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August 30, 1945     Quad City Herald
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August 30, 1945

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AUGUST 30, 1945 FAREWELL PARTY [ SUBSIDIF_ FOR MRS. FRENCH, HERALD-REPORTER, BREWSTER, WASHINGTON Jl / ON BEEF DERBY WILL NET &apos; BREWSTER i . i i ii= | . i Derby Day PAGE 3 Mr. and Mrs L. A. Gillespie are in Seattle this week. I ' NO MEAN SUM[ FOR PRINTING Payments on Beef Cattle =neet- l ing the requirements of CC.C At a joint meet ng of the United Notice for JuneSales made1945from May 19, 1945.the Servic Organizations t_;ormfit/tee Brw Re:nFlsdil:s to 30, inclus-ve, for Derby Day and the Hospital haveea s Aid W Saturday, application must be filed on or Committee held in the Legion Hall September 22nd. before August 31, 1945. For sales Monday evening it was estimated Members of the W.S.C.S. of Pateros, sponsored a farewell pu- ty honoring Mrs. Belle French on Monday at the C.J. Steinr home. (Continued Prom Page 1) ] PHONE 37 a fivegitedhorseandsaidto be SAVE TIME! one of the finest in Northcentral The Herald-Reporter Washington USE THE A program of musi and readings Concession wr. nna^a *- also much good advice was given shade on and after July 1, 1945, that receipts from Derby Day, Mrs Per'  ........ + .... n Gran,e Trianl'=-,:,CvV= := OKANOGAN VALLEY Mrs. French has been a remdent until the offer is w]thd awn, the after expenses were prod, would last Fria fr ...... the Le-ion ....  _ n..o ,L,,, ...... .............. . ....... . , . . u y om oeaue, her g , tlVC J,ea.,ue, Aux,- DUD LIID oz -aeros xor many years, b'ne appneauon mus oe xneu Within tomt weu over mrtly-i've nunared daughter, Mrs. Walter Olsen, has lary, Garden Club and the Boy left on Tuesdap for San Antonio 60 days from date of sale; pro- dollars. B'emdes this amount t'=e been seriousl,, ill in +he Swd'ih Scouts FOR FASTER MORE *.I .aT.,, .. . Tadas to live with hr brother, vided, that' not more than one ap- Brewster Garden Club will clear Hos.n'tal in SeZattle bui i im:rov- " Derby Winners COMFORTABLE SERVICE we wm r,ave Twenty-nine ladies enjoyed re- p!ication by an.a4licant may be over $600 from the raffle of the ingff "   Immediately" following the Leave Chelan  s ,, SALES ENGINEER reshments of Ice cream anl cake flied in eacn cmenuar monul, steer. * * * * races it was announced through .... " ......... -':----"-" and coffee. A gift was presented "We will be ready to handle -- High School and Junior High Hall's Radio Shun public address Leave in,eros .......... S:ZS A.M. In Brewster " v r h l " "  Leave Brewster ........ 8:40 A.M. to her. - sheep submdms e y s ort y NEW LABOR OFFICE MGR began work Monday. The lower system that the ball would arrive Leave Bridgeport 9 00 A M SEPTEMnCD , = says County Clairman J. E. Wil- . ....  _ grades will start September 4th. at the Rrewster br;d'e shortly - . ---- : u "-o-u bvr :adtioMjSn[:ned R:wl::shaVe nson. = t : in:;SomEla  D e Hnldehne:t re::t:. Ok THANKS! Labor Office in Brewster this Her son Ashley.returned to Spy- Br .... " -: ........ 1-15 P M  ", , -" ,' _ __, ..... mgpor anu reporea na ne " " " r InSUlation for we sane unuay ball i '" L o r i h s to " I was placed m the current of . Mrs. Martha G bbe s w s e -- * * Yo.-- Ho : ,] _ , thank everyone who so ably assist Mro il Ree n has been here Mrs. G. S. Asbury returne' Ithe Columbia river at 12:02 noon . . u, *** ___  ."  _e, ed" her in preparing for the Derby v;dfi, h hr:th,r Wm Hal home Sunday from Sdattle wl:re I The ball in reality had to be Leave .nnfan$ -  - =.-" &"C/.. /., , @ Day Parade, and also all those ho hraith she has been for some, weeks wt, [. . g ga ,-,,- n I. - ....... " ......... ' .... - " replaced by a watert: ht 15 1- -- ..... . .......  - ,had entries. --- " . . . . her daughter, Mrs. John Felice [ion oil drum as a large rubber D:LD A//IA[,1fflr% h ball was not to be found of sux l ] PRINTIN00 ofwloallcm:Se: tk :deanm2Y 'MrAs" Rieal::a?d::aYtead :ndw frm:l'childP*ng care for the ficient siz furs float. The barrel A::::: BM:; kU 1 L ,. .... Ji"_| ,O ...... h "- ]mak Hospital Saturday, Aug 25 " [seemed to find'most of the per _ - . ""^'._.'.." DIIll l12D ,:,i +. oS BUSINESS lin:ni:rb:r:aheTpIss?b]l : uvZe I e" * * " d Lucille Cohen, journalist., and / verse currents and eddies in ,he A::'i:: ;::j::er ..... l:*g;g't4" lLll,41,dl *.; -!T r ,,r{OD" lab successful arade as it was l Tom W [born of Brewster an photographer-reporter Hack Mil- Columbia between Brldg<)ort ..... " ....... ,^'*,, ,',," .... , i t::A ......... . ....... " .............. |his son-in-law, Major Fred ,E erts- ler were in Brewster[ Wednesday and Brewster. Though the dis- - ....... " wenatcnee i,: '/. :'! '- . [bush of Pateros left Tuesaay for getting the story on Iajor Boy- tance is rported to be approxi- Fa.t .wnre_ ]nnmsnf_m -- : I - - I the coast. Mr. Welborn will trans- ington for the Sattl4 Post-Intel- mately 12 miles and the current ---- -=-,------ .---r ....... Leave renu.f_ f,- rll  I i 1 act business m Olympia and Major Hgeneer. ! flows at about 5 miles per hour, lYlacle lally e/--- ---r-- ----.-- I . :i] gr:cteOFOisLedW:S_ MLnl: d Mto[er3urdned.  l?h y :ook:veo::e ho:%:o: )? CoI::l:nraA:yPl:::Lo r ortIce or rerall Reporter I | ]charge ,papers from th e U.S. Air y y f r o g tween the two towns. -- II I/i|Forc'e" at home. [ bo:h2 i?sta:tiVHnythe =3 .__ --I -- , WOMEN Lawrence Johnson, USNR, has Rev burton Coats, of Patero,,Dave Washburn  " " , 'as to let the I ,T" I ]been home on furlough for two will be preaching at the Brewster [ball fin ..... i*" 1 /f,-- 1 11 weeks. Congregational Church for the [ as it keOtns: wn 2::r:e aSea:ng ' !nimmmm===" i %..\\; ._ I II The Civic*Le:gu'*e Jill meet this next4 or 5.Sundays.. / The la@sed t,.'gme for the lall [ An0Tnl |N Lqt'''|| l '- : 2 J I % 5 1 A [%, I -IV Ig:: h I Thursday, August 30th, at the Miss Mary McNulty, a teacher [ to travel the distance was repot- a dlB_ W I /_It I i / I I I home of Mrs. M. S. Todd, with here last year, was a caller in ted by the judges as 5 hours. 20 i w n n Vl  minutes and 80 geconds A draw i  I mi----  I/Mrs. Mabel Smith co-hostess, to n Su day. She had be "st- -  - /t 1 \\;i'k. " ' I II ing a few days with former pc- m.g was held to determine the  Illl "f ..V/ / i ih . trons at Timentwa, and will teach winners, l .amateUrS@ "4..,, -A/ Y . , I III at Ione this -ear She was accom- Roger McMahon, of Omak, 1 $o""''" ..........  . I  III V  panied by her sister-in-law, Ella whose name was placed on the L ,, LOOK" YOUR BEST - : I  Ill kLJ1  %J|%,k MeNulty of Spokane. ticket by his father, won f.rst I  Sho---Iour,- i l II IS ALL * * prize of a $100 War Bond Frank  ii - _ I _  - " : i.:'.:i 8.00 A M - 7"00 P M I I II Mr. and Mrs. Joe Wick moved, Howard, of Wenatchee, won He- i ;il ...... I .... " I/I,PITADAMT1212 the first of the week, to the cond in thee draw to get a $50  +'. I Saturdays mxd Days n Ill UJqkl%2"lllll:*lMl apartment above the Lincoln, for- War Bond, and Pete Wo-oner, ..'.  Befere a Holiday I Ill merly occupied by Jhe Ed Wfl-of Monse, won third pze and  8:00 A.M.- 8:00 P.M. " 1 . . _ 1 !1 ns. The latter have taken pus- took home a $25 War Bond. The  llllll , --- I Doalano and .gnrfan Pearg III BOTH CAR a SIGN PAINT- session of the Andersen prolerty fourth w, ho was unfortunate in i ...... : Jakes Barber Shop / -- ..... , ........... o ..... III ING just vacated by J. C Sonstelie. the draw, was Louis Munson, of [  Brewster, .Washington " L .| -.. . Ill This the Wilsons have purchased- Okanogan   -- ! " III and are remodeling. Wins Steer -- I Ill UPHOLSTERING, FINISHING Mr.-and Mrs. C V. Hile have Mrs. Pearl Sampson of Brewster - . I Ill AND ALL KINDS OF GEN- moved into the house formerly held the lucky ticket on the i000 " / . Ill ERA" 'D v REPAIR WRK oecgped by the Wicks. pound steer that was raffll off .... l  Ill ..... . ..... * .* ",.* - .... by the Brewster Garden Club for  lvlrs, rlllllaru mlta IS VlSlIln h " I Work till middle of December I]I .............. t e Derby. This win represents  _ - - _ _ _ wn ner parenus a raeros ne / , Ill RADIATOR REPAIRING AND ........ '. . several hundred red points so Mrs I I ! I ;| 3 ; 4[o100', Io] q D1 I 1 I Wlll leave snorly Ior umaK, ...... , . ... - - - I - - -" ;ampson aGes no nlnK sne W.II , I _ Ill ENGINE COOLING SYSTEM whre she will teach school this -. _ I __ 1  ' r r . . . be troubled with a scarcity of red ," : -  CHECK-UP WORK yea. M. Snuth will remain ...... + Ill . . .,__.,__ points for._the duratmn of raqon-   __ .- : " ..  .   "' i.:, " , ne seer. + ...... I n L_ uP__t] .... III Wenatcht@Pm+WFt.5ghn is the J ews+er .__+. + - raceros, yy a+n ng[on ame from Oka _I Ill JACK BLAIR, PROP. former Peggy Wilson. gv " ., . - IN 1874, following a venture in the hay l'... . . . e enlng Imough the ** . .  .- . . , . . ' "= e h  ,:'- Duslness at olumous, ansas, wnlcn _ Passen rs on the bus whic nings were Okanoans/ overturned near here Saturday score of 2 to 1, Brewster g'.:!: turned our adversely because of market ..... night were Elaine Burgess and score when th Okanogan hurler ' ..... conditions, but through no lack of effort -+ .? .+ "THE !ROAD AHEA+D"00J .. L?' ... let's keep using travei wisely long service, and for all the other Americans intent on getting back to peacetime standards. Yes, the road ahead is bright for bus travelers, but in the meantime, let's keep using travel intelligently ... planning necessary trips for mid-week days, avoiding week-ends, postponing trips past the reconver- sion period whenever possible. Aerica has rounded the last great bend in the highway of war. In this final stretch after capitu- lation of Japan, the Washington Motor Coach System is exerting every effort to provide better, smoother transportation for men and women in uniform returning home, for fighters on leave after BREWsTER Brewster Drug {5o., rhone 21 WASHINGTON MOTOR COACH SYSTEM her little daughter. The child's ankle was injured. he *'emained here with her grandparents, Mr. and Mrs.' C. V. Elliott, when her mother returned to Yakma. Audree Clendenin; who has ben working in Wenatchee ml summer, took a vacation trip Seattle and Bremerton last week, and has returned to Brewster for the beginning of school. Harold B. Stout, M.D. MANSFIELD Pateros: Tues. & FrL P.M Evenings By Appointment J Made for your enjoyment by the Yakima Vslley Brewing Company, Selh, Washington +l I balked ith a Brewster runner on third. 1-n the sixth inning Howard Woodberry went into the box as a relief hurler and Brewster hit- ters went on a spree Beaud]on got a three base hit and Cleve- land go a two base hit to tie the score and from that time on unti! the game was called on account. of darkness the Brewster hitters were hard to stop. The final score was 8 to 2 in favor of Brewster with the gam called in the seventh inning on account of darkness. Arne Bohringer started hurling for Brewster and gave up two runs early in the game off of 2 scratch hits and an infield fly. After that he whiffed sveral h_tters and only gave five hits in the five innings he was on the mound. Larry Bowers replaced him for the last two innings. ,Dance The day was climaxed by a dance at GamKles' cold storage warehocse. There were over 1000 attended and an 8 piece orchestra played until te wee hours of the morning. Miss Amy McKee of Che'.an, health nurse, was in Bridgeport Tuesday. by R. A. Long and his partners, the lumber which had made up the hay sheds was sold and the obligations paid off, This success in lumber selling indicated that there was an t)pening for a retail lum- ber business in .Columbus, The Kansas City bank that had helped finance the hay venture, pleased with the manner in @hich the obligations had been met, offered fur- ther credit, That was the modest begin- ning of The Long-Bell Lumber Company, now expanded into a manufacturing, wholesale and export business of mam- moth operations and world fame--an important, valued customer of The Na- tional Bank of Commerce of Seattle. Day-by-day practice of this bank is based on the knowledge that virtually all success[ul businesses o| today were once small Although now in ts second half-century of service and one of the nation's first fifty banking institutions in point of size, this bank's own relatively small beg|fining es- tablished a lasting, sympathetic concern for customers of similar origin. Our foun- dation policy is to extend the full co- operation of all our departments to the welfare of individuals or firms with sound, although moderate, operations. This prac- tice is active as well as fundamental with us. Small business receives earnest, con- structive consideration here. m  Deet hmar CaF BREWsTER BRAHCH BREW, STER CARROLL V. HIL]g, Mmmt i I i