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July 5, 2001     Quad City Herald
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July 5, 2001

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Page 2 July The following articles are not necessarily the views of the Quad City Herald or its employees. 5. 2001 Quad City. Herald BY ADELE FERGUSON So how do we get the Legislature to do the people's business when members return July 16, instead of lollygagging around for another 30 days? Call them in at 9 o'clock in the morning, call the roll, salute the flag, pray and then recess for an hour. When they return, once a quorum is present, recess for another hour. Never let them out of sight for more than an hour and call them back in the evening for a nice cozy roll call and a recess until, say 10 o'clock and then maybe 11 and adjourn at midnight. Do that every day until they're so tired of it. the breakup will come. Never give them enough time off to get out to the golf course or for the King and Pierce County folks to slip up home and work in their offices in the mornings or afternoons. Never let them go on weekends. The problem with this plan, of course, is that the people in charge of what's going on in the Legislature, the ones who do the calling back, recessing, etc are the chief culprits in keeping the 2001 Legislature in Olympia for one 105 day session and two 30-day get-togethers already. 11 is clear to all now that when the House ended up 49-49 again, the co-Speakers should never have been allowed to cut adeal whereby each has the power to kill any legislation he doesn't like by refusing to let it come to a vote. Republican Speaker Clyde Ballard doesn't like the Senate version of the blanket prinary bill so it wound up in the House graveyard right next to a bill Democratic Speaker Frank Chopp doesn't want that paves the way for the start of construction of a second Tacoma Narrows bridge. Gov. Gary Locke wants them to raise taxes to pay for $10 billion in transportation improvements but Republicans don't like to raise taxes. They'll have to he given something they want badly to take the risk, which appears to be doing away with the prevailing wage law, Since that is regarded by labor the way Moses regarded the Ten Commandments. l'd say theR's better get it in writing from the governor that he wouldn't veto the bill after everybody' s gone home. He did, you'll remember, promise labor to veto any bill labor didn't like. As for the media. I've been disappointed by newspapers' failure to let readers know the attendance record of lawmakers, particularly during the two special sessions. There've been a lot of empty seats as bored or busy-elsewhere legislators split the scene. Most, I'm told, notified the accounting office of absences and did not collect their $82 per diem expense money. When I was a reporter covering the Legislature, I told my readers every time their legislators were among the missing. and where they said they'd gone. Newspapers should report the names of absent lawmakers of their area since some make a habit of it. Anyway, back in those days, I dealt with the boredom of most of the business going on behind closed doors by writing songs, well, not songs, but lyrics to somebody else's music, and on occasion I was invited to sing them from the rostrum of House and Senate, during recess, of course. This one was sung to the tune of"Just You Wait" from "'My Fair Lady." "" J ust you wait, legislature,just you wait. You keep staying here and it will be too late, Better get your act together, or you'll soon smell tar and feathers, just you wait, legislature, just you wait. "Better move, legislature, better move. It's about time you got your act in the groove. Or we'll soon see in your places, 98 (49) new smiling faces, better move, legislature, better move. "'Oh. legislature, better pack your things and move on down the road. Oh, legislature, if I could I'd turn you all into a toad. "'If I catch you in an alley, it could be your grand finale, just you wait, legislature, just you wait." Take heart, folks. When the Legislature gets itselfintoa mess like this, just when it seems it couldn't get any worse, it suddenly comes together h's time for that. (Adele Ferguson can be reached at P.O. Box 69, Hansville, Wa 98340.) 'S isn't in the record books By Doa C, Brtmen anywhere else in the record books, integrate baseball-we included girls. Prtsidt tAssociatlon of Ripken'sbiggestlegacyiswhathemeant Our baseballs were often held Washington B usiness to the game of baseball, togetherwith eleclfician's tape and our When haseball's best gather for the Cal Ripken, Jr. played baseball baseball mitts were community all-star game at Safeco Field. all eyes because he loved it, every minute of it. lm:Verty.Butwedidn'tcare;weplayed will he on Cat Ripken, Jr the game's YOU never heard or read about Call baseball because we loved it. modern day "iron-man." Ripken, Jr. in a contract dispute. He Cat Ripken, Jr. loved baseball as Ripken, who has played his entire 21- didn't charge for autographs, they were much or more than we did. And when year professional career with the part of the game. You never saw him he says his goodbye on September 30 Baltimore Orioles, will retire at the end dogit on the field because he was ticked inYankee Stadium-the very sameplace of the season. He is best know for at the manager, his fellow players or the Gehrig said his goodbye more than shattering Lou Gehrig's streak of 2.130 owners, half a century ago-you have to wonder consecutive games, a record many Cat gave his all-all the time. if what he brought to the game will thought would never be broken. Ripken Growing up in Butte, the kids on our survive. holdsthenewrecordat2,632consecutive block played sandlot "baseball every In these days of big money ball games, night during the summer, players and temperamental superstars, You can read about all of Ripken's We'd argue over whose team wouldit's easy to be pessimistic about the records on the Orioles' web site be the Yankees or the orioles, andsince future of baseball. But then you look (2L~. com), but you won't there weren't enough boys in theat the 2001Seattle Mariners, andyou see his biggest contribution there or neighborhood, we were the fhst to fully begin to believe all over again. jobs-equal opportunity employer Do you have sons and daughters that attend Bridgeport schools, on July 23~ 2001 there will be a school board meeting, I have asked to he put on the agenda. to ask the board and administrators of Bridgeport, concerns that are very unfair to our community and students that attend Bridgeport schools. Before I inform you of this concerns, I want to ask for some understanding from the ones that, might get offended, if you're one that will get offended put yourself where we, the rest of the community are and then you might understand what looks to he very unfair. CONCERN there were six job openings at the Bridgeport School District. for six students to work six hours four days a week this summer, only eight students applied, so eight students were hired, which is very nice for this eight students;~, the only problem is that why only eight students applied? And seven of the eight : are related to an employee of the Bridgeport School District, also two of the, students don't even attend the Bridgeport School District. I have asked parents and students of Bridgeport, if they were aware of these jobs, not one of the parents. or students thai I asked knew anything about jobs at the school. Four questions we stamld ask our administrators and ~hool board members- - 1. Was this job opening posted? If yes, was it visible to all the Bridgeport students? 2. Why only students that were related to Bridgeport school employees, except one were hired for these job openings? *.t 3. And why did we hire students that don't attend our school district? 4. And why do the same students that were hired last year were hired again this, year? I think we have plenty of students that if they had been told of these job: opportunities, would have applied. I am very disappointed, as part of this:, community, I feel that if the school dismct is only going to inform us when they: ~, need our support and keep job opportunity only to school employees sons and daughter, I will not support our school district, "also now I understand why some of this communitv, sends their children to other school districts. We need ~ exl~lanation for these concerns, and a policy so this will not happen : again, also an investigation if there was any wrongdoing. Lupe Martinez .: School to work v Dear Editor, l'm writing to thank the business partners of the Quad-City area who have',' contracted with the Brewster School District in the School-to-Work programf During my career as the coordinator of this program, I came to realize the importance of what this alliance meant to the students and staff at Brewster Higl3 School, the parents of these students, and the businesses. As I leave this positiog:; to further my education, I am asking that each of the partners mentioned here will continue t support this worthwhile program. This program is funded by the special levy for another year, as I understand it. but after that it may be cut because of lack of funding. That would be a tragedy for the student at BHS, Please support this program by talking to the school administrators and the school board members of your interest in keeping this program as a viable part of the education of our children. Thank you. ~' Sincerely, DebbieKlrk '~q~ From the pages of the past b' Achievement test scores at Brewster Proficient readers can deduce the High School and Junior High have meaning of words they don't know been pretty low the last few years, from the context. But reading is a lot of Principal Randy Phillips had a work for people who don't read well. stronger word for it. "Every word is something to be thought "'Our test scores are pitiful7 he said. abouL" But the test scores are really One of the solutions was to add a symptoms of a deeper problem, and class devoted entirely to reading. It district officials have made major uses a computer program to diagnose changes to the high school and junior areas of weakness, prescribe remedies, high schedules in an effort to addressiL and measure progress. The classes will The 90-minute classes have been heunderthedirectionofateacherhired dropped in favor of seven 50-minute to teach reading only. "We're going to classes, although some classes will be put every kid we can into those twoperiodslong.Readingandtutoring programs. We're going to run that lab classes have been added to the schedule 24 hours a day if we can." (The costs for kids who need more help with willbepaidwithmoneyfrominitiative specific subjects. 728, approved by voters last fall,) In And a lot of kids do need help with facL"that (reading)hasbeenthedriver" their reading, Phillips said. It is not that behind the schedule changes, Phillips they don't know how to read. but they said. "'Fifty-minute slots work for the don't read as well as they should for reading program." their grade level. "When they're in Teachers will be in charge of the seventh grade, they're (reading) at tutoring classes; kids who need heip in fourth grade level," Phillips said. And math can get it from math teachers, reading impacts every other class, from while kids who need help in science or math to science to shop. history can get it from science and As a result those students spend a lot history teachers. The idea is to help of time trying to catch up. Some of kids who have fallen behind get the them don't make it, and drop out of credits they need to graduate. school completely. "We need to do Under the four-period schedule, something about the lack of ability to students took completely different read," Phillips said. classes each semester.But Phillips said Inreading, likebasketballorbasebalL some classes, like math, music and practiceiscritical, Afterawhile,Phillips foreign languages, are more effective said, people learn how to shoot a if taught year-round. But longer class basketball or throw a football, and periodsworkbetterforshopandspecial perform the motions automatically."If education classes, or computer labs. As you've done something hmg enough, aresult.someclasseswillhetwoperiuds youdon'thavetothinkaboutdoingit." (100 minutes) long. All junior high Staff and program cuts anticipated for Brewster Schools Classified staff cuts and cuts in the layoff of some teachers, although programs including sports are among those who were laid off have been the possibilities facing BrewsterSchool rehired as other teachers retired or got District officials in the 2001-0'2 school new jobs. Enrollment also determines year. classified positions, but classified staff Brewster School Board membersisnothireduntiltheschoolyearbegins. approved a preliminary budget at the The high school cross country and regular board meeting Wednesday, golf programs, which have few June 27. participants, may be cut, Kelly said. DistrictsuperintendentJimKellysaid The girls tennis program was revived enrollmentisestimatedtobeabout914 this year with a volunteer coach and students, down from 945 in the 2000- parents providing transportation, and it 01 school year. That already provoked Cont'd on pg 9 classes will be 50 minutes, but kids who need extra instruction in a subject will be assigned two class periods. "We're hoping that will help our kids that are struggling." Phillips said some elective classes, including advanced biology, had to be dropped in order to accommodate the schedule changes. But electives have been added in other subject areas, he said. Quad City Herald Estololished 1901 Ike Vallance Editor & Publisher Doris Vallance Office Manager Win. E. Vallance Associate Editor Rhonda Taylor Subscriptions John Cleveland II Sports Cheo'l Schweizer Staff Writer Michele Humborg Ad Design Fred Hanke Printer Published every week on Thursday at Brewster. Washington. Entered as periodocals matter at the Post Office. Box 37 in Brewster, Okanogan County, Wash- ington 98812. Telephone (509) 689-2507. Periodicals postage paid at Brewster, Wash- ington USPS 241-920. Postmaster, please send change of address to Quad City Her- aid, Box 37, Brewster, Washington 98812. 1 YEAR SUBSCRIPTION Okanogan $20.00 Washington State $24.00 Out of State $29.00 Out of Country $35.00 Single Issue 50 Subscriptions must be paid in advance. Nott,', 0(Church tmtt, rtainmmts where an admission fee b charge, cards of thanks, retohmthm d omdokmtt e notlt~ Intended to premote private Imsl~ of~my kind mu~ be paid fer at rellukr rate;. July 8, 1921 July 5, 1951 July g, 1971 Mr. and Mrs. Hoke Smith are the Tad Foyle, who has been s~ving in RetirementofChadesD.0Vlac)McC'lain, Immdparentsofahealthylitfledaughter the Mariners for the past year, is Bridgeport, has been approved by the born early Friday morning, expected home in the near future. Civil Service Commission. Don Millberry retumed from Tacoma Miss Carol Washburn, daughter of Hardold W. Lamberton, M.D, the later part of the week and will reside Mr. and Mrs. Emie Washburn, suffered Brewster, has been re-elected to active under the parental rooftree for awhile, a severe cut in the instep of her foot membership in theAmericanAcademy The Withrow Banner enters into the while swimming at Conconully of General Practice, the national ninth year of existence. Now if we had reservoir, association of family doctors. known about it Dre'r Murray and ye Cecil Lindsey, who has been serving SonjaandTammy Fosterand Diane editor could have had a joint birthday, as deputy chiefofpolice, was appointed BrownleespentaweekatCampZanika We could have gotten a keg of "far BrewsterChiefofpolicethisweek, when Lache at Lake Wenatchee. from beer" and had a glorious old time AI Watson, the former Chief resigned. Gale Morigeau and Jean Foster of iL We are sorry the Banner has fell Mrs. JackTarbell has taken aposition attended the Leader's Luncheon ~ off the fence on the democratic side, with the Pateros pharmacy. Camp Zanika Lache and we~ but as the paper is way past the Mr.andMrs.AmieBohringermoved accompanied by Trim, Darby, Kim,i swaddlingclothesperiodofjoumalism to Kennewick Saturday. Loft and also Tim Harvey. :! we cannot take him to task. The Banner A birthday party was held at the Brewster juniors win again :~ is a power in Douglas County affairs homeofMrs, DickBennettinhonorof defeating Waterville 7-6. Teani? and we trust that Mr. Murray will not Stevie Bennett's 4.h birthday. June 20. members are Mac Gebbers, Butch: turn his vitriolic pen ioose upon us. We Guests present were Mrs. Jack Kirk. Sinclair, Mike Webster, Ron Sheets;! promise to be good. Johnny and Judy, Mrs. Pat Troutman RonLewis, ScottBrowning, BobJones~ July 4, 1941 and Julie, Mrs. Bob Lilly and daughter Tiger Marlin, Mike Brown, ~: Fourteenyouths,21 yearsoldanswered Marsha, and Mrs. Lois WesterdaM. Wick, Dale Riggan and Phil MadderL tbedraftinBrewster, Tuesday. Eight of Carole Grant and Carol Sloan July9,1981 them were ~ and six were transient, returned Sunday from Girls State held Dennis Hellie has started an ak Bud Schmidt, Gien Mamma, Bert Wick the past week in Ellensburg. conditioner service in Mansfield. and Duane McGuire of Brewster;, Tom July 6, 1961 Pizza Plus a business opened July 4~ BakerofMonse;Sterling(Pat)Troutman Among 1500 more new students by Mary Cooperand Linda Luthi. of BridgeportandChas Wm. Burgess listed having been admitted to ThomasA.Heath, BrewsterandVanessai and Frank Accord of Pateros were the Washington State University are the M. McLean, Mansfield have been listed local boys. following Palricia O'Day, Bridgeport; on the President's Honor Race for the TheStevensPass-SunsetHighway Kathryn Ricketts, Pateros; Martha springsemesterattheWashingtonS~ Associationrecentlypassedaresolution Emillie Jensen, Richard Milan Snell, University in Pullman. asking that the road from Leahy. Mansfield. Father Joseph Bill is the new pastor throughBridgeporttoBrewstertomeet Mansfield Girls 4-H Club and at Sacred Heart Catholic Church, State Highway No. 10 be completed as Mansfield Boys Livestock 4-H Club Brewster and St. Anne's in Bridgeport soon as possible. This association has members that attended the County4-H replacing Father David Brmnbach. worked for this feeder to the Stevens camp last week at Camp Delaney at TheRev.JohnK.Burleson,pastorof Pass for the past several years and SundayLakesStateParkwere:Timmy the United Methodist Church in members of the organization stated in Hicks, Donny and Penny Matthiesen, Bridgeport for the past three years has Brewster last week the proposed Kay, Gloria and Thresa Marchand, been transferred, The new pastor will highway, 10D is an important link in David and Carol Avenell, Pamela be the Rev. James M. Lane. the highway system of this state. Hicks, Melanie Gailaher, Jill and JeffSmithandGooffBrownattended Thelma, Curtis,BettyMonisandGene Marvell Harper, Nancy Maw, Marcy a week long Boy's State Convenfion in Curtis were Okanogan visitor Monday. Black and Marlys McGrath. Elleusburg. Mrs. Myrtle Gamble, Morrell Chaperones were Mrs. Claude James Hemmer, Boy Scout Troop Gamble, Irene Smith and Scoff Hull Marchand, Mrs.E.D.HarperandMrs. 24ofMansfield.willattendthenational motored to Wenatchee Tuesday.Howard Black. Boy Scott Jamboree at Fort A.P. Hill E.C.Snyderhasreceivedwordthata An efficient service record of near Frederichkburg, Virginia. son has been born to his daughter and approximately 20 years as town clerk Thursday night men's score at Lake son-in-law, Mr.andMrs. HomerGrace of Brewster will come to a close this Woods. Dell Therriault and Howard of Tacoma. Mrs. Snyder went over month when Mrs. Myrtle GamblePiccard tied, low gross. Dennis Hardie about two weeks ago to be with her officially moves from that post. Mrs. and Jim Howard, tied, low net. Keith daughter. Harvey Jewett is expected to be named Denson and Jack Roberts, tied, 2~low Time is like money; the less we have for the office, having been assisting gross. Corky Taber, closest pitch shot, of it to spare the farther we make it go. Mrs. Gamble recently. Jed Morris, closet to pin.