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May 21, 1981     Quad City Herald
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May 21, 1981

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Citizen group responds to QCH news article (Editor's note: The following letter is printed in its entirety, unedited. We do not normally print letters over 500 words, but prefer this way over an ongoing serial of this nature. We will publish no more letters on this subject from this group.) Attention of Editor: Citizens for the Deportation of Illegal Aliens respond to the article by Bar- bara Jones. Realizing our response is extensive, we beg your indulgence and request that you print it as the only proper way to convey an informative response. Realizing also that a newspaper has certain space allotments, we request that you print our response in con- secuttve msues until completed, If necessary. We ask that If you edit this response, that you so indicate: in order that those interested might contact its for the complete content of this respon- se. The first point we'd like to clarify is the name of our group. Since w last talked to Barbara, we decided to re- name the groun. We find that citizens have many concerns. We foreses an ire volvement in other matters besides the illegal alien issue. Therefore, we adop- ted a more flexible, all-compasslng tltle:CITIZENS IN ACTION. The present group is that division for the deportation of illegal aliens. Simply put: we believe the word "illegal" means what it says; "against the law," "forbidden by law," or unlawful." By crossing our border illegally, these aliens have committed an act against the law. Being therefore lawbreakers, they are subject to ap- prehension and deportation. There is a way to enter the USA legally. If they do not choose to take the lawful path of entry, deportation is in- deed necessary and Just. The laws regarding lawfnl entry into the USA were established for very good reasons. Every citizen should be appreciative of these laws for they provide us with a certain protection and have much to do with the continuing security of these United States. How do the Immigration laws protect us? They are to weed-out the "un- desirables," by means of certain physical and mental examinations, and bar their entry. Who is classified as an "undesirable?" They are considered to be feeble-minded persons, drug addic- ts, prostitutes, persons having con- tagions diseases, persons likely to be- come pub charges, anerchl and ad- v0cstes  communism er tota]Radan dictatorship. (Reference: PRIN- CIPALS OF AMERICAN GOVERN-- MENT by A. Saye, M. Pound, 'and J. Allures) These are specIfically excluded from entry into the USA. The reason should be self-evidenti When properly applied, these laws assure us that our problems will not be compounded by bringing in more of the same; or added-to by the presence of subversives. We must face the fact that when lllegais cross our border they are not greeted by an examination from a physician and psychiatrist who deter- mine their eligibility for entrance. Therefore, he who passes through unexamined could possess any, or all, of the forementioned undestreable qualities. It is pure logic that the chart. ces of undesireables entering the US go up 95% when persons cross our border unlawfully. We support the Border Patrol. We are grateful for their presence. R is our un- derstanding that the Carter ad- ministration weakened the Patrol by cutting their budget and manpower. We critize the Federal government for this questionable act. We found it abit hard to comprehend Just exactly what Sheriff Johnson was trying to say in the article. First, "During harvest time we do have a significant increase in  crime." Then, "but Johnson questioned whether that is because there are simply more people in the area, or becansethey are aliens." Please note the words nsed; "harvest time" and *'significant." Are we to Ouad City Herald people are! The whom being, the Cuban refugees; the straw that broke Miami's back! Attempts made to weed out the undesireable Cubans were evidently not too successful! We suggest that it is obvious that a population increase does not have to mean a rise in crime, but If the increase is made up of a certain kind, it can definitely mean a rise in crime ! Screening processes are a valuable service to a hat, n, as well as say, an organization, How many of you belong to organizations that screen member ship applicants? The Federal govern- ment (hopefully) still screens job ap- plicants. Screening is a protective device; if it does not take place, you are left wide open to any undesirable elements. Likewise the ability to discriminate(make a distinction) is a sign of intelligence; and serves one as a protective device also. The lack of the ability to discriminate is the first sign of a weak mind. We pose these questions. What group do the orchardists claim to need to get their harvests in? Would it not be this ssme group that ac- colmts for more people beir in ths area at hsrvest am? Who most gicany then would be mspome for the "snificant increase in violsnt crime"? Something else was also ablt con- timing in the article. In one paragraph, according to Johnson, "We've tryed to get an interpreter on the staff but couldn't get anyone, even iliegals, to do it." Paragraphs later, it says, "Pete Carranza, a Malott merchant and in- terpreter for both the Sheriff's depar- tment and the courts..." Are we to believe that Sheriff Johnson is mixed-up, or that Mr. Carranza is? Clarification, please! The illegal aliens affair with our nation becomes more interesting as you explore the Social Security tax angle. Enter, the illegal alien[ Does he go to the proper authorities and apply for a SoclaISecurity card? If the illegal does happen to have a S.S. card, the question arises, how did he get it? If he doesn't have a card, how does the orchardist arrive at a taxable S.S. number for the illegal? Well, If "everyone must pay S.S. tax If they have worked more than 20 days, or earned more that $150;" maybe the orchardist just fires this needed illegal before that point is reached? The questions remain for your contemplation. And we hope that you all noticed the words, "most of the illegal workers are long gone by (in- come) tax filing time and thus the bur- den reverts to the American tax payer." Yes, we are concerned about this. Citizenship carries with it certain responsibilities, but what responsibility does an illegal assume? Perhaps there are people who do think that most of the lllegals go somewhere(?) else when the harvest is over. No doubt the residentS of Callfcr- nla once thought so too! Statistics show that some do leave, but some also stay. The ones that leave come back with more illegais and, each year, more stay. Thus you now find Los Angeles sprouting huge murals that declare, ,WE ARE NOT A MINORITY," and you find L suing the Fedcral govern- 'meat for millions In unpaid medical bills for lliegal aliens. (Reference: THE THUNDERBOLT, Oct. 1980, #258 and THE SPOTLIGHT, 3-23-81) The same thing can happen in our state! We are not isolated from, nor immune to, such infiltration. They are here ulreadyl Concerning unemployment: Myra Burns of the Employment Office said, "all of our placememts are not made for Mexicans, but the majority are for Caucasians. We make ulot of placements for white Americans." Please note that Ms. Burns did not say what type of "placements" these were. Again we say that more clarification is needed. White Americans are more qualified for skilled positions, so it would naturally follow that they, could be placed whereas a Mexican could not be. The article continues, "orchardists -say they will hire white, Mexicans, blacks, greens, purples, as long as they Note these orchardist comments: "I haven't had a local person ask for a job in two years. I would hire them if they did. If they can do the work, I'd rather hire local people. I can't believe anybody around here can't get a Job." Well, we know a felia that needed a 'Job. He read the article in the paper; took the orchardists at their word; gave them a call; but he didn't get a job! This man said he intended to write a let- tor to the paper and share his experien- ce, and we hope he does. The words of the orchardists don't seem too credible after- such a turn-down l One of our members called various Employment Offices to see how many orchardists were advertising for help. She called Seattle (nothing), Olympia (nothing), Vancouver (nothing), hut finally at the Wenatchee Office they did have a little bit to say. They said they had no calls right now but they expec- ted to get some in about three weeks. They said they have a couple of orchar- dists who usually let them know when they need help; so check back in 3 weeks. She also found out that the way the Seattle Office gets their Information about orchard work available is via the Wenatchee Office, via the Olympia Of- rice. And if only a couple of orchardists put in a call for help at the Wenatchee Office, how far do those openings stret- ch? SO Just how big an effort do the or- chardists make to find help? Just how much advertising do they do to get American workers ? We'd llke to know! Consider these words: "Liberals of- ten argue that illegal aliens take jobs that citizens refuse. This was dlsproven in an Immigration sweep of sweat shops in the northern New Jersey area around Union City. R was found that 253 employers were paying illegal aliens as little as W  an hour. This was found in garment factories; also motels, retail stores, construction firms, and Janitorial services were paying illegals less than minimum wage. All were the types of jobs many citizens would llke to hold in an area of N.J. with high citizen unemployment rate." (Referen- ce: THE THUNDERBOLT, Aug. 1980. #256) Consider this also: "News reports have revealed that all too many illegal immigrants move up to well.paying Jobs; some have been found on federally funded construction jobs and on Army bases. At a time when the unemployment rate is far too high and literally hundreds of thousands of Americans are begging for JObs, it is the height of folly to continue this nations approach to mounting numbers of illegal immigrants." (Reference; Senator Strom Thurmond's article in THE SPOTLIGHT. 3-23-81) Illegal aliens are a natiqn-e p, Toblen.,.Ali Amert is feeling the uncomfortable effects of this invasion. We are not alone in our feelings! Must an American be forced to choose between working for poverty wages or taking the welfare check that might enable his family to live better than what they could on some wages of- fered? What man desires to see his family needy? The wage situation and the welfare system sort of go hand in hand. Both need adjustments so that both the laborer and the employer are reasonably satisfied. We invite the or- chardists to work with us for reforms in this area. And one more question for the orchardist: could you support your fmnfly on the wages you pay? We noticed that Barbara's article changed terminology from time to time: using "illegal aliens", "migran- ts", and "aliens." An illegal can be called a migrant, an immigrant, or an alien, true enough; but the word "illegal" is usually used to denote type; for clarification. For Instance when "Carranza stated that migrantS are the mainstay of the apply industry", we have no way of knowing if Carranza was speaking of lllegals or Americans, We are not questioning the use of American migrant workers. And when Jean Godwin of the Tonnsket Migrant Health Office stated, "People think it's (health care) a freebie, but it's not. And I will say tbathey (mlgrants) pay tt without even blinking an eye... The So who does pay for the health care of these illegal aliens? Do they pay for themselves out of their paychecks? Does the orchardist pay for them? Who does? Maybe someone out there could explain how this works. Los Angeles sure got shafted somehow l Maybe our food stamp program needs to be in- vestigated also; just to make sure that genuine legal aliens and U.S. citizens are the recipients l More news to consider: "Arizona has a Communist Pay candidate for the U.S. Senate this year, Lorenzo Torrez of Mexico. The 2-28-80 issue of the Com- munist DAILY WORLD quoted his program calling for "the rights of un- documented workers." Torrez said, "Hunmn riglSs msan unme for the undocumented. Their wages should be at union scale, but they should also earn 25% to 50% additional income to com- pensate them for being away from home and family. Full unemployment and social security benefits should be made available to them." (Reference: THE THUNDERBOLT. Aug. 1980, #256) That is the type of action going on in the world of the undocumented (illegal) worker. And yet Carranza says, "Brewster and Omak stink as far as treatment of these people (aliens) go." He said because of this mistreat- ment, "you'll have the boycotts and all the problems that California has." We're glad to hear that Cerranm knows that California is having problems, but whose side is he on? Whose mistreating who? Tell a citizen of Los Angeles that he is mistreating the illegals and you'd probably get your head readjnstedl California is still part of the United States, is it not? All they are doing is protesting the illegal invasion that is depriving them of their Constitutional rightS! Can't say we blame them one bit! Who knows; maybe Carranza would like to see the illegal workers get paid union scale wages with an ad- ditional compensation for being away from tbsir hne and famliy! bguy would have to be blind, deal, and dumb to believe that Americans will take such things! Look around our nation, Patriots! Read the uncensored news for a change and be prepared for quite a few shocksl It seems that the name of Chavez (not sure of spelling) is known to agricultural people around here. Seems this Cimvez plans to organize the agricultural laborers; and in the mid- die of your harvest, orchardist; some day, sme year; Chance is gcdng to call for a boycott. The workdrs won't work and nobody will be permitted to cross the picket line; and your harvest might perish on the vine. It's not the Americans who are causing a boycott! R is a planned and organized G.avez movementl And perhaps; orchardist, the men you have in your orchard right now are Chavez disciples; already in- doctrinated, Just waiting.. -I Whom will you blame when thishappens ? ? ? Patriots, the situation is deathly serious! This nation is sitting on an ex- plosive powder keg with a very short fuse! All loyal Americaws must see the national need to unite against these illegals who threaten us in our own country! Carranza, already portrayed as an illegal sympathizer, later tries to defend the health of same with a rather ambiguous remark,, "They don't bring in any more disease than any other minority group." You'll notice he didn't try to claim they were disease- free! Remember now, they are not checked at the border for health problems: Well, it only takes one per- son, with one contagious disease, to start an epidemic ! THE WENATCHEE WORLD (5-7-81) had some interesting information about tuberculosis cases; and the Oct. 1980 issue of THE THUNDERBOLT had some information about malaria cases. Diseases that were once controlled, or eradicated, are beginning to show up again. Why? Because of the vast hordes of illegals and refugees that are en- tering our nation. How many are aware that body llce are carriers of the typhus germ? Check your dictionary under "typhus." When did lice start showing up in the Brewster Grade School? Do we have any 'hill people" to blame it on? Parent's, have you checked out the schools? Are the children of illegal aliens going to school with your children? Have those children had all the vaccinations your child was required to have? We haven't had time to check out the school situation yet ourselves, but it does deserve atten- tion also. Any investigative volunteers out there? What do the majority of Americans really think about illegal aliens and legal immigrants? "According to a recent Roper poll, the majority want our immigration laws inferced. 91% of the respondents favored an all-out ef- fort to stop illegal immigration, and 80% thought that legal immigration quotas should be reduced." (Referen- ce: Senator Strom Thurmond's article in THE SPOTLIGHT. 3-23-81) What does Senator Thurmond - personally think? "I have long been in- terested: in immigration law enfor- cement and in the reduction 'of im- migration quotas. The employment of illegal aliens must generate severe punishment, thus ending the magnet of jobs that draws them here. I shall also work to establish better enforcement of American borders." (THE SPOTLIGHT). Senator Strom Thurmond's address: Room 209. Russell S.O. Bldg., Washington, D.C. 20510. Citizens and patriots! Don't be fooled about the magnitude of this problem. Don't .be fooled because your town seems llke such a nice, quiet place to live. Infiltration comes quietly, so, as not to alarm you; but once entrenched becomes noticeably loud,' violent, kind apparant. We love this nation of ours. Our forefathers fought and died for it. We think it is worth fighting for too Long live the U.S.A. Respectfully Submitted, Citizens In Action Chairman, Bill Sachse Co-chalrman, Larry Cooper P.O. Box 214 Brewster, Wa. 98812 Aaron recovering Dear Editor: In November 1980, our son, Aaron, had a heart catherization at the Univer- sity of Oregon Health Science Center's Doernbecker Hospital in Portland, Oregon. From this it was determined that openheart surgery would be necessary to partially correct a congenital heart defect. On February 3, 1981, open-heart surgery was performed on Aaron by the Mayo Clinic Surgeons at St. Mary's Hospital in Rochester, Minnesota. Surgery went well and we returned to Vancouver, Wash., on February 26. On April 29, 1981, Aaron was again admitted to the intensive care unit at Doernbecker Hospital in Portland due to irregular heart rhythm. The next day surgery was performed to install a pacemaker. Aaron is recovering well from his or- deals and it is expected that he will be able to live longer and a more normal life. The efforts won't be apparent, however, for about a year. We are extremely fortunate and proud to have once been residents of Brewster and have so many friends there behind us. It doesn't seem like enough to Just say thank you, but please accept out sincere heartfelt ap- preciation for all your prayers and financial assistance. Be assured that, we will never forget the generosity and good will shown to us by the people in Brewstor. We especially want to thank Lynn Christensen, Patsy Know!ton and Jack Groeneveld for their assistance and in- spiration throughout these past months. God Bless you all, Mike & Kathy Harvey ...... May 21. 1981 One more time To the Editor, Last week you said you were misquoted, I was there when that call was made to you, and she wrote down what you said so she would get it right. And you didn't mention our youth once. That was good though, now people will think you are trying to protect our youth. But who were you trying to protect when you omitted to tell us about the bar being cited. And everything else you have chosen not to report. If you can't get proper ,infer- mat!on maybe you should ask the editor of the Chronicle how he does it. And as far as our youth, If they knew their names would be in the paper maybe they would think twice before they did something wrong. There is a lot this town should be up- set about. We've been threatened with fines for not having a permit for a yard sale. But we have signs on main street that prohibit certain vehicles from parking on main street. But no one in- forces that law. Certain people never get stopped for speeding or anything else. Some people can block excess reads and nothing is done. About your front page story on lllegals, Instead of asking what color Myra Burns (Employment office) placements where she should have been asked how many were for farm labor. Carransa (merchant) says we wil] have boycotts and all the problems Calif. had, don't forget cheap farmers and lllegals were at the bottom of that too. I would llke to know what its called when a farmer pays $200 a head for lllegals to be brought up here? But the farmer won't spend money on housing or s $1.80 for an ad to let anyone know he needs workers. Yes we do depend on the employment office, that's why they call it employment office. Look at gas prices a person that's broke can't af- ford to drive all over the country looking for a Job. Talk about putting your foot in your mouth. A local man asked the following farmers for a job, and had references but these good people said no. But think about it who are they hiring, I would like to know. This man I am talking about has been out of work for quite a while and hasn't been able to get a job. So now he is leaving our community. Farmers asked: Cal Cooper, Paul Tfft, quote from Paul Tift, "I would hire them if they asked. If they can do the work I'd rather hire local people." Kelly White, Quote, "I can't believe anybody around here can't get a Job." (Pve heard that One before), He also asked Custom I & Custom II. Besides this one local man, since that story came out, I've talked to other men end they said they had asked those same men for work and were turned down. Jean Godwin (Migrant Health Office) may state that lllegals don't cause health problems but with more and more illegals coming in and most not vaccinated, do you wait until a bomb drops before you look at who might drop one. I know one farmer personally and he Is at least making an effort to go back to Americans. And he at least has decent housing and if he can do it, so could a lot of other farmers. It seems to me the group Citizens have tried to prove to you as citizens what is going on. And all the farmers do is talk empty words. Richard Robbins [IB00. 00,es il May 12 - A boy to Mr. and Mrs. Rodoifo Arevalo, Brewster. May 16 - A boy to Mr. and Mrs. Hugh Freels, Tonasket. May 18 - A girl to Mr. and Mrs. Lowell Lamberton, Twlsp. believe that during harvest time, "more people" might be tourists who flood this area and are bent on commit, ling violent crimes while vacationing in our communities; thus touristS are responsible for this "significant" in- crease in violent crime?" Or should we believe that at harvest time there are more people in the area because the orchardists are hiring retired citizens, American migrant workers, high school kids, etc.; who af- ter working all day, turn to violent crimes to while away the evening hours? Common sense denumds that we ponder the words harvest time, significant increase, and violent crimes, much luther than the article did. You might recall that Miami, Florida had a population increase last year! They also had an astounding increase in their crime rate l If you tried to tell Miami that it is simply because there are more people in the area, they'd laugh you fight out of the county! Citizens are leaving the golden city of sunshine and blondes in drovesl The Police Association has told the citizens to arm themselves because the police cannot protect them! (Reference:THE SPOTLIGHT, 4-27-81, #17) This is not Just because of 'more people;" rather it is because of "whom" the more can do the Job." Question: can illegals do the job??? At our first meeting, one gen- tleman put it rather succinctly, "Mexicans don't know applesP' We have heard various reports that support those words. It would take up too much space to relate them here but they can be summed up by saying, the orchar- dist may gain volume but the quality of his harvest suffers at the hands of the lllegals. We have also been told by orchard workers that the language barrier shows up on the job. How much time does an orchardist waste speaking to his employees through an interpreter? And how about the orchardist who had to send his crew hack over ten acres because they didn't understand exactly what he wanted done the first time?. We can't help but winder if the illegal can really do the Job! How does the orchar- dist explain his sacrificing quality for quantity? Or Justify the re-doing of ten acres? The article mentioned that three white people were hired for pruning last year; most for two days. Well, we d like to know a little more about this. What were the working conditions for these Caucasians? Were they surrounded by lllegals? Were they paid a white man's wage? Were they treated equally? We'd be interested to know, wouldn't you? aliens pay their share of the doctors fees." - we have noway of knowing what she was thinking when she used "migrants" and "aliens',; if she meant legals of lllegals. I guess we all need to learn to clarify ourselves as best we can in order to avoid confusion. We don't recall talking to Barbara about the practices.of the Tonasket Migrant Health Office. We do recall talking about those who have seen (what seemed to be) illegal aliens being routed through a Clinic. If these reports are true, or might be true, we feel that investigations should be made so that the real facts are known. And if it is found that the tax payer is not getting hit, in any way, for the health care of an fllegal,.that would be great news! I don't think anyone would like to end up in the portion that Los Angeles is in becanse the illegals there. We received a letter from Lois Ayres, Chief Office of Information & Adjust. ment, Dept. of Social & Health SOP vices, Olympia, Wash. She wrote, "The state of Washington has no laws which pertain to illegal aliens; other than those which restrict eligibility for public assistance, medical assistan- ce, and food stamps to legal aliens and U.S. citizens." Please note, these bendim are  to "Legal" aliens andUS dtizem. Memorial Day... Remembered 'by Jean A. Sllvias, staffwrlter sites that.we put down our flowers ever to quell the goose bumps that surface As a'child I was among those who aw nualiy visited the cemteries in tribute to fallen heros. I can remember vividly how each child came to school with bouquets of iris (called flags), peonies, and any flower that happened to be blooming during May in Pennsylvania. It was our parents who waited til the morning of Memorial Day (then call,l Decoration Day) to cut the freshest of flowers which were wrapped in wax paper to keep them fresh. Once at school we were put into lines and marched solemnly to the nearest cemetery to spend a few moments remembering those who served their country with the ultimate sacrifice... their lives. It was during World War Two, thus there was little need to recall their sacrifices, as each of us were well aware of what was going on, most of us having fathers, uncles, brothers or neighbors serving somewhere in the world: Prior to our arrival, Small American flags were put on the graves of those having died trying to put an end to tyranny. It was on those flag marked so carefully. Later in life, my husband's job in the military took us to France for two years, giving us the opportunity to see first hand the beaches of Utah and Normandy along with sixteen acres of crosses at the cemtery provided for those lost during the invasion. It was one of those times that brought home full force, the agony of those partic- ipating in D Day. There are no words to adequately describe what awaited those courageous men on those beaches. Others have shared with us the same feelings after having viewed thesite of the invasion of Pearl Harbor. It is hard How Small Is Small? You know you're in .a small town when Third Street is on the edge of town, The editor and publisher of the newspaper carries a camera at all times. You don't use your turn signal because everyone knows where you're going (but you'd better use it - Just in ease there's a cop locking), you speak to each dog youpms by name and he wags at you. You dial a spontaneously when confronted with these memorials. Time heals all wounds, however, which creates in many of us a lapse of memory, some believing now that these things must be put in the paSt. There are those of us, however, that believe that we must never forget... not the men.., the tragedy of war.,. or what their sacrifices have preserved fornsl George Santayana warned, "Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it." Let's take time out of our busy Memorial Day Weekend to remember those who made it possible for us to celebrate ... in freedoml wrong number and talk for 15 minutes anyway. You are run off main street by a combine, tractor or orchard trailer. YoU drive into the ditch five miles out of town and the word gets back into town before you do. The pickups on Main street outnumber the cars. Thank God for small towns.., and the people who live in them! - Unknown