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September 27, 1945     Quad City Herald
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September 27, 1945

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SEPTEMBER 27, 1945 i HERALD-REPORTER, BREWSTER, WASHINGTON 00l/rl, .L 00"he APPLE COMMISSION REPORTS: About Consumer Packages A consumer package is a small quantity of merchandise put up conveniently in a parcel that seems to b about the right size and price for the average house- wife purchaser. There seems to :e no limit  downward on haw small the package can be -- there certainly is a limit upward for the bigger the package the fewer calls there will be for it. Now, there has been a great deal of talk in he apple industry Tegariing consumer packaging of apples and there are those who believ the Apple C.ommission should take some part in it. The Apple Commission has and will-- it is on the schedule for consumer research ad we will report our findings to you. Because nature grows apples ...... in. various sizes, apples present something of a problem in small size packages. It has been dis- covered through the trial-and-er- ror method by the Commission's ,dealer service men, that if house- wives or purchasers prefer a snall package, they prefer one retailing for about 25 cents. These containers, of fibre with a cellophane window, should be at- tractively designed and contain only top condition of fruit, for, obviously, they must bring a pre- mium price. The package and handling is an expensive opera- tion. In some particular markets to- day, the loose packed 20 lb. half box is a good seller. It is limite +o .qale in areas, however, where ""  ..... 1 .t 9.cold and , .... ..  pLeserve  condi- tion is not a problem. Our Los Angeles dealer service representative, in order to make a -test on 10 lb: sales, procured -: 3500 rmesh bags one season, had  , i:" for the bag. The apples sold wiee as quickly from the bulk displays and the experiment was ended by -th'gT-ers ncerned finally era- tying the bags into the bulk dis- llays! This in spite of the fact that the chains, in some instances :2:HTmmmJmeir sales of ci-  by four time i:of 10 lb. shp- [_ "th fruit or. po- 'e housewife to take to the checking stand. It is, however, the feeling of some that an attractively printed container, filled only with top condition fruit and launch'ed with effective educational advertising, should click. The box Should pro- minetly identify its contents as Washington Apples a 5 or 6 apple container for those living in apartment houses with only limited refrigeration space for storage, with a larger container fr-the larger family-in-a-home type of buyer is indicated. Whether these containers can be packed at the beginning or the end-of the line is another matter- our first job will be to test con- sumer preference by actually ask- ing American ,housewives, in Gal- lap Poll fashion, how she would like to buy her apples. If enough housewives would like packaged apples, it would seem to indicate a profitable repackaging business omeplace down the line for an enterprising handler. Certainly ear past attempts to package at the beginning ef the line with a 30100 mile haul ahead of us, have not ,been too successful except in the gift box business and that is an entirely different business. There are those who say "Don't package here's one product here you can't improve on na- ture!" We are not today inclined ' take old thinking as the ordy thinking -- past failures or sue- ceases notwithstanding. The indus- try should decide for or against consumer packaging as an import- ant postwar marketing channel ", only after careful research--and then no matter what the findings are,-recheck at regular intervals. The marketing af apples is a con- tinuing problem and the masur- ing of consumer desires is a con- tinuing task for many forces exist i to change buying habits. How a FARM BOY'S SMALL BUSINESS BECAME MIGHTY Washington State Apple Commission COMING SOON NEW RADIOS O IN ABOUT 30 DAYS Your Orders Will be Filled in the Order They Are Placed I i HALL'S RADIO SHOP Pateros LIQUIDATION NOTICE The First National Bank of Brewster, located at Brewster, in the State of Wash'ngton, is clos- ing its affairs. All note-holders and other cre- ditors axe-h'ereby notified to pre- sent the notes and other claims against the association for .pay- ment. W. G. Morris, President. Aug. 23 -- Oct. 18 NOTICE September 18. 1945. The Board of County Commissione of Okanogan County, hereby give no- tice that they have completed and placed on file, the preliminary Budge for the County of Okanogan for th ensuing year. a copy of which will be furmished any citizen who will call at the County Auditors office for it. The Board also wishes to give notice that they will hold a hearing in the Commissioners Room, in the .Gouny Court House at Okanogan, .Washington at 2:00 p.m. on the first Monday ]n October, for I the purpose of fixing the final budget, and making tax levies a.., J any tax payer ma V appear at said[ healing and be heard for or against[ any part of the budget. - The Board of County Commissioners. [ Chairman, Frank Wingo, [ Member, L. D. Holloway. I Member, Walter B. Schroek, I ATTEST, COLEMAN R WALLS, clerk3 of the Board of County Commissioners. Sept. 27 State (Continued From Page I) repeatedly as an initiative before it was voted upon as a constitu- tional amendment. Voters Seem I'n The Mood TO Vote And Otherwise Serve From every viewpoint it is evi- dent that this awakening of in- terest is a good indication of the democracy which is so much dis- ussed. By the act of organization Using a vegetable brush or plate and the exercige of the ballot we scraper to remove food from dish- really make America the greatest es simplifies washing later on. nation in the world. PHILIP DANFORTH ARMOUR, a New . York farm boy, set forth in a covered ;cross the western plains follow- alifornia gold rush in the fifties. *stock of the middle west ira- " :presd the young man from the farm more han did the gold in California, and after a few years he returned and started with meager capital in the meat field as a provisions broker m Milwaukee. In 1863 he became junior partner in a relatively small Milwaukee packing firm, and in 1867 he founded Armour hnd Company in Chi- cago on a modest foundation. Under his guidance and that of his suc- cessors, Armour and Company has since expanded into a great concern with 34 large packing plants in North America, 6 in South America, 300 branch distributing houses in the United States and selling agencies in most of the white man's world --a gigantic business enterprise employ- :ing more than 60.000 persons. Now, the world-famous firm of Armour and Company is among the important, valued customers of The National Bank of Commerce which itself started more than a half century ago as a small institution to become the 48th largest bank in the United States today. Such knowledge of the humble origin of many great concerns among customers of The National Bank of Commerce has impressed the fact that virtually all suc- cessful businesses of today were once small. Our basic policy is to extend the ful co-operation of all our departments to the welfare of individuals or firms with sound, although modest, operations. This prac- tice is active as well as fundamental with us. Small business receives sympathetic, constructive consideration here. \\; BREWsTER BRANCH. BREWsTER CARROLL V. HILl, Mm4' ORDINANCE NO. 124 An Ord:nanee Determining. that Annexation Shall be Made by the Town of Brewster of the Property Hereinafter Described, within the Corporate Boundaries of the said Town of Brewster, Fixing the Ef- fective Date of Said Annexation and Providing For the Filing of a Certified Copy of This Ordinance with the Board of County Commis- sioners of the County of Okanogan State of Washington* BE IT ORDAINED IY THE COUNCIL OF THE TOWN OF BREWSTER:. Section I. WHEREAS, there has been filed with the Town Council of the Town of Brewster a petition by the Okanogan County School District No. lll of Brewster. Washington, a municipal cor- poration of the State of Washington. being the sole owner' of the lands here- inafter described, situate in the County of Okanogan, State of Washington, to-wit : Beginning at a poilnt on the North and South center ine of Section 14, Township 30 qorth, Range 24 E.W.M. at the intersection of" said line/with an extenon West of the Sot{th boundary of Ester Avenue as shown on the plat of the Se- dond A&dition to Bruster, thence run West 330 fet thence run South parallel to ail North-South center line of sait Section 14 to the South line o the Northeast quarter of the S6uthwest quarter of said Section 14,  thence East a- long said South line to the inter- section with he seid North-South center Une of sid Section 14, thence North tot the point of be- ginning, . which lav[ds are contiguous to but not within tb corporate limits of the Town of Brewster. praving that all of the above described, property be an- nexed :to and incorlJorated within the corporate boundaries of said Town of Brewster, and WHEREAS, publle'hearing has been held 0n said petitlon, after notice' gi- ven, at which hearing no objections were made to the annexation of said territory to the Towr of Brewster, and "WHEREAS all proceedings relative to the anne.xation thereof have been deemed and are hereby deemed to be regular and proper, and it having been further found and being hereby found that the annexation of said land, as prayed for by said petition, will be for the best interests of the Town of Brewster, and of the territory so peti- tioned to be annexed, Now Therefore, IT .IS HEREBY ORDAINED AND ESTABLISHED that the above des- cribed lands be and bhe same are here- by annexed to and included within the boundaries of tbe Town of Brews:at Okanogan County, Washington. Section 2. That the effective date of the ane- ation of the above described land and inclusion of the same within the boun- daries of the Town of Brewster shall be the 25th day of September, 1945. Section 3. That a copy of this ordinance, certi- fied as being a true copy thereof by the Clerk of the Town of Brewster. be forthwith transmitted by saia Town Clerk to the Board of County Commis- sioners of Okaaogan County, State of Washington. Secti.on 4. That this ordinance be forthwith published in the Herald-Reporter. the official newspaper of the Town of Brewster. Dated this 25th day of September, 1945. (SEAL) W.G. MORRIS, Attest: Don Widel Mayor. Clerk Sept. 27 r SMITH FUNERAL HOME PEARNE SMITH Licensed Funeral Director PHONE 4I PATERO$ NOTICE OF BUDGET HEARING FOR THE TOWN OF BREWSTER, WASHINGTON NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN That a budget hearing for the Town of Brewster, Washington, will be held in the Town Hall at 8:00 P.M. October 1, 1945, for the purpose of adopting said budget as proposed and making the tax levy required by the estimate; and at which time and place any taxpayer may be heard in favor of or against th proposed expenditure of public funds, or the proposed levy. W. G. Morris, Mayor. CURRENT EXPENDITURES Clerks Salary - $300.00 Clerks .expense 50.00 Treasurer's salary 180.00 Treasurer's expense 50.00 Attorney's salary 120.00 Engineer 100.o0 Police Court salary & expense 175.00 Registrations and elections 40.00 Town Hall expense 4.369.00 Pgblishing & advertising , 100.00 Cc,uncil salaries 432.00 Tel. & Telg. 100.00 Marshal Dept. Salaries 1,600.00 Expense 50.00 Jail expense '& meals 200.00 Public pound 25.00 Fire Dept. Salaries 50.00 Expense 50.U0 Outlay  500.00 Health office Salaries & expense -25.00 Street cleaning-& garbage 100.00 Parks Salaries, expense & Outlay 2.700.00 Street Lights I,i00.00 State Audit 150.00 General bond principal 400.00 General bond interest 180.00 Airport 250.00 CURRENT $13396.00 RECEIPTS I Pool tables $150.00 I Pound 25.00 Fines 1,000.00 Liquor tax 2,350.00 Admission tax 1.200.00 , Licenses 1,000.00 General taxes 2/z mill for bond redemption 590.00 Motor Excise Tax 135.00 Sale of bonds 6,000.00 From 4 mill general taxes 946.00 $13,396.00 LIBRARY FUND Expense & salaries $168.00 LIBRARY RECEIPTS From / mill levy $168.00 STREET FUND EXPENDITURES Labor $675.00 Equipment rental 600.00 Truck expense 100.00 Material 1,000.00 Warrant redemption 1,000.00 Iridus. Ins. & Medical Aid 25.00 Interest 138.00 $3,538.00 STREET RECEIP 1 From 10 mill general taxes $2,360.00 Gas tax 1 178.00 $3,538.00 WATER FUND EXPENDITURES Collectors salary $180.00 Superintendent's salary 1,500.00 Supplies 1,800.00 Power 500.00 Labor repairs & maintenance 1,200.00 Indus. Ins. & reed. aid 25.00 Truck expense 600.00 Office expense 50.00 Bond principal 500.00 Bond Interest 200.00 Sales tax on water 150.00 $6,705.00 WATER RECEIPTS Sale of water $6.630.00 Bond Interest 75.00 Sept. 27 $6,705..0 C. R. McKINLEY M.D. McKINLEY BUILDING BREWST;ER, WASHINGTON FA CT IS By GI.NERAL ELECTRIC GROWS AN INCH A SECOND! AMAZIN6 NEW FF'll-lERWEiNT PLASTIC U6HTER THAN CORK HAS BEEN DE.LOPED BY 6NERAL ELECTRIC RESEARCH fIENTISrs. MIXTURE IN 7EST TUBE EXPANDS 30TIME5 IT5 SIZE IN 10 MINUTE,S, AN OLD G-E GUSTOM. /:oR 3"; YEARS 6NR.. ELEC- TRIC HAS HAD MEN SPECIALLY ASSIGNED TO HELP THE FARMER WffH HiS ELECTRICAL PROBLEMS. WOMAN CARRIES 27 TONS! A FARM W00FE CARRIE{:) WATEf FROM SPR!N6 OUTSIDE HOUS TO THE AMOUNT OF 27 TON5 PER, YEAR. AN ELECTRIC PUMP COULD HAVE DONE HER WORK FOR 0 PER MONTH. GENERAL ELECTRIC NOTICE OF BUDGET HEARING The following estimate of tbe re- venue and expense of the Town of Pateros, Washington. for the year 1946, was on September 18, 1945, duly presented and adopted by the Council of the Town of Pateros, Washington, as the preliminary estimate, subject to revision upon the final hearing, which is to be held at the Town Hall, on October 1 1945, at 7:30 o'clock P.M., at which" time all persons interested will be given an opportunity for a full and complete discussion of the matters set forth in said proposed budget. By order of the Town Council. (Seed J.H. MILLER, Clerk. ESTIMATE OF EXPENDITURES Current Expense Fund Attorney Salary $220.00 Clerk Salary 480.00 Mrshall, Salary 1,800.00 Treasurer, Salary 60.00 Fire Chief, Salary 120.00 Police Judge Salary 90.00 State Examination of Books 155.00 Officers Bonds 50.00 Hydrant Rental 150.00 Hall Lights & Siren 40.00 Street Lights 1.300.00 Engineering 1,300.00 Elections & Registrations S000 Special PoNce & Pound 150.00 Ind. Ins. & Medical Aid 100.00 Parks & Irrigation 1,200.00 Fire Department 3,800)00 Publishing & Advertising 200.00 Council Attendance 288.00 Association of Cities 25.00 Town Hall 300.00 Airport 642.00 $12,550.00 ESTIMATE OF RECEIPTS Est. Cash BaL Jan. I, 1946 $6,000.00 Miscellaneous 400.00 Fines & Pound 100.00 Liquor profits, liquor tax & Excise Tax 3,000.00 Shop rental 60.00 Admission tax 60.00 Bal. by .00977 mill levy 2,930.00 $12,550.0 ESTIMATE OF EXPENDITURES City Street Fund Street Supt. Salary $900.00 Engineering 300.00 Ind. Ins. & Medical Aid 100.00 Equipment Purchase 400.00 Equipment Maintenance 500.00 Equipment Rental 300.00 Street Maintenance 1.126.00 Street Improvement 1,550.00 $5,176.00 ESTIMATE OF RECEIPTS Est. cash bal. Jan. 1, 1946 $3,000.00 Gas Tax 1,200.00 Balance by .00332 mill levy 976.00 $5.176.00 ESTIMATE OF EXPENDITURES Cemetery Fund Power $200.00 Improvement 900.00 Maintenance 900.00 $2,000.00 ESTIMATE OF RECEIPTS Est. cash bal. Jan. 1, 1946 $1,500.00 Bal. by .0017 mill levy 500.00 $2,000.00 ESTIMATE OF EXPENDITURES Water Fund Power . $960.00 Supt. Sahry 1,800.00 Labor 600.00 Supplies 500.00 Replacements, Meters & Parts 200.00 Treasurer's Salary 300.00 Ind. Ins. & Medical Aid 66.00 Shop rental 60:00 Betterments & Depreciations 464.00 $4.950.00 ESTIMATE OF RECEIPTS Water Collections $4,800.00 Hydrant Rental 150.00 $4.950.00 Sept. 20 & 27 IN THE SUPERIOR COURT "OF THE STATE OF WASHINGTON IN AND FOR,THE L"OUN'IY OF OIC-NOGN (IN PROBATE) No. 3510 NOTICE TO CREDITORS In the Matter of the Estate of WALTER A. LINCOLN, Deceased NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the undersigned has been appointed and has qualified as administrator of the estate of Walter A. Lincoln, De- ceased; that all persons having claims against said deceased are hereby re- quired to serve the same, duly verefied, on said Allan L. Thompson or his at- torneys of record at the address below . stated, and file the same with the clerk of said Court, together with proof of such service within six months after the date of first publication of this notice, or the "same will be barred. Date of first publication September 13tb, 194 ALLI .. THMPSO]P Administrator Address: Winthrop, Washington Wicks & Mansfield Attorneys for Estate Okanogan, Washington Sept. 13, 20, 27 Leaving the crisp brown bits of fried skin and fat in chicken gravy imparts a delicious flavor and a delightful texture. NOTICE OF BUDGET HEARING FOR TOWN OF BRIDGEPORT, WASHINGTON NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN That a budget hearing fez" the town of Bridgeport, Wa.ington will be held at the Town Hall at 8:00 P.M., Octo- ber 1. 1945 for tbe purp,ose of adopt- ing said budget as proposed and mak- ing the tax levy required by the esti- mate; and at which time and place any taxpayer may be heard in favor of or against the proposed expenditure of public funds or the proposed levy. J. P. CARTER, Mayor. Attest: Clyde A. Ham Clerk. CURRENT EXPENDITURES Treasurer's Salary $150.00 Clerk's Salary 270.00 Marshal' Salary 1200.00 (Regular) Hall Upkeep 50.00 Lights 500.00 (Sundries) Industrial Insurance 100.00 Bonds 20.00 Miscellaneous 100.00 Highways and Streets 1300.00 Bilding Fund & Fire Dept. 5665.56 Printing 50.00 Elections 25.00 Audit 15.00 Health 100.00 Cemetery 400.00 Total $10,170.56 CURRENT RECEIPTS Skill Games $120.00 State Gasoline Tax 771.12 Liquor Profits 1252.80 War Liquor Tax 660.72 Motor Vehicle Excise Tax " 109.92 Sale Cemetery lots 50.00 Upkeep of Cemetery 300.00 Eat balance first of year 6000.00 15 Mill Levy 900.00 Total $10,170.56 WATER FUND # EXPENDITURES Bookkeeping $120.00 Water Supt. 500.00 Powo 650.00 Pipe Replacement & Maint. 2,930.00 Total $4,200.00 RECEIPTS Water System Receipts $3,000.00 Balance first of year 1.200.00 Total $4,200.00 Sept. 20 & 27 IN THE SUPERIOR COURT OF THE STATE OF WASHINGTON IN AND FOR THE COUNTY OF OKANOGAN No ............. SUMMONS FOR PUBLICATION THE FIRST CONGREGATIONAL CHURCH OF BREWSTER, WASHING- TON, a corporation, Plaintiff, -vs- OKANOGAN IMPROVEMENT COM- PANY, a corporation; A. MAUDE SAV- AGE, if living, an tbe unknown heirs of A. Maude Savage.i; JOHN E. SAVAGE: A.  :e and the unknown "L  ;  if deceased; . " i   known as FRANK'  @: and the unknown =v',..': Green, if deeeaseu: -. . x.J, x ' :" living, and the unknown heirs of A. S. York, if .deceased; also, all other per- sons or parties unknown, claiming any rights, title, estate, lien or interest in the real esate described in the com- plaint herein, Defendants : STATE OF WASHINGTON T- ABOVE NAMED DEFENDAN@''",T:"  ..... OKANOGAN IMPROVEME PANY, a corporation; A. MA1ll*t"'m AGE, if living, and the unkpo.,r. o A. aude Savage if deceased G/:@ E. SAVAGE; A. K. GREGG, if living,' .'  and the unknown heirs of A. K. Gregg, if deceased ; FRANK GREEN, also known as FRANK GREENE, if livinyz, and the nnknown heir of said Frank Green, if deceased; A. S. YORK. if h- ing, and the unknown heirs of A. S. York, if deceased; also, all other per- sons or parties unknown, claiming any rights, title, estate, lien or interest in the real estate described in the com- plaint herein :  ',:, ...... You and each of y;:: summoned to appear w-----'" of this summons, to-wit:  days after the 2.3rd of -:.i and defend the above entitled, action In " the above entitled Court and ans=r the complaint of the plaintiff and serve a copy of your answer upon the under- signed attorne:vs for plaintiff at their office below stated, and in case of your failure so te do, judgment will be ren- dered against you according to the u- mand of the complaint which has been filed with the Clerk of said Court. The purpose of this action is to quiet the title of the plaintiff in and to the following described real estate, situate in the County of Okanogan, State of Washington, to-wit: Lots 1, 2, 3 and 4 ef Block 3 o the Plat of Vtrginla City, accord- ing to the official plat thereof, re- eorded in Book A of Plats, age page 23, in the office of the Coun- ty Auditor of said Okanogan Coun- ty, and to obtain an order of the above entitled Court, adudging that the plaintiff is the owner of all of the above described real estate, and that any and all claim of right, title, estate, lien or interest in the above described land, of the defendants, or any of thc said defendants, is subordinate and in- ferior to the title of the plaintiff. WICKS & MANSFIELD Attorneys for Plaintiff .... Office and Post Office Address: Okanogan, Washington Aug. 23  Sept. 27 WOMEN WANTED FOR Pealing and Sorting Pears Work till middle of December Want Applicants tar Night Shift BR[WSI[R PAI[ROS PR0ffSSORS Pateros, Washington