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May 21, 1981     Quad City Herald
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May 21, 1981

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Paae4 May 71. 1981 Ouad Cltv Herald I do not "take my orders" from either the business people or readers and especially from pressure groups such as yours, Citizens for the Deportation of Illegal Aliens. Believe it or not, good or bad, for the most part, the major decisions and policies of this newspaper are mine. Your letters appear in this issue and that will be the last from your group on this subject that will be published here. I feel I have been more than fair in giving you space to express your thoughts. That's more than I can say about you. (Fair). I doubt that your continued harrassment and attempts to discredit me and this newspaper has caused even one illegal alien to rush back to his homeland. You have said we do not cover your meetings. Yet a reporter has attended most and at the time of your letter on that subject she had already interviewed your leader. We have prin- ted news of your upcoming meetings when you gave the information to us. I believe you have hurt yourselves far more than anyone else by your pressure group at- titude. The lengthy letter signed by Sachse and Cooper is repetitious of the past ones except they have chosen to nitpick at what I thought was a well balanced article we ran page one last week. It is so easy to stand on the outside and criticize. I doubt any of you ever had anything to do with a weekly newspaper, yet you are apparent experts on how one should operate. I doubt also any of you have had much to do with an apple orchard, yet you are experts on the orchardist's labor problems. The illegal alien is no doubt a problem which needs a solution. But right now they are not as big a concern to me as a group like yours, especially when your leader gets upset when I tell him news of a pen- ding meeting is run free of charge. I suggest that if you intend to make any headway with your cause, you change your attitude and your tactics. The Police Blotter - Why is it that the illegal alien subject and the police blotter are synonymous in most of the recent letters? Why don't I publish it? Right now, because I refuse to be pressured. In the past we have published the police blot- ter off and on. Usually it was stopped due to a discrepency or an error. No one is perfect. Either the police made a mistake or the reporter copied the information incorrectly. Either way, [ am solely responsible and liable for whatever I publish. To me, the risk was not worth it. Anyway, Mr. Robbins, the police blotter is a matter of public record. Anyone has access to it. So why don't you go to city hall each week and write down your list of all the people [ am protecting. 4: ./ I sat here this morning and debated writing the trivia found in this column each week. What with all the "heavy" reading contained on the rest of this page a little nonsense and humor could, would, be a welcome relief, so here goes! Many, many moons ago, we installed a metal framed shower In the back bathroom. Through a hundred million, zillion showers this stall has been scrubbed down through the finish to plain old rusty metal. At ieasi two years ago I pur- i chased two cans of stuff to refinish this i disgraceful hunk of eyesore. Of course this was after we had inquired about the purchase and installation of a new fiberglass stall plus the other new fixtures that came to a total amount way beyond our reach. That fantasy went Into the "maybe someday" box of wants. Calling the boys Saturday morning I told an unsuspecting John I had this project just special for him to do. You see James had already made a rash promise earlier in the week to do something - anything with the straw all over the garden spot. The wire brush was placed in John's hand with instructions to push hard, all that stuff had !to be brushed away. Hours later with his head completely clogged, sneezing with each and every swipe of the brush, his only accomplish- ment was a mile high layer of fine dust on everything. My special project just for him was i now receiving loud complaints of "Why me! /I Just a few more swipes John, then vacuum up ii the mess, then you can paint, and you know ilil how much you like to paint! One brown primer coat was applied, 12 hours later a beautiful shiny white coat went on and finally the shower stall is presentable again, ready for another million showers! James - the straw -the garden. He raked and raked, at least three quarters of the straw into a big pile. Only temporarily tho, as the boys and i! dogs found that to be big fun to jump into, but !i at least now it is scattered in the orchard. James ii the raker, Bill the rototiller and the garden was! to be ready to be planted. One slight problem, Bill the rototiller gave a hefty pull on the rope and jerked it right out. Removing the plateto replace the rope, the spring jumped right out at him and there he sat with pieces. As the sun set late Sunday evening James was re-raklng the straw, John was rOtotilllng the garden, Bill was demoted to kitchen cleanup and I hadbeen willed the paint brush for the final touch up of the shower stall. Quad-City Herald Established 1901 Ike Vallance Editor & Publisher Doris Vallance Office Manager Bert Sinclair News Marlene Walstad Composing Marilyn Benge Bookkeeper David La Vallle Printer Jean Sllvtus News Barbara Jones Composing Rod Webster Advertising Cherl Dundas Composing .. i , 1 Year Subscription Okanogan & Douglas Counties $8.00 Out of County 1.50 Out of State S9.00 Single Copy .20 Subscriptions must be paid In advance. MEMBER "lib NA L BWE PJ00PER ,4z:ocieion. Founded I@115 Published every week on Thursday at Brewster, Washington. Entered as second class matter at the Post Office In Brewster, Okanogan County, Washington 988]2. Telephone 89.2807. Second,Class postage paid at Brewster, Washington U SPS 241-920. Nctl of Clmzcb mtertaimmmt where an lld- mln lee is dlmlgl, .rd  tlamb remlutlo d eleaee r rie ttemled t im iWate rIl. Shares view on gun control Dear Editor, I would like to share with you and others my views about gun control. If our guns are taken from us, how will we protect ourselves against crime and even internal war? In New York they have the strictest gun laws, yet they are used. John Len- non was killed in New York. Gun con- fiscation would only make citizens more vulnerable to crime and injustice. Not to mention government control or communism. Gun control is another step toward government control. As in Russia, the government controls practically everything: industry, the press, radio, farms and in affect, individual people. Have you ever heard of the Triliteral Commission? Or the Council on Foreign Relations? The members of these groups are for a one world government. They are totoally un-American. They already control news. Around 100 members of N.B.C., R.C.A. Corp., A.B.C., A.P., U.P.I., New York Thnes Co., and so many more are members of the T.C. and C.F.R. Groups that sup pert one world government. Look for yourself and you will find out. And ov.e more thing, why isn't the police blotter printed in this paper, as it is in others? Its public information! Is it not? Patriotically Yours, J. J. Thane Bridgeport, Wa. P.S. I am sixteen. A rebuttle to recent letters Dear Editor: I want to voice my own views to the several letters printed in the May lth Herald. To Mrs. and Mr. C. S. Hurd: I have read your writings in the local papers with interest but not with pleasure. I have tried but cannot find out your background, to understand what brings you to the points of view that you espouse. Nor do you have a telephone that would allow us to discuss these matters. I am going to assume that #1, you are not closely interested in far- ruing; that you do not own producing land and that #2, you are very new or relative newcomers to our area. If you did own producing land and if you had lived among us for some time, you would understand how radical and unacceptable your view on alien workers is to the area farmers. I am a new farmer. Twenty years spent in developing my land does not qualify me to be a truly 'oldthue' far- mer. But in those years, I have come to understand the mentality and the dedication of farmers as a class. I do not at all doubt that farmers, as a group, are the most independent segment of our society. We have built our business, for the most part, by long, hard days, six or seven days a week and very often by 'working out' for many years whlle the trees were developing. We do not intend that those not acquain- ted with building a farm or those not immediately concerned with farming, come into our community and tell us how to run any aspect of our operation! Your outpourings are not only un- welcome but they are resented; totally. I am presuming to speak for the majority of farmers; I feel I know what the thoughts of my neighbors are and I am certain I express the viewpoint of the majority. As a rule, the total worth of a farmer is tied up in his cropland; a business he himself has built. A very recent illustration of farmer clout and farmer independence is the organization of-Farmer--solidarity in Poland. Even in that dictatorship, the government realized the strength of the farmer class and took the unpreceden- ted step of allowing the farmers to organize. Recently an organized meeting was held at the school by a dissident group, wanting to give the local farmers an opportunity to give their viewpoint regarding hiring illegals. I should have attended that meeting to tell of my own experience with Caucasian workers. Four years ago a Bremerton family of 6 drove up to ask for a picking Job. They asked to "check your trees." The grandmother of the group announced "we can't make no money here" and the whole group returned to their car and drove o. Another white family of 4 drove up and picked two hours and an- nounced "we can't make no money here" and asked for their checks. That's about enough of whites for me and after several years of satisfactory performance by minority groups, I'll JuSt shck with tim , for a work force. The argument of wage scale has no va!ldity. The first 5 months of this crop Pie d ith Okl hom ! ag ase w a a cover e Dear Editor: especially, because my own son, Jerry a .ain and again and so it kind of s d to know that R was finally all over. : err), didn't know what to do with him. elf the next day - he was "lost" and I ink we both had post-Oklahoma! bluesl i'm glad so many people came to see R! Itwas lots of fun and I'll never forget RI I want everyone to know how great it was l Thanks for listenlng l Janlce Plumb 104 Highland Drive Bridgeport, Wa. 98813 played the part of "Andrew Carnes," played in the band and helped in other ways. Of course I was very proud of him and proud of the others - they were greatl It seemed llke the kids almost became the characters they played. A very wonderful part of R all was the closeness that developed between the kids themselves as well as with their leaders. I could feel it myself - perhaps because I get so emotionally involved in these things and because I see many of them at school where I work and so have watched some of them grow up. "Oklahoma!" will always be in my heart as the students who played in it in 1981 in Brldgepertl I could watch it P.S. By the way, Mrs. Brenda Blair decided Miss Walter needed a western shirt to wear to direct her western dressed band so she "whipped" one up in just a few hours. More on illegal aliens Dear Editor, My compliments to you and also to Louise Reeve on the good pictures and coverage you have given Bridgeport's "Oklahomal" It really means a lot to us, especially we who "loaned" our children for so long to help make this mnslcal succeed so beautifully. I can't say enough for these kids, the leaders, the great little band and those beldnd the scenes, and Mrs. Scott at the piano. I was very close to this produc- tion since I saw it three times and Sorry - we goofed Cal Cooper was inadvertently misquoted in an article last week dealing with illegal aliens. Mr. Cooper did say, "I do not hire my employees on the basis of race. It is only on the Imsis of reallablllty and performance on the Job." Weather May 14 70 42 May 15 66 41 .21 May 16 65 50 .tr May 17 71 51 Mayl8 74 51 Mayl9 63 53 .71 MayO 69 50 .16 Weekly weather report through courtesy of Security Section, Chief Joseph Dam. Concerning the problem of fllegals in our area; and the so called fact that r- chardists cannot get the work done without them. I would like to raise a few questions about that. How do these illegal aliens get from Mexico to Washington State without some sort of encounter with the law? Do we have organized transportation for these people? Why haven't orchardists sent help wanted ads to other parts of the nation, so people know that there is work available here? Are they turning away from Americans? How did they get their crops in before sales year, the warehouse FOB price ran $6.50 and $7.50 consistently.., while the retailer sold a Fancy-grade box for 49 a pound, or gross of $20.00 a box. Are Larry Cooper and Bill Sachse and the Hurds such well-informed farmers that they know what the cost is to raise a box of apples and put it through the shed? We pay the harvest workers, and others, what our own return will allow us to pay. If the above mentioned can guarantee us an orchard-run price commensurate with much greater wages, we will be happy to pay. The minority groups, I find, put in a 10-hour day, 7 days s week, without coffee breaks and for the most part, lead a clean and booze-free life. Its an old story to we farmers of the single whites working until noon and then announcing "I have to get to town for groceries" and then he might return 2 or 3 days later, suffering a huge hangover, hoping to get his job back. No thanks! If we ever get to the point of returning to that routine, I'll soon find a new business venture. These 'organizers' had best not underestimate the impact of the quiet, conservative farmer. The quickest way to bring a population to its knees is to cut off the food supply! So if the Hurds and the Larry Coopers and the Sachses do not llke the way we farmers run our business, best they relocate into a community where they find others to share their views and where they are indeed appreciated. I don't want them anywhere near me! Do those people realize where the hack- bone of the tax base is in this county? A part of it is from lumber but the overwhelming portion of tax money comes from farming and services sup ported by farming. When there is a crop the illegal aliens came along? They must have done it somehowl If the illegal aliens are finally de- ported, wouldn't Americans and Migrant American workers come here to work? Yes, I think so. But they gave up coming here because when they got here, the jobs were taken. There hasn't been any ads in the papers to hire American workers (at least I haven't seen any). The people are out there. They were here before; they would come back again if there was work. Thank you John J. Thane loss, it is felt in every segment of public life, in our area. These people want to bite the hand that feeds them. You let us tend to our business and let us run it as we see fit. We built the farms and we do not need your advice in hiring or any other matter. To the Robbins, Larry Cooper, C. S. Hurd: The police blotter is nothing but gossip and trivia and you only pick on this point, with the Editor, to gather more information about alien arrests and further your crusade against far- mer independence. The Herald is a fine paper and has always been so, down through Ruth Priest and the Eslers and the present owners. The towns are proud of these people and their un- biased efforts over the years. Ike proves his honesty and integrity by printing every blast that comes his way (when signed). To Betty McGill: Your disappointment over the politics used in handling your application for a City job is not surprise; not to me or many of those in town. If you are in- terested, read the back issues of the Herald for Sept. 7 and21, 1978, wherein more than 80 people attended a council meeting to try and override an instance of political maneuvering. The voices were loud and bitter, but the Mayor prevailed. The ballot box should correct such a problem but in Brewster, that does not seem to happen. And finally, we would have no aUen- labor problem if the labor unions had not years ago forced legislation to stop the satisfactory bracero program. The real answer to the entire problem is pressure on our people in Congress to reinstitute the bracero program. Orv Storlie Road to camp is closed I am just a little bit amazed that an individual is able to dose a road. I recently tried to go up to Whitestone campground only to find that the road which goes around Rat Lake has been closed by a pile of dirt then a pile of dirt & rock. I was under the impression that in order to close a road a person or per- sons had to go through some legal steps, but when I talked to some of the county road people they said that their office didn't know about the closure until there was a complaint called into the of- rice. I realize that people run cattle back in there but people also fish back in there as well as hunt and camp so does the fact that he rmls cattle count more than our fishing or hunting or camping? I should make it clear - I don't know who closed it, all I know is that it is closed and apparently illegally, 8o why don't the county do something about opening it? I think that it is time for all of the people who are deprived of the road to call the county andthe state and get the road opened like it is supposed to be. Bob Jones Bridgeport Bar In defense of "lllegals" Dear Editor, Where would the Brewster Mer- chants, orchardists and surrounding communities be without the "Illegal Aliens?" In the first place, if the citizens of these communities were working in the orchards there would be no jobs available for anyone to take away from them. And ii there were no jobs there would be no reason for the Mexicans to come to Brewster and surrounding communities. SO the fact is not that the Mexican Aliens are taking jobs from these citizens but, that the citizens don't want to work in these orchard Jobs. Therefore someone else has to. Which brings us back to the subject of Mexican Aliens! They come to this area looking for work. The work is available to them because no one else is willing to work these orchards. So they are hired. They work hard. If they didn't do the work it would not be done. Then the apples would not get picked and the trees would not be taken care of. So we might as well dig up all of the orchards and build houses or some other type of industry that American people in this area are willing to work at, or sit back and watch Brewster and Bridgeport merchants and orchard owners go out of business. In other words sit and watch the towns die down to nothing. If the Mexicans are doing anything here, it is helping us not hurting us. We all know that there are some that shouldn't be here at all but, that goes the same for all races, be it brown, black, white or whatever. You can't ex- pect all Mexicans to pay for mistakes other Mexicans have made. They are not all the same, There is good and bad in all races. SO, why the harrasment? It's unfair, Mexicans ARE human too. We all bleed the same color of blood. No matter what color is on the outside. Alot of us think if the American citizens of Bridgeport and Brewster don't want to do the work in orchards, why shouldn't the Mexicans do it. They are hard workers and at least they want to work. They are proud people, they don't want charity or welfare. So, I say more power to the Mexicans. If they want to work and llve in our towns of Brewster and Bridgeport, we should let them. Another thing I would like to add to this is I know for a fact that there was two businesses here in Brewster that had help wanted signs in there win- dow's for at least two months. If a citizen really wanted to work, why did the signs stay in these windows so long. I know it wasn't hard to get a job at either one of these businesses, because I am now employed at one of them and all I had to do was ask for the job! ! ! Maralyn Medina Spring Music Fest to be held in Pateros A variety of entertainment will be available for the public during the Pateros High Schoors Spring Music Fest, planned for Thursday, May 28, 7 p.m. in the High School gym. Special guests for the evening will be vocal soloist, Becky Wood, recently named Miss Wenatchee; a blue grass hand called "Mathes and Company," fiddlers from Winthrop, a trio, and a dance routine. perform a variety of music for the public's free entertainment.