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July 26, 1919     Quad City Herald
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July 26, 1919

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ii i MEN WHO FOUGHT IN FRANCE AGAINST EUROPEAN ALLIANCE Washington, July 23rd. --An jnteres tint light on the attitude of tile men who fought ill France toward tile Wil' son plan for a league of nations and especially toward that part of tile plan which is mbodied ill As'title X and which is calculated to require America to underwrite the boundary line of a lrge share of the rest of tile worhl was shed today by a colonel of tile Rainbow Division. a National Guards- man of many years' experience, who served brilliantly with tim expediti- onary forces and who was wounded in the Argonne. When asked how the officers and men of th exl)edition- axy force looked upon the covenant as drawn for tim league of lmtions hk replied: "The troops are not for the league of nations. There is no mistake about that. Practically all of them feel the same way about il. Timy want to get back i)ome and to stay there. Tlmy are opposed to any pro- 9osition which wall keel) tlmm tangled u,.) in European affairs at this time or which will tangle them up with I European affairs in the future. They have seen something of lira iiel;ce rival ties and bitter jealou:;ies monr, the; peoples of Euro],' and you can taL it from me they do sot want Ameri(:l to get mixed up wit.!! them. Right ow Francs and Germanyare l.okin a htetul to th, tinge whel this stmggle will be renewed an[I all of Europe is seething wlti) the hatred of genera- lonfl and eVen centuries. Officers and men had the opportunity to sense something of the bitterness among tile different countrids there and they are uterly opposed to becoming invol- ved in this bitterness. For the rea- son tlmt few soldiers Imve felt free! to express themselves while in uni-I form you have heard little from Hmml / on the sub:i.cl but I have no deubi that this is an accurate representation i tff the real feeling of the vastl nmjor-I Ity.  I WANAMAKER AT 81 i Almost everyone knows the story of how John Wannamaker. merchant prince of Amerlca, started his great store from the heels of a push earl about the streets of Philadelphia. Here is the great merchant--at the .age of 81 which birthday he hasl Just calebr:tc'd. program and responsibility to be placed upon the ]itlie folks, The out- tanding f, eature of ih children's work iu huihling cilaracter while buy- I hg .stamps will'be the distribution of! titeralur.e, to I)e read at the chlb cir- cles, (.ncouragiug tlu'ift of money, food and oh)thing; thrift or elimination in and of impulsive unkindness toward thers; thrift in the Items, the school; Hrift h) all filings but the regard for the rigllts ef others, and in tim utmost lillerality . To all intents an d pur- poses, tim golden rule will be the key- ,mi of the enlire s(.hem of enlist- ing the hell) of the iittle folks through .he year in building up values In stamps and in character and upright. IOSS.  W. S. 8.  W. S. S. i Oae Scat for Two Congressmen 6EOI6E [3. GRIGSI3Y.   !l ;.OVO 'ien a candidate for office dies while th' votes are h.,:i.: counted, does that nullify the victory of his oI::;oqent. Out of th frozen north of Alaska comes this quesiiox) a, (we coagrc:::,.:tan .'r- rive in Washington with credentials for the o:e. James Wi(,k,r- sham, congressman from Alaska since 1906, h::d Clxarlcs Sulz:w a. , opponent in 1918. While tile votes,were heing Iounted iii Nt,'eln- her. Sulzer died. The governor of Alaska owlcred a Sl)eCiUl eleciim Wlckersham claimed his election valid and went to Wasl,i-gtoa lie offered no opposition to George B. Grigsby a! tie speci;|l election ai,! the latter was elected. Both have been g|vea offices at tle capital until the issue is decided.- MUCH DEPENDS UPON SCHOOL CHILDREN. The success of_the War Savings campaign will depend largely upon tire children of Washington, according to Oliver C. McGilvra, I)h'ector fog' King, the county with tile largest number of children i the t;tate, in eXl)laining )lans he is maturing for pushing tie work of the year to a successful cii- rfla. Th State Department has approved plaua formulated' by Mr. McGilvra for ,'ganlzlng clubs of five or more ,in every school room and eomnaunlty in the state. In rural sections distant om schools, it is proposed to encour- voluntary organizations of the children whose primary object wil! NEED OF RECLAMATION E, M. (handler, chief engineer and dizector i',l cimrge of the Washing- ton state reclamation service, went to tile heart of the nation's agricul- tural l)roblems when he sale n his. address before the Washington State C, Ilamber of Commerce that "the hope of l,h country must l)e ht the recla maiioh of its waste lands, and as Ieially under irrigation." Tlmt applies with special force to the state of Washin,gton, where, not- witilstunding the extraordinary stim- ulus of wartime production, the pro- ducing acerage increase d only 6 per cent in tea years. M-r, Chandler declared that "we are living somewhat in a fool's pars. dine, thinking we ate producing not be to buy and sell tim largest num- enough and that we are going to be her of stamps, but to study and work'the export,ersof foo d to all the world.* on tke invisible forces which the It is Irue that under a forcing stamps represent. The State Department is preparing lmple forms of by-laws and courses ot procedure which children can read- ily assimilate. These forms prpvid( that any five children may organize a J)lUb. The things that ithe Wax Say- lugs Department is doing, the things for which thrift stands and the. things which all parents desire their children to know io the building of strong, Madly and, upright char'a.cters, are betQg made a fundamental p.rt of th process tile United States is now a heavy exporter of food produc but the high pressure of wart[m pro- l duction can not maintained indefi- nitely on the country's existing crop ac-erage. Population is intreks- lug more rapidly than agriculture. From 1870 to 1910, as showI" by the c.ensus record,s', the improved farm acerage increased from 218,818,942 acres, to 478.451,751 acres, an in- crease of a little mor than I00 per cont. But in the same period pop- SCHOOL ON -=- ....... ' ...... .-Criswell., o. , kUGUST 2nd 1919 Garage, ' NO,O. TOO SMALL OR ]]TOO LARGE. SAT,SFACT,ON00i I will sell on above date the following: t|""'" ' SALE TO BEGIN 1 O'CLOCK ' I OOM'J[ZIBXOHmI8 ' fOZO]8 11MILK COWS 4---TWO YEAR OLDS. 1--YEARIING CALF. 2--SPRING CALVES 4---HEAD OF WORK H'ORSES 1--WAGON 3 IN GOOD CONDITION ILIGHT ROAD HACK. I--SLEIGH OR CUTTER. MANY, MANY. OTHER ARTICLES TOO NUMEROUS TO MENTION . A FINE BUNCH OF STOCK 1--PAIR HEAVY BOB SLEDS" 2SETS OF WORK HARNESS IWOOD SAW COMPLETE (NEW) 1--GOOD HAY RAKE 1-FINE PIANO ,-. 1--RANGE 6 HOLE A--QUANTITY OF BEANS A--COMPLETE LINE OF FARMING TOOLS AQUANTITY OF ALFALFA SEED. AI2OT OF VALUABLE STUFF WILL BE. $.OLI Notice Is hereby given that the Board of County Commissioners for Okanogan county will meet at the court house at- Okanogan, Wash., on Juno 2, 1919, at i I). In., to hear and determine the advts. ability of making a sale of the following described real property owned by Ok- anogan county to-wit: The SE4 of NW4and W2 of SW4and NW4 of SE4 Sqctlon 26, Township 81 N., Range fi4, I. V. M. . J.D. HUBBARD, Clerk of Board Date of first publication, May 10 19'19. Date of last Dubllcation, May 31, 1919. n|l i " |  THE PlODERtt WAY Steam and Electricity does Your Work. OKANOGAN STAH.LAUNORY A. MORIN, Prop. Tel. 21 We Guarantee SatlsfactlozL Brewster Hotel, Brewster Agency. Parcel post packages n!ust amount te 50c to insure re- turn postage. i T " ALL SUNS UNDER $10. CASH; ALL SUNS OVER $10. BANK. q ell I |O O ABE NOTE 10percent. 5per cent Discount for cash over $|0 Nr tiollenbee00: B. Burke Fred Rice Administratorix Auctioneer clerk ulatlon grew from 38,558,371 to 91,- I Chandier's address and the confirm- 972,466. -I In tim years' of extraordimu:ily. hea,y crop llroduction like tim pres. ent the United States will have a line url)ius, but Ihe gneral average culs down the surplus, and a I)ad year inight wipe it out altog.ettler. The margin is too close for safety, and prudence d.lnallds tllat We take cognizance of the fulnre slid l'e- claim ninny minions of acl,s of wt'te land. Impressed in:; facts brought out by other speak- eta, tl. state chamb,er of commerce wisel.y adopted a re'olution declaring that to control the cost of livitg md support its ever increasing in. d:strial population the United States must look to a gl'eately increased pro- duction o food, which can be secured only by c.arrying forward the groat reclamation projects.of the west. To th,:tl end as tim resolutions add,  tile real nex.d of the hour is united by tile force- of Mr. action by western senators and Shoe Styles Stitch Yank ' N '4f I One lesson that the war taught America was that we were not depending upon Europe one half as much for style ideas as was popt. larly supposed. The new summer and fall shoes have proved this out, because, while .Paris style leaders were trying tO shove the Cuban heel down our throats, American women are.going their merry way, with the graceful high heel in pump and shoe that is 100 par cent Yank. Milady is here shown hanging out a line of seasonable hoae but it's not a washinstead the newest in woven transparent pat- terns and a few embroidered styles. congress,men, combined with an edu- cational campaign that will awaken the ntire nation to the economic I impor(ance of a broa d , policy of re-! claiming the most productive lands. In furtherance of that policy the uation can no where find a better field of reclamation than the Pacific uorthw,est. Here the United State rec, lamatio n service has had its bem't results, a fact indutiably proved by the official record s.--Spokesman'-Re- view: ,* , , , ,, ** , , ** ** *** , * RICHARD V. GOUGH * * * Arohlt'ect i * Member Washington State * Society of Architects. *' ! * PLANS AND SPECIFICATIONS FOR ALL KINDS BUILDING * Offloel : * Okanogan and Brewtter ************************* J ..... i CREAM BUVING "STATION CREAM TESTING FOR ARMOUR AND CO., BREWSTER FEED ST AND SEE YOUR TEST. GOOD PRICES i i OXOE O OOI epartment of the teror, U. S. Land Office, Vaterville, Wash. July 1919. To Joseph Miller of Monse, WasiHng-' ton, Contestee: Yau are hereby notified that Mollie Ward who gives 2302 West Broadway, Spokane, Wash., as his post-office ad- dress, did on June 21st, 1919, file in this office her duly corroborated anpll. cation to contest and secure the cancel- lation of" your homestead entry No ....... Serial No. 016870 made June Its 1917, for W SE4 Section 23, Township .1..North, Range 25 E. Willamette Meri. mn,anu as grounds for her contest she alleges tl)at said' Josepi Miller has n-ver established residence on said land has performed no cultivation thereon, and made no improvements of any kind on ti)e same You are, therefore, "further notified tilat the said allegations will be taken as confessed, and your said entry will be cancelled without further right to be beard either before this office or on ap* )eal, if You fail to file tn this offllve with. n twenty days after the IOURTI-I uhlication of this notieel as shown be- ow, your answer, under oath, spelciflo :ally responding to these allegatioqs of 'ontest, togethert with due proofthat you have served a copy of your answer. on the said contestant either in 1)erson or by rgistered mall, You should state in your answer the name of the.post office to which you desire future notices to be sent' to YOU BEN SPEAR, Register, " s. S BEGGS. Receiver Date of first publication ,)uly 26 1919 Date of secord I)ubllcation Aug. 2 1919 Date of third publication Aug. 9, 1919 Date of fourth publication Aug. 16, 1919 III-Itt ,I IhV., UNDER AND BY' VIRTUE OF A Walt of Order of Sale issued out of the Superior Court of t])e State of Washington holding terms at Okanogan, 3Arashington, in and for Okanogan Coun- ty, on the 26th day of June 1919 and to me directed and delivered, for a Judg- ment rendered in said Court, on the 26ti day of June 1919, in favor of Andrew Zeller and against Dan A. Boo- suet, for the sum of Twenty Seven Hundred Sixty-nine and S6-10 ($2769- 6) together with costs of suit and iri- terest, I have levied on all right, title, claim and interest of said defendant of, in and to the following property, to-w It: "Lot Four (4) 'in Section Eighteen (18) Lots One (1) and Two (2), in I .ection Nineteen (19), all in Township 'l Thlrty'ee (91), North of Range Twen-  ty-flve "(25), East of the Willamette [" Meridian.' .... | NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN. That n the 26th day of July A. D. 1919, ,t ; l0 ofclock A. M. of said day, I willq :all the right, title and interest of Dan A. Bossuot, in and to the ab6Vb described proDerty, or so much thereof as may be necessary to satisfy Plaln- tiff'e claim, besides all costs, interest and accruing costs. The sale will take place at the front door of the Court House, at Okanogan, in Okanogan County, Washington, at public: auction, for cash in hand, to the highest and best bidder. Dated at Okanogan, Okan0gan Coun- ty, Washington, this 26th day ot June, A. ]Y. 1919. HARR'Y E. STARK, Silerlff of Oknnogan County, Waeh,, By E. J. V'ILSON. Deputy. .. fiffINNRY BMITlt, Attorney tot lla-