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June 2, 1922     Quad City Herald
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June 2, 1922

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t REWS&apos;I"ER ,e ,.x3s *: re%. HERALD" "" "', ,, SOl L ,o :2_ SUIT _ L m i i ii ORS VOLUME 21 BREWSTER. OKANOGAN COUNTYWASHINGTON. FRIDAY JUNE, 2. 1922 NUMIER 50 SIURG[S SELLS KIDS $60 EACH IS PRICE N. F. Sturges, worker for the Near East Relief, is selling Armenian kids at $60 each. The supply of 'era is greater than the de,mand, llence the bargain price. There are 125,000 of them in Armen la Mr. Sturges is one of a great many kid salesmen iu the coun- ..................... 7-"- .... /tNTI-TUBI:RC[II.OSIS L[/IGU[ WiLL M[[1 I PROGRAM 2:30 l'. M ,'\\;d(Ires of \\;Volcemo Mrs. Chas T. B.)rg. I'aters; "The Tu- belCUlOsis (;all|p;t igu ie Okanogan County, Mrs. Coo W Leo. l'resident. O1nak; ]toper1 of Troamu'r. l)r. P;. E. Copple, Croak. Ih, p(n't of Record- ing Secret-try, Mr:;. P. T. ltalrJs. Okan try sent out by tile Near .East Relief. ogan "Iolalion of the County Lea- He was in OkaRogan Monday on a gues L tim State and National Asso- trip !through the Okanogan valley communities where he is busy crying Ills wares. Iie spoke at ttle meeting of tile Okanogan Commercial Club Monday noon, the result of his talk being that the club appo4nted  com- mittee to work with the committees from the various Okanogan churches ,to help him sell the Armenian kids. The kl&s--neaxly all of them be- tween the ages of four and twelve elations. Mrs. B. B. lhwhanan Exec Secretary. Wash. 'Pllber(:ilh)sis AsS'II Sea,tile. "Tim Modern llealth 'Cml- sade," M. Brilikerhoff. County Super- lntendentt of Schouls. ()kallga.n. Dis cussion by IVliss Ilarril Hampson, Croak. I.)emonstraion of Nutrition Class We.rk and llealth Story from "Cho-Cho end lhe tlealth I:ail'y," Mrs. A. M. Aston. Onmk. Election of Di- rectors. 4:30 P. M. --Meeting of Directors years, are starving. Sixty dollars--land Election of Officers. (;:00 P. M. five dollars a month--17 cents a day Supper. 8:00 t' M --Some problcms will keep one kid for one year. In the past few month s Mr. Sturges has vi,sited a number oF states :In tile Pacific Northwest, and Ires had eonslderable success in getting food :for the starving Alnelaian ehlldreL In Whlan county, he said. tet car- loads of wheat, ground, and hauled zo a seaport free, were donated by farmers. Over In Idaho he got four carloads of baaing. Smaller cntrtbu- tions have been =nae wherever Mr. Sturges has stopped. The United States has :been ktng care of the Armeulan children for our years, and with such success %qtt about 25 per cent of them have no been placed in the fields and ;are Jty raising he necessities.of life fur wiicla the ,people of this country #toppled the ,seed. Oka. Independent ALL WESTER, STATES FACE NECESSA;RY TAX REDUCTION Every state in the West faces the necessity for tax reduction. Probably no private business could exist if operated on the basis of state management i the past. In other words, expenses of state have been es- timated and eatblisked by the tate amployees. The p,ople who represent the em- ployer (the stae) have ha little ,or nothing to say about taxes and ex- penditures. They Imve been told what to do and how to vote and they have done as dictated. How many private businesses c6uld leave the decision a to overhead cost In the hands of the emlaloyees with- out any restraining influence by the employer? How many private busiesses could pay the overhead thaJt would be thus developed? Probably none, Yet this is the positimt in which ev cry state finds itself tu-day. The tax benificiarles have built up the over- of tlle l,ea.gne," l)r. H. IG. Copple of Ontak. "How the pul)lic Can Help in the Work of the League." Mr. E. F. Banker. Arinthr(p. "N.w I'bases of he Tubercuh)sis Campaign," Mrs. B. B. Btwhanan.. Se:tttlc "The Econom- ic and Humanitarian Valu cf Tuber- culosis Vort." Mr. J. V A. Smith, Seattle." ALive is given tlm program of tlle rneting to i),e held in Paterosmnd it is lmped that all who 0.re ird.erested in Public tteal,t'h will ry to be present Lot us make this the best meeting we have ever lleld Please notify Mrs, Chas T. Borg, Pateros, if you expect to atteni, ;for supper will be served those coating f ron outside Pateros. :The meeting I to be held ill the chl'Ych arid sessiens will begin prompt ly *l'ite, evtdnff sesaion Will be- over by 9..:,30 .o'el0ck,. .-- SELF-INTEREST AND GREED CAUSE OF MUCH STRIFE Over in 'tile old worhl the war goes merrily on in their eft'art's to preserve )eace To the careful el)server on this side of the Atlantic, however, there ap- pears to be one necessary element that is almost entirely lacking. The welfare of human,ity is forgotten It has been side-tracked in favor ef self- interest aml greed It is re.adily conceded i,at the na- tions desire lasting pcac,, but each wants that peace on tcrtns thsL pre- dominate in their own raw.q'. The lettgue of nations is a failure for Chat reason The Washington conference was tinle was.Led for the same reason, and the Genoa confab was tred with the same rusb. NoW tliey are phtnning m' a fnture meet t6' he held at Th, l][ague, and un- less tist()ry reverses it.golf the same road will be traveled (hal's.,. Nothing of a lasting :ature call bc tceoml)llslled in world adjust.nlent un- head which the taxpayers must eet. tll humanity triumph:. over selfish. Relief will come eveually when a greed, and lllm.t day has yet u) come. disinterested body of taxpayers meet ..to decide on ax expenditures, In other words, the man who pays he bill. must have soanthing to say :abottt how large that bill is to be, how it is to be spent, and how many peo- ple he can afford to hire. This government shouhI speak soft- ly and keep its powder dry. There are no whigs yet ill sight. A FERTILE FIELD FOR MAIL. ORDER HOUSES DATES TO REMEMBER Henry l.osenfeld, a(lvcltisiug man- lag or Sears Roebuck & Company, says We have a burea.u whose duty it is Primary Election--Second xruesday to read each week tim lt.:.wspapers In September, September 12th, Gen- feom all over the eomtry. 'rll(re is erl FAoctI --Tuesday after let not a paper of an.y consequence in Mondty in Nov. November 7th. Last our rade territory that our bureau day for filing initiative petition1 t'ouz; does m get,. This bureau kinks over months  to day on which they aret,these impeTs, and. when we fined a to be retell on. First day for filing towr where Vhe nn'chants are not Candida/clea Sixty days prior to data'advertising in the loc'nl newspaper, we of limarY. Election. Last day for i'nmaediately flood that ,territory With filing CandidaciesThir.tT days prior to pur literature. It always brings re. date of Pidmary Election August 12th. suits far In excess of the same effort put forth in terri.tbry where the local STATE 8th. GmAOE EXAMINATION A State examination for the eighth grade for Okanogan County will be held on June 15 and 16 at the following places ony; Chesaw, Molson, Oroville, Wattconda, Ioomis, Hassan, Conconlly merchants use the lc,cal ewspaper. This is irbe reason why Brewster Is such a field for tile mail order houses to work i.n ED. ERVIN - PRIER The marriage ef Mi. Eva Ervln of j Toflasket, Omak, Okanogau, Nes'pe- / 'am, Drewster, Pateros, Twisp, Win- throp, ynarep. W,t. J3'lnkerhoff, County Superintendet " ,  Ltvsl or be =teplmtl upolL k i this city and Michael Prier of Butte, Montana, oecttred at t'he parsonage iu this city Weduesday e, vm:ing, Rv. U O. Beadles officAating. Tho,.m you Og people will ntake their hcme in t'.,Is I citY residing In the Gee. McAl vcy tome in Opchar:l Park. ---tat. Rptr, ............ :,, ;  .... , ............ :;:. ::.,7.:, :T &5:-:22& :.. :. : :: J l<;.,,: ,.,d. s v ,,f I',,':l;,nd had left the ":I ::'ra,.:c *1 th, u'm,dered nurse, F.ditl| ;' " (avcil il I'lel.; last week, Ihere .} . i,. ll:[ill ,,t tilt' hlt,t Of the" 'AtI.!ll. ,'ria] t'rt h',l to the il31lllOlia] llq*ti-  ,,,' Of tlh-' '.,:':.'at martyr. .dat .a :" ch.)ttln fly tl,, ,,romans. M'.,(. Mat- .} IICI'IiC .1[1: ]'.('*L. WIIO $,il , .Oh" , - lcncd to , ....... with I'l,, ;.'i'::.I: " : l! I l :' (" . [ ) .1  %r ] t (); t" ,:'IIICIICC *Vt,'; (, 2" mub',l. Mlh'. l',tau:kact is ph.'};o. :.' t VrPP e I ;t:i she i,; placing he, si|,'llt .'@ ll',Dtli(: Ull I.hc .:iave Oi lleF . "11,' ti L . I Ij _' I II I POSS[ {;LOSING IN ON YI:GGS WHO It[LD UP I]ARRTil toomls T w(,l v(. Non- Pa rtism i League leaders lhwludim A C, '['ownley. founder o[ .h(" lKlrly, llllII 'VIII. ],cntke, member ol thd 11ali( rml exocutive committee, are nnth,r intliclnlent in North Da- RoLe l')r {he ha.rt : Cass cottrty, N. D. gl'alld jllrV Bay..l Lhey had {n loot- ing tlle S(mn(/Inavian-Amorican Bank [11 ["[IFp.O. About half a million dollars (;r sL;,.re money disa.ltPeared through Ibis bank xhich was controlled by I.etgtle leaders :till] used to finaalce a. :tiring of friendly banks and several h(lustril 'nlerprises in which the ]A)/llll'e:i wcl'e ilKel'ested (JharKes agahlst thc l,eaguers range from embe.zzhmmnt to peljury In amtk- ing' falcao ,'cpor[s on loans or the con- ditiou o" the bank. Lemke, the Leag- uer who was race,lied from the office of ALrorley Kencr:tl last year, Is charg. ed with elnl)ezzlenlenL of state ftmds losl through the h'mlc Townley fa- ex:s tdx indielmonts, as do F. W. Cath- re, ,rorrlmr director general of t,he state owned Bank (t" North Dakota and 1,. P M.eAnany. fornler dire(or of aud- its in tlm sta.tu bank. while O. E. l.oflhu, fOl'lller bank examiner, Is ac- cused o" perjury. Six bak officials were llu/ictod on a number of charges and the fornmr manager of .the Leag- ue's dail paper wa. accused of forg- Ing an cndorsenlent a@4 cshing a check gent to that publication for canl- paign expenses. I HIGH TAXES DO TO TAX-EX EMPT BONDS h: con!men%lag on the iniquity Ot Hunted all night like wild animals in robbers were gone, he proceeded to the bush, two of the tllrea robbers unscrew" Lhe door of the vault and In who held up the bank at Loonlis yRS- a few miuutes was eu, t. The rob- terday are he,lag henmmd in by a bets had cnt the telephone wires so circling band oF sheriffs, cat,Semen, young Knosher grabbed a ear :u'.[ and Canadian Mnnted Police on Inade a wild ra.ee far a telephone line Black Mountain near lichter's Pass m to T0nnskct, whhh is five mles away. Ida). The robbers case is hopeless ....... H g,';I. h:re in short notice- and onlY the slightest chance of escape, front '[oltaske[,,)the flOWS y.was spread $300 was taken in the robbery, all ever the Ul per countr.'. Wi.thm One of the alan, LaLievre, was cap-120 illinlHe after (he robbery servoral tm'ed Wed,n.esda,y afternoon at the car., (1' sheriff,s, deputies and (,,v. - Canadian border , boys wore on the trall. { The three men drove up to th.e :,...XL l;In(.k iVhmnrain the robbers had 1rank at Leo.rots at 3::t0 ,Vedne,,+day blow out at:d did not have an exn'a in the absence In Wenatctme of the cashier, C. H. Knosher. The bank had been left In charge for the d:ty of Mr. Knosher's son. William Knosh. er. The hold-qps drew their guns [ tire and they were very much surprised I.O {'ind several cars of officers ttn(I ('att:lerll.el appear on the scene. TlloY 'tl:It,'; upon tlle robler a.t RichLor"s Pass. ol)PCSPLo tile t-tlchLJr esLate, be. CONGR[SS Of YOUIfl WILL CONV[N[ SOON tlto tax-exempt b0nd and its robbery 'oF tim govcrllulent and common elt- lzell. Robert S. Iovolt, Chairman of the Board or Directors of the UuloT1 Pacific System says: The processes of common sense seem to be reversed In err basis o taxation, instead of a premature on ellLerf]ri(., end Lndustry by a l@wor Boys who have proved to be load. ers among boys in eac.h comm.unity of the state or Washington will be cm> didates for membership ill the Con- gress cf Youth, which is to ccnvmm on Bainbridge Island, nasa" Seattle, frcmt Jmbe 22 to July 13, with George B. C,(le, congTess director. The plan cf t11o Congress is LO so- lect a few outstanding boys of each togotlver and give them tl'aining in eolnalmtity i1 the state, I)ring them leadership, which shall hel) them iu furthering file finer ideals of Amer. ican cltizenshil) and making thoh' leadership a vital part of community life. , The boys who are to beOOnle ,ntem- ,bers of the Congress of Youth will be ,selected. in the larger cities, tlwough such organlzathls as Rotary, Kiwan. is, Lions' and other commerSfal clubs, chambers of cormerce, ministers, 'school euperhtendents and cllurch brotherhoods. 2 boys from Brewster will be sea.t- ed in the Congress of Youth, to be chosen by the Brewster Community Clnb, under the direction of Clhy D. Parke, President, and F. H Phipps, Secretary. - The choosing of candidates has al- ready begun, and will I)e enpleted as quickly as possible. Boys aad the younger young men eligible muet be from 13 to 19 Years of ago and prove entally and Physically suited to receive the benefits from the ac. tivitiau of the Congress of Youth. The Congress will include all desir. able features of a summer vacaLion vlth its more serious :ork. It will be a .conblaatlnn f camp, lecture ourse, ]gseball tournament swim- ming meat, boating parw and flshlug dtrlp, In ,tke led.tm2 course, the his- tory" of Washington and all the vital olento1,ts in its progress will be dis- cussed while there will he inspira- tional addresses by noted men, inclu- ding Proslden Henry Suzzllo, or the Lax ol earned than invetod inoome, Unlvorsfty of Washington; Gov. Louis ust the opposite ig the law. A sal-'-Hat.,'. O. Holland, President Wash ary or a profit, ntado by personal of- fort is la.xc0 ttle lnaxlmuin rate under the I)]'ovisio! for surtaxes, while cap- iital e:;(:apes be lax altogether by l)eing iuvosL(;d in nmniclpal securl- ti,s. The resul.t is nct only a sense .:,1' Injustice suffered and discourage- nlq:t in Lhe lndhq(lua.1 relying upon hls t:xwt efferLs but an orgY 0 reck- h,;sness and extrawtgance In munlcl- I.lal expenditures un]mrallod trn history "These hugeums are not only go- ing im: tnx-excml} securities, shift- ing the burden of taxation :to Industry but are being withdrawn from. [nvest- nlem: In industrial en,tergrisss of all .ington State College; S. B. L. PenloSe, ,president of the Loyal Legion cf Log- gers and Lumbermen. Many busness leaders In Seattle will also be cab ld upon for talks. "The Congress of Youth has asked the ooooporating clvic organizations to ,pick the finest youths in their com- 'nunltios," sal dDirector Cole. "so we will assemble the cream of our young- sters for these conferences, whlch will be divided into three groups, accord- lng to age. The first week June 22 to 29, we will have the older boys, 17, 18 and 19. From Jmte 29 to July 6 we will have 'the 15 and 16 year old and threatened to sboo,t young K7osh or unless he wuld open the safe. Knoshor explained that his father was gone and that he did no,t have 'lle combination and finally succeeded in talt(ing them o,ut of doing any ,4t')el - ing. However, the did th)w youn; Knosher into the vault and locke,1 him In. At that UlnO Professor Vlt ca'.n along the street an(] went i:ro the to a warrant, lto we,; bank cash ('anght, gagged, and tied down after I)olng relieved of the cash he had (n haled. The robbers then locked tam door and started n.orh in Lteir auto- nmbile. P1x).fessor ritt called; to see if there was anyone in t!le vault Blll Knosher an.swored the call from the vault, and when he found the JURY SERVICE IS A DUTY OF CITIZENSHIP Jury sorvice is one of the first dntios o citizenship; lit is one or the last duties 'the average citizen is willing m perform. Men of character and ability who are possessed of the qualifications nec cssary te the rendering of fair play and intelligent verdicts will go ,to grant lengths in order to evade service on u Jm.. At the same'time the)' will criticize the verdicts of those wlm are willing to serve. The average man feels that he can- ,of afford to neglect his business im erests in order to spend two or three flays or a week in a jury box at sm:all pay. 'The financial t sacrifice such srvtce eutall.s is. a barrier between him and his duty to his ccmmunl,t,y. He forsakes dtity in his efforts to e- vade the sacrifice. In ,too many cases thls attitude: fills the JUries with melt who are not tween Osoyoos. and Nighthawk. serls tkat eml)ty l0)or, and In the  hu]ldin{ l:.erIls and Curbelle who esca,i)ed I ' .' . of homq for housing the poe. :u'o :aid to bc the. le;.lders ill the 'll-ple. fair and are .q:tid t:) have induced " But that is not nil ...... not by half, young [,a{Aovre to go with them. 'l'ax-oy,,nlVt h:)r.d Issues by village, [ ('. 1}. L..nosbor and wife and children ,wwn, 'ci.t'y cmuy. alid state with oth- wqn' eating i(' cream with the Daily el' extravgances which sEt'end waste- World nmn in Wenatchee and talk. [nl h,:hits, :a'o increasing state and mu ing over things in Okanogan while nIcilmJ taxation to an extent thu is the bank .of which Mr. Knosher i truly alarming. cashier aL Loohlis wvs being rcbhcd ......................... XVt(Inosday, Well ille(l pool.thooks are often L!r. Knosber was notified of his like :runic heds. There Is Itothing ill Itmk when lie was on t'ho train cf value in them. lmaded for home. ' The i.o.(nlis bank ix one of tile .,, ' ti0000'AN AKi]ASS00,DOR several banks in Whtch Hans Lund CEk and his son Arthur, are Interested. n'(:'=C OUR "" ' Wom,,ehee Daily World l&,liog, L,'D SHO] !'itted ztmrally or lntellec{2ually to per- t're'm, their duties without fear cr fa- vor. The result is spread broadcast over q.ie ('(mntry in the form of criminality ".hat appears to be nneheckablo and ! cons'.ant.ly on increase. the The law of nature requires that we reap as we s.owL said even now the tum of the reaper is deafening in our ears, TIME FOR COVER SPRAY Ap])le growers below Brewster should start spraying so as to be fin- Ished by June 7th. (]rowers on Brewster Flat should complete the cover spray by Jlme 10. \\;Vat:or will be turned on June 2 or 3rd ioir:t Moths came out June 20. The lateness of the season sets the date of the cover spray close to the calyx spray. Moths have been active dur- ing the past fw Ixot days, {lis Kxtellenrv Dr Otto 1.Veid- /t, ldt. thc hew German Ambassador o th Uqited States, said, "I am ;J;:,d to bc able to live in your most i;,t,-f(stm: country " wh'en he 1 . ,r i: ?':c'.; L ....... ', ....... ., ,o W t.',tdn:tu,. boys, and fi'om July 6 to I3 we wilt occupy ourselves w'tth tbe 13 and i4 year olds. '"lhe Coftgress will be mtdcmomlna. tional and non-sectarian, bui tin19 will be allotted to Bible study In the daily program we have mapped ou.t for the boys. "We have leased a part of the grounds of the Moran Sclmol as our camp site, and Frank G, Moran, wife conducted the Congress hi 1917, will co-operate wRh us in making tle glth- ering tlils year a success." AER0 PUSSg CA]' Major W.T. Blake is here photo. graphed with. his pet, ">,ii{e,' ttr pretty tabby that will make an ,,r,,. plane trip ar,J'a.,d .. . ......... t his master. ) I