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September 20, 2001     Quad City Herald
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September 20, 2001

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Page 2 Segt 20. 2001 Quad City. Herald " i BURNING ISSUES BY ADELE FERG USON I What happened on the East Coast, I asked my high ranking n ilitary friend. / I can't believe a bunch of terrorists could do what they did without being aided and abetted by one or more countries. And, lord knows, we've got enough countries in the Middle East that hate us because we stand w th Israel, which occupies land Arabs regard as their own. Further, I think the reason they dared hit us at all was because we have failed to do what Reagan promised after they blew up our Marine barracks in Beirut, deliver "'swift. effective retribution." We did nothing after they blew up our barracks. We did nothir g after they blew I up our embassies. We did nothing to Iran after our hostages w( re freed. In short, the U.S. has displayed an alligator mouth and a humr fingbird rear end when it comes to terrorists. I hope that's about to change. Right on both counts said my friend, who will be unnamed bee ause members of the military risk careers for criticizing the administration i a public, as per directives issued during the Clinton administration. Same goes f, ir FBI agents and CIA operatives, although some will blow the whistle with the promise of anonymity. It s the Only way a lot of information gets out. Who did it? "'The convenient patsy is going to be Osama bin Laden, he said. "'They'll get him. But this was a very sophisticated plan, I r ean they knew to cut off use of the transponder so they couldn't be tracked, tssia is behind it. Russia will never get tagged with this but they were training theiterrorists. Russia is not our friend. We killed them. We lowered the price of gohl and o!1 to below what it took to get it out of the ground. That was Reagan s ide . They I1 team up with China, and there's no love lost in the Arab world for us, s it s got to be two or three countries, i He thinks the plane that crashed in Pennsylvania was headed for Chicago and the Sears Tower rather than Camp David, "Who cares about Camp David?' As to how the terrorists managed to hijack four planes at the Same time, airport security 'is in the toilet: as is our military capability. Wdve got airplanes grounded because we can t do maintenance on them. What happened is that we had a failure of our leadership. The FBI and the CIA, which were clean at the beginning, came completely apart under Clinton. Fish rots from the head down. The FB! actually lied about Waco and Ruby Ridge. They re weak and corrupt. The CIA relies on satellites rather han people going in to find out what s going on. How do you judge intent from being able to see a golf ball from outer space?" i The intelligence gathering people were politicized by using them to gather dirt on public figures which further deteriorated their integrity, he said. "'Basically, what it boils down to is where do we go as a ion? The Defense Department is weak, about like it was after Vietnam. We sold t le highest defense secrets in the history of the world in giving up the design of ou r nuclear weapons to China. A guy copies it and walks off with it. We simply don't I :now what s going onjin other countries. Either we don't want to know or someb gly is cooperating with somebody, which is how boats get blown up. , He's surprised, said my friend, that there hash t been u: e of chemical or biological weapons. "One of these days. somebody is going io drop a nuke on somebody. It could be Israel if it is pushed far enough, Israel not afraid to make the first move. ! If this had been Israel attacked instead of us. I said, it would have wiped out much of Afghanistan by now. and some of Pakistan to boot, I sa d. Israel invented retribution ] One more thing, he said. "Some years ago, after the firstI time they tried to blowup the World Trade Center (an explosives-laden truck ble v up in the parking garage under the center), an officer with one of the defendant pointed at it out a window and said. 'It's still standing.' The prisoner said, It wquidn't be if we had had more money." Obviously, they got some. / (Adele Ferguson can be reached at P.O. Box 69, HansvilleI WA 98340.) 1 QUAD Crrv HERALD LETTERS TO THE EDITOR The following Letters to the Editor are not necessarily the views of the Quad City Herald or its employees. . Srefighters Deeply grateful --- : -i Editor, Glenn Allen, Unit 97 Chaplain - T'I' $: Y'YI t" l l I I am so over whelmed by the people Rebecca Driver and a special thanks llllh,l.ltl .lx 1 ,1.1 of Barewster who came out to unite to Craig Kever for providing the b, . ; h=together in a very emotional support music and P.A. system for the songs. ,-. of our country the U S.A for the He did a wonderful job. itS se.rvice t.nis must` me most candle lighting service the ,merican Also to the Hispanic Community OIIIICUIt ann |m.porrrrtant loner t ave Legion had on Saturday night, for believing in the U.S.A. and your ever wmten, m me oaysana wee sto Thank you to so many people: support. ""':"";"" ihte"Post 97 Commander- Dick Smith. Last but not least to Marj Udell for ot meir nromer ann stster nreng ters 9 D strlct AuxLllary Chaplain - orgamzlng th s event in only two m me attermam ot me attack on me -'U IvySmlth, Mayor-BonmeHouse, days. Long hours and hard work worla rraae uentex, r ot omy "'- h w rsttra ed inUS his tsommunity bpeager - Lupe shows her support our great country. m sbet e o g y in i worst ioss" of life DeLaSerda, Unit 97 Auxiliary presi- I am deeply grateful, thanks to all tory, tt ts me s ge orded f'trefi htin bisto dent - Candra Blackburn. Pastor for participating. mrec. RI g g.- .- Forest Busching, Music Host -MarleneJudkins m me rest tow years we nave laaa to say good bye to a lot of brother and sister firefighters. I think I speak for all firefighters when I say we would T 1 all like to be able to take,our units and go to every fn' fighter s funeral to 1 pay o .respects. But of co we Quad City Herald republic for which it stands, ONE Know =ms ts not possmte wnat L am : We rust want to say, We are so nanon under God, mdiwstble, wtth astang tar is me support at a. utre u " Liht rtv and lncfio fnr all Ch!efs: Union,, P ed'are proud to be an American We are in a war. There will be dark ann aLl aepartments in me unnon . . e : cc i. and umted as peoples m our small days ahead for all of us. stntt ol ns'uv''u't at n( "o r levee i'n town. These words taken from the bible pec, . pport, !1 " m f As we drive down main street we tells us. expressing rareweto so e o, h At.h. see our flag waving in the breeze. Be on the alert, stand firm in your ? ; o s "o'n : ;'r We recall and rehearse the words Faith, act like men, be strong. ume mese ttrengnters are t ca to i " "e fla fthe God Bless America " m " t pteage aueg ance to m g o thetr last call dunng the emonal . Umted States of Amenca And to the Ray aud Pauline Glessner service I suggest we pull all fh-e/ rescue units onto station ramps, turn on all the lights, and sounding air horns and sirens for 45 seconds. 9 Let everyone in this country and er g: especially our FDNY s f'trefighters 1 Ilk, IJ IJ Jlk O L ,[JOklL LIII ,III, and their brothers and sister across "" "" the United States care for them, think Editor:. bets to the five member commit- about them, that we will miss their let 1862, when President Abraham tee. October 29, 2001 is the last crews, and that we are all "truly one Lincoln founded the U.S. Depart- day to file nominationforms. family, ment of Agriculture, he called it Every eligible person is strongly We all know a tragedy such as "'the people's department;" In a encouraged to participate in this this could have happened locally rather unique set-up, USDA sFarm upcoming election - tire cnotce oranywhereelsein the United States. Service Agency county committee's rests with each !ndiv!dual, yet is With help we can show the people enable ,'the people" to have a di- the responstblhty at all o[ us. of this great nationthat our resolve rect say in the day to day opera- Eligible candidates must be of to accomplish our task of saving tions of the agency. The local legalvotingageandbe eligibleto life above all else brings all emer- agricultural community needs your vote. An eligible voter is a person gency responders together. When voice on the grower elected cam- who l) is of legal voting age ann one loses we all lose mittee, is an owner, operator, tenant, share- ! understand there iil be more far FSA county committees make cropper or a partner in a general reachingconsequencesandsacrifices decisionsoncommoditypricesupport partnership or member of a joint to come for everyone, net just emer- loans and payments; establish al- venture that has an interest in a geacy services. However, emergency lotments, yields, and marketing ram as an owner, operator, ten- services have the responsibility, the quotas. They determine eligibility ant, or sharecropper or 2) is not j j . . privilege, of helping and serving oth- for farm loans and conservation of legal voting age, but super- 11 I KeS on a wnole new me nlng je t J;tseh ic u prograros. They set ineentix i vi,gs, d gnd.u. t ,the " demnity and disaster payments for opera ions0 anen farm.y6teis" ' ' ' "out the couhtW he iig an ! con- some commodities; and other di- also mist be person eligible to B Don C Bruneil thankful they were not facing a world that they could start their careers 3innino their mi inn maybe thi will saster assistance. In short, the FSA participateinFSAprograms Contact President Association at war. Theirs was the first generation and tamthes unoer a veil oLpeaceana holn nor follow ,"o-ntrymen of Washington Business in recent memory that was free from prosperity. Thal all changed on 9-11- County Committee is the most di- your local FSA office if you are In the wake of the horrific terrorist the specter of military conscription 01. country' ne ltogofon'h'a"nd'smytl rect link between WSDA Farm unsure about eligibility. Every attacks on New York and Washing- and armed conflict The enemy Who perpetrated the a programs and local growers, member of an American Indian lik " ton, D.C. the numbers 911 take on a My grandfathers and great uncles attackon September IL ,sun eany F; fi;ht rs in ying FSA wouldlike to have as broad tribe is considered landowners if a repres tationoftheagricultural the land in question is tribally whole new meaning, had faced World War I during their we have seen fore. They have no Generally, we think of 911 as a teens and early twenties. Some went military installations, no uniforms, bye to our brothers and sisters who communttyaspossibleonthecom- ownedorheldintrustbytheUnited number to call in an emergency. But to war; others worked in essential no sophisticated weapons- and they willingly and freely gave their lives mince. The County Committee is States. Members of American In, now, we will remember 9-11 or Sep- industries like the Montana copper are difficult to find and bring to jus- in such devastating numbers on Sep- an important part of the delivery dian tribes holding agricultural tember I 1=,2001 while helping those of USDA services to growers and land are eligible to vote or hold tember 11, 2001 the same way we mines, tice. office if they meet the age re. remember December 7, 1941 theday A generation later, my dad and Pearl Harbor was attacked, uncles enlisted right after their high As I watched the television cover- school graduation to fighi in World age of the destruction at the World War II. Trade Center and Pentagon, I though In the late '60s, as my college class- back to the commencement ceremo- mates walked across the stage to re- nies we had attended when our sons ceive their diplomas, I did basic train- and daughters graduated from high ing at Ft. Knox, Kentucky, not know- school and college, ing whether I'd be shipped off to I remembered thinking that, while Vietnam. lwasveryproudofwhatourchildren So, as I watched our kids accept had accomplished, I also was very their diplomas, I was very grateful While not my words, what an important message to remember from a Canadian friend: Interesting commentary by a Canadian Television Commentator - A TRIBUTE TO THE UNITED STATES. This, from a Canadian newspa- per, is worth sharing. American: The Good Neighbor. Widespread but only partial news coverage was given recently to a remarkable editorial broadcast from Toronto by Gordon Sinclair, a Cana- dian television commentator. What follows is the full text of his trenchant remarks as printed in the Congressional Record: "This Canadian thinks it is time to speak up for the Americans as the most generous and possible the least appreciated people on all the earth. Germany, Japan and, to a lesser extent, Britain and Italy were lifted out of the debris of war by the Americans who poured in billions of dollars and forgave other billions in debts. None of these countries is today paying even the interest on its remaining debts to the United States. When France was in danger of collapsing in 1956, it was the Americans who propped it up, and their reward was to be insulted and swindled on the streets if Paris. I was there. 1 saw it. When earthquakes his distant cities, it is the United States that hurries in to help This spring 59 American comminutes were flattened by tornadoes. Nobody helped. The Marshall Plan and the Truman Policy pumped billions of dollars! Into discouraged countries. Now newspapers in those countries are writ- ing about the decadent, warmongering Americans. I'd like to see just one of those countries that is gloating over the erosion of the United State dollar build its own airplane. Does any other country in the world have a plane to equal the Boeing jumbo jet, the Lockheed Tri- Star, or the Douglas DC 10? If so, why don't they fly them? Why do all the International lines except Russia fly American Planes? Why does no other land on earth even consider putting a man or woman on the moon? You talk about Japanese technocracy, and you get radios. You talk about German technocracy, and you get automobiles. You talk about American technocracy, and find men on the moon! Not once, but several times - and safely home again. You talk about scandals, and the Americans put theirs right in the store Cont' d on page 5 In the back of our minds we all knew the poten Iial was there for such a devastating t *rorist attack, but we hoped and pray it would never hap- pen. But hapl n it did. While 911 w ill always be an emer- gency numberq 9-11 - September 11, 2001 should mark the beginning of our resolve to wipe out terrorism and make the world a safer place for our kids. Weather Quad City Herald Esttblished 1901 lke Vallance I Editor & Publisher Doris Vallance Office Manager Win. E. Valla0ce Associate Editor Rhonda Taylqr Subscriptions John Clevela0d II Spoas Cheryl Schw~izer Staff Writer Michele Hun~borg Ad Design Fred Hanke I Printer Published ~very week on Thursday at Brewster, periodocals r~ 137 in Brewste ington 98812. Periodicals po ington USPS : send change ( aid, Box 37, 1 YEA! Okanogan~ Washingto~ State Out of State Out of Country /ashington. Entered as atter at the Post Office, Box r, Okanogan County, Wash- ! Telephone (509) 689-2507. ;tage paid at Brewster, Wash- !41-920. Postmaster, please f address to Quad City Her- rewster, Washington98812. t SUBSCRIPTION $20.00 $24.O0 $29.OO $35.OO 5 le l.u Notice of C admission ft~ ~enllei~ ell to promote pr be paid for at ts mmtbe idin advance. urck entertainments where nn is el~rlle, cards of thanks, eede41eKe or netk~ iutended rate business of any kind mud regular rates. who needed them. Let the nation's we want to include people repro- emergency services departments senting a variety of crops or dif- quirement. show their support to the New York ferent types of operations. We If you are interested and would City Fire Department and let us help encourage women and growers of like to help yourcommunity, contact heal the country, different ethnic backgrounds to seek your local Farm Service Agency. Thank you, nomination. Additional information and nomi- Bradley J. Price, The County Committee system nation forms may be requested Department Chief needs everyone- both as voters from the Farm Service Agency If you could help get the word out, and as active participants as can- located in the US Department of the memorial is set for September 23, didates for membership. Between Agriculture Service Center at 1251 2001 in New Your City. Let's pay November 21 and December 3, S. 2*d Ave Okanogan. homage to our lost brothers and sis- 2001, the county office commit- Gary Breiler, ters together, tee will elect (number) of mere- FSA County Executive Director The Behind the By Doris Vallance My thoughts on the events of Saturday. It was a good feeling to join with others in The harvest festival had almost 100% honoring, and praying, and singing, about merchantparticipation, thatwas great! Across our home in America! the street from us, Joyus Creations came Friday at 12:29 the siren blew one tone, with corn stalks and straw bales, adding one minute, followed by silence and the true harvest flavor to the event. Down the tolling of bells. A few of us stood on the street, i think it was the Children s House, street in silence as the ambulances, rescue their large banquet of gold balloons es vehicles, fire trucks, and police, passed us caped high into the sky before they were by with only lights flashing, not a sound even set up, ready to go. Further down the anywhere, 1 swear to goodness you could ,t street, Tropical Fruit aas selling puppies have heard a pin drop. Such an eerie sight for $4.95, no sale, so they ga,e them away. and feeling, a tear or two were easily shed Then did we see several go by in the arms of for those who lost their lives in New York proud new owners. Like ! said wonderful merchant participa- tion, but there was a total lack of crowd. Could it have been the tragic events of the week? People just not in the mood for shop- ping? Whatever the reasons, 1 do hope the chamber sponsors another special day like this in the future, we will certainly take part with our sales for the day! We were very impressed by the Legion's candle lighting ceremony in the evening. We were deeply touched by the Hispanic community canceling the celebration and dance of their Independence Day out of respectfor America andthe horrendous events of the week. and Washington. Miles apart from us, but with such a strong affect on our everyday life. Yesterday Megan McChristian, morn and dad, Jim and Shirley at Ace Hardware, brought us over a picture she had drawn. A picture of the world, round like a globe and across the middle of the drawing, she placed a band-aid, with printed words "HEAL THE WORLD." A simple solution by an eight year old! i~ 2 I' I]Hlll]] I,