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April 12, 1929     Quad City Herald
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April 12, 1929

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BREWSTF.R HE.RAI2) T Scene In Alglere. (Prepared by the N'atJonat Geographio Society, Washington. D. C.) HE long, sweeping curve of a crescent bay--the storied Bay of Algiers--here fringed with yel- low sand, there, at one end, edged with gleaming black rocks, and everywhere backed by the steep slopes of a semi-circular chain of low hills rising abruptly from the water's edge and crowned with white villas in ver- dant gardens flaming with Bougain- villea and poinsettia. Behind the hills lies the narrow, fer- tile plain of the MlfldJa, in spring- time blazing with the varied hues of wild flowers, the yellow of oranges, the green of cornfields and vineyard. Towering above the plain In rugged grandeur the mighty chain of the At- las mountains, seeming to support the heavens on their snow-clad shoulders. And the clouds gather round their peaks and leave the sky clear and blue, almost as blue as the waters of the Mediterranean below. At one end of the bay are the spa- cious harbor, the busy wharves, and the terraced houses of a white city climbing to the hilltop. Algiers, tile White Clty l Its story runs from Hercules and the Golden Apples to the Hesperides through the forgotten chronicles of Numtdlan. Roman, Vandal, Byzantine, Arab and Turk to the last of the Bourbon kings, to Napoleon III, and the French re- public. Not a century ago it was the haunt and headquarters of the cruel- est, most bloodthirsty pirates that the world has ever seen; today tt Is a bright and beautiful city of moderh France. ) Alongside Its quays lie great steam- ers being loaded with the produce of a bountiful land; its wharves are piled high with cask and case. Immediate- ly over Ihem rises a hlgh, cliff- like wall pierced with caves--mer- chants' warehouses and offices in vaults. Two Contrasting Quarters. , Along the summit of this wail stretches the beautiful Boulevard de la Republtque, the beginning of a quarter that might rival the best blt of Paris between the Opera and the Seine, a quarter of well-built streets, where the broad sidewalks shelter under arcades, of shady squares where white mosques front busy cafes and palm trees wave before the elec- tric trams that link the town with the suburbs stretching around the curving bay. This is the quarter of theaters, ho- tels, and commercial offices, of attrac- tive shops, of crowded streets where automobile and electric tram dispute the rlght-of-way with fee-horsed carts. Well-dressed European men and short-skirted, silk-stocktnged French girls pass veiled women and stately Arabs In flowing burnooses. But a short distance back from the seaward wall the level ceases and the gayly colored, crowded houses climb on each other's shoulders up tile steep hillside, as if striving to look over their neighbors' heads out to sea. Here Is the native quarter, and In it dwelt the pirate population that lived by bloody crime on the face of the waters. Every being tn It--man, woman and child, Moorish pasha and Christian slave---had a personal in- terest In watching each sail that lift- ed above the distant horizon. It might be an Algerlne rover loaded with plunder and chained captives. It might be the herald of a Franklsh fleet coming to batter down tile ptrate stronghold and set free the slaves. Upward and still upward, house tops house, until one comes to the Kasba. once the palace fortress of the Dey. tile tyrant of Algiers, who cllimed his share of the booty that each murderous seawolf brought home, wlmtber It were phmder from sacked towns on European shores, or weep- Ing women from Italy, France or Spain. * Houses of the Natives. Ttle houses hemming tile streets thrust out their upper storles, sup- ported on Inclined wooden struts, un- til they are not a yard apart. Often they are built completely across, so that the narrow lane must pass under WASHINGTON NEWS ITEMS OF INTEREST Brief Resume of Happenings of the Week Collected for Our Readers. The voters of Everett will vote May 4 on a $2,000,000 bond issue to install a new water supply system. As an aftermath to the recent Wish. kah bridge tragedy at Aberdeen in which five men lost their lives, dam- age suits aggregating $100,000 have been filed against the city of Aberdeen and Grays Harbor county. The annual Blossom day parade will be held in Vancouver, April 14, direc- tors of the chamber of commerce have decided. Fruit growers believe 6000 acres of Clark county prune trees will be in full bloom on that date. Cowlitz county's $41,475 permanent highway funds for this year will be William Mortar, 86, pioneer of the used in the construction of permanent Medical lake region, was burned to highway 15 on Lewis river and on death in his home there last week. which bids will be received by the Dealers and growers have united to county commissioners April 16. battle to a finish the proposed increase The pouring of concrete for pier in freight rates on hay from the Yakt- No. 1 of the Longview Columbia river ma valley, bridge has been completed. Two other Sheet metal workers at Bellingham piers forming the support of the Wash- have gone on strike against a $9 a day tngton end of the main 1200-foot can- scale instead of $10, which has been tilever span, will next be poured. in effect since March 1. Receipt of day-old chicks by the CABINET l The other turns to a mirth-loving Joel ---Shakespeare. PUDDINGS AND DI"SSERTS If one can procure the wild rle grown around the lakes and marshes where the wild A Soup Stomach In the same time it takes a dose of Plans are being made for the com- American Express company at Van- their own use in worry about your diet and experience prehensive development of the port of couver broke all one-day records last many phtces. The a new Sreedom in eating. Anacortes, entailing an approximate Friday, with a total of 12,700, accord- following, if wild rice is used, makes This pleasant preparation is :Just as expenditure of $150,000. ing to Express Agent Johnson. This a dish tluite different than the ordi- good for children, too. Use it when- gan region. Farmers in the Winona district esti- mate that at least 25 per cent of the fall wheat will have to be reseeded. fowl feed, it will soda to bring a little temporary relief he wellworthwhlle, of gas and sour stomach, Phillips The flavor is so dlf- Milk of Magnesia has acidity complete- ferent and is most ly checked, and the digestive organs appetizing. The In. all tranquilized. Once you have tried dlans gather it for this form of relief you will cease to, Walla Walla's second annual atr brought the total for this season up derby will be held May 24, 25 and 26. to 90,700, which also broke the season The new municipal airport will be record. dedicated on this occasion. Fate of Yakima's Junior college, Contracts for growing 5000 acres of now near the end of its first year, white beans for one of the largest was doubtful last Week. Unless Yaki- canneries in the United States are be- ma cit!zens raise $5000 to $10,000 as a ing awarded to farmers in the Okano- gift to the college probably it will not several times during the baking. Sprln. open next fall, it was stated. The col. kle with grated nutmeg after the last lege was opened last fall and has been stirring and when brown, serve with a brown sugar sauce. supported by tuition and donations. Rebecca Puddlng.--Seaid three and The last of a shipment of 1500 cases one-half cupfuls of milk. Add to one- them In a dark tunnel Tile few win- dows, small square openings, arc barred with gratings bent outward; and here and there a painted face Weather conditions are also bad for looks out from them and smiles down Invitingly on the wayfarer. But usually the houses present a blank front to the outer world-- blank, that is, but for a carved door with a small, twisted column on either side and a stone crescent above it. of Japanese oysters was planted in spring wheat, the Bay Point Oyster company's bed The Pacific Telephone & Telegraph near Tokeland, on Willapa harbor. In company will spend $43,000 on con. all, the company has planted about Rruction work to increase long dis. 10,000,000 oyster seed there. A por- tance service between Colfax and tion consisted of 2-year-aids, which it Walla Walla. is expected will be ready for picking next autumn. nary: ever coated tongue or fetid breath Indian Rice Puddlng.--To one quart signals need of a sweetener. Physi- ot milk add one-fourth of a cupful clans will tell you that every spoon- of uncooked rice, two tablespoonfuls tiff of Philllps. Milk of Magnesia neu- of butter and three-fourths tablespoon- trallzes many times Its volume In acid. ful of ginger. Turn the mixture into Get the genuine, the name Phillips is a pudding dish; set the pan in water important. Imitations do not act the and bake slowly for two hours. Stir same! half cupful of corn starch one-halt cupful of cold milk and stir it into the scalding milk very slowly, stirring con- stantly. Add one-third of a cupful of sugar, one-half teaspoonful of and cook over hot water for twenty PHMILLIPS ilk of Magnesia The Road to Success Senator Shortridge said at a din. her In San Francisco: "Millionaires and multlmillion- One of these doors opens and three Joseph Thomas, Aberdeen's shoe- .tiny children toddle out, laughing-- maker poet, whose verse often won one a boy in a red fez and a small wide acclaim, hanged himself to a shirt, the others little girls with flow- barn rafter on a Satsop farm. He ered blouses, colored skirts, and gaudy was in ill health. handkerchiefs twisted around their heads. Washington dairymen in their haste The open door gives a glimpse of a to rehabilitate their herds are raising wee tiled hall with u dwarf staircase too many heifers that will never be twisting out of sight, milk cows, according to Dr. Prior, su Farther down another door stands pervisor of dairies. minutes, stirring occasionally. Add one aires never run for. President. They cupful of fresh grated coconut, one tea- know they'd be defeated." spoonful or orange extract and re- "Why is it," a lady asked, "that Reduction of Yakima apple storage move from the heat. Add the stiffly the people wouldn't accept a mild from 2604 cars on March 10 to 1338 beaten whites of three eggs and turn llonaire President?" cars on April 1 was shown by figures Into a mold rinsed in cold water. When "Because. madam," said Senator firm serve with currant Jelly and Shortrldge, "on the road to success given out by the Yakima Valley Traf- fic and Credit association. It is ex- pected the movement will decline to- ward the end of the shipping season and that It will be several weeks be- fore the clean-up. Invitingly ajar. Pass through it out Leonard Funk, commissioner of pub. A deputy sheriff of Winlock was of the dim alley and you nre in an- lie works, who has held that offlc said to be a living demonstration of other world. A bright courtyard for many years Is t he mayor ot "few down, go boom." Returning from opens to the blue sky above. Two three tiers of galleries with gayly tilt- Spokane when the new city commie, a dance, where he had been on duty, ed parapet walls top carved stone or sioners take office June 3. the crank handle of his small car fell marble pillars; a vine swings across Deposits in Grays Harbor banks for the void; flowers in pots or Bougain- the first three months of the year vllleas dash notes of glowing color show large gains. The total deposits into the court on which women look are $15,562,994, a ga of $300,000 over down and call shrilly to the serving- the figures for the close of 1928. maids seated on the paving stones be- low, cleaning great 'brass water Jars Applications for enrollment in the of old and graceful design. Citizens' Military Training camp at But the glory has departed; pasha Vancouver barracks, July 1 to July 31, and pirate have had their day, and are pouring in and the quota, 565, will sweetened rich cream. Rice With Apples.This, too, Is a dish which, if wild rico is used, will be much more tasty. Steam one-half cupful of rice. Core, peel and steam two large Jonathan apples until mash through a sieve. To the rice add the yolks of three well-beaten eggs, two-thirds of a cupful of sugar and the apple pulp. Fold in tile stiffly beaten whites of the eggs and favor with the essence of nutmeg. Turn .into off in the road. He stopped the auto- a weft-buttered baking dlsb and bake mobile, got out, stooped over to pick one-half hour. Serve with cream and up the crank, and his pistol fell from sugar.. his pocket. It went off and shot him Rhubarb Tart.--Take the fresh plnk in the ankle, rhubarb and cut Into inch pieces with- The Hockenbury system of financ- out peeling. Put a layer of it in a ing will be employed to raise $50,000 sauce pan, sprinkle with sugar and re- few keep to the right." .Tbo00Wlm Dance II 'UST pay the plper---and all lie LYJL who sulfer the miam'y of lib danclnginnvwortlghteho know II it.Why not shakeAllen's Foot--Ease [l into your shoes? It tak the friction |l frets the sho, and ranked da ll or walking a rcal joy. II. "'00Allews tl Foot,Ease I lilt -or P'reefrtalpacl#a eanda Ptm l|ll Base Walkln Doll, address | l Allen'eFaat-Eaae, LoRay, N. Y. I Millions Use Tunnel with which to put the Clark General peat until a pot/nd of rhubarb and a More than 10,000,000 New York or hospital in operation, it was decided cupful of sugar have been used. To New Jersey bound motorists, who each pound or pint of the cut-up rhu- piloted 7,650,713 automobiles and 1,- at a meeting held in Vancouver re- barb add the Juice of half an orange 750,000 trucks of all sizes and de- their mansions, too, have fallen from be filled early, officers stated recently, cently. The building will be complet- and the grated rind. When cooked re- scrlptions, paid $4,500,000 to use the mantheir highwith estate.his haremInsteadof Ofsllken.cladone rich Another of Whitman county's pie- ed by April 15, by the Austin cam- move and cool and add the yolks of Holland tunnel last year. wives of many races peopling the neer school districts has come to an party and the hospital will be ready two eggs. Turn tile mixture into a , chambers that open onto tbe tiled end by being consolidated with the to receive patients soon after the galleries and his wretched slaves fill- Pine City district. The new district money is subscribed. Ing the dark cellars and noisome has an assessed valuation of $1,125,. dungeons below, a dozen or more poor 1000. A $5.000,000 concentrator and a great electrolytic zinc plant will be built at families--Arabs, Jews, Maltese, Span- The reforestation program of the Metaline, in Pend Orellle county, by lards--now crowd into the one-time Long-Bell Lumber company, which the Pend Oreille Lead-Zinc company, palace. Often the beautiful court- calls for the seeding of 2000 acres oi yards are turned to utilitarian pur- poses, and a carpenter's bench or a cut over land in the Ryderwood dis- grocer's counter replaces the marble trlct, Is being rushed, with 50 men at fountain that once sweetened the air work. with tinkle of falling water. The state park committee lacks even Figures in the Streets. sufficient money to fence in the build. it was made known by Lewis P. Lat- een, Spokane, president of the com- pany. The concentrator will have a daily capacity of 2000 tons, and is ex- pected to be ready to operate at half capacity by next year, Larsen ,said. baked pastry shell and spread with a School Children's Sickness meringue, using the egg whites and Children lose about 4 per cent o four tablespoonfuls of powdered sugar. Brown delicately in a moderate oven. the possible days of attendance at Serve cold. school on account of sickness, accord- Ing to an article by Dr. Hugh S. Cure- Fish Cookery. ruing of the United States publl There is such a difference in fish health service. and still more in the methods In which this delectable food Is cooked that one should take time to study a few of tbe es. What Will Out again Into the dark lanes and ings in state parks that will be closed The port of Grays harbor commls- s entials In fish gO :"llli-mk"- vaulted tunnels. Stand aside and let the next two years as a result, of the alan rejected all bids for the construc- cookery.properly cookedFiSh wA,t   this porte pass. Bent double, lie veto of the appropriation by Governor tion of a fishing fleet dock at West- t/O ::::::::::::::::::::::: lurches heavily up the steep ascent, a and served needs iiiiiii!iiiiiiiiii!iiii .... band around his forehead helping t, Hartley. port, and decided to build the wharf no sauce except to enhance Its ap- support the weight of the Immense As a tribute to the memory of Chicl itself. Work on the project will start pearance and flavor. Fish being large. burden on his back. With his red cap George Menelnock, who died two year at once, and Port Manager Peters ly composed of water, if cooked a twisted about with a dirty kerchief, ago, Yakima indians will hold a tribai expects to have the dock ready when long time becomes dry, tasteless and .... ::iiii!iiiiii!!!l;iiiiiiiiiiif ':iiiiiiiiii his torn shirt and baggy trousers, his ceremon, and gala day at the tribal the trolling season gets well under most unpalatable. Fish Is best cooked bare feet thrust into heelless slippers, burial grounds on Satus creek, Decora- way. The site Is In a cove just inside quickly, but of course long enough to ......... he resembles--and Is like to him In tion day. Grays harbor bar, 12 miles from Aber  ti:iii!!if!i.iiii!i!!!!ili!!ii!iiii:ii!iiiiii!i:!iii:i!.!! feature as In faith--a hamal, or per, When your equally steep streets of Stamboul. purchased by the Cathlamet city c0un. Out of a dark alley come two white- cil. A truck chassis will be purchased, robed figures, veiled to the dark eyes a special body built and the neces. that, lustrous and beautiful, shine un. saw fire-fighting equipment will be der the black eyebrows and fair fore. purchased. heads. Massive silver and gold neck- laces hang on their bosoms, broad sil- Despite wheat worth $1.500,000 re. ver bracelets adorn their wrists and mains unsold in warehouses of the heavy anklets surround the silk-stock, county, bank deposits at Walls lnged ankles thrust Into dainty slip- March 27, totaled $11,681,600, an in. pers. Their henna-tipped fingers are crease of $271,000 over last year at loaded with rings, the same period. Wilh a lingering backward glance All farm work is being delayed by weather cpndittons in Clark county, and local garden truck will be about two weeks late in growing to suffici- ent size for marketing, farmers report. Very few early potatoes have been planted and it will be about three months before they can be marketed. Despite the fact that potatoes have not shown a profit for the farmers for two years, about the usual acre- age will be planted. thoroughly cook. II is a very easy thing to tell when It is done, for the flesh falls easily from the bones when teethed. 're time for cooking fish de )ends entirely upon the size, thick. hess and amonnt of surface exposed to the heal The extractlves ot fish. like meat. should he preserved, as therein lies the flavors Co.klng at slow heal will draw out these Juices and the fish Is dry an(] tasteless when served. The delicate favor of trout Is pre- served by rolling In seasoned meal or flour and cooking over coals or in Children for It here is hardly a household that these two enter slowly a carved mar- hie portal leading Into a hall walls( and floored with flower-designed porce- lain tiles. Inseriptlons In French and Arabic tell us that this is the entrance to tim Moorish baths, open to men un- til noon, to women tn the afternoon The fair ones flock to It, for it Is their There are 597,000 acres of agricul tural lands under Irrigation in Wash- ington. Irrigable "lands awaiting de velopment are estimated at 2,585,900 acres, according to Supervisor of Hy draulics Tiffany. The Oh Kaye Knitted and Rayon lounge, their club, their glimpse of so- Products company, which has operat i and emerges on a wider space, a mar- ket. Spread out on the ground or on rough stalls are meat, fruit, vegcta- .bles, bread. Arab and negro dealers shout oat their wares and prices In Arabic and In French, while tall men In white burnooses, shrouded Moorlsh women and dark-haired, bare-headed Maltese girls chaffer and bargalri excitedly. Buyers and seller shake thelr hands In each other's face, scream with rage, call on Allah or tile God of the Christians to bear. witness, then qulel down and conclude the deal peaceably, other liquor thefts and to several house robberies A weather man will be stationed this summer in Low divide, high ill the Olympic mountains. Equipment for a meteorological station will be provided by M. B. Summers, official observer at Seattle, and the Olympl Chalet company will hire the observer clal life, thelr gossip exchange--It ed in Spokane since 1912 under the for the babies, fell and cut her throat belling point, like oils and lairds. Is about the only thing you have ever and the Mohammedan cemeteries o name of the Spokane Knitting Mills, on a jagged piece of the stove which Steamed fish should be seasoned beard doctors advise giving to infants. Fridays.The narrow alley dives Into another aboutWlll bejulylocatedl of thlsin year.Lngview ou or shehad beenbled demolishedto death, by the explosion, while cocking--such fish as cod. red Stronger medicines are dangerous to a tunneled passage under the houses snapper, haas and any oi the eoarse tiny baby, however harmless they may Nine high school boys, all sons of Plans of the Yakima county horticul, grained dry meated fish. Place them be to grown-ups. Good old Castorlar prominent families, were arrested at tural union for a.$40,000 addition to In serving sized pieces In a steamer, the name, and remember Mount Vernon for stealing liquor, its Wapato warehouse were announced 1'o Hm water tar steaming, add to one to buy it. It may spare you a sleep- They were under the influence of in recently. Construction will begin this quart of water, one-half cupful of vine. less, anxious night. It is always readY, toxicants at the time and confessed to week. The addition will bring the gar. one ()nltm stuck with five cloves, always safe to use; In emergencies, or capacity of the warehouse to 300 cars. a tort at a bay leaf. a hnblespoonful for everyday ailments. Any hour of the el peppercorns or a chill pepper a day or night that Baby becomes fret- Uann & Henderson received from pinch of caraway seed and other fla- ful, or restless. Castorla was never the Clark county commissioners a con. yore o vary the seasoning may he add more popular with mothers tlmn it Is tract for clearing and grubbing 4 ed. Turn ones during the cooking t( today. Every druggist has it. miles of the lower river i'oad off a bid he sure the fish is well cooked. For I -t t 1 3 a hal pnn very quickly. - Stewing in hasn't heard of Castorlal At least five Mrs. Augustine Beck ts dead and fal not only spoils the flavor but milllon homes are never without it. If her two small sons are injured as a makes the product distinctly unwhole- i there are children in your family, J result of a dynamite explosion in the there's almost daily need of its com- I home at Spokane. The dynamite was For the oily fish like salmon, lake fort. And any night may find you very t believed to have been placed in the rout, bluefish, whitefish or mackerel tlmnkful there's a bottle in the house. I stove by babies. After having sur. they are much better cooked In the Just a few drops, and that cells or 1 rived the blast, Mrs. Beck, a widow, oven. constipation is relieved; or diarrhea rushed back into her home to search Fay fiSh that are to be cooked with checked. A vegetable product; a baby i fat use only fats which have a high remedy meant for young folks. Castorta of $2483. This road will permit soy. this fish a nicely seasoned sauce en vral families to reach Vancouver by hances its flavor. .ar