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June 18, 1981     Quad City Herald
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June 18, 1981

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, '\\;\ Pal mt 4 JUIIEllL 19111 Ouild City HArllill / ,ll.llli.i li  - . -.-- ---'LT--:-T-:-:L:-*::: Logo ,':,o- **, -=;oca.on- mp m the cmD and she urges .... side look at the lives of three M:',a,o'"',," h me: tained by calling Gary Jones ster. AAI.J ...S A 1 11tJ a I 1,7 A. . K.K a meetin t'amaune of Holy Trinity g at the home of Jan Wilson; Lakeland CfiVifieSutnello , ann mls evening eXtschedules meetinn o S has decided t raise funds to h " " ", .' 66"'*-- ,9 "-- " T e Jr. women s t;lu is Washington Apple tom- Bridgeport provide covered bleachers o en to all women interested Kids comln to (=llelan mission directors will con-  " Valley ,o the swimming pool area i the im-rovement oi their .... g t;ommissloners will ..... " P A two-nour tull-scaie trom the memocrs of this Blue Spruce Realty, Kelly s duct .a special meeting in discuss re a v The second meeting of the r'mns as y now o__accomp- .comna uni.ty as well as.warl.t- musical production ', of cast," and continues, Hardware or at thedoor eame Friday, aun e iv, at tlsin- -'P-rs- --' d er- newly formed Okanogan Hsh^. thi goaL.^wzll be ins to oecome acuvety "Kids" will be performed "They're working very hard Proceeds are for the tour the corporam neaaqunrers g pmm aria review ex- Valley Doll Club will be held ,,,,uv.-u ., -,- -=,. acquaimeo with other youn : , , or m " . g Thursday, June 18, at the in this .ncredible produc- group s ,,xpensos with the of_e Coion a_dver- P .marketing strateg/es Thursday:June18.. th:eomgeTUofedoaaJeUu6n at, women n the area. F urth. er Chelan Grade School at7 tion]" excess going to the presiding using agency = tor me commgyear, ne said. ,ccoramg to ancy at 7 m ' J mtormauon, may oc ootainea p.m.. coming from the San Ti k .... . Bishop's Fund for World Weber, according to Chair- The meeting will begin at Swezey, a lot of interest is P. . by calling Cathy Greene or Fr-,,'oo n ...... .rh, c em are avauame at St. Rlif man Ben Parsons of 9:30a.m. be shown by doll collec- The group will aLSO par- BonmeHouse. rmmiPnl whh.,h toY=. o..-, Andrews Epmcopal Church, .^_^., .......... .... all tocomeandjoin. Tr;nnln "|tt neigh_bo.rhoodfamilies, from eian"'hamer"'Ofc . at St. Andrews Episcopal Jl'O gTr "/'n..ursaays meeting will be A. IIU|IIIV %./llAtJ akldspointofview, isbeing ' Church in Chelan. 1 1,., m, m AJ.w L4sg.. a seven o clock at the home -- sponsored by the Episcopal .... --* II II of Ruby Belouslk in Brew- names committees Diocese of California. (.hildron h,'nr,rl meerlng changes Triangle Club officers held Geraldine Elllott;Publlelty, The Reverend Jeffrey The Okanogan County Rescheduled W.d __ .............................. C00u00c. Men,o at Methow Church Community Actton Board of nendnv .T.= 9d .i. i'hA  ..... rrt:muet t,orrame rau-icz wtlage, hum rsler ann ........... ..... ._. ._.., ._: ........ 00ranoe to appoint committee Florence Schutter; Zada t;am.orma, .wrot.e m me Children's Day was Evening schedule was u__.,....?_=,= I.- American beglon Hall, - chairmen for the coming Wise, Dorothy Kline and music anu yncs tor. me recognized in the Methow changed for the summer pon,d uue to t.",xmit.'t wttu ction Moses Lake Conference on Okanogan, w .t Ieore t/'t club year. The following Phylhs Meyer; Campfire, Pr,..U2or,: aumrJet.,n Evangelical Methodist with band practice at 7, un- .T,,n,W q,,a rim. =v,.,, Lv were named: Chaplain, llaRenner. ?-. -,,??v-,,-,-.,,- t;nurcn June 14, with a der the direction of Pastor ................ " L _   Martha Ervin; Historians, The nroram committee is nawng wrkten, music .for special sermon address to Bradshaw and Evening [1OS[ alnner Ida Shaw and Minnie Mar- comprised of vice-president ..three other major proauc- the raising of clfildren and Worship at 7:30 with band 1'... A=.I ..I, .... L..J..1..J Losers feed the winners chesseau; Courtesy, Elsie Dorothy Kiine, Ila Renner uonsasweu. _ ...... cupcakes were given to all accompanying the singing. U }L 'MU  l t |ILILUt[Li tonight at Brewster Kirk and Florence Schutter; and Fayabelle Stranne. lcripc - anu_aaumonal children present.  .. , ...... A nreviouslv scheduled R.=ffigtm. m,h ^.- , . ,,,, Gran,' Fie.t m,rnmr Ways and Means, Madeline The first eoffee hour of the yncs .aDyuavta. tto,wno The junior members were .r.a.mer s uay wm feature ---- ..... - ................... a.. o,, :w - o-, .............  . recenuy recewea nis reco nlzed and Mar J cnuaren conaucting much of course of First Aid ciasses to tel0'00 Mends and meeting at 6:30 at Wiisons Arden and Ruthie Shaw, summer is to be tomorrow g y o ....... , ys Thurs- .... ParP .... ,^._ ,...,, ,.,.^.. ...,,I.  ........... masters in education from Trim %Ined as a unior the service in honor of their ne [augn[ bY JOe daml longllouse. =.utamu, zvzyt (rtmy) win, z-uymn meyer e,-z^-a vv_=. -:,.. --J _ J J ._,- v ..... ,.,._ ,__. =.__ __ "-" r,,__..._,__ _, ,._ ,__,. Gamble. S,eclal E,,ents an d L=no v,bo,, ,, o-uu umvermy mm m member miners. zuuulmut, orew;ster,  umt:umuu u[ me [urw- , v . ,, ,  --,.,..,., --v... 7 ,.v- now tm,,htno " / been rescheduied to begin Those who particlpate will eomlng state meetlng will be Anna Stern, Hilma Pryor, hostesses at P : 30. ;]i,'::--.='.:o...,., is.^ ( ....... ::::,-:_-:_: _ .......... t j . -- = ,,,,,, =..,u.., , nana m. m t;asn IS pelter Insn a une29, earn a State IndnstrlaIFirst held and other business ehl]d , ,, , ,,- ooo  ........... - ......... | Classes ,-ill h ha ** Aid.. taken , d  Jr ;:-::- ----'. -. --, _: i tarage ruu m [#on eeds. Dim oa-,au/ | .................... LO ramer r'amauae, weve .............................. :---- cal 00asons tri .... - ................................... ea o create an exhuberant,yet sensitive Mansfield Rebekahs take degrees piece of entertainment," ad- I NOW . ,,B I ded David Ross Vital issues, I  __ ,  --, __ __ Bill Wood of Brewster and degrees. The degrees are . . . ' .. l _-- ..LF/L , l SUCh as single paren[ nomes, nonnr Vast Nnhlo (.;,v,nd,= Roy Hublitz of Pateros at- working toward the 32nd ....... l Am'_ # VIJ '-Jt@' " l mv. q. 6 lVVdli%lll qlllllilLIIAlIJIillllill filndlid the Mn#mnio Vnrk mermarnage aria marlial I B'_IidVEEIEJ . 1" _ I / ..................... de ree of the Masonic roblems are examined in " Mansfield Rebekah Lodge as the candle lighters, Assembly. Rlte inWenatcheeSaturday. . g _ .. p. . . I I/IR/II W Y. l recently held a meeting with Eleanor Peele and Nits ......... HubUlg took the Roval Arch tage.ommenaremem- themumcm, s m'Eiiwrvv ., II Noble Grand Helen Kemp, Pinger, pinning on corsages, _unae.r Ineyooa. t rne and Council degrees with bers of Columbia '-eNo The music has an up-beat I Vv" - l honoring Past Noble Grands. and Judle Bluemer and uer, No.metJranapresen. Wood taking Council 193 in Bridgeport ----o style, sure to get those toes a I T:.._ ,-,..,.... I ma neryl :ggetx w]m a eor ta in Orchestrated b .aRiiJy vJuJo Each P.N.G. was presented SherylEggettpaseedoutthe - " ill be " PP g" y |  ay v u   | a silk flower corsage made gifts. Fourteen P.N.G.s sage, as ..neryl w . ,'7____J_1:_ 11_ e__ . musical director Bret l For --m/ l by the Noble Grand. were honored, mo..vmg, mmenearm[urem XOUm cnozr tO Bullock, It promises lovely l "-" \\;\\\\'IP' l Lodge Representative . . . , . ballad sounds to the more I RED RASPBERRII= I was amo then" ht to honor , ,, ........ A candle lighting Dorothy Murison read rug nll-l'tl Itln ronsing and zany I .................  l r a her During the social hour a ].,l/k.l&lll III, Cast membe " ce emony w s held with up-  fllat are to be acted '. ...... rs range in | u,  n  .- ,-.  I propriate readings by Noble on at Rebnkah Assembly care, gttt an.a nanercmet The Brewster Assembly of present a puppet show and a age from 12 to 18 years and l n I , IK/-M  K  l Grand, then each P.N.G. in Jtdv, in Seattle She was snowerwasgzvenneryt. God Church will host the concert in song. Pastor Bill according to Jodi Corwin, I _ . _ Wrtli, l was given a. grit. Noble.. wanting" the feeling" s of the Refreshments were eerved --sYUrthFri--Chirni ..... from Anacor-t Long oneXtends a welcome to director,. "I am continually I TelephoneTele hone 689 2- 439 No689- No MorningMorn" Calls I te cmy grit, June zu, a every e. amazes at the dedication Grand was assmted by yu- Sisters on resolutions, so she by Geneva and Floyd ......... / p m me youm Wlll ney Troy and Rose Tupllng would know how to vote at Avenell. : " Fly-ln breakfast SpokaneRebeccas I D00#nrno l00lartthart00,00- - - l L Tun00n I ..... I U.LGI UO IIIGI t, llall tO I *r---- ..... ..... r .... ' ..... Mrs. 1llz,th Sandrg a g b . ............. ................ ..... ' .............. ' ......... ' ........... .............  ": .... The Klwanis Club of Twisp hold anopenhouseincon. hosted the Rchecca Circle Dorothy Timm and Ruth I will hold their 30th annual junction with the breakfMt, from Central Lutheran Wildermuth from Hope  iEiPil'lilPtii'i'llPt ,o,,ss tJ' i Fly In Breakffi June U, Diapys of smokeumper Church in Spokane, Lutheran Church ao atten- I, W lbUIli VUU ]   I 19111 at Inter-city Airport. equipment and stone demon- Tuesday, June 9. ded the gathering with the I ! , ........ I ....... - --  I l A breakfast of hotcakos, stratlons of smokeJumper Ten ladles motored to Spokane guests. I I Let i  I sausage and eggs will be technklues will be open to Brewster for their monthly _ . . I I __,^,_^,_., I . - " served frorn 7.00 am to thepubllc1i:00a.. .... meeting and Bible stUdMrs. Sandberg was a mere- There will be a "o i [ Y' Dakota plcric to#cuter te Gill. Line... e,,.,, I The North Cascades All flyers and non flyers her of this Circle before she Picnic" for *P *"-'e- r are hlvl =" ," ..... SmokeJumpe Base will also ted to atten moved to Brewster one ear Y resldents of North a South l00llt iiP=tl l-'lanTS-.NowCarrylngWatkn'P;ou'; I i Dakota, Sunday, Jurte 28, I0 il U I"'I I  " .-, _ _,_ .-i-.- = _ _.. I * a.m. to 5 p.m. at Franklln II   - Church Council attends dinner Park, Dlvislon and Queen la Iold Natlonal Bank I ....   :.. I" lol?'a ?TI. -  I I Sacred Heart Catholic held at the Steak House in Mrs. Frank Webster, Mr. Slxlmne, (a  No I _ . _ " I Church Parish council Bridgeport, Wednesday, and Mrs Mike Isensee Mr town). I 'ater0s Branch I, ,, .................. , ...... - _ members attended a dinner June10. and Mrs: Bud SmRh, roi For further information l II'/ll[!illllll! ,:!1:II ltYI fl!I,YYYI Y A ,YYIO YtYI Those on the council at- Hasten, Alice Michel, Mary call. Mrs. Lloyd Stokes in _.._._ II/';il!ll /, :1 iUli4& 14/ ;;. lno,-., ,.-.-I tendlng were, m'. and Mrs. Oswald, Dave La Vallle, Bob poxane.  If!hllll/INlll!/ll] ' ll'ltll.o ..,,i ,.,. Frank R..lchert; Mr. and Relchert and Father David r s.aretobringthelr [ Roundtable i IIl/t,ll I [1 II  * Commercial Open 7 days * Ranches I .....  .......... mrs. t;nucltM,orrls, ivlr. and Brumbach. ovmptcmclunchformeaffdr. , ' , , Kirk leR Friday. June for -*" "--" ....... ------- .... -- ....  i Restaurant i l[Olil|i| I-----ll l/ * Recreat,onal Call Anytime * Orchards ! Rlchland but ezpodenced a |  .... S; ...... ! ti],lill: |11/ . Residential * Investments I bltofcardlfflctye.nrou. I ......  I . . .  la 11 lOoOerROOll dlll'gi]l, ]lll De, Juhi-Sroker Phone923-2231 I Accoramg to uoromy, l lgUPiNIr A]llllflfl/lll 4 llSqkl I- "-" ...... 'III|UTIIP'II[Iiil il9/ i they were but eight blocks  Vl'illii , Tel, l--m- ./tnl I FinestFoods&Ddnks I J,illl/!.i[ll, l, lll' Il/ 162 WARREN AVENUE PATEROS, WASHINGTON 98846 frmtheirdestiatinwhen 1 r III )ITII  " ' the car gave out. Rlchland Police however, came to their rescue, driviug them to P ateros thvfme/rEan 'ssnand 1 W=IlUU mUll II  llllllUll ,_) (,ll :Laundromat: I -';,;Z" v .==i'll I nold Bol'ger.' withMrSwhl t lllllll ,,..aNt'xct,  , "/ : 9:00a.m.-,o:oo p.m.coin operated : I Pc3;eFo;::7e;holl; ;2;:;7,']  I they were tovislt. 1 I III I 1 IA/ k- /  . . Saturday they went to wasners&Dryers . Pullman to see El, le's t illld I1 , . _" granddaughter, Carole | "- .r-- I Blll"'h-II'"l'" "- R.V. P-rk Bohringer graduate from  .. ..\\; W...' I m m e me .m m u Washington State Unlver- t .4 ,,, -, -- L'_''--I i .... I_ I I on Lake Pateros =ty " '   - "";2  I (j#x 900a:r00 ,. Complete Auto Servlce They returned to Brewster l | Tuesda v the 9th with 923-2772Pateros, Wash. Dorothy s daughter-in-law, I .... .f I _I:'_. _ - I _ Mrs. Warren (Helen) Kirk  L)r]r][l ' (..f/ /# 'i,U.'[,,'/.%l and randc v /   s-rw g hildren' Cpper t """ 'J  "  " 71  i and Ryan who came in from i -- - -- - _ _ .)A ; P -- . I visitiug with Dorothy for one t  1 tllj lilf# lore  8  Complete Family Clothin week.  "14# . ' / "7-." -  _.** "l=/. I-- -- J 9:30 - 6.30 Monday thru Saturday O'Suillvan Dam was the t ," l[Itl II 2fl 19 lm lil _/Ii nm ,.oo-s.0o Sundays I-"',"  7 #''" II destination of Don and  "''" . ]" r" r, ' " Alteene LaMoreaux, and ) " I"  ........ Mention TtlIS Ad Ken and Anita Sowardl for a t sninilg and Get week of fishing and | gllwggmumg vacationing The La t THROUGHOUT THE STORE ii ii Moreauxs daughter and family, Otie, Siisle, Brandy, t '-- mw,eO ;ltClllltt/ll 6'/111 i -- n L and Nicholas of Manson | jli## #l[li#l Ill I,q ,11 #|,glYL tA/rtrn=n'o lldlo I . _. .\\;   VH .......  __ .. ,,,,,- o ,,uoo L New Ulouses .\\;t   ' aiso;Iomeomem. | l I'-,  (Summer slip.on shoes) \\; I .... i:.) . . , , Lou" iI ,  ss Any Rod & Reelval Capman returned , home Saturday from a two ........... Ill II s16.. , week vacation visiting an bO/)/D-(), " / . :i -'- ,y  blue, red, beige g g aunt and family, Llnda _ i  . $n  Harrison in Southern OJr-  1u Patero00 5(i )t.6"5651  One Group Blouses I Ladies Bathing Suits l r . . ,, . V/siting with Jim and -" .m  I _..,,. IfELLTtTI . II Pennington of Fullerton, California.