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May 2, 1924     Quad City Herald
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May 2, 1924

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. 1924 JIbE IRII tlolt-- )a OlRa i D. &apos;, lstrict. :riot. deL ;IALI , . --*-: w l s, i IIGTQRII ,11111141 II ERTAKKII II O KI;" + |I I I{I O1@ , , +" . v + + . +,+ '+ " l t blcY + + gKNI&ON . ..' ". t ." ? ?*! Ii Sl II11 $ II 41 I lomveltloer o IIPlII t l l +.lInmo+ t +llllllll$1 P t I I i $ I I I I JtdllSqllAiqr | JIT  o =Urlte W,rk 00,mm00pTo,+ : 2:::!27 7 9 911t" | 1|" LBBB 9 wuh. !  S iP i @ II II II @ ,. IIMII @ le l + O 0 0 , /, >: ( ,! ' L +^ ,. .'i, .< ,I t BRFWSTIU APPLES WON PRIZE IN 1915 AT SAN FRANCISCO, AND SEATTLE IN 1918 AS THE WORLD'S BEST. B R EW S TE R I I II HERALD iii I i i, i i PUBLISHKD IN TH tr INTEREST OF AND TO THE "GATEWAY TO T HE F.MOUS OKANOGAN COUNTRY", lltEWSTKR. OKANOGAN COUNTY WASHINTqN. I llm I i  i i i Ir11'P',l, llllr'lllll&l]T:l, nl I I "If a jar of home canned foods -=:--:::--:--:--:--::---:=-------+'--:--::::--:--+:--:---=---:-::--'-- IIUIVlIM1AIkl00IIO I suspected, boil it thoroughly half an ] hour before tasting it. Or better REDUCTION of TAXATION CORNER still discard it. Jf there are any signs of decomposition the food Coprright, 1924, by National Bud"( Cmamttt, Iae. i should not be eaten If a can of a + J _ ,/ .... ,++_ ............. FOOD POISONING commercial product is under suspic- () ] 2._ ] ' ion, return it to the store aml ask for Last week we discussed a late death another. caused by food poisoning and the di- "The Walla Walls outbreak showed . + /J d)'9 ferent kinds of food poison. Dr. Victor Burke, head of the bacteriol- how NOT to deal with spoiled food. t] ( Mrs. E. prepared a jar of home can- elegy departanent at the Stae College , ; "+- ned cold packed aus for supper o Washington, told us some "whys and wherefores" in tlmt confiecti0n. ne nail emporJary tos her sen.e of He has some interesting things to smeU and did not detcet the peculiar odor of botulism decomposition. say on this important subject to us Wen the food was warmed ap the today, odor in the room was so noticablv. "The organism causing botulism (a Mrs. E's son and daughter smelted it. poisonmg, you remember, caused by the formation of a toxin fl'om the In spite ofthis,the asparagus was put on gne table. Mrs. v;. ah: part of t growth of the bacillus bo:ulinus) may stalk to see if it was good. The son oe presenL oa all' u.preserved tru,+ or vegetable, or mea. There is ae a wtmte stalk. The daughter re- uea to touch it. As it appeared to nothing to indicates its presence, it is more likelyto be found on foods be spoiled, the rest ot the asparagus overripe or on the verge of spoiling, was thrown to the chickens. 'Next Such foods should be diacaxdcd, not morning a number of the chickens preserved to save them as is often were sick or dead. A few days Mrs, done. Only fresh, whole ripe fruits E. became ill, and died wi'th typicd trod vegetables should be preserved, symptions of botilusm. The son and those only after thor washing, developed no symptions, though he "Flies ami other insects may con- .had eaten more than his mother. 'Phis vey the organism, and should be kept my be explained by the supposition off foods to be pgesetwed. It these that the stalk he had ate had been precautions are observed, there is heated enough to kill the toxin, while , less chance of the botulism organism what Mrs. l. ate, in another part of a Wod'; getting into the preserving' jars. If the dish, was exposed to le ieat. It they do get in, ordinary method of takes some time for heat to penetrate. 'ro redce war taxes is to give )ative Longworth of Ohio, Republican .el' heating' can not be depended on to +to the interior of a mass el food. every home a better clmnce." leader of the Home. kill them. And i they are not ktlled Food containing gas may seem to boil President Coolidge could not have All thee measures provide for a they will grow and the food be pois- l'or sevevM tamales before t}'e true uponbeen morethe CongressemphatiCthatin rvingthe peoplentiCeof reduction,,nuisance, flaxsincerein theandyearSO'called1925. bed. boling point is reached, this country have suffered long eno,;gh Since their introduction the tax-payers "Wim s+x'ving preserved food o "Instantaneous exposure of botul- from burdensome taxation. Congress of the country have been so insistent "When serving preserved food the inns toxin to a boiling temperature has not been hasty in responding to ta their demands for an immediate cook should exams it carefully for will destroy it and render the food the President's warning but it is up- reduction that both branches of Con- parently convinced at last that when gross have Ihown a willingness to spoilage, indicated by the presence of safe to eac ufficient time nlust be Mr. Coolidge says "Saw Wood," he agree upon a reduction of about 25% gas, an. unusual softening of the food given for the heat to reach the inter- means it. of the taxes now being paid upon the particles, or rancid order not ehar-] mr of the food mas and of ecah par- But the President has not stopped incomes of 192.3. acteristic o tha paricular food. Inl ttele. , at this admonition. Prktent Coolidge urged the Con- "Of all servle which the Congress gen to agree upon this reduction to . e One of the dead cluckens from glass jars the gas onrues can be sen] can reader to this country," he added, March 15th last. There is now hope rising to the top or caught m the co-I M-. E's flock anti a _mr of the as- "I have no hesitatRm in declaring ths that this reduction will go into effect tens. A softening of the particles[ paragus were sent to the college l&o, one to be par=mount. To neglect it, before the second installment becomes is iated by loss of shape and a set- rator.y for examinaitoa. Botulisms to obstruct it by unsoumt proposals, due on June 15th. " b0rr*y i flne pmiclel to the bottom, baeillu was iound in the Chlcken imd 'ts tofidenee'beCdmieand untrueUnWrthY'to pub||cf 'blic certalntyT' waYis tOfortUm t hi.every tax-payerhl into' ate rtspb0,l,d the gas eausd tie end 0i the asparagus juice contained a very "The country wants this measure to impress it upon his or her Senator or roundx to 0ulge outward Vunetur- stroztg botulinus toxin, have the right of way over all. others." Representative that taxes must be re- others + calm you can hear the gas "There will continue to be out- The first plan to reduce 'our taxes duced. breaks of botulism so long as people was placed before the country by See- "They must understand that this is retar Mellon. The bill embodying their fight." President COolidge has nce of spoilage does not i.- eat spoiled food. his suggestions has been followed in declared. "They alone can win it. Un- poynat the :food is poisonous, for the Hou of Representatives by a ess they make their wishes known to re many kinds of spoilage, plan submitted by Representative Congress without regard to party, the Mellon bill will not pass. I urge them organisms producing spoilage FOOT AND  of Texas and by a compro- t koduce poison. But ALL mi measure suggested by Represent- to renewed efforts." HedLood ,nay be poisonous and MOUTH DISEASE : ........ :-:+--:-:: maid be diseai:ded. Unless thoroly ...... .- ..... -- : -"- ......... ooked it should not be thrown to m ini:ccted California territory, rmn of the vesicles on the mouth, feet the chickens. Cooking destroys the Few people realize tle seriousness DON'T attempt to diagnose the all- au+l ttd,'ler; h, the s'diva, milk aml -tdxirl:but not the bacillus bo(mlinus of Foot-and-Mouth Disease and for ments of your neighbors cattle. It V'O'[OLtS zcc)'eLions and excretions; al- : ":'Oj.ganisnm., Eating ,J;hgse organisms that reason it is liable to be treated may be a costly experience for you. s, in the blood during the rise of 'de not cause dtsee.'but hating the too lightly until too late. It is not DON'T fail to consult "your local temperature. A wide distribution of toxm Usutlly reii:l.ts:in!lCath [only the livestock industry that is veterinarian on what may appear to the virus and a rapid irfection of in the "Prdserk'd,.f'ootls/"mt be [crippled but every commercial bust- be a minor ailment among livestock, the herd is the result, con- Animals nmy be infected indirectly first stages bf icomposifion and ness suffers either directly or indir-' This may save you and your state a lain enough tdt.x.t0 :ht'se deaths cctly great financial loss. by such things as infected manure, without' showiRg'[iW.'tih;4hat :he I People of the State of Washington DON'T feel that your cattle are imv utensils, drinking troughs, rail- 4t eye or nose can dete,:'Thcrcf0'.a.[ take cognizance of the unfort, nate too remote from California to become way cars, animal markets, barnyard, Rroorved foods ahoud idugh, I condition of the State of California infectcd :roll pastures or directly as by lieking ' unle.:+,-lis ,low in and co-operate with you," coo,,ea Dexore eaten DON'T be led to believe that the and in calves by suc]dn. Human ning process is known t--be\\;.'6.tate Department of Agriculture in los of cattle and other livestock is beitgs may carry the virus on their No home cursing,..process is ab'tlt[empting to prevent the spread 'of the one and final loss. shoes and clothing and transmit it uspicion the ifiroved method--in(tlrded disease in this state, t)(gN'T forget that there are boot- on their hands When mliking since / D('. :allow outside livestock to leggers in vegetables fruits and other the udder is occasionally the seat of usenotin large commercial canneries hre believed safe but'future botulism enter yofipremises, conmmdities. Buy from your local the:eruption. It may also be :lr, ied outbreaks may indicate t no sets- DON'T all'oW.,.5ur dog to run at dealers. Their interests are your in- by rdOgs, cats rats, chickc:::, '.,';,, .': :, od is absolutely safe., large. --"  tcrcsts etc: Milk in a raw state :::W :+'.::; "DO NOT TASTE preserve'/b.f0od DON'T employ any dairy or farm DON'T fail to repo suspected transmit the disease to animals fed to see if it is good to eat, .he hlibit laborers unless you are positiv ha: cases to the State Department of Ag- wih it. Animals which have passed of doing so has resulted in a numoer hey have not come from Cafifornia riculture, Olympia, Washington through the disease ,nay be a source Of deaths from botulism. The toxin since .December 1, 1923. Nature and Characteristics. of'infection for several months aftl,r '+Is so powerful that a drop on the end DON'T allow campers on your pre- Foot- and- mouth Disease, also recovery. ;of the tongue may cause death, mises. They may recently have been known as aphthous fever, epizootie Unlike most other infectious disea- aptha, and eczema contagiosa, is an sos. Foot-and-Mouth Disease may at- " ' acute, highly commuhicable disease tack the same animals repeatedly. No Chewing Gum Aids Digestion ooo,+,o +oo,oo,e00 + ,,+,o .immunityis eonferred by at, ,reals and characterized by an erupt- attack, though some anima|s are is- ton of vesicles or blisters on the muc- mime for a longer time than other.. . Homtn G, md/ us membrane of the mouth and on The period of incubation (that is National Aathoflty on Nutrition P)hwo e Forcat--Amden' adlFdzbm the skin between the toes and above the time between the exposure of at: Everyone knows we are given to eating more than we the hoofs. The vesicles rupture form animal to infection and the deveop- actually need, but when the table is heaped with good ing erosions and ulcerations; there I sent of the disease in that animal) i |I I Ill food, what s a feller to do? " are also salivation, tenderness of the variable usually from three to six' +., Things are so tempting, and so palatablel Why not affected pms, loss of appetite, lame- days. The disease ,nay appear it, 24 I enjoy them? But many a heavy meal which is hugely enjoyed ness, emaciation, and diminution in hours, or in exceptional cases not forl during the process of eating is far from enjoyable dur- the quantity of milk secreted. 18 (lays or even h,nger. :, ing the process of digestionl '/'he tremeduous ravages of the di.,;- As soon as the disease has become i Then it is that chewing gum comes to the rescue, ea:+e are seen in the number and var- well established the patient evimv:, Dr. W. A. Evans, former commissioner of health in iety of the specie attacked. While it pain when attempting to eat; in:fact Chicago, says in his book, "How to Keep Well": "To chew gum after a meal aids digestion. Most )]e+y be regarded as essentially a dis- t the appetite is often so seriously aft-l people do not chew their food long enough to mix t+asc of cattle hogs wouhl seem to be eeLed that all food is refuged and the' saliva with it thoroughly. The chewing of gum adds as easy prey. Ahnost in the sam[animal uneasily opens and shuts its. some saliva to the stomach contents. It is of more grade of receptivity are sheep and tmonth with a characteristic smacking service in stimulating the stomach muscle. It is espe- ' -) CioalltYene  oblnee ahs 13ngeatp: n taOn het emptc ,s goats. Horses, (logs, eats, and even iound, v,,hx.e strings of cohesive, rol)y v,ya t e s a o t poultry may become occasionally in- aliva h:mg suspended from the lips. heavy something is gained by chewin gum for half an footed with the disease, the la4 thre,.. I With the advance of the disease Mk21W d heal', beginning two hours after catmg." And it also Le/ng particularly (hotg(wous as ear-iriS,. :" cick::+ have widened and exten- helps to keep the teeth clean, riecz of the contagion. Man ' '<ted until they may reach a diauxeLcr lmnse] f  Chicle, the base of chewing gum, is the milky juice 'which is secreted by the inner bark of a tropical tree i not immune, and the frequency o! ra:,,..,'iug from that o" a dime to that known as the Achras Sapota. biq '.'f(,,tion by coming, i: contact o a silver dollar. Those ruDtttre,,. Only during the rainy scasonarc the trees "bled." i.i] dK, ua.+ a,fimals is (.t,',)lihed by+ soon after their appearance, ,.onte After being refined and sterilized, the chicle ia mixed with sugar and numerous observations, i times on the first day more ra):ely flavoring and moulded into the familiar form which has beyme m popular, The virus mgy be ound in the ee-i on the econd or third day. After MAY 2 1924 they |:avu ruptured flu: grayish whi'e CO]'|)r mere) "r:t:+, l':r,ni(':.' the l)li,:(r m:'.y I'I.UI 1 I'c)ntlin attached for a day or more, ( r disappear speedily and leave deep y re(hte.t..l sensitive spots or erosio)., bot' within the mouth and upon t:e coroa<.t :tad between the claws of l!:e J'eet. Similar erosions, which quit. :- ly fetus :;cabs as a rule. may be t )- I riced in cas,.s which the teat.* of mil. h !cows hay(. become affected, and i t- i staiw,.s a)'e reported in which sloug t- !i.g o Lb, teg'ument imme(liate]y I:rot.ltlt] t]l(, h:_dons upon the ud<i 'r ha'+ (>ccu'.d. Owing to the tough, fi- , rou:; mtur,: (, the bovine skin, it in l exceethagly r'tt: for sloughing to (:t- !cur Ul,Otl any parL of the body oth ,r !than thos( uwiti(med. i The attack upon the. J'eet of t)n ' :tlilD:t] iS frl+tlttentty l'lUAfiift.'stod ilZ v.]] i l'OLl[' :tL liCe) but lie or n,ore of the i I.ut m:ty entirely escape and remain [daafi'ected throug'hout the course of i'be diseaes. The ulceration of .the ! iate)'di.(.'ital Lissue may extend to the !iigament of the fetlock or produce idiease of the joint or bone. As ;:he J'(:et bt:conit sensitive all(] sore 'file animal llos down pe)'M.%mtly, and i has beol| found that bedsore dew:l- i )P with amazing rapidity n all such :t:ase :Slid wholly baffle all attempts r:Lt treatment until aft, r tbc, patient !has regained its feet. i he disea:, may attack some of' Lilt' intel'la] Ol']."alIS before it appear:: upon any of the external tissues. ]'the.';e eases aru very liable to prove[ i quickly fatal. The animal dies from [ 'paralysi: nf the heart, due to the[ it+errant[on of poisonous principles' within tim sy=4em or it may suffocate I ;by reason of the action of these same poison upon the tissues of the lungs. I or it mvy choke to death as a result of of the throat. When the disease has become fully established it will be found that the duration of the attac will vary greately with the (liiferent animals. From 10 to 20 days are astrally, re- quirp.d for the r,,covery of the normal ap6tlt and hlii-'ts"'{n mild' 0utb'reaks while the return to a full flow of milk [a the ease of milch cows, is :ehlom witnessed before the arrival of the following season. In the nudignant type of tire dis- ease it roqttires from three months to a year for an animal to recover. The disease is more fatal in young an- hna]s that have been fed on infected milk, and produces death in from 60 to 80 per cent of these cases as a re- sult of gastroenteritis. Barley water is supposed to have :t .,;thing effect upon the mucous lin ing of the digestive tract. NLIv ......... 46 GROWERS ' COMMISSION ;'P. I. OHS " "c C-',rtoorut Now Drawing for This Paper Robert "Bob" Satterfleld, one of America's ,) greatest cartoonists, is now drawing cartoons or this newspaper. In all Satterfield cartoons is his famous little Teddy Bear mascot, wkich is known to millions of newspaper reade)': Mr. SatterfiOd has just signed a contrac w/th The Publisher. Autocaster Service of New York, which makes him one of the highest priced car- tooni:.ts it) the United States. 2his newspaper has exeh,ive m,mbership in that srvice for this town. The Wenatchce District g:,)wers showe(I : keen interest Jn the program of nmrket organization of the Nti'lb- we,.t Fruit Growers Commission) aL u series of meetings hehl throu;hout the district last week. Afternoon as well as evenihg" meetings were ,;Lll atteMu(l at Emiat, C;hmere, lh't:w- st(w, Omak Chehm an(l \\;Veiml:eit Ull(l ln/tl).y growers now in organiza- Stuns not eali:Aed +i th(, movcJu,+u expressed themselves at b[elieving that Such afJ:iliatiot] is n::e+:':ry .: Lhe IntLl'kCtil:t:,: 0]' Otj' N,)t'.]l,(..%',( fruit is to be put on a sane and sell. sibh I)asi:. Whi['u []lt: Vt:lltttC]le,! l)iM)'ict C Ol)::rative Asociati(m is placing il:: otpanization in shal)e to take a greal deal of additional totna.v;u ft)r Lilt: New Central cxchalge, slops are be- ing' tak('i] ])3' gJower to l', lin :.t fcV.' eW local association. :o that it J: possible that a gle'tt ms. W iildt:put',l+ ent g'rowcr:+ will t,:u', ou a, :):'.':':)fized basis. '/'lie .;t(,l'e J'vt,zo eoHillK Oil Lilt: night of [,h(, la++t VCenatcl+:e me.fia+ [ta. g'i;'t!Jl g'i!.'.lt i|ll])t;tLLS [0 LhO d(! tr(lnin:).tion for e:d.'tblish]o.ff 'i.he Cett- t:'al li',xehaz-e thi:: yoar. If :t light c"op of fruit is shipped this fall it is felt t.haL the (',t+ntral [']Kehtliff(, C:tlt It.,..; ;. gt,.'.L :',Jo,XU ]:3' it ::t!l:t:l'- ior l)osition for takinv ,lavat:t=.t of nmrket sl)ov(:!g'es a)id }ligh p:'Jce3. It will be au ideal year to start the m?w selling machine. New grower associations being' formed throu,:hout the Northwest will have the mo;+t favorable o J: years to get their brands established in the market and to g'et thoroug'h]y forti- fied throug'h theh' identificatiou with the Central I,xch:mge, for t)t,'; big' crop years that ale :mr to re|low. The CentrM Exchang(, (.)rganiza- ti/)n (o)imitt(;e is vi')rkillg diliq'ent- ly on fttndah,ttal featurcs of the corporation on lhe selection of per- sonell. Care in selecting an Advi.+ory Committee of five preeminent bi4' business men of trite Northw;ust to sit in the Board meeting' during the formative period ha,' made organizat- ion work dowev than many hvae des- ired. Having this Committee of :mc- cessful buin,.s executiv(,..; take ])art in setting up thi, institution wiil give it a stability a,d bttsiness ',ecur- ity that is fo inestimable value to the growers of the Northwest so that the Commission feels lhat the celib- eration of the organization Commit.. tee tinm is well spent