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August 19, 1932     Quad City Herald
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August 19, 1932

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"" " :: -- .... : - .............. ..' . ,.:/.,-,. ; .... ' . . . ] :rm the" star .has :iled to get un- POLITICAL FILE .. " .... | derway. 'here is. li*tle doubt but t3mt . , '" [Jones will be renominated. BATTLE IS I OatheDemoeratic side theadveat FOR PUBLIC " " iof Homer T. Bone into the picture ................................. UNDERWAY I .., o.o00oo,o,, has tended tO slow POSITIONS down the run away race that S. F. N W "E S m THE earliest newspapers al- ways printed a sign at the top of the first page of every issue depicting the points of the compass, The letter N, for North, was placed at the top. Below it appeared a "plus" sign. At the right E, for East. At the left, W, for West, while below the letter S indicated South. Later, the "plus" sign was dropped and the letters "N. E. W. S." appeared, implying that the information printed came from the four comers of the globe. And so we got the word "News," meaning the latest information on any subject. The advertising columns are "News" as much as the other columns. Advertising is packed with news. News of the latest styles, of a new food, of an iinproved house- hold utensil, of a powerful and tow-priced automobile, of trips to Europe and all ports of the world---and so on. Advertising has become "news," and people depend on advertisements for accur- ate infommtion about the things they wish to know. Reading advertising is a useful and profitable habit. It saves time, by telling ym where desired articles may be purchased. It saves mon- ey beeatme advertised mer- chandise is more dependable as to quality and durability than non'advertised wares. And, advertising is accurate. You can trust the "news" that you read in advertise- ments. Read them. ...... / Advertising is "news" of the latest and best in merchan- dise. Profit by reading the advertisements in The Herald AUGUZT 19,1982 PAID POLITICAL ADVERTISING Chadwick has been making, but it is (Caatiued From First lgc) doubtful if Bone will be able to drag (Continued k'om Pirst Pge) pear before the members. A tmore or enough Republicans into the Demo- Counties  move o them did. erotic prima-ies to effect his rice- Horace E. Smith, Omak. (No op- Several rather hnportant matters tion. position on either ticket.) were developed. Among these was Bone has been drawing big' crowds. State Representatlv the fact that many legislative eandi- So does a:circus But Bone while First dist. Dotiglas and Okanogan dates, and candidates for congress being supported by a certain group counties. feel that there must be some regu- of newspapers has been too long i- E.D. Gensinger, East Wenatchee; Wm. C, BROWN lotion of stage and auto freight car-, denti.ied with a radical group to Vernon B. Morn'or, Brewster; Me,Tie SUPERIOR COURT JUDGE tiers using public highways in inter- hold to his support real Democrats of A. Boling'er, Carlton; F. E. Battey, Joint Judicial District state business, the old school. While at first it look- East Wenatchee One candidate for the Legislature, ed a if Bone would walk off with comprising himsel a freight man using the high-: the nomination, it does not now. The DEMOCRATIC TICKET Okanogan and Ferry Counties ways in his busess, went on record fight will be close, however. State Representative Candidate for Re-election at a being vigorously opposed to the First diet, Douglas and Okaaogan September Primary use of trailers in hauling freight, King' county business and indus- counties. !and urged rigid and strict regulation trial leaders are apparently g'oinff to .lohn P,. Jones, Waterville; E: F. of all motor veldeles using the high- attend'then ti'at county's rep:'e.enta- Banker, Winthrop. lion iu the Lg:latare by : nw tyi)cl waySThefOrraiLroadfreightmenPUrposeS.naturally were of lawmaker, judging from the pro-[ NON-PARTISAqSupreme CourtOFFICES out in force to fight the motor ve- pl who have filed in that COUnty ] Position No. 1 kiele people, The railroads are slow- Some of the most active outstanding'J Warren W. Tolman, Olympia; WiLl ly being crowded to the wall through men of the city are candidates. Beardslee, Seattle; Austin E. Grif- the lo. of traffic and the motor re- Way last April in the .midst of a fiths, Seattle. kicles play an important part in this. powerful indictment of bureaucracy Position No The problem will go before both and wild expenditure of taxpayers' O.R. Holcomb, Olympia; Charles Congress and the Legislature next money, Louis Ludlow, member of A. Reynolds, Seattle. winter. It is one well worthy of deep CongTess from Indiana, asserted he Position No. 3 study, would like to prepare a catechism Wm. J. Steinert, Seattle. for every candidate for congress in Position No. 4 Railroad tax litigation h#s proven the United States. Henry E. T. Herman, Spokane; to be a rather fne meal ticket for Three of his questions should be Bruce Blake, Spokane. last decade for one former v.s- propounded to every candidate for Superior Court sistant attorney general of the state, congress in this state this year. Here Ferry and Okano'an Counties who has represented most of the they are: Wm. C. Brown, Okanogan; Chas. counties in the long drawn out bat- 1. If elected will you hew to the l T. Borg, Pateros. fie. line of strict economy and oppose Now that this litigation has vir- every appropriation except for the ECONOMIST REVIEWS tually ended, the gentleman in ques. hare necessities of government? POULTRY SITUATION tion has decided' the would like to 2. Will you help to decentralize LLOYD L. BLACK :shift his scenes of activity to Olym- the federal government by abolish- Fewer hens and pullets in farm pin as the attorney general of the ing useless departments, bureaus and flocks, less egg's laid per farm flock, Candidate For Nomination For state He is now seeking the Repub- commissions and consolidating others lig'ghter hatchings of. chicks, low United States Senator iiean nomination for that office, that overlap? storage of eggs, reduced .marketings, 3 Will you help to remove the pa- decreased consumption and a defin- DEMOCRATIC Filings of declarations of endi- ternalistic restrictions and meddling itely lower level of prices are high- Primary i,'lection, September 13 daes have stopped. The field of en-supervision that fetters every man lights in the current poultry situs- tries is ready. The qtmdriennial and every buslnes in this country? tion, points out It. M. Turner, State race for the governorship and other Try these three questions on the College extension economist. state offices iunderway, candidates in this state and watch for 'Three was an average of nearly At this writi,i[ the $ituatlon in the the answers. Yet only through such 70 hens and pullets per farm flock Republican rgaka can he'}riefly sum- adherence to a similar policy will this in the United States on June 1, com- ml.'zed. Gov. Roland H. Hartley en- nation ever be able to reduce costs pared to 72 a year ago Hatches of ters the campai, with a strong, of government and bng" down the eggs ran considerably under last closely knit bloc of votes, approxi- tax rates, year. Consequently fewer hens and ,,,agtely 80,000, He can count abso- pullets are expected iu laying houses lately upon this bloc. The "Timid Taxpayer" is respon- this fall compared to the fall of .1g- His chief opponent, IMeut, Gov. sible for high cost of government and 31. John Ao Geliatly, goes into the fill resultant high taxes. Receipts of eggs at eastern mar- lap with a bloc of votes which can Take any budget hearing, any leg'- kets from JanuaT 1 to July 1 were be counted upon to sticll with him islative assembly whether it be school 20 per cent less than for the same through thick and thin. This is the board, city council, county commie- period a year ago. During the fh'st consezvative dry vote. This vote, sioner or the State Legislature. three weeks of June receipts at backed by that of the organized club 'le "Timid Taxpayer" site on the the primary markets in Washington women of the 'tate gives Gellatly a side lines and wonders why his voice and Oregon were running from l0 vote qual [U n,mber to the Hartley is not heeded. Those living off the to 14 per cent less than for the cor- vote, about 80000. taxrolls packed the galleries and the responding weeks a year ago. The contest fhus starts off equal, audiences. They make a great hulla- Consumption of eggs decreased 8 Others in the race will not afect baloo. They drowned out the "Timid per cent in the United States, while Gellatly as much as they will the Coy- Taxpayers." They throw the wcig'ht consumption at New York was about ernor. This still leaves the two lead- of a stuffed club, and usually bluff 5 per cent under that for May of er on about an equal footing, their way through and get away with last year. There has been some in- But the' .Gellatly people have this it. creased demand for the cheaper advantage. They will hold in Seattle Take any kind of a legislative grades on account of lower buying', alone a bloc of about 40,000 votes body. Watch the public employee, power. antagplzitic to the governor because those living' off the tax rolls, drifting' Demand for egg's to store has been CHAS. T. BORG of the savings and loan association in and out whispering into the ears markedly absent. Case and frozen Candidate For Nomination For' fallm'es. Thctl tb.ere will be the gen-i of the asem.blage officials. Each de- eggs in storage June 1 totalled 8, - Judge Of Superior Court oral gnti-third term vote, small buti partmental lcad hs his "keyman" on 90O,0O0 eases c0mpared to ll,000,- active. This will scatter, but Gellat -'I the job. Their business is to keep 00O cases last year. Many smaller Okanogan and Ferry Counties ly will get moat of it. their jobs and those of their fellow dealers who usually store some eggs Primary Election, Sept. 13, 1932 The Hartley strev, gth is uncertain workers, have not been storing this season. at th time. How m.uh of the eat- The taxpayer sits on the side lines The trade is adverse to storing any .___, ....... :I ................................... _ tered vote he can get is problemt- and when he does raise his voice in but the higher quality eggs this year. ical So it would appear right now protest is bowled down sometimes lit- The average farm price of Wash- is if the race will be a close, tight erally, ington eggs was 60 per cent below one. This is why taxes are high. the five-year pre-war average with the Washington egg price index at On the Democratic aide, the ftua- In Janus,'y, 1933, when the Legis- 40 for May compared to 49 for May, Lion finds Carece D. Marin and lature convenes, spend a day at O- 1931. Lewis B. Schfellenbach so far out lympia. See the great crowds of lob- The drop in wheat prices should in front there Is no hope of anyone help commercial poultrymen who buy else heading them. Martin ome a- ' .... feeds. According to Washington cro the mountains to the westside -- -..  '  ..... " " ,s prices in May 1932, it required 12.1 with a better than three or four to dozen eggs to purchase 10,0 pounds one lead, Eastern Washington is at- of poultry rations compared to 12 so inclined stronger towards the Den- COLUMBIA dozen in May 1931 and 9.7 dozen in erratic party than Western Washing- May 1929. ton. It has more Democrats in public byists there. Watch the large num- HOTEL .o,. of influential men and women office there. Martin eontro},s t section of the state, who crowd the hotels. All have some Sehwellenbach's strength li in kind of to grind. And to and around Sttle and in the Nocth-  Roms Of Solid an axe grind these axes requires funds fur- western tier f counties, He ha in Colufort nished by the taxpayer. Indirect taxes are paid by the tax- King county, just about votes enough WENATCHEE, WASH. payer just as are the direct real and to head of' the Martin East, side av- alanche, /' personal property taxes. There i n, Bt asthe campaign draw nearer escape. Some taxes "don't hurt." to primary day, Martin iz showing If yo are shopping for the day Neither does a tooth ache, not much. gvowin strength in Seattle, the make this !t your headquarters. There are usually two groups of Northvest and the Southwest. He is If yo aru stopping overnight lobbies at Olympia. The larger gToup gainitg ground .rapidly. Sehwellen-i make th|s boel your home. is there to get something from the ,mrted his eImign za eaxly state funds, or to see enacted some will peak it long before the CO@FE SHOP, DINING ROOMS law which will either provide more E.D. GENSINGER is building towards jobs or get more money. The other Republican Candidate For mak. Goed FI Senoibl Priced group, much smaller and less active is there striving to save the state State Representative are most uncer- RATES $1.60  $2.00  $2.50 from the aggressive demands of the side Wesley larger groups. But those aking the I Okanogan and Douglgas stepped out loudest noise usually get away with! Counties Beeler who ., ,,, ,, , - ,,,, the bacon. VERNON MONROE Candidate For Nomination For State Representative Douglas and Okanogan Co:ties f.- Republican Primaries, Sept. 13