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June 2, 1922     Quad City Herald
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June 2, 1922

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/ -Where Your Taxes GO m How Uncle Sam Spends Your Money in Conduct. hid Your Business ., By EDWARD O. LOWRY "w upa,- -aank, .-,d IIlld•l Slrat*ml.&apos; idm. Contributor Polltlem aid IDeamtle ,thn= tlo Imadln’ Periodic•hi • Wl4tmt •f Ji Authority on the Naamai Ckmmlmt'• aldi a,’aIs. _ - - Wemma lqawelml Union ' XV, INCOMPETENTS ARE KEPT The annual turnover in tile govern. meat service Is something ahnost In- credible.',,. No business corporatlou, however trongly established, couhl long endure th heavy annual drain on Its resources. FIu adreds of inen leave the government seice tinily; and new, untrained peopehye to be taken on and taught to do the.work. This etmts money, as every employer knows, The resignations from the govern- meat service are chiefly from the su- pervisory and most highly paid pnsl- lions and from the very lowest gra(les. The men at the top, If they have any initiative or ability or amhitlon to make a name for themselves, are of fared private employment at doublt or treble or more what the goveru- meat can pay them. The people In the lowest grades leave for prlvltte employment when opportunity affords because in too many instances tlley actually cannot keep body and soul together on their government pay. It Is the people in the middle clast who stay on the longest. Tile whole constant process makes for a steady deterioration In the quality of the govermnent service and tends to re- tain the mediocre in public employ meat. ,The civil service commission, through which the great bulk of government employees are brought into the serv lee, la acutely aware of tills condition Its reports give emphasls to the dlfll. eUlty constantly experienced in secur. lug and retaining competent employ. The rotation In office has become increasingly frequent and vitally im- imirs the efficiency of the service. During toe war there was a lower rate of turnovar In the mechanical fore than in outside establishments. The propoeltlon of separations, how- ever, is excessive lu clerical profes- sional and technical positions, in which the rate of turnover sometimes amounts to a third ff the force in a year. Durinl the nine taontbl, precedlog the armistice more than 60,000 ap- peintment were made In the civil ee tad about 28,000 separations ed--that is, for every two ap- polntmeats made one person left tile emadee. For a period of similar length followln| the armistice only 60 per carat as many appeintmenta were made. but there were nearly 83 per cent more aeparetlon& In this period ahnost as many peeiUons were vacated as were mle The exlgenelee of the war required • iffeat expansion of the clerical fos at Washington and elsewhc.re and this was accomplished by a labor tmmover several times above normal. The percentage of declinations of aP- po/ntments mong eligibles on the Civ- Il service egtster increased In many lnstaueem from 80 to more than 50 per cant--that IS, more than half the men and women who successfnlly passed civil service examinations and were offered Jobs under the government re- filled to take them. It is estinulted that more than 950,000 of those wire met the. test were Sppointed during that time. The civil service commission says flatly: • rhose familiar with the federal Service at Washington know that tile mvice is now hampered by the re- ttion of incompetents whose re- moval is rendered difficult by lnflueoces which are incompatible with the effi- ciency of the Service. Preferences and exez0ptlons Increasingly clog the departments With pers)ns whO. rL matter how inefficient, are difficult I" remove, and whose retention tends to dutroy the discipline of the service." Among these Inefficient,, of course. are the superannuated and tile phys- Ically incapacitated. Tile bureau of efficiency estimated, before the pass. age of the superemnuatlou retirement law, the number of employees In tile civil trviee of the United States sev- en years of age and over as follows : Number J]tld|way imstal clerks ................... 197 lgUrl letter etrrlere ..................... 45t Ctt₯ letter eaxrlers ....................... t0 POSt crees clerks ......................... 7 Mhardee ................................. a2S Omllelm, l employees, Dist, ColurBbia.,l,44 GcmeroJ empleye elsewhere .......... 1,618 'Jtal ..................................... 4,69 The commissioner of pensions sup- plies the following compact statement of the age of the employees In the pen- lion bureau: Number In the classified civil serv. ke, 8T4 ; ago of the oldest employee, ciliary-eight; number over eighty years et tile, 2(I; number between sixty-five mMI elltY, 268; based on age of sixty- Ire, number eligible for retirement, ; percentage of employees eligible tot, retirement, 88.4; average age of all ploye, July 1, 1919. fifty.eight, Thelm old men and women bear the lon f the administration of the ema01ex, Intricate and involved prod lU under the pension laws having  L d O  the d|sburument of $'222;- 119 in 1920 tO 000,(}00 and some* odd benefleiarioL FARMER JONES was l)rogr,ssive, Fie believed in good barns good ont:bulhling,L 13ut there ll l(;l)l)e{l. He thought that fh'e in- EUl'/tnc WtS t.()O  (x[)eniv(L Oue day a lille of straw and liLlq' caught I'il't. Fronl a 8nmll fire it became a big on(. it coBstln|!d }li'; barn, and, seriously damaged , his honlestead.. " and Farmer Joner [cat EVERYTHING! " .... Are You Farmer Jones-' ] Be safe---be, sure-tNSUI{E -at, once. To-day[ Let US tell you how ] ILU:Io fire insurance really c0I,;, l Glen E. Myers Represeating the JOItN A GEIAATLY Insurance Agenc.y of Waat- t oltec. Flro, Life, Lit d)ility, Automohih' and Ihfil lnsurltlce. ] Where Your Taxes Go How Uncle Sam Spends Your Money in Conduct- ing Your Business By BDWARD G. LOWRY AIItkor "Wuh|ngton CIo0e-Up." "Bank anti Financial Sytomt%'" etc. Contributoc t'olitica] Ind Economic Arllelee re Leudln>! I'eriotlicltls and a Writer of theog)dzed Authority on tlto N•tional Oovortlrnent'• Buehm.qa h]ct|iodt Copyright. Western Nwupsl)Cl' Uion XVI. WHAT OF THESE OLD MEN ? Congres. enll(:ietl t law st] 1S90 re- quiring all heads of |Iel);irlnlellt, s and lmlependent esl ; bl l,'.;hm,.)n is in the federal service In repnr[ t,aeh )ear to tile secretary ()f the tr(qb,.qlJ'y, iht ntllll- ber of employees iln(it!r I]lela A•]IO "vt'l'e below a fair sl:andli)'(l er efllci(,n,ry. Every year this is dotle IIIH| the letters to the secretary ,)f the ll'(:lStlry fl'()llt tile varh)us (lel)ltrEnie/tts ItDd [)llr(itltS are printed ilt tho book ()l' (,stitl)lttcs of IIpproprhtli(tts C()lnl,llell for llSO hy congress In nTlll{hlg it 1) lJto [inlltlfll supply bills. Congress new,r puy the sllglltest heed to these rL, j)orls. They tire lnItde lip .olr lt'ler vt.,llr, i)tlt l'he Inefficient are n(,ver lh'ed. For exmnple, last yetr the chief clerk of the tr( asur rtqlorl((I 170 t, ln- ployees of tile ']'l'(,,q,'qlry (]t,i){lvIlntqli Its below a fair SIHltl:.tr(I 0f ei'ti('iolicy, ],ul nothing will be done almut II. The luterlor depnrtm('nt rt'i)orled ]3,q in- efficient,, and wi] pr()l);l[)ly gt) ol] re- porting them till they die of ohl age. There are PlTI]ttlO,t'(es of (he g)vern- ment ill Vaslllugton who are tott)liy blind and who are led lron) their homes to their otHees ea(!h day and Imckhonle aga[B Jn tho Hfi(,rn(l(]n. I knew In ]920 one g(,llth.man of ninety-two years who h'ld b('vlJ {n lhe government servh,e for SOVt'ltly=lV’O )'ears. /]e was I)t.|ng Imh] al: llUl( time $900 a year, Hie nuxllzun 1)try dln'- lng his long scrvicc x ns $tS00 a year. James K. ],o)1( was Pt'(ident when tills old gcntl{.lll:ln CtHIH' htto lit? :er\\;'- lee. |'e Wt/S I)ot'tl on ,Tltnlt:.try '.10, 1828. H.ls l'atJ|Pr X\\;/; a val)laht of the regular lrlly [It lhe war of 1S.12, After that service he ie(I nn ilclJve lift: Jn other occlIDll(]()ts IIlllril ]S=P';. ,,ll(,ll lie died, leavhl, l ,lcf)en([,-I)t lamlly of [line persollS, three of thenl boys. It fell to the lot {.)1' tree of then] to be the chief SUl)port of l]ie family. It came to pass, then, (hat at tle age Of twPnty he t'ec(}lx,'('d lhl'oIIgh t h(; Influence of mlvy friends ,)r hi father N a snlalJ clerk, hip at ll,c navlll observ- atory, then under the snl)(,ril}lelldcBee of that accon]plished ollicer, Matthew Fontalne aul'y, wh0tll h( SOl'Ved IIS amanuensis for ten years, tL('COIllltJlg It a great privile,.e and l)]{.astwe to have heard Maury's voice (l[ctatlng the words of sense und wlsdon whicll make up the sailing directions, the wind and (yurr£nt charts and other publications issued :lt'om the observ- atory for the benefit of the wot'hl. From a copyist: at tlrst, Novemller 9, 1848, at $I] a day, the young mzt was advanced as follows: ffuly 1, 1853, clerk at $1,200 a year; JUly 1, ]85.t, ch:,rk at $],5(.)0 a year; July 1, 1870, principal clerk at' $1,800 a year; l)ecelnl)er 6, 1911, ('lork at: $1,400 a year; May 1, ]9;lJ, stenog- rapher an(l typewriter at $900 a year. It will bc seen thut he was denn)ted ( In December, 1J11, and again ht ay, 1918, to lower positions, Involving less work and responsibility, l'hese tlemo- ()ct,)ber. 1917] lic receivcdfrom the assistant secretary of the navy, ]Ir. Roosevelt. the followlng letter: "I have to inform you that you haY0 been granted leave without pay fnr slx months beginnlng October 13, 11)17. "As yon have i)een in the employ of the government now nearly sixty- nine Tears, and during all that time your record has been excellem, I re- gret that there is no way in which the .del)al'tnont could continue you on the rolls with compensation. "I desire at this time to express the aDpreelatlon nf the department for your lottg lind satisfactory service, and t]lo hol)e l]tfl| yOU will I)e SO I)enoflted [')3' l]lis [(,ltVe lhtll ynll clln retllrll and resunle )'our dailes tit Its expiration," 1 talked with ene of the ealtlnet efl]C(,l'S al)out lhe old und feeble elu. l)lOyo(,s. lie unill: "I (h)n't know whal eon- g]'es it]lends 1o (Jo llhout them, but ] kt]ow whut I intoBd to (1o wl|h tlloso Jn my det)nr[m('ltt I lntentl r,i leave [hln alone. Thoy ('an stay here aR ioll IIS they like, tlnlil some i)rovls[on iS Tile(to for I|)ellt. When I WtlN new in he dop:rtnlent I dlsnll,'sed two of )h(,e ohl t)eoph ) und denlnted flno|h(q', OIt file gF011nl] tha| they were super- lllll{llHte(I l{ltd iliel|h'lelff and were a hhldrlln(,e Io i}to work,, "All lh['ce ol: them wrote me sad [(q|Pl' lltd l)ronlptly ('OIIllltl|led Sll[- 'h h'. Thlll WIIS ell()llgil snd lilore IhtlD ('l/t)llg]l for ]liP, Never sgltlll wlt) I (llsturl) one o1' tht+nt. I do :lOt ('hoos(* I) hlVO it )/1 lny eon,.clence lhli I |)r()il()unco([ SOlli(,ece of desth t)ll H/ I)]( [111|11 Of Ull o}d Woli'lail In h(, service of tho govel'nnlcnt. They (,lilt al} l'ly oll hero Its Ionl2 as they like. l f()nlld lhelzi here anfl some of' lh(,nl will bc here whon 1 lellve. If ('OllEl't)S t*]l(a)S('s tO provide for thelu Ill:t1 is ils ol)l}:llIoII. Bnt I will ttever Se]llellOe llnolhep one of lheln to self- []f'sll'l[('lit)ll, )n) ulnttcr vhllt the l'lt to .€he tnxl)nyer and the government." Uncle Eben. "De treublenmkcr," said Uncle EI)en, "lB Olle kind of manufacturer dat ,),jght tu be taxed extra," EMBarrASS GRAYS HARBOR Attached to Remote Counties to Make Up Senatorial District. l f, by sere(> fluke, Seattle should suc. c(,,: d iu passing Palmor's Initiative BIIY No. 45 that reapportions membership iI) lhe h,gishlture o as to give King VOtlIll 3, pr;wtical coatrol, Grays Harbor wouhl bo t)hlc.ed Ill an embarassing po. sllion hi his efforts to gel: enough "popt. lathm" Into tile Grays Harbor leglsla. tire dlstrtc(,almer atlached Clallam, ,h,;'i'<r.,)n nnd Mason couat[es to taako t.ll) ]1 s(,natorlal district. An area of 7405 .(tttare miles--three and a half thnes that of Khlg eounty for which t)a]nltr dcmands six senators; Is in- cluded in the proposed senatorial dis- (rict and a part of the rrltory has to be covered hy trails, only a small p0r- tri0U being accessible by railroad. There are many Grays Harbor interests that conflict with those of Puget Sound, .vet Palnter expects one senator to rep. resent both. If a senator'ln such a district wlshed to go from Aberdeen r.o  isi( a eonst|tuent in Port Angeles, he would be nblig(,d to t:'avel through ['hU/S'Ol) P|I'C.(' "'fl l,Un counties 1!€1 ,'Ah't ll"(! ('d,s Cf [.] sap, Snoho- NOTICE ]POR FUBLICATIOlff. i'. C: I.', .(i C)tli-, , L \\;V ,'vi le %Va Avril, 14, 192. NOTICF] is hereby given that [l:.tl'ry D• Pevane(q', r)f lon4  , ,V; :4[I .. who Oil Mr,'b 2,1. 1(.)22,, ma(Iv Additional S. R. Homestead I,]nt)'y, N,I, 017€;'.!t, for N];]',. SWΌ, Lol 2. Sc'clIol' 7. Tov,'l':hil) 30 N.. Rll.llge 2(; },:., "V, ,,I, h;tt lil,,d lioli(!t of intelHion (o z)lnk(, lirlal thv,',? (>:J)'' Proof, tl) (-'ttll)]l.h ('lallil t,) lllo li)f)ve described, before Jessie Ia;ctt. I" 9. Col}(ilniss Sis]let', at il'(xv,'-: l C I•, \\;V;t-;hng'. tot , o t te 20th dtv ()'  ;v. 122 t'l,:LinlI'l[ N41ncs "As "'Vitilos'r'. ])'rank Dlllon. A. Johnson, 4. 'p. Haile: all of Mnnse. Va:+h,, {;(,(, ,')',,,hn(t, o'[' Brewster, Wash. i. K. lC)'i),lY, I:cgi,:ter. NOTICE TOR PUBLICATION Department of the lnterior tL q. lmnd offlec at \\;Vatorvlllo. WasiL NOTiCh , in hereby 141yen til:,t Joseph [:). ll.ews[e.r ,Ir+. 0[ lOllS(,. V:tsh.. who OE May l:|th. 1919, nn(I ,lantmvy 9, 1922 n}ad! tlon)este;(I lqnlry ,'qt'l'i;tl No. 017695 Illld Additlon:tl St ovi Rai<ing [-[Ol lie. stead I:]etr' qerial N(I. (llN:{;,5 for I,ot :{ ;ll]ll 't, 1',1/ SVV%, N t/:z Sl']5t Sec. 18, Lot l, NJ,], N\\;V l/t St.c !I). TownshlD :i] N, [t/tttff(' 26 l']. :[lid ,N1;. q|?l/, OC. 13, 'I'ownshll I 31 N., ]tan4t" 25 I']. \\;Villain- ctle Mez'idian has fih,(} ]loli('o of inten- llO)l tO Illa {* t irot,.v(ar |)rool, to estab- lish chtim to the land allovo deserlbed. ilefore (;eorgt.  [ec I.?)lited States (e][llllSs|f)ncr. ;It ()kILnt)g'illl, X, VCLSh., on the I,tth. day of dune, 1922 (21ai]uLIIt llalnes [LS Witlle•sCS: John Crossland, of Mense, VaHh. I,'rarzl Blair, O Ollse. Wash. Joseph \\;V Fleming, of Okallogall. Vasll. (?htren('o l. Bemis. of Okanogan, Wash. E, K, Fritts Register, ...................................... NOTIOE FOI PUIILIC.TION .... ....Deprtanent of the Interior ........ U. S. l,and Offiee at ,Vat(,rvllle. Wash, ]]:Ly, 13, 1922 NOTICE 1 Ie't,i]:," ffiw'o thnt Jano Branton, Of ),Ol{,'t:, ,\\;;:tS|l . who, Oil January 16th, 1922. rna(h A(hlition'd S. IL Homestead AI)l)')n S(,rlal. N(I, 017223, for NW l A S\\;V, \\;VV.. NW L/, qee 35, W#z S,V/, Sec 2(;. LOt II, Sec 27, T 30N, R 25E. and SI,] NEΌ So.c,- tion 3 Township 29N itan'e 25 Enst, Willametto Meridian, has t'iled notice ef intention to lna]£e three 3't't{l' I'roof. to establish clahn to the lnnd above (le- scribed, beforu Jessie Basset1 U. S. Commissioner, at lIrews((,l ", "\\;Vash, Oil tile 23rd day of June 1122 Claimant " nalne, s a8 witllessos: Conrad Lautenschlaffer, 1t. M. Bruce, Ernest Al]dOrsO]] ILn(| Evan T. .]onos, all of Monse, Washington. E K, ]iritts. Register II'OTXOE O OBING O IBT O" DEI,I'QUENT Or-K I.RIXGATION" DXSTr, ZOT JMBIEnn'M'-NTB O]E' THE ,Y'E 1991. ..,NOTICE 1"15 wr-BEBY GIVEN That a list of all ef the assessments leviod Novetnber 1st, 1921, 60 per COal of Wltic}t was paid prior to January let, 1922. andlile remaining 40 1)er teat of which IS lfSw duo and dolinqucnt, on property tn the OWEI IIgIGATION 1)ItaTzlCT, Okanogall Count.','. Waslaington, togethor with cost, penalties and [nterost due thereon has beeu posted at e.tch of the '.]'' ' flloving descrlbtt pl.ces in bald District, and a copy of said Notice is posted In the offtco of tbo Directors of said Irrigation District, n the town of 13rewster, and in the office of the Count' Treasurer of Okanogan County, Washington, at the Court []ousc :It Okanognn, said County and State, The places of posting Of snid lists in sahl Dlstrlct are as follows: On a teleDhone pole opposite XV. 1;). Crandali Rauch. One on ttm Brewster Flat School House and one on a teleDhone pole at the corner of Clendenin Orchard on l.oad Ten, A.Bd unless satd delinquent assess- ments are pahl prior to tl]c 121h dy of June, 1922, the said real property uDon whLch said assesstne:nts are a. lien will be Iold at puhlic auctiou ILl Silo froat door of the Court House. in the Town of Okanogan, State of Washington, bo- glnnlng at 3:00 o'clock P. M. on 1.h ,,said 12th day of June. 1922. to satisfy ..said assessments wit)] cost. penalties and interest. F/ale S. Rice, Til. i)ool, ive ()pe) at the Herahl ol'fit',. :)ltl 3t)[l should register now before it is too late. The books are Ol)ell ;.ill)' tirt. ZN :EE 0"USi'C COUIT O ]B]iCEW- STEI, Pt?.C.NC'_P, IN AND OE, O1€A N. OGAZ4" COUI'Y, STAT OP WAsrING. ".'O/ff, 1!'O/'1-: J. W. GEISSLEI, JUB- '2.'ICE Ol TM '1I PAC}*:.. .I A. l,tt t ivd!c, I'itlltil'f, VS. ]!]. '1'. i,arthtdd, nttd l-l:tttiv ],{arthold. hus- l)llltr :LIl(i vJi’: , Defendants NL/l;llltc h:. 10:" l)Llh[iotLoll (;tl,, of \\;\';t:;t it]!21on, SS. (.'Ollll|3 O1" t ',;tllO;;:lll ' q'llu State of \\;V:td,i]lKl()tl '1'o I'L 't'. ]:trlhol(l, and Jl;itiit, l;;ll'{ilt.jo FII{:';]):;II(] Itlld "IVil'e de,- f(']ll[;tlll:, Ill tD(' lilt t( OI the State of \\;V;:hin!',totl. 3r  ) :   I ( 1 t felly  otified lhat ,J. A J.{{tl('(lt.?c. hag fihtd a, COIU- MOTZOE O a PUa-Z0=TIO,, IYepartment Of The hterior, i'. S. Land Office at Watwvllle ash. A.ril 15, 1922, NOTICE is hereby given bat William J. Vandiver, of Monse, Wasdngton, who on May 24th, 1917, mad(. I-lomes,.e.d Application, No, 016836, fotlfiE/,NW- Ό, Section 3, Township  N., l’.an'e, 26])]., Villamette Meridian,, has filet* notice of intention to mak ' three yeai Proof, to establish claim ,o the Inn0 above described, before Get. S. Lee+ United States Commissione,  at Okan- ogan, washington, on the 22nd day of May, 1922. Claimant "ames As Witnecses:" William H. Martin, Hugh Barker, of Men*e, Vashlngton, % III lain Harms, E. B. ]:Iilderbrand, 01' Malott. Washitg'f ton. E IC Fritts. I{e'l:-er. 0fficial Guide l'];iltt :(:tH]:'r ? (,tl ltl tht: :LIIOVC entjt- M- It'll ('sill'[. w;li'll %, i  ()lilt' Oil tO be heard, :If ,.Y (,i', h't i,, I;  w:ler, L)kall- C O N G R E S S I O N A L ()g:tti I'()tll t3", ..ltd ::t tit O tht 17t ] ray (,f ,Ira.. l:,::.' ; t ,. 1, r ,f l( o'eioe U. S. Senators-=. II) Ill(' ]'())'t•ll()t)[I .\\;1/(I L n t+S yOU ; 1 Dear Wesley L. Jones, ;li}(I (]t*'tt ;t]l([ ( ' ' SWtq', ]l( sanle will t),, [:tl.,t :i: v(Inlk,cd and tl e de- Miles Polndexter llUIIlll ()[• {ll' I,l: )tI'il f ff " t  T le, ob- .It'('l ;l{ld tlt'ltl:,ll,I o[ ,'4tl d COIIIll ;Li It JS (i vc{o\\;c" ju( ;),,.)It ag: Ii:t :lml mnke U. S, Representatives-- littllh., tht' ,,'c<)h;ll l)l'()l)c/'lv lt(.qongillg 10 3L)tl i{I :-;tLO t'OLIIIIV. IO/" tile l)z.t.Yniont (){" 1/i ln,lt•i.)lv(]ll(•,,; o/" Iho Stllll of $98.91. owcill I)y )()tl i, i)l;li{tl ff, with intcr- ('t th(.reol f)'oln ,,.l)tt.lnbtq', 1st 1921 I ;1( I])t I';ll( • )1 I; ]lOl" ('t!nl ncr annunl, lOLLtqht,i' with ,'[:tLl]lOl" toSts and dis- ] i ii I'.'111 (rll 1. , ('onlDl:li]lt l'J],'( l;v, 15th 1922. .I \\;V. (;elssler ,JLl{l('e of tile Peace L J'ub. l'rem ,lny. lt)tll., to Julle,9th•. 199.2 Notary l'ublJe all(l Conveyancer * : D.L. GI L LESPI E : • /] ez'lh] Llo('k * i Brews*or. Washington • e OlrANOGkN COUNTY &BISTE,&OT • • 0OMPANY • WM. BAINIgS. hlGtL i Promot and Accurate Work OK.AN()f7 AN, WASHINGTON : • • * * * • ) • •.. • • •.•.)•** ,IESSIE BASSETT • • . u. S .COMMISSIONER. • * Land FillnEs and Proofs • .* Brewstor Wash. ? • t $ (, 4) . • * * • • • ••.•••• 41 • C.R. McKINLEY * • Physician and Surgooa • Brewster.-- Washington. * * "T. P. HOPP UNDERTAKER • • [ri(lenorL -- Washington. $ l * A Full Line of Caskets and * Funeral SuDnlles. , * RALPH B. KENISON • Lieensed Eulbnlmer • ]*'LlllCral l,'urnishlngs, * * Pateros. -- Washington • * FiRE iNSURANCE • I * Lot Us wrlto that polioy for * you tody ..... We represent only * * tt * the S'IONGEST nd BEIIT * *. Oompanies, wb.lch pay ][00 cents * on every dollar of ]osl s * TH E RICE--GOEHR'" * = , AGENCY • • . ,,'wsT-,, wasmNaTOJ : Palmer Prolific Father of Bills, E, B. Palmer, proponent of Initia- tive Bill No. 45 that redistricts lho state so as d give King county 28% of tile legislature, Insists he is furtlwr- ing all economical movc hy reduring the membership from 139 to 84. Sin(',, Palmer has carved out a con]pact liifh ........................... district for hhnself he probably plans " B BURKE • o  : AUCTIOI%'EER " : MANNFI[CI.D. W ASL] 1NGTON • • \\;, ill cry S; lot any,lere In v l)ouglas all(t ltdJollllng countles • M;ti,.e (httt.., witi The First Na- • • t {olla,| |:tlik. Hrowtstero WaslL * RICHARD V. GOUGH * Arch'tet * Menber Wasitington State • * t,-)eiety of Archit(cts. • * P, LANS AND SPECIFICATIONS ' * FOR ALL KINDS BUILDING * * Offices * * Okanogan and Drew=tar • • Z t " 0 . A.L. F' : * CENERAL AUCTIONEER ' ** Ii'ARM SALES A SI)ECtALTY ; • SAq'I SPA C'PI()N (t U A I'LAN TEED t * Mal<e Dates )L this office or at # • The I{lIli; • It • ' e John F. Miller, 1st District. Llndly H. Hadley, 2nd District. Albert Johnson, 3rd District. John W. Summers, 4th District. J. Stanley Webster, 5th District STATE OFFICERS Governor-- Louis F. Hart kieutenant Governor-- W. J. Coyle Secretary of State-- J. Grant Hinkle State Auditor-- C. W. Clausen 6tate Treasurer-- Clifford L. Babcock Attorney General L. L. Thompson Public Land Commi881oner--- Clark V. Savldgo Insurance CommlasloneP--- H. O. Fishback 6uperlntendent of Instruction Josephine Corless Preston Hydraulio En glneer-- Marvln Chase COUNTY OFFICERS Judge Superior Court C. H. Neal herlff E. J. Wilson Clerk of Court--- Will Wright Auditor--. Jas. H. Sllverthorn Treasurer---- Dale S. Rice Attorney Chas. A. Johnson A88essor-- G. B. Fore Shool Superlntendant M. Brlnkerhoff EngineeP--. D. C. Warfel Coroner Lorenzo S. Dewey, M. D. Commlssloner=--- J D, Hubbard, 1st District. Amos Stokes, 2nd District. R, A. Nixon..3'rd District. State Senator-- H. D. McMlllen State Representatlve E. F. Banker CITY OFFICIALS Mayor-.. W. L. Gillesple Councllmen M. E. Alexander W. J. McCormick Clay D. Parker U. F. Precise Treasurer--- Frs. J..E. Bassett City Clerk Mrs.Alma Greave, Police Judge D. (,. O'lispte SCHOOL DIRECTOR8 Alma Greaves A. A. Whltlngor Peter McPherson r'""---'"'--'- i D0WELL i The Berber Ill , RAZOR8 SHARP I ' o--------%o-- • 1st. I/ave y0ur barber hone and • strop thei II 2nd. Oil blade and wrap i silk l paper. • 3rd Have the barber do your i shaving. , • BATHS ARE CHEAPER i' • THA DOCTORS. | Dr. J L. Wilson Will be in Brewster Friday of eh. week at the Hotel Brewster Rt .. WILL HANDLE ALL ACUTE #3 CHRONI DISEASES. A speqialty of As tlii, High Blood Pressure, Nervous Troubles, and Dl- ,gestive Dioordere, • TH E MODERN WAY * • S • STEAM AN Ev--0T]tOZ'I"T * • DOES Yollr WOX • • OKANoGAN STEAM LAUNDRV * • A. MO]IglN, rop,TE. 821 * We Guaranteo Satisfaction : • trewster otel, Brew*tar Agency 0 e • P a r c e  T' ,,) s t packages must • • amount to 5o cent te insure re- • e • turn postal e to be one of the 84. In 1917 Palmer in- troduccd 32 bills; in 1921 he proposed 21 Ill the legislature. If the entire 84 were as prolific as Pahner at his bes( the legislature would be. confronied with 2688 moasures; if they workod no harder than Palmer in  dull session the number would he 1764! One Of the menaces in the Pa]mor- Seattle Initiative Bill No. 45, re.appor. tionlng tho legislature, Is that if Seat- tie gains the advantage this bill gives, it will have such a grip on the legisht- ture that after the next federal census It can grab as much more as it wants. The present bill proposes to take awa) the separate representatives of 13 counties; there would be unlimited oi,. portunities for disfrauchishtg other rural sections If the law became spar. &tire. Acts Doaf to Escape Agents. The young housewife whose home was In the suburban village wns too kind-hearted to turn away l)e(],llers. Gradually she acquh'ed a great supply of things that she had bough bnt didn't want Her husband devised ;i remedy. "Jack told me to pretend that I was denf when agents called," she explained. Ive (lone It ever slnce and they haven't been able to sell me a thlng, No peddler can put hls sales arguments across by writing his speech out, After shouting at me for a few seconds while I shake my head, they give it up In disgust and go to the nt'xt house," Initiative BIll No. 44, filed as a Seat.. tie home rule bill that gh, es muuicipal- ities a (-hance for wider specuhttri0h Ill tax-exempt business enterprises, au. thorlzes the city to engage in trans- portation business inside or outside the municipality, above or under the ground and water. So far as is known this is the first step ever taken toward glv'lng Seattle control of the aerial !rod submarine transportation r0ute. !:y