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Free Speech is Your Right!
June 2, 1922     Quad City Herald
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June 2, 1922

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&apos; "t 9'2<' H]B, EW- t 0XAN- W,SX- IR'p JUS. 1 OS, aintiffs, Ihold, endan t s. o E. T. defend- ,f Wash- ed tlat t, which y office y, state of June k in the ear and me will demand e object adgment for the " of N- per cent Lain per- fendants By *e Peace [ON. Or. Lie, Wn., 922. ,t Adam llington. 16, 1920 mestead ies, Nos I%NE, lm HEM,, nbga otlce of 'roof, tO ve des. S Com- hington. Sorrels, Vashing- canogan, ;ITTS, giBtor. t ! Page5 ' rH E BR[.tA':;-rER H ERA,_[:) ....... ', JUl,]i. 'A I'22  ........................... ,, i ]l('y W('I'I ')V'l':'d . lilt ])r;=lll*' I "There is no llllIlll])Ol'[lll[ IWi'.4HI or I " ' " . . " ................ :-..z ........... , .... It , ! tiffs St)l'illg a, lJd g,,iv,, vcry in(licatit,nl part i' (mr service. It 1: :1 [,1;i] o)  [,]i', I'YS Ci)Ol.:ers ,qFO no ]Ol.(:r ex- Viell t.he I, al)h. p ia your ktt',hen I VCell I)rel)ared an(i E;tI'euIlY t.rown LOCAL ! ,., i.,..,,, I.,n,.n ,',,ld ,,,.,. ,.,, ,,,,,.,, ,,,..,,i,,, t,e00ome essential ,,.,'. i,tI,e paiut and m.kolproduots never gh, t t,,e m00ri, et. analysis, po.hll dutie. ar. a,'o,l:,m,- . . ,., ., "'. 'i ' ; \\;'>.:/! dations [)i21"f()l'll)('II 1'el' o11',' llOi;.,l',c;rs 01-OR 8ALE--One No. 11 Economy who is a l.'r,:.:hm:n at t}. ,lah, Col-] ratler than qs a hh'ed :a.rxie(, per- , ., ,. *r f ,'' " "  / for ,,,, ,.,,,,,..,., ..... 'i'V.:::Vg ,! I eeanll Separator, Those interest-liege ai Pulhn:m. {,.d, ihi,'d in llw I Postmaster GEneral ]Aft)erE World. , .... #.,,,, . ,,.,,  ] ed telephone 38X Brewster Wash. 'hirty yard (hlsh t lb(, :Ee't of tim Mrs. Bertha Sears departed forWen .nf women w,n ,,very evcl,t a.'ld Miss ! ,,..,.t!.  . ,:),.% : , ...........  ..... T " " zf/-,f; . ::#./; " at,Ehee Friday m,rnlng. Clarke is one of tim winners. , . " ' 96 in the shade was tile record for[ --,\\;?  ,t, 9 7 ,  / ...... .,: hot weather this season Thursday af. tBREWSTER :l I : [ : : (:  [  :[ ".  '  l ] ' " : [ "  ' ( ' ?  "  ternoon. ' ,:.;.:[,; [[ f -: _.,..=..< .... q 7"  .... Chris Andersen mccompanied by Lyle FLA3 SCHO Of, l ........ McCcrmick departed for a shorf visit in Spokam last Saturday $ $ $ $ V. L. Gillespie and nmther motored to Waterville Decoration Day return- ins the same evening.  ,$ * $ IP. Mr. B. L. Enosland ife, accompan- ied hy Mr. Levi Austin motored to Yaklma last Wednesday, ROy. Herman Page deliveced tie Memorial services at the Elflscopal Ciurcb Sunday at 10:30 $ $ $ 8 5lrs. Rods took ocr llictliFOH last week. In 7th.. grade s wllim.,  o.m ],h'am.',i.; WMtinger spelled all forty w:=rd. r correctly. llernadel, ta Lynch gm 96 in arit'hm(: t, ic besides solvir aorrectty the ciev- entt] problem. * Tile best record tor attendance [or tile tcrln w'/s in;Ido, I)y Mac T]lOlOpson The aanual picnlE of the high school who was not tardy once, and missed students and intructors was enjoyed only one day. Vcrla ],ych also mis- at AIta Lake Sunday. sed only one day. BORN: Born Friday morning to Gee. 'rids Lerm w., h,xc hnd ten visl- Crossland and wife a baby girl. Dr. tore othe, r than t,c.hool officer.-; suld McKinley was in attendance. MoUther IDarencs. "l'le ('tL Supt has called and baby are doing well. once; tim ('itv Sllpt 1wictL 1 $ $ $ O Mr. Proelss and family, of Tacoma, we le visStimg 01ver Sundlay a,t Ahe llome of their mother, Mrs. J Proelss of this city. $ $ $ $ Miss Marguerite Jamison returned Friday evening from a rather extended visit with friends and relatives in Chi- cago. Mrs. W. C. Hamilton, mine hostess of .the Hotel Brewster, departed on a business trip to Wenatchee Monday. She returned the same evening. $ '$ $ Mrs. May Goldberg and family came in from Ellensburg the first o,f the week nad left for Brewster Bar for a visit with her sister Mrs. Vaughn. $ 8 $ $ Rudy Deffland, Joe Trivett and Loss Rinker returned from a three hours fishing on Twl, Lake above Twlsp Thussday aftemmon with the fine catch of 63 large silver trout. $ There were thrse confirmations at te Episcopal Church last Sunday, anmly: Winona Fox, Helen Phipps, and Mrs. Sears. Bishop Page of Okanogan conducted the services. $ $ 8 $ A number of our citizens journeyed to Lols this morning to see Ray Wile perform In the rin against a big hhsky from the Loomis town in a six round bout with six ounce gloves. Mrs. D. J. Jolly returned from Wen- atchee Sunday evening where she has been for the past two weeks at the bed aide of her daughter, Marjory Mer- rick, who was operated on for appen- dicitis. ,', * $ *O * * * Ben Elliott went to Henatchee Thurs day morlng exporting to drive bank a Sampson ,truck which he will put on the run from Omak to the sa,mill on the reservation haultng fruit boxes. Jack Stevens will be the pilot. $ * * * Gehry Brothers" have %aken on the agency for the Sampson truck for tim sutherR part of the county. The Congregational church was the sce of the Brewster High School Commencement exercises last FHday evening The Eight were: Helen Phlpps, Amy Millberry, Lucile Thomp son, Zelma Golden, Edith Holler, Mud McCormick, Winona Fox and Ray Whltinger. The graduates all took part in the exercises and all aquitted themselves creditably. Am Mfllberry was valedictorian and Helen Phipps was salutorian. Miss Millberry was presented with a scholarship trom the State College at Pullman. Hen- " B. Howe pro,seAted the diplomas. e Church was tastily decurated by th Junior Class. .- HEAVY FRUIT YIELD 18 FORtAST Four thousand cars of fruit will be produced in the orchard districts of Okanogan county this season, accord- Ing to the estimates of P. S Darllngton district horticulturist. He sys the frost damage was small nd tltt pros-- poets are brilliant fo, the larg[est fruit production in the annals of the county. "OKANoGAN SMITH RANCH SOLD C. B. Chamberlain. of Molson, has i)urchasl' 'te "hsitorlc" Okanogam Snllth ranc hen Oae,yoos lake, near Orovllle, Olmnogan county, for $50,000 On this property are apple trees 62 to 65e,L.s old and of immense size t School (dosE(1 May 31 wilh a short plogl.aln and glllllts and re['resilnlenIs on the lawn VVe are indel)te I,O Mrs. Luther Pcrkin; [Hid Mrs. A. A. Whitinger for freezers of cream. $ $ * $ The program ,.',,as as folh)v/s: ll,oil Call. r(spondEd u) by Hem- Dry Gems. Song ---"Do Yollr liesl,." ?cent--"Don't Give UI)." Ruth Lynch Poem- "Tt]e Blue Bird." Arthur Payle. ?oem "The Coming Of Spring." El- bert Conldin. Poem "Boholink." l,ester LYncil Original Ptv.,I}I.s and otlmr articles item the School Magazine Mttc Thomp son, Wilma, Conldin. :rod BernadeCta LyncI Poem ---"Dandelion." Verla Lynch ong --"Kind \\;Vords Can Never Die." Reading .--"An hish I,,tter." Frank Thoulpson. urrent ,Events---by Each l)npil Poem "The Chambc.red Nautilus." MaD Thompson. Glncoln's Gettysburg Address .... Wihna Conkltn. Poem--"Old IronsidEs." Frank Tlomp son. Poem --"Lincoln, the Man of the Peo- ple." Bernadet:ta Lynch. Song- My Own Native Land." Tlle American's Cre, cd ---Francis Whitinger Song and March --"i.Iomc - Going I Song". I FLAG SALI?TE WOMEN VOTERS CLEAR t POLLS OF CROOKS For many y e}l.l.S [lie `*v Oln.C]l o5 this country have bo0n (Ic:ntandlng equal rights with men in the mater of voting and holding office. Man. realizing the justice of their demands, has conferred the righ of franchise npmt them. Is woman making the most o her lewborn freedom and indel)endEnce? She is not. The toy is becoming old. and rather troubleso,me. It does not appeal as st'rongly m her as it did when it was a forbidden article. This is to i)e regl'etted, for men of character had hoped that the women would aid in driving Ihe vr,'oks out of public office. Upright and honoraMc offiEi:ds feel Just s keenly on this subjecL ts do the laymen who are dimapointed in the dwindliug femin,ine wile, When the wonlen are in sLrol'lg force at the polls the crooks and the pro- fessional ba.rnaeles have a hard road to travel. With wnen baccm,[:g indifferent and i"emaining at home on election dttys gang rule Will hecome as firnlly ,established as ever before. Wolnell Its we.ll a: lneIl. 0%'*'0 ;d duty tO tileir (X)llnlry. Thalt. duty, havifig been assumed. shod now be peormed. LOS']' ---  ]argo La.rpaulin which was used the d;ty .of the track neet. Please notify Clyde \\;Vhitinger. t DRY CELLS Alway h'esh. New supply every MONTH BREWsTER PHONE OFFICE Love may be i)lind lmi It knows low to feel. 'Tis a wi speal,:or who kr, ows when lo keep still. / / / io [ [ _ .- (? ........ :,,' 17 " i .... : .  , :2,, "FOOT-FITTERS" are a sp(cial feature at this store and we have pienty of them; not just a few. AtoE (5 to12-sizcsandhalfsizes). Bring your feet in---we don't care iow la.rge or iow smtli they are. We itavo "FOOT-FITTERS" for ioul-;, hm(ier feet and for short fat feet. They fit low arch hx't as well as iligi arch feet. We don't care , / whnt kird of feet you've got:--our "7OOT-FITTERW' will fit 'era. Don't handiEap yourself bv wearing iil4itting shoes! W. 11. STARK.Y THE CONTRA(TR AND R|JII t2111 PLANS FURNISHED ANO ESTIMATE8 GIVEN WOOD OR CEMENT BREWSTER, OKANOGAN COUNTY, WASHINGT@N I II I I A Shoe must accemln,Od,[,.: th,. o :u.  ,.:avers- If it doesn't, the foot i .._ r rebels---the wealxr suffers! Our "l,'(.t,-litlers '' are Foot.Accommoda- ters--They l'lt the feet all OVOl'! ' ;,:() Pinching! No Blnding--tha't's ..,.t'..-x..-,, .. .... ".'0 '::.'.:" i: ". o,no reason wily they retain their sila.le xnd G00D appearance thru'out  i , ' :: "5"." '.': !:.:: :.: ,..:'! ;'::', ...... , .... ,...:'::.':[ :;:-.;:-: !:-::. :..',' the ]ife of the shoe, ":"':"."" ::: :'"' i:!{'.:': "',?;:'::: :i:i::;!.: ., . ":'" ;;! ,..'.:.:!:.' ,y t Price . ANDERSEN SROTHERS Enjoy Life 00fhis Summer Front Quarter of Beet ................................... 9 to 12 cts pound Hind Quarter of Beef ............................................ 10 ** 15 ets pound Hams .................... 5 ets pound Bacon ............ 30 to 35 cts pound Mntt:on ........ 10 to 1 cta pound Lard 10s 1.90 ................ 5s 1.00 SPECIAL SPECIAL BRING IN YOUB: LIVE CHICKENS, TURKEYS. I)I.1CKS. (.EESIC HIGHEST MARKET PRIGES HIGHEST MARKET PRICE6 BREWSTER ME.tT H %RKr Tt) gO.t I[iC LI[OS( DIlL Of yollr evell- iLgs aL H(nne. ;t]l(I iltlVO, yoiw friends drop around to see you and bring in |he new you shouhl Screen In Your Porch At one i.ime it. was considered a luxury, but t.o d:y a screened porcil is a el'sity. You'll be surprised how eCOll/)nlica]ly yell Call make this tm- ! llro,','elllo, nl, I,'l yollr property. We ('31 fnrnlsh .'ill the material you'll ne,d 1,ol us rigure the,cost for you try-day When- You want Fresh Groceries, You want them Pure You want Dollar for Dollar (io to the CASH GROCERY @.