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July 26, 1919     Quad City Herald
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July 26, 1919

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., =: I,, o ...... a I ....................................  ..........  ..... l i - . lllilll ............ iii i IIIII I&apos;lit - [ I * i II I rl  i , - . ii i i i i i lilt ii "ll'lll-rT * I'" .,,****,,, . . ************************************* ******* * * **********, -i--i = - .  = _-Uvl ...i. __ " " B BURKE : !? i AUCTI NEER . .: o :, I/I BARBER s.op I It e MANSFIELD WASltlNGTON * It tt * t  * Will cry snles anywhere In * . . voug:as a.a a<,jo,,,,,, cou,,t,e WE HAVE l/ CLAR/NCI: O " I Make dates wltll The First Na- * ILLESPIE, Prop " " l " " T E A N S P"'C00S SA'E AS '''O"E T"' W'" '"'" "'"'"" "'"'"'"" i I t "SANITARY BATHS IN CONNECTION it it It . ' " i I 00oo. w... t : : ,. ,.,o : i ill* CENERAL AUCTIONEER * ..... " " i : * SATISFACTION GUARANTEED * .... " "I PLEDGE ALLEGIENCI TO MY * '' NATION INDIVISIBLE IV I T II * lJtll lnost o1' Us, iiavilig side steliPed LIBERTY AND JUSTICIg FOR * the wolves, and having reached a * M U L D R O W & E V E R E "I"T * ALL . " * : : lglade in tile wliere the yellow Civil Engineers * " TRANSFER ii1 *l********>*i****il violels nod, and lhe fern-laced pools;** Irrigation Proposltlon. i Brewster Herald ,,,,,,e, ,oo<s o: ,he nlo.s a,,d. Survey.-, Etc. ** Ibmii,d cedars, bLlkinl with their nlvr- * MALOTT WASHINGTON * OKANOGAN, WASHINGTON B"EWSTE", WA'H, !I I :::=:----'---------7:::=:---=-:--:=::=: : i.'l d Illh'rors lif ill(., eterlla %voo(iL; Published every Saturday by, ino$l el us gel seilre0 ,l' pea, .e and  * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * O-'414k---41 Eitor and Proprietor ll(:lliiig to lind a i)il'ld road with l)len- ********** * * *i'x******** SUBSCRIPTION PRICE $1. AVEAR. ** Official Directoy,, ly f}lI ral:kel and stink to ,t * OIIANOGAN OOUIS't" ABISTIt.0T * , , .qo i lol of leople keep their noses Entered its second el:lss thRiVer July l'igill dowi in i, llC dust, and lope tln'ul  OOMPAiI._ * " 1st, 1901 at tilt' [)liSt O|lice at l:rew- life: and wilell they finally reach tile  WM. BAINES, MGR. ** STATE OF WASHINGTON /i ster. Washinglc,,  end f tile road an d hills* stop before * Promlt and Accurate Work Governor ................ ERNEST LISTER |i Secretary ol' State .... I. M. HOWELL " Build a Silo Auditor ........... CHAS. W. CLAUSEN tile gixai, white barricade they discov- . OKANOGAN, WASHINGTON er they have a soul, and wonder what SOMETHING WRONG HERE. ill the diektns lhey are going to do **** * * **,,***** witil the dratted ihhlg. ******. . ********* Treasurer ............ EDWARD MEATH .......................  * Sullerintendent of Public In- A silo, the greatest feed saver ktiown They shouhl have give n the poor . C. R. M e K I N L E Y * The price of milk and creanl and but hing a cimnce t(/ gr.,w a bit * * structlon JOSEPHINE PRESTON to farming, will save and put to work Physician and Surgeon : ...... all of your forage crop In silage, ter and ciieese are higher lhan (ver $ . Commissioner of Public Lands will create from otherwise-Idle units known for the sunxnmr sea,on. * Brewster. Washington *. ........................................ (3. V. SA'VIDGE of your roughage, excellent feed for Season Wllen tile pastures give a - * * * * * * * * * *' * * * * * * * * * * * * * Attorney General .... W. V. TANNER your cows and for your hogs, sh cheap food ill abundance, an d when * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * and horse. ' the winllq' transportation and labor . United States Senators ........ WESLEY i,'obiems do ,,<>t i,o,e,' ,he p,',,du,',,, h TOUCH OF ANGORA o,. ,l, lil, a. Co.vo>.a.c . L, JONES', .... MILES POINDEXTER, A silo will turn into feed the, other- And yeL die countw over, tiiere i,r,, FOR COOL WINDS o.L. G I L L E S P I E ** Congressmen ........ W. E. HUMPHREY, i , wise wasted 40 percent of the feed more big dairy herds being sol d under Herald Block * W. L. I,AFOLLETTE, A. JOHNSON.' value of your corn crop that Is in the auctioneer, hanimer lllis ),ear i: * i,. II.. tlADLEY; C. C. DILL. " tile stalks and loaves. than ever before. ' Brewster. Washington * t * Come in and let us tell you how to In one dairy comity lhal we kllt>w * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * COUNTY OF OKANAN build a serviceable silo at the least five of the chief herds of the district : * * , , . , . , , , , . have-been sold at auction ill three * . cost, JESSIE BASSETT * Judge Superior Court " F.R. Woodbur Lumber Co months. Theso herds wero lilall,g.ed U. S .COMMISSIONER. * ........................ C.H. NEAI by skilled dairymen; riley wer.e high | * Land Fiiinzs and Proofs * Stale Senator ........ W. A. BOLINGER producing herds, they wer, , * . where much pasture itnd availablei i ** Brewster Wash. .i, Rel, resentative .... E. F; BANKER THE HOIE UILDF. and elope to a big city nuu'ket, reach-  * * * * * * * * *** * * ********! Treasurer ' ROY W. SMITH ed over paved roaxls. I * * * ** * * * * * * * * * * *  * * Pros. Attorney ......... W. C. GRESHAM And yet these exlierienced dalrynlen $ II ' ' County Clerk ................. MARY WARD unusually favored in situation, equll)-  * RA LP H S. K E N ISO N * merit and low overhead exllens(. (Bill. . , Slleriff . .................. HARRY STARK Aly breeders'magazine will show * IAeensed Enlbahner . Superintendent oL Schools ...................  .... ' pages of disposal sales. * ........................ M. BRINKERHOFF All over the country nlilk cows are * Call Pateros Central * 'nliueer ................ HORACE SMITH going to the butcher; bg herds are * Carries Complete Line of Full- * Assescor . ...................... : G. B. FORE I being broken tip; datrynml who are * 'eral Supplies at Brewser, with * not entirely quitting are cutting down Clarence Gillgpie Healtll OMcer ................ If. M. FRYER their herds so they can "afford" to * Coroner . ......................... V. G. GROVE stay tn business. * * * i * '* * * * * * * * * *  , COlllnli.qsiollers ......................................... 9allinIO Pllia/n@ aPdil It@,  !l dlat milk. and bntter are not only tlie SwrJe"8 8h 3r(l l)istrh, t ............ %. E. MITCHELL  " a C t cheapest foods we have been gettln UNDER AN:D'BY VIRTUE Oh" D [st Dil, riel; H. It. HERSHBERGER  y foe the Office, =tore or VVRIT OF Order of sale Issued out " but that they aPo essential io the tho Superior Court of tim Stato or' Couri Com'r. W. McCLURE t .... ,Farm  1 Washington holding terms at Okano- - ............... healthy growth of the young, and Ban, %Vashhigton, In and /'or Okanogan CITY OF BREWSTER  Wlndow'-'Card Auction .Cacdl'lnd mig'hty near essential to lhe welfare County, on the ]4th (lay of July 1919 " POlltll and to me directed and delivered, for Mayor " J. L. GO, EI-IRY of the adult, a Judgment rendered ill said Court, on Pamphle1:l and Booklets tile ]0th day July 1919, hi favor of Am- (OUliCihllen (]-UY GREAVES, Wo are discovering that there is no erican Savings Bank & Trust Co., a ............ tiltanle:,ttl and i Bill Head| substitute for butter, or for creanl, or corporation and lames A. Murray, and I JACOB DEFF[,AND, R. L. DALE, H. for:whole sweet milk, and ntany cities aga nst Lena Gertrude Colsky leterson, Badges, Advertlalnli Blotters Lem Gertrude Colsky Peherson, Ex- WASHBURN, WILLMER WOODS. are' supplying poor children )vith fl'e ecutrix of the Estate of M. W. Peterson, Butter WPappara do,'eased, Okanogan Power and Irriga. Treasllrer FRED D. RICE I fresh milk at their schools, tion Co., a corporation, Brewster Canal .................... ' StlokePl;Bhlpp|lg Tagl Association, a corporation, W. 1) Cran- The necessity and denland, for dairy dall, J. r. Khlg lind W. R. ]hillins SCHOOL D.ISTRICT " I products is greater than ever before, for the sum of Thirty-one Tl|ouslt'lld 80lty Armouflmentl i Seven " Hun.tired Twenty-five ($31,725.00) Wedding Announoement|. ete : and still the source of supply is con- together with costs o! suit and Interest, Diree[ors .... L. E. PRICE, MRS. GUY 1 have levied on all the right, title, Loose, Leaf.lml of Ill klndl stantly dwindJiBg, and the men who elailn and Interest of said defendant of, GREAVES, DR. STUTTAFORD. have been longest ill the business  In and to the following I)rn,)erty to-wit: Adverthdng Noveltlel  I "LOts FOUl" and Five oi' Brewster IRRIGATION DISTRICT re tim keenest to get out. Orchard Tracts, located in Section Six, In Fact Any Thing That CIIn Be Print. 1 Tovcnship Thirty, North of Range Tw- Directors C. It. McKINLEY, A.. ed Or That You Wlnt Prlnted. ' Maybe Ullcle Sam will have to take enty*flv'e, E. W. M.. as shown by the .... health of tho growing generation, plat of sahl tracts,, recorded in the I'UPPEIL F. E. TtlOMPSON. office of the County Auditor of Okan- -- --  ....  -- -- We trust that if he tiers he will o,an County, Washigton; also the .....  .... SWIA of the SWA of the NW of ' over the milk business lo iilsure the Scctlon Five, Township Thirty, North o, Range Twenty-five, E. W. M., sltu- "lIln--''llliA=" ,.Ioor-00 00,(.tr00e-0000prl'men" boost the prtce less tllan McAdoo/dlev- The Ilattern of gray angorl ated in Okanogan Cotlnty, Washington." UN/)I,]/. AND BY VIRTU],: 0F A WRIT ted th(e freight rates, at hem and throat gives thl new NOTICE IS HEREBY GIV]i]N, That green trlcolette a rakluh fall el,. on the 16th day of August A. D. 1919, at OF OlqH)lR OF SALE issued out of 10 o'clock A M. of said dly, 1 will sel the Superior Court of the State of, pea| which with light wrap or fur ,ill the right, title and h, terest of said VCashh, gton hohling terms at Okanogan zJr, HeraM A'Itshh.l.ton. tli slid for. .Okallol.%n (oun- , WHY THE HUURY? can well travel on Into the fllnlt Len Gertrude Colsky " Peterson ty, oli tile ]3h day Qf July 1919 :ill(I tO i chilly days of Indian summer. Lena Gertrude Colsky Peterson. as ex- e eutrlx of the Estate of M. W. Peterson. Ine directed 'ud delivered: for :l. Jud4-1 Th0 big hatmod|fied a b|t ill ueceaselL or either of them, in and to mvnt rendered in !#aid Court, on the I0 sile but decked In sharp anglel the above described l)rol)erty, or go day of June 1919 in favor !much thereof as may be necessary t Northwestern & Pacific A lot of follgs lope throagh.Jife with- of airy plumes still rules Ill satisfy plaintiff's claim, besides all a corporation, and against y OUt ever slopping to take one whiff of mllady's hat world. Mayhaps tat costs, and interest and accruing costs, et el. for the sum of Thh'ty-six th Incense of the cool, sweet glades velvet and beaver model wl|| The sale will take phtce at the front Nineteen ind no 100 dollars ($3619.00)] door of the Court House, at Okanogan, to.ether with. costs of .suit and hiterest[ __-=_--_55_.:_5=:__._=:: they rush through, later arrive but for early weal, in Okanogatl County, Washington, at l nave levies on all the right, title,[ . . lighter materials prevail, public auction, for cash lu hand, to the clahn, and'-tnterert.-otL4ald,(lefenklant' f, I , . _ ;- :, jii j 1 I I| _ I Ill Many arc llOt COlllnt, Illlless their |ilghest and best bidder. In and to tho following l)r01iorty', to-wit: I :" ' " : .... ' Dated at Okanogan, OkanoKan COlll]- The Southeast Quarter Of the 'South [ maqadamhfs are h,gilwaypUnding (Iown the Iard, ,,. A.tY' D.Vashlngtn'l[!19. tAts 15tie day of July : sveneast Quarter(7). and(SE4the OfsouthwestSE) of Quarter[Sectln |., , 'te" ..w,l,r,m  iitell :,, 1 l[,t  __ qllp,, qlldl !!  lTltllidP: :t r'jl HARRY E. STAItl (S'V/i) of Section Eight (8), all in   '   ] m  M   V    V V V  If, perchance, they slray off inlo ttl Ilq THE SUIP.IgIO--]---Iy-- O3P OXA" Slierlff of Okanogan County, "Wash- :Township Thirty-one (31), North f forest, nd ,,'hid up oil sonl,; i'alry oGAr oouN.y .=AT= OF inglon, l<a,,e Twenty-live (25), E. W. M.., to" .lqril'illlI" ll!it-'ll' ll.1='-l-e In rob&te }]3" E. J. Wilson, Deputy. ements, hereditaments and apl)urten- tra.|lnlolig tile ver]as|Jng prings, h the mailer of tile Estate No. J. HENRY SMITH, Attorney for :tm:es thereunto belonging or in anywise they sIIort with disgus|, all d l)llln.g e of louis IL Hollenbeck, Notice l)hdnttff, appertaining, Deceased. Date of first publication. July 19, ]919 NOT]Cb IS HEREBY G1V]N ,That on lt'-'sa clnch to gt le-area" ihrou,gh thicket ahd briars, and over N()T1CI,] IS ItEREBy GIVEN, that D'ate of last publication Aug" 9th, 1919 ltie 23rd (lay of August A. D. 1919, at rotting logs, and lhrollg'h blackl)erry Lizzie 1,:. Holhqbeck, widow of Louis l(I O'clock A. 1H. of skid day, I will soil . . - It. tollenlleck, deceased has filed a ' " all the right, title and Interest of said - barricades Ill[l they lllerge onc(! lletltioll ill the at)ore entitled court and cause, asklnff that all propel=t_V,, both liO.ZO in- .Oil PUIa-.CA.ZOII. andPaUlto%Vilsn'the aboveet al,,leserlbedor eitherproperty,Of them, quality chew and save niore,,breathless, oil tll hard hlghwa, real lllili llert4Olllll. |}elollglllg to the said Department of the lhateilor, so much thereof as may be necessary to Ilnder the bright glaDo, with the stink Louis IL Hollenbeck, deceased, or to U. S. Land Office at Watervllle, %Vash. satisfy phthlttff's claim, besides all costs lhe conlll,tuit,v of sahl decedent and July 17th. 1919. ' interstandaclruin, cOsts.' part of your tobacco of gasoline; and the shriek of w|ld said whlow, shouhl be set sshle to said NOTIC]i " is hereby given that ]Clsle The sale will take 'place at the front whlew for her Slll)DOPt, t'reo and clear Brown, of Malott, qtshhlgton, who, oil door of tim Court House, at Okanogan I horns a.nd whistles for their Itfes nlel- of all adlninlslratlon,' :ted asking that September 14th, 1916, made homestead in Oluinogan. County, Washington, at ody. eerlaiil rlll property describe(1 in the the "* "" entry, No. 0155,,, for W'& SWVI, Sec- 1)ublie auction, for cash In hand, to the money at same said I)elilion I)c adJtldge(1 not to be the tlon 28 and NE SEIA, SEa Nl'l/ SoP- lliKhest an(1 best bidder. iOr course, all of us are, more or property of either said (lecedent or of tlon 29, Townshil) 32 North, l%ang'e'25 J. l)ated .t Okanogan, Okanogan County "% the community of said decedent and r, M. , has filed notice of intention to %Vashing'ton, this 18th day of July A. time "J " less, harrled by the wolves of life, his widow, make Fhlal Commutation Proof, to es- ]). 1919. that snap at our heels of ollr soul, NOTICE IS ]UR'I'HIR GIVEN, That ta.bHsh clalul to the lnnd above describ- HARRY E. STARK, lhls Court has fixed August 22, 1919, ed, before George S. Lee, U S. Commas- Sheriff of Okanogan Count), Washingto. ,:i ll , lind force us to keep lllungJng along at lO o'cloc, l A. 7%I., at the Court House sloner, at Okal'logaB, Virashlgtoii, on the lly E. J, Wilson, Deputy. In (Jl<anog'an, ,Vashlngton, as the time 25ti, (lay of August, 1919. l'ost, Russell and Hlgglns, Attorney for A m 11 he f th; g d b lest we fall knd be devoured, und nhtce when "seAl petition will be Claimant names as witnesses: Phthltlff. S a c w o s co to acco 5" Blt God always giVOs US R broath- heard, and tlmt all eredftors ald all other persons whatsoever interested Albion L. King, Frank Lovoly, and lxehange National Bank Building lng spell for our souls' sake, tf w In said estate, are then and there l'e- EdwinMillott, IlOW,washlngton.and Vertut PhiIltDs, all of Date of first publleatlonSpkane' JulyWaSh'26th 1919. gives real lastiog sat;sfaction. qllfred lo sllow ('auso if any they have EN SPEAR, ])life of' last publication Aug. 16th, 1919. only haw3 senBe onough to take it. why sahl 1)etltlou should not be gran- He stops the wolves mayhap b,- ted ,is prayed for an(] as above stated. Registtr.. I THE R J...A'L TOBACCO CHEW ' Witness the Honorablo C. H. Noel, Date of first liublicatlon, July 26th, 19191 ' ' ,side ou s'ick fled, where lle has pin- Jurle of sahl Superlor Court and the Date of last publleatlon Aug. 28rd. 1919 V4. B. , eal of sahl Court hereto affixed this /  foul u.3 iu tx'9 M.P]e3 ned us for a wklle, that w may pauso 25th day o[' .luly, ]919. -- __   . W, 8. 8. and consider hings worth while. Margaret War,l. / W.S.S. --. RIGHT CUT is a short-cut tobacco iAll of us, occaslona|ly, rech the " .................. Clerk of Suporior Court ...... W. 8. 8, -- I  W. 8. 8. -- .lolmson & O'Connor Attorney's for -- w, B. S.   W. S. S. -- W-B.CUT is a long flue.cut tobacco he/hts, and find peace and ,,llene i Adminltratrlx. there, |f rally we are Will|rlg;!,,top te or flrt 1)uhllcatton, .Tu]y 26, 1919. -- W. B, $. -- --- W; . I.  Dale of lasl Dub]icatl0n Agu. 16th, 1919.  V. I; }. ---,-,,  /, $, 8.  15 ..... =m  __ |. .........  ......