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July 26, 1919     Quad City Herald
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July 26, 1919

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) t / ii i iii i i i See notice of auction sale in this issue. A. J. OConnor of Okanogan was in the city Thursday. $ D. L. Ollesple and Francis White returned fi'om Seith. Tuesda,' M R Tr'vett'00r;m Bre,.ter Flat was tn the city Friday. J. W. Roblnso; :f Patero. was he,'e. oa business Saturday. I' Mrs. Nittelmr; ;rom Paradise Hill was a city visitor Thnrsday. Mr. George T..Crane from the Unity Orchards wai, in town Thursday. IIL Forest fire of no small dimension was reported on Gold Creek hmt week Miss Fogg came in from Wenatchee riday evening returning Saturday. Archte McKinl'e}'d'eparted for Evcr- L'At, Saturday where he has a position h a bank. Christ Miller ,:etu;ned from Seattle lag1: Monday from a weks pleasure trip. E. R. Tyler, t:etu;ned front Sound points where he had gone for a short businesls trip. I Wheat hay forsale. A ntmaber of tons. Inquire of Gee. L. House, Brewster, Wash. Ruth Estelle who ;tad an operation for appendicitis at Pateros hospital is recovering nicely. o Born--To Mr. and Mrs Young nee Edna Wilon, a baby girl at tits Chelan Hospital las Sunday. Mr. L. P. Money and Mother from the Flats of Brewster was lathe city Tednesday on business. A. R, Dodd, ,; up from Pateros Thursday on business connected with the new:pal)er ganm. Prank Crane *f;om the Unity Or- chards was in the city Saturday on business. Word was received of the death of C. A. Teuke, Who up to a short time ago conducted a harness shop here. Miss Maud an Fl'orence, Minton of Waterville came over Tlmrsday and will visit friencs, here for a few days. Found between the Herald OiEce and the depot, one vulcanizer. Owner .lay have me by paying for this notice. r. Dickey, tat ovial traveling rel)resenting the American Paper Co. was calling on the trade here the lab ter part of the week. Mrs. Cleon Dale left for Seattle Tuesday mornitgwhere she will meet lmr hus[mnd aatd will make that .her future home. Mrs. Watson, who contracted a c.ase of typhoid fever was moved to town where she could have medical treatntent. She Is now improving. Ben Smith b.egal milding his busi- ness house the middle of the week. He is to erect a buihling 25 by 50 feet and W. H. Sharkey haft the contract. $ FO'R SAL-- 600 feet of one inch gal- vanized iron pipe at 13 cents per foot delivered at Brewster. Wm. McPherson, 4-3t. :_ Lost a perfectly*good-- - Farmers Plc.. nic scheduled to be held in Brewster on Saturday 26th. Fader please no- tify the committee, if they can be fonnd. Mr Robert E|:vin,*--- of Pateros and who recently sold his prsperty flier,e has purchased the Ierle Gillespie :residence and will .make his home t lmre in the fllture.' There is to be a public auction at Hollenbeck farm on Paradise Hill on Saturday August 2nd. The sale will conlstst of livestock farm and house. hohl goods. .FOR SALE--One McCormick reaper iu running condition . Cheap. Inquire of, W.D. Crandall, Brew ster, Wash. Phone 4F25N0. Proably if our*merchar.ts--" woul d do a little advertising there would not be so much of our town money going to nereby towns, the merchants of hich do advertise. Word was received a few days ago that Mrs. V. W. Clough formerly of of this place had recently died in S!e... The cause of death is rgpor le. beirig Bright's disease. Mrs. A. F. Holden who but recently underwent an operatio at the Wen-" atchee Hqepital, a short time *ago for cancer,returned .Wednesday much hn- proved in halth. Emmett Tupper, who thought he was discharged from the U. S. Marine Corps, had a hurry up call to report fer duty at q Mace Ilnd N.avv t i i iiii i n Ii ill i i nl / i t d. / I I l ( i r i ii ' [i ii i i i GEM THEATRE PATEROS, WASH. SPECIALLY GOOD PROGRAM FOR TUESDAY EVENING, JULY FIRST "THE fl[LL CAT" G[RALDINF I:ARRAR GOLDWYN SPECIAL IN THE SAME CLASS WITH "MICKEY." WE HAVE DECIDED TO TRY PUTTING ON A FEW SPECIALS AT 20c AND 35c IN- CLUDING WAR TAX. TUESDAY EVENING JULY 29 80' Clock Gem Theatre yard and after his arrival there he was given his discharge: Mrs. LittleJohl of Pateros was here the first of the wek visiting with Mrs. George White. She left Wed- nesday for the Tupper Flat to visit her daughter Mrs. Emnett Tupper. While driving up the grade out Of Brewster Mr. Frank H. Phipps had the msfortune to tip his ear over with tbe result t.hat considerable damage was done but no otto hurt.. My. Phipps at the time of the accident was atteimpting to fix a can of oil that was leaking and he forgot ,to stop his, car and kept right on going nntil the (:at" was over the bank. The Brewster-Bridgeport Growers inc., have let a contract to Mr. Star- key for an addition 40X48 feet to their )acking shed. They have also pu- chaed a new "Big 4" Cutler grader. The additional floor space and le new grader will enable them to lmnd- le their increasing tonnage to greater advantage. HOME SWEET HOME by Jack Wilson eUT WHATS WORSe'HN |I--UNLESS-ITWOUL$ III I j .- (A HALF -- T I --- I .... -"::',.',:+ I. -/Y- Z.. ='M/_ "" ";'l. :r!;::-1 3:.i tl .... it -  ,-.' ilood waters ill the earl}, spring and tunnel in place of a htg opeu canal, what .:ome call "a stile chanter" or which has been going towaste. By so using the flood waters it will leav.e - main body of the Methow in its pre - ent channel, tlmreby insuring an ade- quate and abundant supply for all. The meeting was addressed by, Mr; E. M. Chandler, Director and Chief b:ngineer of the Reclamation Board, who explained a number of minor points of which our people were in ignorance. Mr. Chandler had also been to a ;steeling of like nature held at Omak the day before and alldiff - erences which seemed to exist were all ironed out attd it now seems as though there is nothing to stand in the way of the greatest irrigation en- terprise ever undertaken in the state. Mr. Chandler iuformed the p0Ple here that tim State Reclamation Board were r.eady and willing to go ahead with the Okanogan-Methow High Line Canal 3.s sbon as all the preliminary work had been done. Just thin'k of it! Ready to give us the re- lief this couutry has been working (lay and night and praying for, for the )ast ten or '.t dozen years, and now witl our hopes about to be realized it is up to us, each attd every one of us to stop knocking (if any are) and get behind thi s vast project to a man. The proposal of digging a 14 mile The Betsy Ross of Suffrage 'the stat,a, rFhis feeling is gaining all over the county. 'The people have begun to realize that in at'dee to have a permanent wae, suppl$ there mt be a new source tapped, There is no disguisitg the fact that never in our history has a shcrtag of water been so acutely felt as the lres- ent season. " The Methow river wll| furnish an abundance cf water as it is iltended to catch and tore the MORE POWER Zerolene gives bet- ter compression, therefore, more power to your car, It burns clean and goes OUt with ex- haust. Deposits Woman's suffrage has its Betsy Ross.. She is MIss Edith Ainge erie ole leaders in the National Women's 'Par. For every state. that ratifies the national suffrage amendment as passed by consress icent]y Miss Ainle sews a gold star on Purple and White. flag. W.leven star are now In plaee-- Mlmmuri being the last state to act. The others. Wisconsin, Michi- gan, Kansas, Ohio, New York, Illl- ois, Pennsylvani$, Masshusetts ,id Texas. least carbon. Get a Correct Lubrica- tion Chart for your car. STANDARD OIL C0MPA.NY (Callfornia) THE IRRIGATION MEETING Special Agt., Standard 011 Co,, Pterqs., Wash, .. The Irrigation meeting held in the lobby of the Hotel Brewster, last Thursday was well attended. A lar number of interested persons were present and w.ere well pleased with ,the guneral trend of the feeling to- wards fostering the large district to be watered with funds furnished by f:. G, Ralnes, was first suggested by Mr. t!handler after careful inves(igatiou and it act- ually figures out a cheaper l)roI)osi- lion thall a seventy mile olJetl (',t/ilal around rock bluffs and ,stile hills witlt its ever attendant fear of a brakage that all st'tch canals are subject to and usually do. with their very high nude- tnance charges, while the III;Lil]i(CHVI- co chages on the Ctlal bv rite Ittmcl route will he. re]uced to a negligible emount. He quoted figures from the government reports of meas'urings of the war.ors of the Methow fro" the past 16 years and it is found by com- paring those figures with the amount of water required there is a geod and sufficient amount for all the d.emand made upon it. Surveys are now being nmde of the location of the tunel and the Stale eclamatiou Board have shown their intentions to go ahead with the work as soon as the people themselves are re, ady and do tits preliminary legal work necessary to be done before actual construction nan begin. Now let us all 2et b(s'y and do all in our power to assist th.e Board to a consternation of our long deffered hopes and ambitions. NICKEL RETAINS THE COUNTY CHAMPIONSHIP. Newt Nickel of ,Vintln'op, Wash., is still the undi.puted chaml)ion of the wrastling game. In the short but spirited match Saturday evening Newt Nickel defeated Herb ,Vash- burn our local butcher, ill th,a two fiGst straight falls. The lh'.+t fa}l came in Just 23 minutes after the ]tl01l had met in th.e center of the mat and shook hands. Nickel secured this tall with Iris favt;rite hold which was half N.clso.+. AfLer a ten minute rout tl:,: boys again went to the mat arid tliis bout htsted ()tie hOUF and tcl! luin- ute,.+ with \\;Vashburl| the apgr(sor lhroughcut the entire matciL Niekel .:cured this fall ill tile san,.:. , Hint he secured the first. The match was referred I)y Mr. Diekerson, of '['wisp, and i|is work was pronounced a:: I)eing all that could be de:tired, be- ing absolutely fair. Nickel wei,ghed 150 pounds and V,ashl)urn 157. It was plainly to be seen that Washburn was the .{t*Gltgcr Of tile two Inlt, but showed lack of knowledge el the finer points of the game account of the lack of practice. At the end of the second bout Washburn was far the f'esher of 1he two men, and could have gone on indefinitely, but not having the prac- tice of his skilful opponent stood no show with Nickel who is as quick as a cat and past master of the game. The bout was held in the Elliott building amd was wit;nessed y a g.()d natured crowd of some rout" hundred. Considerable money was won and lost, but out, local people were loyal with a.,slight exception to out" tnan Washburn. The universal opinion was that this man Nickel is a hard nut to crack and who ever meels him on the mat will kooky that he has been in a wrestling match and will have to go some to wrest his title from him. If Washburn had the mat experience of Nickel. Well that is another story t as is contemplated in this resolution." For Sale--A house and lot in Brew- ster. Is a comfortable four room cottage. For sale cheap. Inquire at the Herald Office. FJIL SAIA--18 months Brood Sow. luquii"e J. E. Bassett. ohl Durock Wanted--A few auto owners t a buy: ou United States tires. They will give you more milage and less trouble than any other make. D.L. Gilles- i thempie has __ ....... Wanted--To buy several stands of I bees. Address Oliver Tucker, Brew-! ste', Wash. F--" U. S. Auto casings. Try them and you will be satisfied. They 1 are guaranteed. D.L. Gillespie is i elling them. _ ...... I -AT YOUR SUNDAY IINNER AT i I the BREWSTER HOTEL I I :::3.:%LO,..,n+ .oo00 ,. o,,. W. C. HAMILTON Propri;tor *....T. P. HOPP UNDERTAKER...-* *...A FULL LINE OF CASKETS....* *....AND FUNERAL SUPPLIES....* *....AT BRIDGEPORT, WASH ..... * * .... --* 1 * * * * * A want ad in the Herald will sell arty-thing that you may have arouud your promises. Why not turn i t into cash through th medium of a want al. in the Herald. iii i i i I t,l' i I ' i i il ii ii to tell. However, the beat man woil and won ;airly. After the match the crowd adjourned to the Watson dance platform where they nmde me' rY until the wee small hours. Thus )nded another of Brewster's gala days of clean sport and wholesome enjoy- ment. Market H. L. WASHBURN. Prop. LARD IN 50 POUND TINS 28c Per POUND. HOME CURED HAMS, THE BEST EVER 35c THE POUND. HOME CURED SHOULDERS, THE BEST EVER AT 30c THE POUNI7 B A C O N NO BETTER TO BE HAD ANY PLACE AT 45 TO 50 CENTS THE POUND. FIRE INSURANCE Let us write that policy for You today: We represent only the STRONGEST and BEST Companies, which pay 100 cent on every dollar of loss Rice-Goehr, Agency. BREWSTER, WASHINGTON IVORY FOUNTAIN PEN5 STATIONERY THE FINEST LINE OF PERFUMERY, IN THIS SECTION OUR PRESCRIPTION DEPART. MENT IS IN THE HANDS OF EPERTS. i Brewster Drug! Company :..:i.: ,: ..,;, .I++,q - I A - + / q ************ * * * * *'* * * * * * Our deposits are growing o,,,,,omh'. * MFMBER ** They are greater to-day than ever. * FEDERAL ** * RESERVE ** * SYSTEM ** THERE IS A REASON ************ ************ k The First National Bank' of Brewster. " o