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June 10, 1932     Quad City Herald
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June 10, 1932

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BREWSTER'S BRIDGE; THE GATEWAY TO AND THE 0UTLET FOR THE GREAT CARiB00 TRAIL. i .... ,BREWSTER HERALD I B.PORT AT BREWSTER ]... /BREWSTER BANDSTAND L Sunday .... Afternoon J l Give A Hand PUBLISHED IN THE INTEREST OF AND TO THE "GATEWAY TO THE FAMOUS OKANOGAN COUNTRY. 't rME NO. 32. BREWSTER, OKANOGAN COUNTY, WASHINGTON. JUNE 10, 1932 NUMBER 4 .... 'fI00O"ALS DROP ...... IFoRMERLOCALPEoPLE!JUNIO-RS-TAKE wATERvILLEMAKING VOTER .--. I NATIONAL It .... I 0 WILL 11 Ut/'lLt --= - WED AT .......... I RODEO PREPARATIONS ' -- ........ PALMER LAKE AFF-.-00 A GAME TO BRIDGEPORT, CONSIDER 6 AIIND .............. bliss Janiee McCoy, daughter of / Te officers of the Douglas Coun-  ........ By FRANK P. LI$SCH ' ERT MALOII : NINE forde Mr. and and Mrs. Mr. O. George P', McCoy Wilson, of son Ellis-o i Bring ! In Ten -- --- Runs During ty pointed lair Association .committees have to take recently active ap- l" A X B l L. L" S Whether rightfully or wrongfully, it is an undisputed fact that, the Con- i gress of the United States at thi: time is being blamed for having a large part in the continuance of th, depression. People from all parts of the country who come to Washingol, say that in their community the peo- ple are hoping for an early adjourn- mnt of Congress in the belief tha'. this alone will have a steadying ef- fect on business. Bankers and leader: of industry, so they say, are afraiti togo ahead with any constructiv, programs until they are sure that Cong'gTess is going to balance the budget, and until they see just what kind of tax bill is goingto come out of the national legislative body. The fact that the latest dip in the stock market started about the time that the House of Representatives de- teated the sales tax proposal and thel threw its leadership overboard, has strengthened the convictions of a great many pe0ple that the unceain  ity in Congress is helping to extend the depression at the present low stratum of business. Most of the Senators and Congressmen themselves when one talks to them privately, will admit that they are anxious to get through and go home to prepare for the national campaign tiffs fall. Nearly everyone of them that one meets is sincerely hoping that Con- gress can get through with its legis- lative program within , reasonably short time and adjourn. It wouhl seem that when this sentiment is so nearly universal in the country and I arqund the Capitol itself, that a leg- islative program fixing the taxes and balancing the budget would be put through in short order. But enacting legislation is a long and tedious pro- ee at best, and at a time like the present, when neither party has a firm hold on the throttle, it is very difficult to maintain effective leader- ship. Most of us, year in and year out, repeat the old phrase that ours is a! government by parties and that par- ty organization should be maintained. But it takes a condition like the pres-: ent one in Congress to emphasize the importance and truth of this old as-i sertion. When the Democrats or the l Republicans have a clean-cut major- ity in both houses of Congress, we get legislation of the kind outlined in party platforms and on which the people have passed in the preceed- ing election. But when the balance of power is almost even, so that de- cisions may rest with a little group of independents in one house or the other, there is apt to be a legislative confusion bordering on chaos. The present situation around rite Capi- tol at Washington ,gives abundant proof of the truth of this assertion. Just how much the present mud- died situation in Congress is to blame for the continuance of the a- cute stage of the depression nobody, of course, can tell. But it is un- doubtsdly desirable, even essential, that we get a reasonably satisfactory tax law and a sane balancing of the budget in the near future, followed b an adjournment of Congress. Nothing would so relieve the uncer- saintly in the business world as this. That the country realizes it, is evi- denced by the almost universal opin- ion everywhere that CongTess ought to finish its program and adjourn. President Hoover undoubtedly is ot this opinion and so are the leaders of both parties in Congress. Backed up, as they arc, by the great anapoHty of people in all parts of the Union it would seem that the log jam would break sooner or later. And the soon- er the better, in the opinion of nirm- ty-eight per cent of the people of the United States. Mary Wilson of Cordeli, were united Brewster And Bridgeport in marriage at Palmer Lake, Monday. Rev. E. C. Hohnes read the ring Now Tied For First ceremony in the presence of a few Place In League friends and rcl'ttives, l'he newlywed will make their home in the Brittaia Flat district. LOWER LEAGUE STANDINGS Won Lost Pct. Brewster .................... 4 2 666 Bridg'eport ................ 4 2' 666 Malott ........................ 3 3 500 Pateros ...................... 1 5 166 Last Sunday the Malott Sagebrush- rs took the Brewster team into camp by a 6-0 score. On the same day Bridgeport defeated Pateros at Pateos by a 13-1 score. Brewster and Bridgeport are now ied for leading' honors in the lower league, Malott follows with an even 500 percentage and the Pateros team has headquarters in the cellar. Errorless Ball Brewster batsmen were unable to get many balls through the Malott infield last Sunday, getting only three Mts off Little and Stout. Malott, however, connected for 11 safe hits, !bringing six men across the platter. Malott's team was clicking 100 per cent, not an error being made by any i member. Batteries for Malott were Little, Stout, and Stout. Gegner, Getchell and Cleveland worked the game for Brewster. Underwood got two hits and Gilden one, all singles. Malott scored twice in the tldrd, three tL-nes in the seventh and once :in the ninth. Box Score ', Malott Ab R H E D. Stout, e 5 2 3 0 Wick, 2b 5 2 1 0 Hildebrami, cf 5 1 2 0i Little, p, lb 5 0 2 0 I Smith, ss 5 0 2  Griffith, 3b 5 0 0 o Crandall, rf 5 0 0 0 Pahnenteer, If 5 0 0 0 Kuhn 1 0 0 0 P. Stout, p 3 1 1 0 611 0 Two base hits, D. Stout 2, Hilde- brand I, Little I. Double play, Hilde- brand to Wick. Brewster Ab R H E Harper, cf 4 0 0 0. GiUespie, rf 4 0 0 0 Underwood, 3b 3 0 2 2 Cleveland, c 3 0 0 0 Brown, lb 3 0 0 1 Glascock, 2b 3 0 0 0 Gilden, If 3 0 1 0 Morris, ss 3 0 0, 1 Gegner, p 0 0 0 0 Measner, rf 1 0 0 0 Kirk, ss 0 0 0 0 Getehell, p 3 0 0 0 0 3 4 Double play, Morris to Glascock to Brown. Next Sunday Bridgeport plays at Brwster and Pateros goes to Malott. MIRIAM HOPKINS AT CARIBOO THEATRE! La,t Two Innings steps in preparing for the rodeo Of Game which is to be held at Watel'ville, Most Of Them Are Delus- July 3 and 4. Races, grounds and dance committees have been appoint- ions, Says Olympia Last Saturday tile Brewster amled and ticket sellers, judges and Political Writer Bridgeport Junior baseball teams timekeepers have been named. tangled in their first scheduled game It is said that Simpkins of Gvesh- By J1MMIF KAYE BROWNE Both the Wilson and McCoy faro- of the season, the Brewster Blazers m, Oregon will have a string of rac- OLYMPIA, June 6---There are six ilies were formcr Brewster resident:-: winning by an 18-9 score. On the ing horses there. Other features will tax measures being initiated to the :and the newlyweds a well known day previous the boys went to Che- be riding, wihl cow milking, bull- voters this year. here. lan and defeated that team, 8-12. dc, g'ging and a harness race. Each of these is under a guise of During the first few innings it a "tax reducing' mettsurt." Not one 176 HAVE was a fairly even .g'amc with eae]{ SUICIDE AT ,,'ill ,lo this. team scoring just enough men to keep CHELAN "" limitation, "t STERED " "''' u" r''' LAKE bill sponsored by real estate boards REGI interested. But in the eig'htl, inning-' of tile state is being advocated as-t E. Washburn, Waddell, N. Myers amt measure which will limit taxes on B. Cross scored, one after tile other Dro real property to 40-mills on tlle dot Books Will Remain Open ',Every Brewster man came to bat in Mrs. P. Kirk wns Self lar of vahmtion. It might do this, but Until Midnight Of this inning'. In the. ninth Brewstt.r At Lakeside. Believed there is nothing in the act to prohil,- scored six runs on seven hits, on,, Despondent it county assessors from increasing August 23 of them being a home run by Jacl: valuations to such an extent that Sampson, Brewster catcher. Myer:;, A cheek-up of the registration E. Washburn, Waddell, N. Myers ard Wednesday of last week, Mrs. P. whereas the property may now be books here Wednesday night showed B. Cross also scored. In this innin,:.: Kirk committed suicied by throwing taxed at a rate of 70.-mills on the that slightly less than half of the to- the team again batted around witil herself into Lake Chelan, near Lake- dollar under present valuations, an. tal registration here has been made to two men over, Washburn and Wad- side at 9:30 p. m. She was about il5 der a 40-mill limitation, assessed v:d- date. At the check-up it was learn- dell having two tries with the stick, years of age. Mrs. Kirk, who wa: ues will be increased, not only to take ed that 123 residents of the city pro- Batteries for Brewster were Myers staying at the home of R. D. Huic, up the slack between 70 and 40 cinct had qualified as legal voters and Conlcy and Sampson. For Bridg,.- had been nervous and despondent mills but enough to haw: a little and 53 residents of the rural pre- port, Goss and Mackey. most of the day and Mrs. Huie had more left over. .cinct had signed the books. , Box Sclre pat her to bed shortly before the lteace tilt; uncertainty of this bill. ,The average vote cast here in gen- Brewster Ab It H drowning. Mrs. Kirk arose from bed The same thing will hold true of 'I bed and in her night clothes went to virtually every proposed tax mess- oral elections is between 375 and 4oe0. Sampson, c 6 2 " the lake and threw herself in. are on the initiative. 1,2ach is a delu- The heavy registration does not us- B. Myers, p 6 4 5 sion. ually start until about the first of F. Washburn, ss 2 1 '; Neighbors who heard her scream, August. The books close August 23 Grant, lb 6 0 1 apparently when she struck the cold Reduce By Rigid EconomPy ., watt.r, rushed to the spot and in i Taxes can only be reduce(t in one for the primm'y election September E. Washburn, 2b 6 3 4 few m autos had located the body. It way--rigid economy and a drastic 13. Immediately after the primary e- Waddell, 3b 6 2 lcction they will be opened again and N. Myers, If 5 2 2 was raised after having been hnmer- slashiug in the costs of government. will remain open until October 18, B. Cross ef 5 2 3 ser about 25 minutes, and the lung- And this must start at home, in the, at which time they will be closed for Barnes, rf 5 0 0 motor belonging to tile Chelan fire schools and port districts, county the general election November 8. Conley, p 4 1 3 department was used for hours, with- and municipal affairs. The thne has .... out results, come when the state and its people MORE SNAKES 18 25 Mr. Kirk was in Montana at the must get back to a more common Two base hits off Goss: Myers 3, time. Despondency and a nervous at- sense way of transacting public af- Conley 2. Home runs, Sampson I. Hi tack '"c thoug'ht to be the cause of' fairs. This may mean a complete THIS ,00PRING[by pitched ball, by Conley 1. Mrs. Kirk's action, and thorough overhauling of every function of government, the elimin- _ '*" AII00 (:]-R-CUS ation of some consolidation of others, County Nurse Advises All Maekey, c 5 0 1. and general paring dwn in the num- Lilly, 3b 5 1 1 ber ol" employer!s, duties To Learn Of First Lammoreux,  ' STARTS TODAYI ' left, and in general g'oin.g Aid Methods Goss, p 5 2 2 on a "del)ression budget." Thomas, If 5 1 0 The coming session of the I,egisla- "From all reports, rattlesnakes are Lures, cf 5 0 0 About 100 Planes To Visit tare next winter is going to be call- much more nttmerous in this part of S. Lilly, 2b 5  I At The Wenatchee ed ripen to devise new ways and the state this spring, than ever be- Smith, lb 4 2 0 means of gathering revenues. This fore," said Misss Lillian O'Callag- Hice, rf 3 1 2 Airport will come before any attempt is made :han, county nurse. "Already this year to reduce costs of government. That my office has been notified of two 9 10 Today tam'ks the opening of the is the way of politics. It holds good leases of rattlesnake bite, wherein Two base hits Off Myers: Goss 1, three-day air circus at the Wenatchee whether Pepublicans or Democrats children were bitten. The following" Hiee 1. Off Conley: Goss 1. Hit by airport, wtcn 100 military and eom- weep the state. i article furnished by the Public Health Pitched ball, by Goss 1. mercial planes will be there, their pi- When all of these initiative meas- i League of Washington contains val- Today the juniors are playing Che- lots to take part in the dedication ures arc presented to the secretary uable information on the approved lan here. of Faachcr Field. Major Jack Fanch- of state for filing and checking of method of treating snake bites," Miss Interest in Junior baselmil here is er, wa:: killed in Wenatchee in 192, signatures each must be accompanied O'Callaghan stated, growing rapidly. Brewster has a during the Apple Blossom Festival. by a certified statc,ment of receipts s:ppy bunch of ball players and The 20th pursuit group cownposed and disbursements with the names of Open The Wound First, the wound should be slashed their exhibiHon here last Saturday of 37 Boeing fighting planes will those supplying the sinews of war. open with a clean knife, and allow- showed the crowd that the games are show how an'air fleet will attack an This should be interestin.g reading. ed to bleed freely. Much of the per well worth attending' The Juaiors are encmy town, as they come in from Unemployment Convention son will be carried out with the flow badly in need of equipment an(l their ba.zc at Mather field. Tomor- On Saturday of htst week there of blood. Neaxly always the bite is hu'ger collections at the games will row, S::tarday, the formal dedication was hehl in Taconm one of the most n the arms or legs. Immediately ap- c,me in handy, ceremonies will take place and Sun- unusual conventions ever convened ply a tight band around the ILmb day the planes will leave for their in the state, one of the "unemploy- ed." between the wouml and the heaa't ,COMMUNITY CHURCH bases, l, addition to the 20th par- Tacoma was given the treat of close above the injury. A strong rub .... WEEKLY NEWS NOTES.i suit gOUl) there will be ships from seeingg more fim automobiles scat- ber band may be used, or a strip of . ____ the 11C, th squadron, tered around its streets on that day cloth torn from the clothing', or a The funeral of Mrs. W. C. Hmil- It i,' estimated that there will be than in some time past. piece of rope or cord, Under this ton was one of the la.g'cst ever hchl approx!mately 100 military and corn- More than 400 delegates from :ell band a stick should be inseed andin the church and the floral display mercial phmes on Faneher Fieht for parts of the state attended. J.H. twisted so that the circulation is cut , " " o . the three days. Cslfins of Yakima acted as chairman c)nmstmg of more than mxty peces of the resolutions committee. The off and the poison ean not be ear- was a fitting tcsthnony of the regard The l:,.dies Aid will meet this week convention called upon Congress to ried by the blood thaugh the body. it, which .Mls. Hamilton v: b.eld by Friday June 17 in the church at appropriate emcrgency funds to aid Permanganate of potassium crystalsltl-c con-muuity. Mrs. Hamilton was 2:30, p.m. the unemployed. This was one of the should then be rubbed thoroughly in- tle  first member of the church Thc will be no regular service of first acts. to the wound. If this is not avail- who';e funeral Rev. Pendleton Ires worsh;p n,:t Sunday as the Child- Other resolutions called for the di- able, iodine may be used. Press the conducted in the four yers of his rens' P.,:: program will run into the version of gasoline tax funds for re- tissues around the wound to help e- service here. church hour. !ject the poison. After every effort Childrens' Day will be observed in lief and declared a three year :nora- :has been made to expel the poison, the church next Sunday June 12. CARD OF THANKS torium on tax foreclosures. The. gov- There will be a prog'ram by the .child- ernment was called upon to take con- "Dancers in the Dark," Paramount picture starring Miriam Hopkins , cames to the Cariboo Theatre this Saturday and Sunday. A good-bad girl. With love in her heart and hate ,v in her soul. The new blond sensatmn of "Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde" in an actionful romance hit. the band should be removed. The supportin cast includes Jack The patient should then be rush- Oakie, William Collier, Jr., anded to a physician for further treat- Eugene Pallette. Miss Hopkins takes!ment. Stimulants, such as strong col- the part of a taxi-dancer. She has:fee or half a teaspoonful do,es of also appeared in "The Smiling lieu-.aromatic spirits of ammonia may be tenant," "Fast and Loose," and "24 :given if collaps/ threatens. If neces- Hours." i sary, artificial respiration should be Also comedy, news and the fourth''esorted to and continued so long as I installment of the "Air Mail Mys-lthere is any hope. A patient may at tery." Two shows Saturd,y night, 7'any moment suddenly recover. and 8:50 P, M, 1 (Continued On Second Page) ren of the different departanents and a talk b: the pastor. Church school b,;gins at ten o'clock and will con- tinue till the entire service is over. Everybody, especially the parents of ,le children are invited. Rev. Pendleton expects to go to Vancouver this week as a delegat e to the state Christian Endeavor Con- vention as her is pastor councillor for the Wenatchee District Union. We beg to express our sincere thanks for the many expressions O! symlmthy in out. recent bereavement. W. C. Hamilton and Family fPhings are cheaper now than they have been in a ,:eneration and still the free traders are not satisfied. Evid:tly they don't want cheap goods unlt:.-;s they are manufactured Carl Brannin, Seattle, publicity. in Europe, t (Continued On Last Page) trol of banks. Huh:t M. Wells, of war time no- toriety was elected chairman; Carl Brackney, Yakinm, farm program; J. F. Croniu, Seattle, industrial pro- gress; Charles W. Gilbreath, Seattle, 'legislature; M. M. Lomton, Belling- { . , ham, coushtutmn; Mrs. Andrew Nich- ,lsn' tacoma, child welfare and