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July 21, 1922     Quad City Herald
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July 21, 1922

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: :+ .&apos; _: i ,' Suzannc Avengecx .... 00qo00,7 t'.00e Test 00ME00ICXi0000 PAsSIoN P*CS,00Z' Mlle. Susanne Lenglen, tempera- mental French tenni champion, who quit in her match against Molla Bjursted Mallory, American champion, last year, was svenged last week at London when m tile English finals she won over Mrs. Mallory, 6-2, 6-0 At, effort is now being made to have Suzanne come to the United States for a third and deciding match.. WIPING OUT "CAPITALISM"' Over in Russia we have seen the "capitalistic system" wiped out en. tirely. We have seen wealth divi- ded up and industries turned over to the workmen. We have seen the control of an industrial system phi- cod in the hands of the worker who was neither by training nor exper- ience qualified to manage a business We have sf, en, fullowing this, demor- alized factories, industrial stagnation starvation and death. From a program of state owner- ship and the most advanced form of socialism, communism, and soy ietism, we see Russia today, strug- gling to rise above the wreck and ruin of it's industrieS. That, its' .program of dividing up wealth and destruction of capital ha been a failure, is evidenced by'it's phm to invite and permit "foreign- ers" to once again deveolp private properties and private industries in Russia while keeping home enter- prise under government ownership and control. Emma Goldman, A. C. Townley of Non-Partisan League fame, Eugene V. Debs, Samuel Gompers, and the heads of every labor organization in the United States, all of whom ad- vocate govermnent ownership of in.. dustry and so-called "industrial dem- ocracy" have seen what has happen- ed to Ru:,u;,. mder such a prograr None of the radical leaders or wor men would willingly go to Russi and live -- yet they stay in the Un ted States, make a good living her( complain about our institutions an( seek their overthrow in favor of . system that has brought desolatio} and destruction to one of the great es countries in the world. RAIL MOTOR BUSSES. The railroads of the country art going to fight fire with fire. in other words, they are going to fight mote:" bus competition with rail motor bus- ses. Furthermore tbcy are going to fight for equalized taxation l:w which assess the gross-arnings o motor hus lines in proportion to th, assessments levied against other con', men carriers. Motor bus taxes should include  charge for the use of public high- ways. It is unfair to the tax-pay.- er who buih|s an expensive public road, to have this great public con- venience torn t0pieces by commer- elm bus and track lines for private gain. Railroads buy their own right of way, build their own tracks and are among tte ,heaviest tax-layers in ev- ery state. They pionee new coun- try, and make it accessible for th home-seeker. The motor bus lines invarial.ly par allels an eztablisl'led transpor,at(n system and uses a public highway, fIN THE SUP-KIOR COURT OF THE I . } lffOO - O UXOA.XOI STATE OF WASH|NGTON IN. AND FOR lllllllllmllll/l. 'l] Dptrtueat o ths nterlor . OKA NOITA.N COUNTY. t E L- ,. I I U.S. Land Office .At Waterville, Wasf - I,? II ; NOTICE is hereby given that .Frank. LItL"F't-  I iBlair, of Monse, Washington, WhO, on  1 ] August 15. 1917, made AdditloRtfl Homo-.. /-x ' , ,oread EnCry, No. 017072, and on Jan. 9, I* 1921 and Jan. 9 & 12 1922, made Addt- HONEST SALESMANSHIP " I" torral atock-ralslng 'ntries, Nag. 018556 I i 018479 "08&75. for S% Nyo .NIEK IS KEY TO MY SUCCESS--- S NE,, SE N'%,  SWU,:ana i NW% SEA and NE% S]E"MM.4,. ,,, YOU PROFIT BY MY PUB- 'r 31 N, R. 25 E., and S NW,'{iatlr*li LICITYARRANGE DATE NV,2 SW%, See, 19,' T. 31 N.. R: 26 E, , :tlld Lot 4, SEI S,VI, ,.OC. 19, T. $1 N. AT HERALD OFFICE OR It. 26 EWM. and SE SEV,, Section 24 BANK AT BREWSTER, OR NE% NE, Section 25 Township 31 N., Range 25 E.. Wlllamette Meridian. has One farmer was ],card to reh,ark that he used a self feeder in ord(n to get his pigs to marl:eL before th, n:,:ket became glutted, bece, u'e h, could fatten "Lhem quicker. . If there is any available time dur- ing the latter part of July and" all of Atgust, use iL to make apple boxes, if ou et a crop thia ear. ' The Wa,farer will be ready in all 't's amazing beauty for the crowd:; hat will be in Seattle for Wayfarer 4 to 29. Never befor,, Week, July n the histoiy of drama or pageant- , ,.y has such ,a stupendous production )een staged. Ten thousand partic- :pants, it is/expected will take part in the prodnction. ( Of these, there ,,ill be alA'oximately 4,000 traiw .;ingers, 3,000 actors and in th, EASY ON THE FARMERS :inal mareh2of nations there will b," Many farmers who arc 1,:wing Ol. close to 10,000 persons including re' casing state agricultural luuls and .'esentatives of all countries, race zho have had crop tli,l ies thi .'ear are worrying need! :7 abet .he "state's attitude. d Cor. nissioner C. V. Savidg. '- )n wi told a meeting with far in set ions where' crop dam; , as bee ,,,yore anti assure them ,':onal] b'tt the farmers will m  pena ized for this season's i, . 'rl- state cannot bargain to ud sp,., ial favors, but on the o;' state need not drasticaU contracts. And the far tohl that the state will them needlessly. md creeds. This scene alone is do clared to be!the most elaborate an ,:emarkable ever presented to an au ience in modern times. The story 'of The Wayfarer is r ligious, yet thrillingly dramatic. ' ppens with a'wonderfully realist representation of a battle on Flm ,.ier's fields in the Worhi War. T I companies of infantry, a company ( hand t!.'l marines and hunth'eds of others take orce V f part in this episode alone. Frow will b , the captive Jews on the banks of :t har:tv [river in Babylon, down thru the tim of the birth of the Messiah, His tr Titough demands for a:.,ieultur lan(ls are not extensive, t].. applier lions to purchase state tb er lain: are so numerous that pl, ob: ly exr appraisers will have to "e sent o to prepare for the October ::ale. Th timber land demand prob: .ly, wi keep up all the year. MUST SERVE THE FARMERS A disgruntled grain warebousema in the district south of tle Snake river protested against the Depar- ment of Public Works order to sul. mit figures on his business. H: wound up his letter by theatenin: to close his house and declared tha he could write a public service ac! i that would enforce itself automatic . ally. Director E. V. Kuykendall has replied that the warehouse must be kept open for the benefit of far- aers; that even a grain warehouse- man must conform to the law regula- Ling public utilities, but that if he can suggest a self-executing law the department will be pleased to pass it along to the legislature for the de- partment is anxious to receive any uggestions that will improve the egulatlon of public utilities. CAREFUL DRIVING GROWING Reports to the Department of Pub lie Works show that the campaign in favor of careful automobile dri- ving is bearing favorable results. Reports show a decrease in the num- umphant entry in Jerusalem, His cr sifizion, His resurrection and final] ' tile Gohlen Age when all nations be' ' before the Cross the audiences a, carried in a series of amazing setti:;'; A quarter of a milton dollars h: : been spent in scenic and lighting e:'- been spent in scenic and lighting eg- ' fects. The stage in the University of Washintgon Stadium, on whi(h The Wayfarer is presented, is the largest in the world. Twenty thous and reserved seats are available for . each of the six performances. A:- Iprximately 100,000 persons saw this pageant last season and it ts e - pected the attendance will great'y exceed,this figuge in 1922. GOOSE LAKE ITEMS The 4th. of July is gone; most of our people celebrating at either Chelan, Okanogan or Omache Lake. The continued drougth is drying everything up. The fall wheat is a failure; spring wheat almost beyond help. And corn must have rain soon It is thought wild hay too, will be a failure. Mr. Elmer Lewellen spent the week of the 4th. on his ranch here and also took in the picnic at Omache Lake July 4th. Mrs. Muster, Miss Grace and Mas- ter Milton Muster picniced at 0mache Lake on July 4th. Mrs. Coy Perkins and son Charles selebrated the 4th. at Omaehe Lake. Mr. Quigg, and sons Clyde and Earnest spent the 4th. with Mr. and Mrs. Edw. Shaughnessy. They also i W.L. GIIlospie, . Plaintiff. ! 2 , Vs. " R. Tyler;'nnd LitHsn M. Tyler, hl wife an" C. S. Taylor, .. Defondant. THE STATE O1 WASHINGTON: TO C. S. Taylor, Defendant: You are hereby 'summoned to appear within sixty days after the date of the first publication of this summons, to.wit, within sixty days after the eighth day of July, 1922, and defend tbe above entitled action in the above entitled court, and an- swer the complaint of the plaintiff, and serve a copy of your answer upon the un- dersigned attorneys for the plaintiff" at their office below stated and In ease of your fail- ure so to do, judgment will be rendered: against you according to tbe demand of the complaint, which has been filed with the clerk of said court, The object of the above entitled action Is to recover judgment in favor of the plaintiff and against the defendants E. It. Tyler and Lllllan m. Tyler. In the sum of r $2,116.67, besides Interest and to foreclose a mortgage given to secure the payment of said indebtedness and to foreclose all of 'the defendants named in the caption of the above entitled action of any right, and In- terest in and to said mortgaged property, which property is describes as follows: "Lots eleven (11) and twelve (12), Block six (6) of the original plat of Bruster, in Okanogan County, State of Washington." JOHNSON & O'CONNOR, Attorneys for plaintiff, office and Post- office Address, Okanogan, Washington. Date First publication July, 7. 1922. Date of last publication, August 11 1922 Glen E. Myers REPRESENTING THE JOHN A. GELLATLY AGENCY OF WENATCHEE All kinds of Insurance LANE FILES FOR THE BENCH There was a comparatively light first day rush of political candidates when the time for filing declarations of candidacy opened in Secretary of State J. Grant Hinkle's office. One of the first filings, however, aroused some interest. This was made by W. D. Lane who proclaimed himself a candidate for justice of the supreme Court. Lane last year appeared as attorney for the Nonpartisan League when he filed two referendum peti- tions and he filed several initiative bills this year, including the so-called Seattle "Home Rule" bill and anoth- er measure intended to provide for non-partisan election of county and state officers. Lane atracted con- siderable atention during the war, when, as a member of the Seattle city COlmcil, he presided at a ban- quet given Hulet M. Wells and his companions who were about to leave to begin penitentiary service for vi- olating war statutes. ATTACK REPUBLICAN BILLS Antirepublican organizations, mot of them threatening to invade the Re publican primaries this year, during the past week attacked the two Re- PHONE AT MY EXPENSE. filed notice of intention to make Three Year Proof. to establish claim tO the land above described, before Gee. S. Lee ,onse Wn It. S. Land Commissloner, at Okanofan, Wasblngton., on the Ist., day of Aug- . ust. 1922 Claimant names as w4tnesses: C. S. Beamls, Gee. Fleming, and Vlck Marsesaue, all of Olmnogan Washing'ton * tnd Charley Gallarno. of Monse, Wash. NOTIOE FOt UB-XOATION E.K. Frltts Ree,lster. Department of he Xntcror ..... U. S. Land Office at Watervllle Wash. rozCl ]'OZ PIYX, XOJI.Om'. June 5, 1922 lYepartment Of The Interior.  NOTICE is hereby given that James U.S. Land Office at Watervllle Waehf) Otus tmrclay, of M, reuatchee "Wash, who, June. 13 1922 .,m on March 2.1, 1922, m'tde Additional S. NOTICE Is hereby given that Mrs. It. ltomestead Entry Serial No. 018427,, iLuey F. Snlder., Widow of George R. for St.,'% N.V4. Sec 26 SV'A NEt/4 nld'er. leceased, of Monse. Wash.,who Section 26, Township 30N, Range 25 E,. on May 2nd 1917, made Homestead Eft- W? Meridian, has filed notice of Inten- try Serial, No. 01(;62]. for SE I SWt,, tlon to make three year l'roof, to estab- p,% NEV. SW Seetlon 12, Township Ilsh claim to the land above described. 30N. Range 25 East Wltlamette Merld- l)ei'ove Jessie lassett U. S. Commission- tan. has flied notice of Intention to or. aL tJrewster, ,Vash, on the llth day make final three year Proof. to estab- of ,July 1922. [lsh olatm to the land above described, Clainaant names as wltuesses: Etay before Jessie Bassett t S. Com'r,, at l'arclay. Mrs. Hay ]=arcltty, Hobert Nieh- lrowster. VCash.. on 2Oth day of olsen. Frank L. 13urden. all of Wenat- July 1922. once and Harry Warmke, Mrs. Harry Claimant names as witnesses: %Varmke, of Moose %Vaslxington E. K. l,'ritts B.oglster , otlr I'ubllt" dllU Ct}/* % e3 K|lcel o O. L. G| LLE6PI E " H 1'11 12t Ot S s Brawnier. Washintoa , $ WM. AINI. .Mtl't. e Promot &nd Accurate Work : ? ObLAN t)G AN. W ASktl N(3 TO N i : JESSIE BASSETT , * U. S .COMMISSIONER. Land b'illne:s and Proofs ' .* Brewster WIma. * e* e* ** $. * $* e * ** **e , C.R. McKINLEY * PhyuJcian and Surgeon e Brewster. -- Washington. * ** .** e * $ $ Ak , , $ . $ . e e, , * $* $ * $ $ k $ e , , , ** ** e ... . T. P. HOPP. UNDERTAKER ** ** Bridenort. -- Washington. * A Full Line of Caskets and * * Funeral Suophes. * ********************** $$e * ** ** *  $ * $ ** **** RALPH B. K ENISON $ ; , Licensed Embslmer " . / uneraI Furnishings. ; (eorffo Crossland of 12rewster. Wash. and Charles Cml!amo. H, D. Poyneer, Conrnd I. v ulenscllegcr, all : of Monse, Wash. E. K. Frltts. Regisler. Official Guide CONGRESSIONAl. U. S. enators-- Wesley L. Jones, Miles Poindoxter U. S. Repreaentativsl-- John F. Miller, 1st DBltldot. Lindly H. Hadley, Snd DistrleL Albert Johnson, Srd DlstrlcL John W. Summer, 4th District. J. Stanley Webster, 5th District STATE OFFICER8 Governor,-- Louis F. Hart Lieutenant Governor-- W. J. Coyle Secretary of State J. Grant Hinkle 6tare Auditor--- C. W. Clausen 6tate Treasurer--- Clifford L. Babcock Attorney General L. L. Thompson Public Land CommlasioneP-- Clark V. Savidge Insurance Commlsaloner- H. O. Fishbaek uperlntendent of Instructlon Josephine Corless Prstom Hydraulic Englneee-- Marvin Chase COUNTY OFFICER8 Judge Superior Court-- C. H. Neal =3herlff-- E. J. Wilson Clerk of Court-- %Vill Wright Auditor.--. ber of accidents at railroad crossings Stage lines this summer are showing extreme caution in approaching the railroad tracks. Stage operators are under state control and obliged to be cautious, and their care is being endorsed by travelers. While uniform legislation will be recommended in Western states, of- ficials believe that a long and pains- taking educational campaivn will be moreeeffective than leg: ;l ' ion. The upport of the imblic scllJl' is cred- .ed with having a far- ring e: fcct while the newspap. '.re dt elated to be responsible most c Ll, e success of the ca, drivin; campaign. FLAG AT THE F;; .-S Under the law of 192:, e Ame] ican flag must; be disph; d at a polling places in the SepLe nber pr maries and November ele.c"on.. O ricers who furnish elect,i,)' suplic must see that flags are sup qied. Money is not plentiful bis yem picnieed at Omache Lake. Mrs. Shau- ghnessy is a daughter of Mr. Quiggs Our Postoffice has been allowed, and Mrs. L. Shaughnessy is our pro- posed Post-mistress is going to Omak on Monday to fix up bonds etc. Then our postoffice of Kartar will be es- tablished. It will be a great help to people here. Mr. Sam Peasley went to Okano- gan last week to be with Mr. Peas- ley and will work in the apple thin- ning while there. AUTO LICENSE RUSH CONTINUES Despite the fact that the year half gone, the rush for new mote,. vehicle 'licenses continues heav Last year' s record was passed be:r:o} the first of July, but new licenm are in as great demand this nlOm as they were in May and June. S'm '.officia, believe enforcement of t] license laws is partially responsib; publican bills designed to safeguard the direct primary, which will be on the November ballot. These bills, wMch provide for party registration, legalize party conventions, provide for filing party platforms with the Secretary of State, and oblige can- didates to pledge support to party pledges merely offer a means of mak ing effective a provision that always has been in the primary law. The direct primary statute provides that if a voter is challenged he shall take an oath that he intends to "affiliate with said party at the ensuing elec- tion and intends to support its can- didates generally." This provision, has been evaded in the past but the new bills would make it less likely that people would invade a pay primary to which they did not be- long. I " ,Many prizes are offered each yeaxl at the fairs for agricultural products: !it will pay the farmer to study the I premium list and enter a g99d!y lot of his best farm crolSs. then why let the fakers rm, Je:cou, , for the big incresae but are at a Io'; I *x y ]!airs this year. Keep uie money to explain why the rush keeps up  . Ice cream is a valuable food and ,t home. long. should not be considered a luxury. Pateros.  Washington . m , FIRE INSURANCE ** : T-et 10'1 wZlto that pOllOy fez e* yOU today .... We r@present only Oom/ol, wllloh pay 100 ,oe,tll Or, ovoz dolla of ]osg S . THE RlCli-GO E h R'" ** AGENCY " nil,|:E w-, WAII]EZMG.O.J" ,: t oso. oI'* * uea****** B. BURKE :  uCT IOb'F-E:H d rCrl,* : t; . 3+CEt IL-.,,c.-j--rfTl/l %il / ) Jl '"h;xIIIII I  ' " ( I .,a ALL KINDS BUILDING ' H'  ,)a.oRan and Drewster s It ILLA.%tk laMII o-. 00:-flll I -. ..... .-.....-...-." .++.o+,, rll <00llllll ? I ..................... ": YAIeM AI.IS & I'bJCIAI.TY 8ATISFACTIUN  UAItANTID MaRe Datee at this or[lee or at ,, ', t;;;LSC"IION YOU WOUL I.|IKF..) f ++i+ gt]//! The Bank e.aa*****-s * ****,s,,'o ",*+" i a t a* e a e* ** $ , * *  ** $* **$ e THE MODERN WAY 1)011111 OIIT WO, w s OKANOGAN STEAM LAUNDRY . L tro]tl2ff, Pt)pe--'H Y'. 8:11 e ',We Guarautee Satisfaction | e, Brewster Aeney Paree Poet paelagee mu amottt to 0 nts to lnetlre r turn lmmtli,i Jas. H. Silverthorn Treasurer-- Dale S. Rice Attorney Chas, A. Johnion Asseasoe--- O. B, Fore 8hcool Superlntsndsnt M. Brinkerhoff EngineeP-- D. C. Warfel Coroner--- Lorenzo S. Dewey, M. D. Commluionerl--. J D. Hubbard, 1st District. Amos Stokes, Snd DlstrleL R. A, Nixes, 3rd DIstHcL State Senator,-- H. D. McMillen State Representltlve E. P Banker CITY OFF!ClAL8 MayoP-- W I,, (Hllesple Councilme n M E. Alexander W. J. McCormick Clay D. Parker U P. Proelss I Treagurer--- Prs. J. E. Bassett Clty C[erk Mrs Alma Greaves Pohce JudQs. -.SCHOOL DIRECTeR Alma Greaves A. A. Whitlnger Peter McPherson 111 I! DOWELL. The Barber RAZOR8 SHARP O O 1st. Itave your barber hone add. strop them. 2nd. Oil blade and wrap 1 |ilk paper, 3rd Have the barber do your shaving. BATHS ARE CHEAPER THAN DOCTORS. TRY OURS.