By Efforts of Boys Gleat progress was made in laying the gYm floor during Thursday and Friday of last week. Mr. Massie. Mr. Asbury, Delbert Clifford and Forest Asbury donated their time and ener- gy and as a result the floor is half finished. A good job was done anti after the surface is smoothed with a sanding machine, it will be a fine gym. Blmlcatball practice will start about the middle of November. Picture Week Held; Apples Sent To B. C. Picture week was observed by the first and second grades by m;unting several pictures and tudying them and the artists who painted them Hallow,, en decorations has been keeping tl primary grades busy for the last week. Ellen Valentine, Ernest Washburn and Junior Woods have not fallen be- low 90 in arithmetio last w.cek. Jack Goehry and Marion Bassett aru on the honor roll for the best behavior. The first and second grades have been reading the Child Health Alpha- bet books that were brought from the teachers institnte. Some lettel, booklets and a box of apples were sent last Monday by the third and fourth grades to two children near Midway, B. C. who have no fruit nor go to school. Albel Sines and Agnes Knowlton are the captains for the cleanliness contest this week. Witches, black cats. pumpkins and silhouettes are being used as the dec- orations for Hallowe'en by the third and fourth grade. Ten new pictures framed by stu- dents themselves and some crepe pa- per pumpkins have helen added to the already numerous collection of decorations by the fifth and sixth grades. Another contest is on in Miss Mas- s.s' live wire classes. The four rows are trying for honors in spell- ing. This far the row of sixth grade boys are ahead. Cigar boxes have been carved and painted successfully in attractive colors by Warren Know]- ton, Orval Hadley, Bernice Bassett, Crystal Johnson, Bobby Woods and Hazel Crossalnd. Avery Houtz has returned from Manson where his family have bon employed in the apple harvest. Who would have thought of it! The I Invincible eight graders have lost out I in a spelling contest to the seventh I graders. As the highest ones in the I grade school the upper class will now I show that they can entertain bethrl than they can spell by giving a peanutJ I OCTOBER 2,1, 192,1 MORE TAXES DEBTS MORE DANGER N CONSIDER;!NG INITIATIVE NO. 52 (THE BONE BILL) BEAR )T .V/}'!D THESE SIX pOINTS: 1. It is not mer::ly to permit Seattle and Tacoma to sell electric energy outsi:le their city limits. 2. It expressly authorizes the cry councils of these two Cities to condemn aii ligb.t m:d power properties in the state. Such property in another city, or,cc condemned by Seattle or Taco- ma, could never be retaken hy the city in which it was located 3. Statements by advoea,:es of the bill that they will not do this are worJalzzs. Yhe hill grans [his power to the city councils of Seattle and Tacoma. Timse councils, changing in every election, cannot be bound by campaign promises. If this measure is passed the taxpayers of the state will have no further voice in the matter. 4. It will raise your taxes. Property paying approximately $2,- 000,000 a year in taxes cannot be taken from the tax-rolls without increasing the taxes of every other taxpayer. 5. It gives no assurance of service to any ci:y or section of the state, nor any promise of lower rates. Service and rates everywhere will be subject te the v,'i!l of Sea(de offi:a-hold- ors. It will te an air-tight political monoply. Comport:ion will be forever eliminated. 6. Conservation of the state's water power res0.urces is not even mentioned in the bill. On the contrary, these resour- ces which belong to all the p,z, ople, will be subject to ..exclus- ive exploitation by Lc:..:e and Tacoma. READ INITIATIVE 52 AND THE ARGU MENTS ON IT IN THE OFFICIAL PAM- PHLET SENT YOU BY THE SECRETARY OF STATE Then ask yourself what possible effect the Bon Bill can have on you and your community, except to raise your taxes by the removal ef more and still more property from the tax-rolls for :he selfish purpose of Seattle and Tacoma. A VOTE AGAINST INITIATIVE 52 IS A '- VOTE AGAINST HIGHER TAXES CITIZENS AS':OCIATION AGAINST INITIATI\\;:E No. 52 shower ,on Friday al'ternoon in honor of the seventh grad,'!. Eventually faultless grt|nlnltl" I should issue from the lips of tb(, f seventh and eig'hth ,gra,l's because of I the cleanliness of their mouths. \\;Vhy? The Colgates Co.. have treated eac of them to a tube of tooth paste and full instructions for using it. It is getting more doul)tful whether i a first bell is needed since Olive Cliff- i ord, Mary Jane MePherson, Alice! Asbury, Lee Pc(tit, Evelyn McCoy. I 'Phat we use l t<> think \\;Vtq'e ;iml)ly used for chasers Aro now tim whole blamvd drink. ..... Seattlu Time:;. JUST JESTS Slim--"I .lust tmrmd up a $I00.00 bill." E,l--"You mu:t bca millionaire." Slim---"It's easi(!r to burn them than to pay them." 6REWSTER HERALD PUBLISHED EVERY FRIDAY D. L. GILLESPIE Editor a'nd Proprietor. Ento.,,,I as second class matter July 1st 19ul at the Post Office at Brew- ster, Washington. SUBSCRIPTION PRICE $1.00 YEAR Emily Dowell, Theresa Breshtun,l Peai:l HaLer. Elht Knowlton, Ansel Hartman, Margaret Nelson, Sidney! w((.l:, with out any sp:cia] reason Baker, Anna Woods an,l Albert Bcr-' thtm can be seen b:,' us. ry have ben given certificates for * being neither absent nor tardy forli :quph-"1'11 but l saw the closest 30(lays irace you ever beard ,of." 'rhree stutlcnts have been award'.:d[ l"ro:dl-"What was it?" spelling certificates for spelling', I 5ot)];.--"One tin.e l saw two boats namely: Alice Asbury, Williv Tlmcker! r't(.in:.,:, and the thickn,ss of the 'paillt and Evelyn McCoy. iwon he race." Those making the honor roli o:'! Senior---"Oh! l s:tw a closer race having a general average of 95 in',th'tn that, One time two.horses were their studies are: Alice Asbury (ha  racinl., wht,n a bee stung a horse on] (higbest) and Evelyn McCoy. Thos(" th m,s. an,I the swelling won tim of the s:,venth grade :(re: Ma:'.a:'et rat.." Nelson :tnd Elht Knowlton. Ansol! Fresh .s})Cce up----"Aml 1 know :t Ray Whiting" must I)v very muci t .......... il'.(,r(,sted ill SOlllet'llillg ,01' sonleont} t in t'o 13. H. S. because he has visited If ticks or "':llele bothm;ed slaeep" ni / tile 2g the.flock school two days  st ccess o  this! spring, dip before win- t tel'. l . IN THE SUPERIOR COURT OF THE STATE OF WASHINGTON ,I. W. Jasper. Plaintiff VS (.;has. A. Woodbridge and Emily M. Wood- in'idge, husband and wife, Swan Persson. l,ichard T. Ferris. Samuel James and Amy James, hushand and wife. Defendant s, SUMMONS THE STATE OF WASHINGTON, To, Chas, A. Wodhridge and Emily M, Voodbridge hushand and wife. Swan Perrseon, l'iehard T li'crris, Samuel James and Amy James, hus- I:,and and wife, defendants. In the name of the state of Vash|ngton, you and each ot you are hereby summoned tO al)poar within 60 days after the date of H'trtman. Alice Wltd,loll slid Albert c]t,;er tact, than that even. lllll that's the first tiuhlicatiml of this summons to-wit within 60 days after the 261h dny of Sop- Gillespie we:re those of the 8:h g' a,l,; Lh,,, Jew'ish raco." (ember 1924 and defend the ubove entitled i iction in the above entlted eour, answer i u .: $ with an average of 90, The sever:t5 Miss Jlills: "Clifford wlmt is Llm'! t,e comphdnt of plaintiff and serve a COpy t,f your answer upon the undersigned at- graders wi;A1 an av:,rag'e of 90 are: o:t;lil|. ' of ;In"('.dote"' ]torney for plaintiff at his of(ice below Mbert Berry, Sidnev Braker, Willis ' ::rated. And in case of your failure to do , : Clifford, Slowly aftov a hesitation:] according"' judgmontto, theWih ' bedemandrenderedof Plaintiffsagainst com-YU l!hacker and Anna Woods. ! "A short funn,, tale." , .,laint which has been /ilod with the clerk SOCIETY'S REGISTER I Miss 11: "Thelma, what is tlle t,f said court. This action is brought for the purpose Thelnla Houtz, Chet. (;ihlen, Forest Asbury, Cecil Houtz, and Cliff.r,I; , i Joll_v, have rturned to school a;,ter 1 working in the apple harvest, i I I,orna and Joe Wink are absent from school, i Ray Whitin.e:er, one of the alunanl, .of the Bl'ewst,r High, visited school Tuesday and Wednesday. i Thehna Johnson w.ts absent from vchool for six days because of a ,:,vere casq of tonsilitis. She return- .M t sc.llool We !n".:day nlorning. Alice Shillander is visiting in Wen- I Achee this we,ok. I Elbert C, cn!dh is abze:t from; :'::boo] while 'a'o] k::?: in tile apple har- \\; ,,st. HOMZI,Y TEUTHS If you fee: a, if you n)::,d a ch:tnge And don't know what to do Just shut your eyes then open them And take another view. --P. W.F. L::::,: ,:.:i: u: w,::'er :';A.';tlliti!" O[ trickle?" - lof foreclosing' a mortgage agailst certain .  , 'tal estate situated In Okanogn County, I J).ATI t. (lltt'K y ' To I"H I s!ow V '  Nashliton, given hy Chas. A. Woodbridge ,-,' , i,,1 " ., . ' " I ad Em ly M. Woodbridge defendants, and 3i,' It , II ti ( LI1C)S( LVtO t,r(lt ) c ':; : ,! : ' 2: ' ' " dated July zhth 1921, and recorded in th, :. ."t:..I.'l.l('( ' office of the county auditor of Okanogan I'1 n [' ' " tCunty in lloek 14 of Mortgages on Page ttO , ;L';, :A: IlL! ctn stnt it out: The 615, to secure the payment for a promls- ith h,, t,i k]  t O ' . I :=ory note made by defendants Woodbridge . , '.2 (! t I wn Llle SLreeu{ in favor of plaintiff for the sum of $1000.09 wit]) :; [il citn tie(] to his ,.tIl(!e Iote. with interest thereon from the 15th day of October, 1920, and for plaintiff's costs dis- bursements and attorney fees that will be ......................... ;ncurred therein and for certain taxes Mrs. l)err\\; ' ],, Snlith, a graduate ol'i against said real property allowed to be- . . . dome delinquent by said defendants Wood- he (AI'SOII t-lair Dres.s na' Colh'ge, o bridge. Seattle, Makes "t sp(,cialty of Bobbin Peter McPherson. , Attorney For Plaintiff .[ttrcollilig', Water Waving, alld ill Office and Postoffiee Address, fact tht: very htLust work in ladic,s Brewster, Wnshlngton. hair dressing. Dale of first Publteation Sept. 26 1924. Date of htst Publication Oct. 31, 1924. Par],0r at the Root Ro.)nlil' Hous Spokane Wash. IN THE JUSTICE COURT OF BREWSTER PRECINCT, IN AND FOR OKANOGAN COUNTY, WASHINGTON. BEFORE D. J. JOLLY, Justice Of Titc Peace NOTICE M. W. Cure, Plaintiff. VS. R. H. DeWitt and Margeret Brwon DeWitta._ Husband and wife. L)efeatlant s. STATE OF WASHINGTON) SS Codnnty of Okanogan ) STAT OF WASHINGTON, To R. H. DeWltt and Mnrgaret Brown DeWitt, defen- danL, In the namo of the State of Wa:;hington, are imreby notilied that M. W. Cur. has filed a complaint against you in this Court, which will come on to be heard a! my office ill Browster, Okanogan County, Washington. on the 1st day of November, 1924, at the hour of 10 o'clock in the forenoon alld unless you appvar and tilen aud there answer, the some will be taken as confessed and the demand of the plain- tiff granted. The object and demand of 8aid plaintiff is to recover from you $43.50 due plaintiff for general work and labor performed by him in and around your orchard near Brewster, Washington, between the 1st day o August and the Ist day of October, 1924 also, to recover against yoa for an amount incurred by you writ Fred Landaker of Brewster, Washington, for goods, wares, mercilandise and meals purchased from hlul between the 1st day o! June and the 1st day of October, 1924, in the sum of $41.35, which claim was duly assigned to plaintiff beforo the commencement of thi3 action, and plnialifl is now ownor aud holder tltereof. Complaint filed Octuher 2nd. 1924. D. J. JOLLY, Justice of the Peace. PROPOSED AMENDMENT TO STATE CONSTITUTION To be voted on Novvmber 4, 1924. Au amendmebtt of Section 5 ot Articls XI of tim Cbnstitution of the state oi Washington relating to county officers. State of Washington Office Of the Secretary at State To whom it may concern: In obediance to the State Constitution and an act oL th 0g/slature, and filed without tim al)proval of the governor, oatitled ns fol,)ws; "An act providing or the amenthnent of Sec- tion 5 of article XI of the Contitution of the State of Washington, relating to coun* ty officers," there is hereby published (or the consideration of the voters of tile salo o+; Washington the following proposed am- endment to the cnostltution ol aid state. CHAPTER 88. (H. B. 27) An Act providing for hte amendment of bee(ion 5 o Article XI of the Gonat*tutien of the state of Washington relating t county oflicors. Be it enacted by the Legislature of the State of WashingLon: Section 1. That at the genoral elec- tion to be held iu this state on the Tncs- day next suceoeding the tirst Monday in November 1924, there simil be submitted to the qualified electors of this state lor their adoption aud aDpr')val or rejecLion au amandmeat to Article XI ol the Constitu- tion of the State of Wasiington go that Seeticn 5 of said Article XI wimn amended shall reo.d as lollows: Section 5. The Legislatore. by general and uniform laws siall provide for the election in the several counties or hoards ot county commissionec., sheriffs, county cierks, t t'easur,l.s, l)rost:CULlng n[ tor/leyS alld othec eounly, tov,'nhitl oc procinet and district mfieevs, as public convenience may require, and shall preserihe their duties, and llx tiaeir terms of ofhec; Provided, 'lhat the Legislatut may, by general laws, elassi.fy the counties hy population and pro- vide for the election in certain classes of counties certain officer who shall exercise the powers and perform the duties of two more officere. It shall regulate the compedsation of all aueh officers, in pro- portion to their dutios, and for that pur- pose may classify the counties by popula- tion. And it shall provide for the strict aceountabillty of such officers fm all fees which may be collected by them and for atl publh: moneys which may be paid tu them. or officially come int othelr posscs- iou. Passed the House January 31, 1923. Passed the Sennte February 22, 1923, Fried without the signature of the Gov- eruor. J. GRANT HINKLE, i Secretary of State. NOTE BY THE SECRETARY OF STATE I The above act filed in the office of the [secretary of state March 14, 1923. J. GRANT HINKLE Secretary of State. PROPOSED AMENDMENT TO STATE CONSTITUTION To be voted on November 4, 1924." An amendment of Section 1 of Article XV of the Constitution of the state ol Washington relating to harbors and harbor alias. State of Washington Office of the Secretary of State To whom If may concern: In obedience to the State Constitution and an act of the leglstature and filed w|thout the ap- proval of the Govmmor. entitled as fol- lows: "An Act providing for the amend- ment of Se0tion 1 of Article XV of the Constitution of the State of Washington re- |ating to'harbors and harbor reas." .there is' hereby published for the consideratLm of the votere of the State of. Washington the following prosed amendment to the con- stitution of aid state CHAPTER 104 (S. B. lSS) An Act providing for the amendment of Section 1 of Article XV of the constitution of the State. of Washington relating to har- bors and harbor areas. Be it enacted by the Legislature of thv State of Washington: SECTION 1. That at the general elec- tion to be held in this state on the Tues- tay next succeeding the first Monday in November, 1924, there shall bs submittod to the qualified electors of tho state for their approval or rejection nn amendmen to Seetton 1 of Article XV of th Constitu- tion of the State of Washington. no that the same shall read when so amended as follows Seett6n 1. The legislature shah provide for the aopointment of a commission whose duty tt shall be to locate and establish har- bor lines in tho navigable waters of all harbJrs estuaries, bays and in'lets of this vtate, wherever such navigable water 1 e within or In front of the corporate limits of any city, or within one mile thereof of either side. Any harbor line so located or etabllshed may therafter be changed re- located, or re-established by the eommls- ion pursuant to such provision as may be made therefor by the legislature. The .tate shall never give sell or lease to any prtvaLe person, eorporta|on or association nny tights whatever in the waters beyond any such harbor lines, nor shall any of the area lying between any harbor line and the line of ordlnnry high water, and within not--.!ase that fifty feet or more than two thoueand feet of aueh harbor line (as the commission shall determine) be sold or granted by the state, nor its rights of con, trol to same relinquished, but such area shall be forever reserved for landlngs. wharves, streets and other conveniences of navigation and commerce. Sec. 2. Phe Secretary of State shall cause the umendment in Section 1 of this act to be publiched for three months next precoeding said election in a weekly news- (roper in every county where a newspaper is published throughout the state. Passed the Senate February 16, 1923. Paesed tha House March 6. 1923. J. GRKNT HINKLE Secretary of State NOTE BY THE SECRETARY OF STATE The above act filed In the office of the Soeretary of State March 14, 1923. J. GRANT HINKLE Seeretary of State. +'+" ]'he of voice the com- . muv-ity, the record of .... 1.1 its history in the ar- chv, of state and nation, is the Home Town Pape r. Sbscribe for Your Home Town Paper - - THE FERN ICE CREAM MILK 'SHAKES MALTED MILK ICED SODAS SOFT DRINKS LUNCH TRY OUR CHERRY NUT UNDAES SOFT DRINKS ALWAYS ON ICE J. M. SMITH & SON J