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August 4, 1922     Quad City Herald
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August 4, 1922

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i ! \\; / i Έ . i / mZ .... .......... - ................ ., .......... i: 8, t, .,. ...... TKE IJwSTR IRALD 31₯ 2 .iJ2 IN THE SUPERIOR c_.J3dJRT O I&apos; , , -- and ,,.he +r,c.-+,:...gi,.+,,0..- ., *e F+,t Cb+h ,t IIIII+:i:.;<:%ll" devise ch+=++s ar.C pla.s a,d or- :a,,e, ,',0 "it "llhil:' I! ganizations to increase ttaeir power The Presbyterian Church hi; ' ]I patronage and patrimony. They been one of the greatii:5 II l:ve and work exclusively that they liberty, education, and evangelismS:!2 "  may subsist upon such efforts. America has ever hi::,h,,-. )11 THIRD -- T h e Presb terian TO Church comntlts a foffy 'llY,I she moaern represen- r,,,,.,s- I 1;tli,,l machinery and centralize !,er eP1LDlr A e goL vover,macnt, thereby detract,ng llL;.,lt.l.t'l'o 1 t ,nK mer- Au'roc,., c from her power. lea owes much of her government to the Presbyterian Church. She has been one of this government's greatest examples and most power- fill defendc,'. In the old days ;the Presbyterian church's adherence to doctrines and principles, added to the sire. gth. character, and integ- rity of American citizenship. In thes- latter days, it seems to me, hc has conic upon perilous times. I:l RST.  T h e Presbyterian ';mrch commits a folly and sin if lac permits infamous here- lies who deny the deity of Christ a,d the infallibility of the Bible to stay in her ranks and to Occupy her pulpits. I ins;st she has no right to allow such enemies of God, of home, and of government to carry her name. i think a Presbyterian mlnistcr who denies the deity of Christ or the infallible Word of God and continues to occupy a l'resbyterian pulpit is drawing his money under false pretenses. W'e have all taken oath to teach the deity of Christ and ttle infalli- bility of God's Word, and for that we receive position and compensa- tion. SECOND The Presbyterian Church commhs a folly when she becomes a meal ticket for faddists I don't believe Presbyterians will submit to centralized power nor to dictation by agents and machines. They crushed that kind of power once. I hope they will crush it again. It must be crushed in gov- ernments and it must be crushed in the church. The Presbyterian Church should return to the sovereign;ty and power and supremacy of her Pres- byterian government and to the control by her presbyteries. .Hear my plea! Awake, grand old Church of liberty, righteousness and evangelism. There's many a puzzlin' problem that attacks a feller's' mind, when discoursin' to a Public, of a mighty various kind. i "  *" There's some will differ with ye, and there's others that applaud--an' some that won't believe ye on yer oath, so help ye God l Which brings ' the solemn query into ths here humble The best way t entertain a man [ HONESTY so.g: can anything be 1 Jllest--yet re- ma&elS nOtyourselftO entertaina four-flusherhim at all.byDon'tgiv. main, dead wrong? ing him a better dinner than yOu alvays have. But give him what I've allers heard that Honesty was lust I among the things, that took a man to Heaven, on the shiniest of wings; that a man that wuzzent honest, had mighty nigh as well,' consult the ticket agent fer the slowest train to hell--- So, a little sober thinkin' will arouse the question strong,--Can any man be honestyet, remain dead wrong? you have cheerfully. Then, too, your guest knoWs you've got to work for a living and have lots of things to do, so go an' do them, tell- ing your friend to do exactly what most pleases him till you get fin- STATE OF WASHINGTON IN AND FOR OKANOGAN COUNTY. W. L. Gillespie, Plaintiff. Vs. ! E.P.. Tyler, ned Llllinn M. Tyler, Ms wife and C. S. Taylor. D@fendant. THE STATE OF VCAI-INGTON'- TO C $. TaTlor, Defendant: You are hereby summoned to appear within sixty days after the date of the drst pablication of this summons, to-wit, within sixty days after the eighth day of July, 1922, and defend the above entitled action in the above entitled court, and an- swer the complaint of the plaintiff, and ;erve a copy of your answer, upon the un- dersigned attorneys for the plaintiff at their ottice below stated and in case of your fail- ure so to do, judgment'will be rendered against you according to the demand of the complaint, which has been filed with the clerk of said court. The object of the above entitled action is to recover judgment in favor of the i,laintiff and against the defendants E. R. Tyler and Llllian m. Tyler, In the sum of $2.116.67, besides interest and to foreclose a mortgage given to secure the payment of said indebtedness and to foreclose all of the defendants named In the caption of the above entitled action of any right, and In- terest in and to said mortgaged property, which property is descrlbeO as follows: "Lots eleven (il) and twelve (12), Block six (6) of the original plat of Brustor0 In Okanogan County, State of Washington." JOHNSON & O'CONNOR, Attorneys for plaintiff, office and Feat- office Address, Okanogan, Washington. Date First publication July, 7a 1922. Date of last publication, August 11 1922 E.HaLcher Auctioneer HONEST SALESMANSHIP IS KEY TO MY SUCCESS-- YOU PROFIT BY MY PUB- Hy Glee E. ers REPRESENTING THE JOHN A. • GELLATLY AGENCY OF WENATCHEE All kinds of Insurance AND COAL Jersey Progressive says government owned rail- roads would bust the trusts. L I try to foiler reason in the ideas I evolve--an' I some- ished. L@ Don't be afraid to say what you times pray fer guidance, when I've got a thing to solve ..... think and don't agree if you don't I've catered more to jedgement, than to tolerance or taste, in agree, but don't expact your sue ' these days of much palaver to agree with you because yo,’, entertainin' him. Just widen out where the sintax goes to wast / ........... , [ et me cast this humbly /t', ar, a,a,e is") , Let love an lo,erance ,,e xm,. a,, "('-lelb 'i"n the "hiioso hie ool '€' Queen of the home while the'gin'= p p . p . p . . is with you, and then mvbe vt." .... Tlmi ]'onestv is resky--m " ""- "--- w.on't, be ahle to throw thC,l "c... he bosom of a" Fool l  alter nes gone. • , HIKING DOWN THE ......... oil' t'fie tba'l'fi an- mh'Iilng ready  a ,n the (;,,'m V’lt l' his. ratlh, hll('ho, €, __t.. --,. ,..., ,,,,.. ,t.., .._ ap. the l'llrnler IIst('ns In (m tile best tWC|llff IlJl&l JU&,’: 'lg'b, IIIO. L t:It:-  l rtllhlnletll 'hi ’Otlll'r I s ii .....,, ..,,,.......... :00on ore: eth00. J,$m'o.. o;00E .,,.,,r. ,lome o:.1 ...... "2 IllNli KMIIWN rain " wont .e. Do .... .,,;.ut. :[ .,lln,, ttar,lsl,ll,s ,,nl,,s,.,, Ill#llV Illlllll every step. la l[ iiile(li' well, [flex, " . ....... ', , ' i •   o . .L-- --t " - --t UII( n }sOlal[ed flWOt e 's, TI e "e Is In we drink t-tow ao U[ tee ea st l.et a , . . , " ' . .m...,.,.m.,--- ' --  0 - • -- snorl I1 raplfl cllttln- tl wn or tile i cheek em off xou g t the spuas " ' , ,,, " -" " ...... ' ..... h .- ' dlffer0ntl'd b( t( ( tl f'lrln and clty Va0ati0nists With Shelter lenlI Bill; the caeca almmle wno as tee .., " " ' ' "' ,'' " , • .,, [ | re. ....... coffee and the Borden tin cowt _ . . I George L. Record, progressive ,, . In tile nleantlnle, knowledge IIILlSI ann lift U0W Learning I0 Right hero, announces a freckled .......... aspirant to the seat now occupied .... d -tl -I "n preee(le a trite alqrec]:tmn or wllatl by U. S. Senator J. S. Frelinghuy- eomraaeor tne roe , pat ngns g tip- " Walk All Over Again• ,,, ,,R,lt,.haa the ,-oeh,t and th. the euntry hohls, and this Is what I sen of N. J., is advocating Federal " 1 ........ w s-'" lookln " the hike supplies. Ihere I. more tip-I ownership of railroads as a way to can otmlz when s a. ut g. ,,_. ............ peal hl one apple tree In hlossoal than] •curb vicious method* o the be| t * It Oil on Well, then, let s go snaps ue Oh lt_'a_.,±th_ vaelt tit t y esxr,t ......... In rear,is of printed matter put out tt, I and coal trutta. nur .frog . .. eommanoer el me er0eu’lon, "l .... the -l'Izen of "ll- -P- " l Nor the rifle O71 yOUr arlollle.r, . . ’bi- -art- 1- ravePn- ll-ht for ..t m ltee c t t e c ty to I Nor ther five lOl guilt Of gnaKi-Ooloreu  v a =  , t  .,,=s Cn n g e nls aro'l d e t o t'h e co untrv. TIId--" i dutt distance Another must expect to • That mikes you fs*l your limb, m ...... " ....................... hikers constitute a growing army RE, ELECT FLAHERTY row|n  older" lnltKe U eliOl'l.'Y IlltUl| Or IIl U UUIML" ,  ,*, . .  I And Is not t'he hlk4 on the hsd turnpli lag greatly on Its power of end'ur- equip.pea wnn oaeon, sp!ms,, eo.}e That drives awity your smle .......... .. ..... . .... " " "O" *'" and un cow for meret.v n clay s ounnl SUPREME KNIGHT or the cocks of sisters that le.iss tee uuce. rer.nV, ,, .tul m u t .a bpt nevertheless seeln- S|'lltS tllo I [ .. blooming bllete m-- Off because the group la equtpped for 'l-'-e "henl ;earn' to be " nt- • "l - I --Platteburgb M&rohlng Bonl. in over-sign, stay wt a 3 n Ket ...... ' .....  - 'l ........ 'v w a,, t, e .,he 1, ,s n,. t,,o m.r. t, ... -- ... ., : ::iiii!!i!::!i!i!ii:!! k o..,--, ..... * ._.__ ,._ __1...t.-- roils natcneta, lanlerns, can as a- NRI Ins the| th Itt 1 I ! " I ./ OtV,,,k;lllg UUt IrUlll ttllP auutlrou terpn,s, ru. t* p 0 ,, t----'" .... "b-r -on" hos kP'tlPs, p .,-otg fl ' e ' ,' nay one dlty. ' fi!:'i'.!::i:; l! " tranll terminals of New York every new fangled flrestaml, ete., etc. The reorull the open phlcea. I Sunday and holiday goes the army of blankets are laid out for a better ........................ !!? :::!::?il!iiiiiiii!!:iii::':" .......... ''''+ 4''" .... khaki clad hikers There may be an paeklngwnen tne°f theartbgSy ommencesand cans Ofto food.loAd ,,,:#::' " " . -- NOTICE FOR PUBLICATION ''!:".i!ii::i::iiii automobile for every twenty of the P .e ........ De-at,men, of th, Interior ?;i).':i!!i!:.i:::::::: country's population, but a host of up the memoers nrlsne aJJ over wire U.S. LAND OFFICE at-Waterville Wash. .................... " a camp tools and equipment. August ls. 1922 tt:lty IOIKS ulaprove [ne theory o ..... NOTICE ts hereby given that Charles H 'i'i i! i ::j:::::i i:ii'i: .... ,,+,... ,. ,,’hlad .ltlznrv and are lack to tee farm Whitloy• of Pateros, Wash., Route Nm 2, ';.::: i!:: :::::::::::::::::::::: -,,--- ,a'.,-,,. .....  --- - r n from th erowdtl el'" ,:he. on November 19, 1917. made AddS- ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: I The vete a e ty ' ::::?,s!?::'i.:.'I learning to walk all over age n. . ...... ional Homestead Entry, No. 017203, for :,:: ,.:73.:-.,::.,’ . at; ,.t,u *aua, ,...,,.  .- - " ion 24 Townshi 3 "% " " I If'am]It I' ........ "° "'- tO roam and one alnl(t nnknown to ,--- , . . ,p 0  rtn, flange 24 Ease !:i::::::5:!::$,:,:. " ............................ e w.o 00.,amet0000 00er,o,an .a. filed notice., Ills assoelatea He IS lntr du(Ing them ntention t t - h'ke ' o make F nal Three-Year Prooi eateh its real significance tee i o e a to thin newly discovered land and st bll h claim to the land above de means a great deal ,mere" ,It IS the teaehlng them how to be inde!len, dent rCttbed',issmner.. " ,bef°eat Bridgeport,r" I. HOpnwashington,U. S. Come: cheapest form of reereatlon anu of any transportation but thelr own he 5th day of September, 1922. therefore appeals to thoa 0 living In erowded districts and unable to avaU themselves of the more expensive amusements. And these people, be It ,noted, are Just those the country h so anxlous to have spread out and settled In the farming aeetlon& The hike, Indeed, has posslblli.tles IS I real starter for the "back to the farm" movement. Doughboy and Soy Ikut Lead Way grist a brief survey of the rolllektng groups which move off from the out- lying terfinals on holidays estab- lishes a fCv general ty/es. There tS the ex-service man and Ida friends w, will her fr01 idm the story or more serloiHi excursions on the mt "dy rends of France. He fight- ens a strap here and another tllere on the blanket.roll adjustment or tha '%blter hell'." In whleh the commis- sary Is paelrd for the mid-day feast by the roadside. Expert dlreetlons (me from him on the method of slinging, the pack IO It will not feel so heavy or interfere with the ree body movement. He will pass along the Information, gained in his army days, of how that same pack wan evolved after numerous experlalents to find the easier way of carrying the heaviest load. With results he now eonlpllinents, but which he char. aeterlzed when a doughboy as a "btankety blank total failure." "l'hen ('.; t, aro ll) D-y qCOUt pa- fie- adert '.t evel'".!hlg portals!rig t,) 'sball  :nn,e" t,'avellng and wood. crr"t; The e= s’cv*ee man nd the lr: SeOUl ,' '' ni..m, . tn tile hlkIIIV l good legs and of any stlbslstet:ee but Chdmant namos as witnesses: Jacob W. Wright, Levi Lewis, J. J. Mot what tlley can carry and prepare. ,is. and Claud Hayes, all of Bridgeport "Walk and eook your own," ts hie Vashlngton. motto. E.K. Frltts Who will any the leaven thus fer- flautist(.:' mentlng In the elty crowds will not bear fruit tna keener apprechltlon of .ountry delights, ;espe('hllly as these The fricasse kettle is the place fo are ndded to hy Inerease vomfortll he cull hen. James A. Flaherty .of Philadel- phia was re-elei:ted Supreme Knight at the national rally of the Knights of Columbus at Atlantic City. The Knights spent over three million dollars last year in helping led soldiers. r i l,(re oes one. -- swat it. 2JeprrJaelf ox :o urlor U. S. Land, L)lie ..t M/nterviile, Wada :', June .L2nd.,, 1:)22 NOTICE is hereby given that Frank Blair, of Monse, ,Vashmgton, who, on &uust 15, 1917, made Additional k-Lom,2- ;ted li]lltry, "O. 0170711, and on Jn,n. 9, LICITY--ARRANGE DATES AT HERALD OFFICE OR BANK AT BREWSTER, OR PHONE AT MY EXPENSE. I J,£1 and Ja.-..  & 12, 1922, nado Addi- tional stOCkoraislzig ,llt,rie, .NOS. 01a56 IS, NE, SEa NWI, NI ,S'r;b, and N'V SN, and Nlil%. SN% of See. 2,1, iT. 31 N., It. 26 EL, and 3 NVq%, and S[N SWa. See. IS, T. 31 N., R. 20 E. I lane Lot a, SIA SW Sec. 19 T 31 N I IR. 26 E%VM. and SE:,£' SE. Sect:ion 2i I INEA NE, Section 25 Township 31 N., I I ange 25 E. Willamette Meridian. has I I riled notice of Intention to make Three I I Year Proof, to establish claim to the | I land above described, before Gee. S. Lee IIU. s. Land Confmiesloner, at Okanogan, se, n 1 I Washhlgton., on the let., day of A.g. * It ust, 1922 Claimant names as witnesses: O. S. Beamls, Gee. Fleming, and Vlek 'OTIO - O11, UII'r-XCATZOI ' Department of 'he Xnterlor U. S. Land Office at ,Vaterville Wash. Juno 5, 1922 NOTICE is hereby given that James Otus Barclay. of Wenatchee Wash, who, on March 2,i, 1922, made Additional S. It. ltomostead Entry Serial No. 018427,, ,'or Sl']i NWΌ, See 26 SVq]A NEV, Section 26, Township 30N, Range 25 El,, W? Meridian, has filed notice of inton- tion to mRke three yeRr Proof, to estab- lish claim to the land above described, before Jessie Bassett U. S. Commission- er. at Brewster, Wash, on the llth day Of July 19')2 C]ainlant" 'haines as witnesses: Ray Barclay, Mrs. ]Ray Barclay, Robort Nich- olsen, Frank L. Burden. all of Wenat- chee and Harry Warmke, Mrs. I-Irry ,Varmke, of Monso Vasblng'ton E. K. Fritts Rogister w XOl i " I'ublle ah(I Conveyancer * D. L. G I LL ESPI E tlel-a*I d Pllock • lrewster. Washington , Or&O(}&N OOUNT a.uaST]kOT e ' O0IPANY ; • WM. BAINES, M(R * • Promot and Accurate Work : OKANOGAN, WASHINGTON II $ • *•*$**•*•• • • ae•ll•me•,s Marsesaue, all of OkRnogan Washington and Charley Gallarno, of Monse, Waah. E, K. Fritts Ro later. 'O*I0l :1O t ,I]v.ZOATIO'. ""  13opartment Of The lnterm,.. U. S. Land Office at ,Vaterville Wash. Juice..t, ,922 NOTICE Is hereby given Lha .vir. Lucy .b', Saltier,, Widow of George IL d>:Ll(ler, .LYoceae(.l, O1" lIone, Vasil., who ozt May n(i 1917, made Hon,estead En- 1ry Serial, No. 016621. for E4 SV, E, NE SW: 4 Sect;on 12, Towuship 30N. l=Lango 25 East Wlllalnette Merid- ian, has filed notice of intention tqal make l'hml three year 1'roof to ostal-r lish claim to the land above doscrxbed. betoro Jessie Jassett U. S. Com'r,, at brewter. Wash., on tho ')Oth day of July 1922. Claimant *,ames as witnesses: George Crossland of Brewster. Wash. and Charles Gallarno, H. D. Poyneer, Conrad Leutenschlagero all of Ionse, Wash. Ig. K. Fmtts. IresIslet. O,hcm I Guide GONGRESSIONAL. U. S. enator--- Wesley L. Jones, Miles PoindexLer U. 8. Representatives-- John F. Miller, 1st District. Lindly H. Hadiey, 2nd District. Albert Johnson, 3rd District• : JESSIE BASSETT s * U. 8 .COMMISSIONER. * Land Flllnes and Pruots s * Brewster Wash. , John W. Summers, 4th DlstricL J. Stanley Webster, 5th District STATE OFFICERS Governor--- Louis F. Hart Lieutenant Governor-- W. J. Coyle Secretary of State-- J. Grant Hinkle State Auditor-- C. W. Clauses 6tate Treasurer-- ,** ** ** * * * . • * * ** ** *•** Clifford L. Babcock • * O.R. McKINLEY ** Attorney General-- • * Physician and Surgeon  L.L. Thompson Public Land CommlIsionsP-- i** Brewster. -- Washington.  Clark V. Savldge • ** * * * * • * * ** * * * * * * **• Inaurance Com miSsloneP-- i ....... H.O. Pishback [*•* * • * • • • • , • , • • • , • *** Superintendent of InetrueUon-- '* *[ Hydraullo Engineer-- :r • , T.P. HOPP. UNDERTAKER : Josephine Corless Preston Bridenort. -- Washlngton. ** I Marvin Chase .* A Full Line of Caskets and *1 Funeral Suollies. ** ( C O U N T Y O F F I C E R S Judge Superior Cout-- • **** ********* **** •**[Sheriff-- C. H. Neal • ********************* E.J. Wilson " "[ RALPH B. KENION ** Clark of Cour P- • Licensed Epab,mer * I Will Wright Funeral Furnishings. ** I Auditor,.-. • . Pateros.- Washington **[ Jas. H. Silverthorn • • I Treasurer-- *** • * ** ** * ** ** ** ** ***l Dale S. Rice • ** •, ** •, *** ** ** , • ***[Attorney- * e I Chas. A. Johnson • , FIRE INSURANCE ** 'r-st us write taft, ou,y tot • IiAssesse-- O. B. Fore I • FOU todly ..... We represeat only *l • *lShcool Superintendent- ** the I'EuaONIT lind IBIIIT  I M. Brinkerhoff • Oompanles. whloh pay 100 oentl * [ . .  EnglneeP--. • on ,v,x aoUitr o! loll e] D.C. Warfel . .[ S • S • TH E RICE-GOEh R " ; CoroneP-- A G E N C Y • I Lorenzo S. Dewey, M. D. • w00,m.=oJ : / Commlmllonera-- e•• * • • * • • - . * * * * * * • *.• I J D. Hubbard, 1st District. Amos Stokes. 2rid District. R. A. Nlxono 3rd DiatrlcL • ********* . . ****•.•••e 8tats Sanatol-- i B BURKE i H.D. McMillen • State Representatlve-- E. F. Banker * AUCTIONEER • MA NSPIIflI, D. WASH1NtTON + e : Will cry SI I e.'.; anywhere |n # " l.Jo I1|, i S /tll(I adjoiniIIK COUh lilts a * Maks tltlleN with The First Nn- i I [t)l|ll Blk"t’. BI.e,vtor, ," V'.'lsh. * , •,•**** * ********* • RICHARD , V. GOUGH * • Archite,t * • Member Washington State • = Society of Architects. * PLANS AND SPEGIFICATIONS * • FOR ALL KINDS BUILDIN * Offices • • Okanogan and Brewtor * • ,•eae,•e•e*e ea* e* e • • ***•*eew•• a • **ese*e***• CITY OFF!CIALS Mayor-- W. L. Glllespie Councilmen M E. Alexander W. J. McCormick Clay D. Parker U. F. Proelss Treasa rer--- Frs. J. E. Bassett City Clerk-- Mrs.AIma Oreaes Police Judge- D I,. O'lle.:;e 8C H OO I.. DIRECTORS Alma Greaves A. A. Whltlnger Peter McPherson w a o : A, L. FOX : ) * CENERAL AUCTIONEER * FARM 3ALE8 A SPECIALTY * SATISFACTION ( UA}tANTEIgD * * MaRe Dates at this office or at * s The Bank • * , Q : THE MODERN WAY : : .ozs oo wo.= : : OKANOGAN STEAM LAUNDRY : : ,. • : • We Guarantee 8atiifaotlon * a irewiter Wore1, Brewster Agency * s • * Paros. Poat packages must * e .lotat to b0 CSlaLa to tnstLr re- * €