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September 10, 1981     Quad City Herald
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September 10, 1981

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Free health fair slated for Brewster A Judy Lambertoa, Bob Booth and Ronnie Sehnibbe A Health Fair, free to area citizens, 5 p.m. and Saturday, September 19 will be held in Brewster, at the old gym, from 9 a.m. until noon. This event spen- Friday, September 18 h-om 10 a.m. until sored Jointly by the Okanogan Douglas County Hospital, and the Central Washington Health Systems Agency, is being co-chnired by Judy Lamberton and Robert Booth. The fair is designed to offer free testing to the public as well as inform citizens as to the various services available to them through local agen- cies. Many groups will be on hand to offer their expertise and testing devices during the event, among which are Dennis Wysong, who will give a health age appraisal, Julle Rawson (childbirth education), Kay Hansen (breast examinations), Dr. Bana (Glaucoma exams), Jerry Tretwold (ambulance service) and Community Action (nutrition service). Others include Dr. Stout, DDS, the Okanogan Home Health Care Agency, Mental Health, Family Planning, Migrant Health, Harmony House, Okanogan County Public Health and possibly a member of the Washington State Patrol. A complete listing of the tests, films and events will appear in next weeks paper. There will be door prizes awarded Friday. The public is urged to take advantage of this opportunity to learn something about themselves and their health. Laresa Rawson visits Germany Miss Laresa Rawson bad an exciting summer visiting with family friends in Ger- many from June 29 until August 4 in Bigen Am Rheine, the northern part of Germany. She left Seattle for Los Angeles, where she was met by the Kunstle family, her hosts. i  i Laresa. She said that the chgdren there wear -ms to school and love soccer. She also spent two weeks in Spain, with friends of her hosts, In a town called Vlnaroz, about sixty miles above Valencia. "They eat their main meal at 2 p.m. and close their shops during in Germany according to Laresa, who managed to bring back some dolls and lovely clothes from her trip. In Germany there was a market held every two weeks, and "Ladies danced in native costumes at the market," she said. Hot Lunch Menus MANSFIELD Monday, September 14- Sloppy lees, buttered peas, carrot sticks, applesauce, peanut cookies, milk. Tuesday, September 15-Hot turkey pie, sweet potatoes, tossed salad, cranberries, brownies, milk. Wednesday, September 18- Pronto pups, green beans, sunshine salad, fruit cob- bier, milk. Thursday, September 17- Grilled cheese sand., beets, macaroni salad, apple wedge, spice cake, milk and orange Juice. Friday, September 1S-Skillet burger, pocket bread, but- tered peas and carrots, celery sticks, cherry crisp, milk. Travels Ralph Cox, Wenatchee, visited his mother, Carrie Foley, last week. Together they drove to Pasco to visit Carrie&apos;s son, Melvin Cox, to Walla Walla, to see her sister, Mrs. Pascoe, and then to Seattle. Mr. and Mrs. I. Fekete, Jr., of Palm Bay, Florida, are spending a week here with their son and family, the Don Feketes. Mrs; Fekete noted that it seemed somewbat hotter here than at their Florida home I Siri Tift BRIDGEPORT Monday, September 14- Tacoburger with lettuce and cheese, dill slices, french fries, butterscotch pudding, milk. Tuesday, September 15- Goulash, tossed salad, hot rolls and butter, fruited Jeilo, milk. Wednesday, September 16- Cream of tomato soup, egg salad sandwiches, pickle slices, chilled fruit, cookies, milk. Thursday, September 17-Hot turkey sandwich, mashed potatoes and gravy, cran- berry sauce, pumpkin bars, milk. Friday, September 18-Corn OuBd City Herald Consumer Cues "How can I get rid of the crayon stains scattered all through a dryer load of clothes? You have a disaster on your bands, frankly. Treating each stain separately is the most effec- tive way to get rid of the crayon, but this will namentals as azalea, rhododendron, boxwood and holly. He suggests using an organic mulching material to keep the weeds down. It will also help keep your plants healthy. probably take more time than you want to spend, says Dorothy Ettl, extension clothing specialist at Washington State Univer- sity. Here's another idea you might try first: run the en- tire load through a coin-op dry cleaner. The crayon- wax should dissolve in the drycleaning solvent. Some stains will probably still be visible. If they really make a difference in the looks and wearability of the clothes, treat these stains individually. For this, use a mixture of one part coconut oil (or mineral oil) and eight parts drycleanlng solvent. Dam- pen the stain and cover with a clean, absorbent pad if the fabric is delicate, or tamp with a brush and blot with the pad ff the fabric is stur- dier. Flush with the drycleaning solvent and repeat ff necessary. It's a little late now, but for at least the next year or two, I'll bet you check all pockets for leftover crayons before washing. 8omeone told me it's not a good idea to cultivate around shrubs. W1zy? There is no advantage in doing it, says Bernie Wesen- borg, WSU extension hor- ticulturist. In fact, your digging around could damage the fine surface roots of such established or- S.ntembr 10. 1981 Papa Pioneer picnic Mr. and Mrs. O. J. Blle and Mr. and Mrs. Foss Creveling attended the Pioneer picnic at Conconully Labor Day. Joy Lynn Reeves was a brief visitor of Norene Hagen and Ann Brown 8un- day. Faith Baptist Church affiliated with the Conservative Baptist Asaolatlon of Washington Invites You To Sunday Worship Service Every Sunday at 11:00 a.m. Sunday School at 9:45 a.m. In Eagles Building, Bridgeport, Washington (Across from the Post Office) Pastor Wayne Morris Speaking Thursday evening Bible Study at Lew Gipe's, 7:00 p.m. Call 689-2097 for more information Dogs, buttered corn, vegie earns degree sticks, spice cake, milk. According to the U.S. Cen- sus Bureau, there is about ,- Bag Sealers ,," Food Grinders ,,, Jelly Strainers Cookers Corn Cutters ,,, Jar Lifters ,,, Food Mills - Freezer Containers v, Apple Peelers v, Food Dehydrater State /ectNc one doctor for every 50 Sirl Tilt recently com- BREWSTER people in this country. Brewster Tel. 689-2321 pleted classes during the Monday, September 14-chili ..- , ..... ## summer quarter at the burgers with buns, cheese University of Washington, and lettuce, buttered corn, | O"B'llll'O'l'J'l'dP'l'dPF''l'""dPrlllllllllllll earning her Bachelor of Arts french fries, chocolate chip ! I " degree in English. She is a cake, milk. I I kR 1977 Brewster High School Tuesday, September 15- l  .... o B  .L   Bk I A_ Jl JL. graduate. Noodles with beef, green | 00,,,an(]lUaTP-00 N ,onT , Siri will heln with th . beans, potato salad, hot ,    < ' .......... " rolls, fndt, milk ' ' I=" ii ''" .;, .,,* '.  pie harvest here, following a weanesaay, .... uepmmeer="  -- xo-" !  .... K vacation next week in ....... I I K Hawaii. She then plans to lrl.ea c.mczen wl gravy: i lInLnnnbm,.m4ilm em nlt, lJl work in Seattie in the public wmppecl, potatoes,, nu.tterea It IIIUIt, lClyl Q)IP/IIllILIII/ I 11# K relationsf/eld peas, nome mane nrean, li i' , " dessert, milk Sheis the daughter of Paul Thursda,, =-.,*e -,-k-- "" "   7.30 no m. = 7, ,Jp, suu .i.i- , r =1 LaresaRawson and Pat Tift of Brewster. Tomato soup, toasted cheese !i  All Purpose Room Laresa spent much of her this time," said Lareu. On According to Laresa, the sandwiches, lettuce salad, I| .' time shopping, visiting the trip to Spain, she also trip was great "And I'd like _ fruitbar milk I, lr Brewster Elementary School museums, castles and riding saw some areas of France to do it again sometime. " Saints camping _ .. , _ ,! ,/Jl. . . vrnnay, september 18- !| e-- Adk A ==L'. a boat up the Rhine River for during their automobile trip She is the daughter of Mr. . oLS and John Saint spent Hamburgers with buns, !|  U J = t U   | I U I k TM one full day. One of the down. She returned to Ger- and Mrs. John Rawson of me past week camping at pickles, buttered corn, I| Come and meet our [""al-n ";a*o " highlights of her boat trip many vta train. Brewster and a sixth grade uonaparte Lake, grouse carrot stixs, Jello with li ,,m.J,,,,,m,m, ...... was the opportunity to see The weather was hot and student at Brewster Elem. hunting, with good luck. dream whip, milk. i UUUIUUUIlUIUUUUNUUUUJ Bacbarach and St. Gear, wet is Svaln and cold and wet entarySchool. whlch is a town founded in She visited the vineyards and also attended school n ( ,  H withFlorianKunstle, sonof U / " H . m.Savin.! I] her hosts, the same age as L I Some Need I INTRODUCING NEW l [ tWII#U= I A Horse , ... Need a Hatl Bremsteds F I :,=c..oo,o,vioo,..o.,o,,o,., ...... v,,.,o I I I , SexSboO  I ;';:;;:.o.os....w,,o.,,..,,,o I .-- ....  ' --, - : I 00iii00QU00;00ZCOWNT;OLLED';L;CTRONICTUNING'ur l [ INTRODUCI-IG. 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Over l00 to choose from - , buy or rentl I-d I s^w-,so.oo 777 1,,  ' ,o..,.....n...o. I l , iWebster's Furniture /nc00 'llw: r ' I}rewr Tel. 689.2] 3] Tel. 689-2421 J[ k'i }11   ]   Jl k' 11