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August 5, 1932     Quad City Herald
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August 5, 1932

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II w | I I it I I IIII ]1 . . : : : = . .... I - - --" ........... ilil ...... ' , ,, , , ,,,,, ,, ,,i iii iii N W E S m THE earliest newspapers al- ways printed a sign at the top of the first page of every issue depicting the points of the compass. The letter N, for North, was placed at the top. Below it appeared a "plus" sign. At the right E, for East. At the left, W, for West, while below the letter S indicated South. Later, the "plus" sign was dropped and the letters "N. E. W. S." appeared, implying that the information printed came from the four corners of the globe. And so we got the word "News," meaning the latest" information on any subject. The advertising columns are "News" as much as the other columns. Advertising is packed with news. News of the latest styles, of a new food, of an improved house- hold utensil, of a powerful and low.priced atrtomobile, of trips to Europe and all ports of the world--and so on. Advertising has become "news," and people depend on advertisements for accur- ate information about the things they wish to know. Reading advertising is a useful and p.rofitable habit. It saves time, by telling you where desired articles may be purchased. It saves mon- ey because advertised mer- chandise is more dependable as to quality and durability than non.advertised wares. And, advertising is accura You can trust the "news" that you read in advertise. ments. Read them. ,, L Advertising is "news" of the latest and best in merchan- dise. Profit by reading the advertisements in The Herald II I II II I I III I II I III . , I . BREWSTER HEIAJbD. BREWSTER WASHINGTON .... L. ..... "i .;...J'J.J-- " .----J..] iJ*i _ll_..,..:: till': .  ...... ,2.t. .... i ' i J JI__L ___ ' ........ " ]rf]]. . T 'C'.%Sb-% ber p:.tFlox' ulld D]:tc'c'; whtz'u t)fftt [.tl]ll[,,'. ti'e ,tot what tile}, seem. L/UI%, rid [D ,",liquor could be had, a chance to op- In fact Initiative No. 61 promises to PENSIONS tt t' eratewithout interference from any-do more harm thanffoodin the fight one other than federal authorities, to do away with the present unwise TAX EATERS initiative starts with a sec-prohibition laws. tlon which makes it a felony to sell What is said of the liquor bill will : liquor to a minor. That is all. It re- undoubtedly be true of every other peals the present statute which makes bit of direct legislation proposed this (ontinued From First Pag'e) it a felony to "give or sell" liquor year. A study will show jokers care- "Foaming Beer Schooner" of the lot- to a minor. Under the present law, fully concealed, ready When the bill ter is really creating support, a person who plies liquor upon a mi- is adopted, to pop into the open. On .the Democratic side of the nor is guilty o1' a felony. Under the The Grang'e power bill, adopted fence things arc in a turmoil. To start initiative measure, a sale must be two years ago, was rammed down the with the Democratic party is perfect- had. throats of the voters without due ly satisfied with its present flock of Ths is only onc of the glaring consideration. It has never been used candidates for all offices. Mayor C. jokers as yet, because just as soon as a dist- D. Martin of Cheney holds at the The second section of the bill re- rict starts studying the measure, the present tL-ne a lead in the race. Lew- peals every liquor statute on the taxpayers and propelcy owners turn is B. Sehwellen,baeh of Seattle is in books. It wipes out the law which and flee. It would virtually tax every second place with "Judge Pemberton prohibits unlicensed liquor joints. It propei%, owner in a district created bringing up the rear. wipes out the statute of 1905 which out of all property and even the shirt For the senate, Steve Chadwick is prohibits the permiscuous selling of on his back. out in the lead. State Senator John liquor except at licensed places. In C. Bowen has withdrawn to run for fact the initiative if enacted means 'g][L"][rnr.,un.uO OPEN congress in the first district, so that that bootleggers can flourish and ply "Young Steve" is well ahead with a their trad,, without restr'dnt insofar Vl/' lrtTTlrll,l li', ,, trailing field, as the state statutes arc coaccL'ncd. IU FUDLIL Now comes Homer T. Bone, waJlt- Incidentally the bill by repealing SAYS HART['" lag to file in this race as a Democrat existing' statutes docs away with the  w while Mayor John F. Dore of Seattle turning over to sheriffs and current '' " is being groomed to file for the school funds, liquor fines, as there governorship on the same ticket, will be none under the bill. (Continued From Fit Page) If these two file, it will upset the Thele' is" httle", doubt but thtt the ] b, the entire membership of said present Democratic slate and if it state desires so:he kind of a change lcommittee ' or bv one or more of the does not upset the apple cart it will .... " " I .hers thereoi', which reports shall m the prolubltmn laws, but thee Is mem disturb it considerably, also little doubt but that the state is fro'n time to time, be filed with the Dry Repeal Bill Has Joker not ready yet nor will it eve," be, for Secretary of State of the State of One thing is certain. If the aver- a throwing down of the bars entire-Washington, and upon such filing age voter would take the time to ly to the liquor traffic, shall be and become public docu- read over the initiative measure de- Before thc campaign gets fairly[merits.' " ' r @ signed to repeal the bone-dry law of warm, there will be a candidate who I Could anything be more plain. the state, t would nver ha e re-[will be placed on the spot on the [Under this provision any one mem ceived the number of signatures it i liquor issue and Initiative 61. If this[ber of the committee could file any did. I happens, the revealing studv of the ]sort of a report with the Secretary This repeal measure was either I initiative will surprise many of its of State, and such report, without re- most hurriedly drawn, or was most[most ardent supporters. .e'ard to its truth, would then be a- deliberately designed to throw the[ This is just another reason that vailable for Mr. Gellatly's political state wide open and give the speak- J direct legislation is not to be truited; use, and any newspaper publishing it NC W... 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"The preamble of the resolution sets forth that it is the purpose of this committee to secure information .to aid the legislature in the reduction of taxes, but Section 7 gives the di- rect lie to this purpose by providing that any reports made by one mm- ber of the coXmmittee shall first be filed with the Secretary of State be- t'ore reporting to the body which created the committee, i ., "I have charged repeatedly and I charge now that the purpose back of the creation of ,this committee was to prevent audit of the State Land of- t'ice recommended in my ,message to tim egislature, and to manufacture political propaganda for .the bencit of the special privilege candidate for Governor. "Every public record of every kind and character has always been, and is now open to the mem.bers of this committee, but l shall continue to contest the right of any com'nittee so created to broadcast c.'unpaign ma- .terial t'or any candidate for Gover- nor and put it out under the guise of legislative action. "Every transaction relating to the expenditure of state funds is record- ed in the books of tim State Auditor. Such records are either in tie office of the Auditor, or in the State Ar- chives. The fact that the committee has failed to avail itself of ,t-se records is still further proof that it is not seeking facts, but wants only iproteetion for the circulation of po- litical falsehoods. "[n order that the legality of this committee and thc law governing its creation may be definitely settled, an appeal :from the decision of the Thurston County court was takeu to the Supre:ue Court. Pending decision by the latter I iuvite the committee or any member thereof to make sur- vey of any department or institution under m.y supervision to the end thtt ;he findings of this group may be transmitted to the legislature, con- vening early in January. "l extend .this special invitation to set ut rest false rumors timt this corn- rail;tee or any of its members have been denied access to any public re- cord-in any department;. State rec- ords are consulted by someone every business day. "In his public campaign speeches an(I statements to the press, Lieuten- ant-Governor Geliatly is urging his camtidacy for the governorship on a platform declaring against the exer- cise of the veto power given the Gov- ernor by the state constitution . He says he will not exercise the veto if he becomes Governor, and in the uext breath declares he will reduce taxes. "Just how he proposes to accom- plish these two promises is not clear. After nearly eight years as Governor of the state, I can truthfully say no Governor will reduce taxes without wielding the veto axe. "I vetoed 156 bills bearing ,the sig- nature of Mr. Gellatly and carrying appropriations totalling more] than $6,000,000. Altogether I have vetoed 266 bills which would have .cost an- 'nually in excess of $12,000,000 and a total cost to date of more than $21,000,000, which with direct ap- propriations vetoed totalling more than $8,0.00,000, has saved a grand total of more than $30,000,000." An efficient luster-producing met- al polish consists of 9 pounds of trip- eli and 1 pound of tartaric acid thor- oughly mixed. To use the polish, dampen a cloth and touch it to the powder. Brisk rubbing with the cloth will quickly produce a good finish. III COLUMBIA HOTEL 200 Rooms Of Solid Comfort WENATCHEE, WASH. If o axe ahoppiag for the day make this hotel our headquarters. If you are stopping overnight make this hotel your home. 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