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April 12, 1929     Quad City Herald
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April 12, 1929

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BREWSTERG BRIDGE, THE GATE.WAY TO AND OUTLET FOR THE GREAT CARIBO0 TRAIL BRE'WS'TER H ERA,,LD VOLUME NO. ZS. PUBLISHED IN THE INTEREST OF AND TO THE "GATEWAY TO THE FAMOUS OKANOGAN COUNTRY." BREWSTE OKANOGAN COUNTY, WASHINGTON. i , , i APRIL, 12, 1029 'NUMBER 46, '., %: t. I | , , i , NATIONAL DOPE Written ior This Paper by FRANK P. LITSCHERT One thing of which the modern "A- merican is proud, and for which he is thankful is the complete unity of our nation. Thtre is no longer any north and south, east and west in a purely sectional and political sense. Many things have brought about this change not the least of which has been the shifting of economic condi. tions anti the wonderful development of certain sections of .the South and West which have completly changed political ideas everywhere. Because of this fact of unity ac- complished, there is something of more than passing interest in the bill proposed by Congressman Howard of Nebraska, providing for a joint re- union of the surviving veterans of the Civil War, both North and Sottth Congressman Howard' believes that such a reunion would visualize to the world at large and to the American! people of this and future generations the complete unity of our nation, and would mark the final obliteration of sectional divisions pr)duced by the Civil War and the incidents leading up to it. I Since the great conflict between the states closed, the Uldted States has been in two great wars and the sons and grandsons of the men who wore the gray have fought side by side with he descendants of the 'boys in blue." The military record writ- ten by American armies in these two later struggles was a glorious one, in which our young men from every section of the United States did their bit. There never has been and is not now any question of the bravery and ability of the men North and South who fought in the great sectional struggle and there could be no more inspiring evidence of national unity than the procession down historic Pennsylvania Avenue in Washington, of the remnants of the greet hosts which fought nearly seventy years a- go and changed not only the history of the nation but the course of hu- man events everywhere. None of these battle-scarred veter- ans is less than eighty year sof age, and if there is to be a final grand -:lnicn it must be held soon. The !l,v..rd bil . provide. for the reunion j: :, present year, and provides further fo'r the creation of a com- mission to be composed of General ;[ohn J. Pershing, chairman of thei ,=,ional commanders of the Ameri-  Ley.lon, the Veterans of foreign Wars, the United Stpanish War Veterans and such other persons as th , President of the United States :a.ty appoint. ", ssues w!dch were fought out ' " i d in the great civil struggle : ppcared. The people of A- ,Jw h:,ve new issues and new ' m': 'onSonling ' them. Section- En .:: i:ave vanished. The country . ,d not nnly by the telegraph ' ',,holw but by the gre'tt voice .','!ezs and by white ribboned w'.ih :re rapidly being , cd in every direction connecting the states below the Mason and Dixon i !e with those to the North. Our people are using these roads. 'I; man from the North is going I All Over (,,, Mal .......... Ttt:# E U;$oA. CHRISTIAN EDUCATION COUNCIL AT OMAK, 12. The County Convention of the In- land Empire Council Education dll be held in Omak Friday 12. This meeting is one of several held in the state each year and will be attended by delegates from var- ious Sunday Schools throug'hout the county. The meeting will be hehl in the Omak Presbyterian church convening at 10, o'clock in the morning with a basket lunch at noon antt will con- nue until 4 P. M. AJl persons interested in Sunday School work are invited to attend. Last spring three speakers attend- ed most of the 30 conventions. They were Walter C. Moore, W. F: Mosely and Mrs. E. C. Knapp. This spring five or more speakers will be heard KIDS REJOICING; SPRING VACATION GRADE KIDS LOSE TO PATEROS IN BASEBALL GAME SCORE 73 School kids from the first grade to the dignified graduating class are all rejoicing in their respective ways. This week inaugurates spring vaca- tion in the Brewster Schools. Spring vacation for ,the grade stu- dents started Tuesday, a team of boys from the grades here met a team at Pateros in a ball game. Brew ster had a streak of bad luck coming out scond best with the score stand- ing 73 at the end of the .seventh inning. They will play a return game here May 2. Spring vacation for the high school started Thursday. Both high an.l in the conventions. W. G. Mosely, I grade schools will reopen Monday the Chairman of the Educationall morning Apl 15. Committee will be in some. E.C. Most of the ,teaching eorp is visit- Knapp, a former General Secretary, ing frinds and relatives out of town and at present Director of Religious during this vacation. Education in the Westminster Con- gregational Church. in Spokane will attend from five to ten conventions. The denominational leaders J. Edgar Purdy, Fred Grey, J. A. McKee an.d others will assist. The American Sunday School Union men are also asked to be present. While most con- ventions dll have three speakers, GOOD GUARDEN AIDS HEALTH OF FAMILY A good vegetable and fruit garden will add to the health of the family, furnish fresher and better vegetables and save a lot of money, says Miss some will have four and five outside Esther Selleg extension nutrition leaders. Local leaders will be heard : spcialist. Vegetables from the mar- too. Come promtply, ket are not so fresh and appetizing The attendance last year at the as those grown in your own garden convention in this county was 153 and a variety can be raised at home representing 17 schools, than is usually found in the markets. Fresh fruits and vegetables also con- tain vitamins and other substances CHARACTERS OF PLAY which help protect the body from dis- 12 PLANES TO VISIT THIS SECTION SOON (Wenatchee World.) Twenty-five cities anti towns in Washington are to be visited on the good-will tour planned for approxi- mately a dozen planes and their pi- lots schduled to start from Seattle April 18, according to n announce- ment today by the Aviation Opera- tors' association, the sponsor. The tentative program calls for airplane races to each point visited followed by a sky parade, exhibition flying' and dead stick landings to a mark and with actidties cdlminating in each instance in an aviators' ball. The approximate itinerary an- nouncd today follows: April dates--- Ellensburg 18-19; Yakima, 20-21; Grandview 23; Goldendale 24-25; Walls Walls, 26-27; Pomeroy, 28; Colfax 29; Spokane 30. May dates-, Wilbur, 1; Kettle Falls, 2; Northport 3 ; lepublic, 4 ; Tonasket, 5 ; Okan- ogan, 7-8; Chelan, 9-10; Wenatchee 11-12; Everett 14; Bellinlgha., 15; Anaeortes 16; Tacoma 17; Aberdeen, 18-19; Centralia, 21; Longview, 23; Olympia, 23; and Shelton 24. DISPLAY HOPE CHEST; CARD PARTY WED 17. Made of dark cedar, 36 inches long one foot deep and 14 inches wide, the hope chest and its contest is now on display in the window of the Brewster Department Store. This hope chest and contents will be awarded to the holder of the lucky number at the Card party which is being given by the American Ledon Auxiliary, next Wednesday night in ------ i i i OPEN PAVILION AT ALTA LAKE With prizes for both ladies and gents the Alto Lake Pavilion will op- en for ,the summer season : with a Prize Dance Saturday night April 13. Under the direction of Chet Tup- per owner, considerable *improvrnent work has been done on the building and everything is in readiness for the hop to-morrow night: Music will be furnished by ,the Harmony Hounds a Pateros orches- tra. FIRST SECTION OF WALK COMPLETED NEW WALK LAID ON ,BRUCE AVE. FROM PHONE OFFICE TO GARAGE Tuesday of this week saw the com- pletion of the first section of Brew- ster's new concrete sidewalks. Last Saturday morning a crew of about 12 men with on mixer co.:nmenced work at the Brewster Telephone Office working eastward. By Tuesday noon' the walk had been completed to the Brewster Mo- tor Co. building and the crew and machinery moved down toward the school building where the next sec- tion will be constructed. The work is progressing very rap- idly and if the present speed is nudn- tained the job will be finished in vry short order. There has been some tk of hav- ing a concrete jail and ire-house built after the walks are finished. No definite plans have been made as et. EDUCATE YOUTH TO PREVENT T;-B, A graphic need for a more inten- sive campaign of ttberculosis educa- tion among the millions of boys and girls and young men and young wo- men between fifteen and twenty-five years was shown by Miss Jessimine S. Whitney Statistician of the Na- tional Tuberculosis Association in discussing the results of her recent survey of tuberculosis mortality by age-groups. from "While the mortality , tubercu- losis in general had declined 36 per cent in the last decade, the tubercu- losis death rate at ages 15 to 25 had declined only half that amount of 18 per cent in the same period. What made this Comparison more striking were the large declines which had taken place in all other age, groups. The greatest dcline was shown for children under 5, their ttberculosis mortality having declined over one- half in the decade. In the age-per- iod 25 to 44 when the hazards of life are great for both men and wo- men the menace of death from tuber- culosis had declined 42 per cent. For children age 5 to 14, the decline was ahnost the same, 41 per cent. The young group 15 to 24, alone had made little progress in overcoming tu- berculosis. "When sex is ,taken into consider- ation, there is a gr6at disparity be- tween males and females.' For the 15-19 group the death rate for girls is about 75 per cent higher than ,that for boys and at the ages 20-24 the ;omen have a death rate 20 to 25 per cent higher than the men. This disparity has become greater in re- cent years.' ' lfh to see the country and the man WELL PORTRAYED eases, the Odd Fellows Hall A statistical bulletin of the @letro- 'rom the South is going north for The three classes of vegetables The ticket which you purchase on politan Life Insurance Co. reveals a he same reason. The Eastern tour- Wednesday night the Senior play, that can easily be raised in the gard- the Hope Chest raffle admits you to ist is driving West and the man from "The Adventures of Grandpa" was en are green or leafy vegetables and Ithe card party and also constitutes : similar condition, and states that "contemporaneous with a declining h West is going East. And best of presented in the high school gymnas- legumes. Green vegetablesthe leafy I your number in the drawing, death rate, something has occurred in -ql each of them is finding that the ium to a small crowd, kind which includes such as lettuce, The contents of ths chest are as ,. .... * '* ......... +^ -ause the s .... l follows ,, g,' ,,, a,-o ,,,v ,, man who lives in another section has It is to be regretted that a larger plnacn, Cabbage, asparagus and also : [mortality among the white young bout the same ideas,of justice and audience was not in attendance as the opions, cauliflower and tomatoes-- [ One white linen cut work lunch [ men to be lower than among the -ight Hying as he maintains for him- plot of the play was very good and have an abundant supply of mineral ] cloth; One yellow linen lupch cloth; ]white young women" self. The world .moves, conditions the characters were well taken, salts, ................. anti are also rich in vitamins. }four ........ napkins; one linen table cloth, I The Early Dmgnosm' "" Campmgn" ,that cha -. We .do not [nnd, as a people Before the curtain rose on the first cause much o zne'minera su-i wn six napkins; A uree piece m- ]is being conducted by the National r i; :* ,roper, to abandon all of the act Miss Eva Parker entertained the stance is lost in cooking, ,these vege- fet set; One boudoir pillow; One pair Tuberculosis Association assisted by '.d for !. :,.t which is new Let us crowd with a piano solo. Between the tables should be eaten raw where pos- white pillow cases; One pair yellow the State Tubrculosis Association "-r keep the best of the old anti first and second acts Wilmer Moore sible or cooked in only a small quan- ] pillow cases;, one pair large sheets;', land County Leagues has for ts pur- n' ;ue it with the best in that which and Sidney Braer dramatized the tity of water, baked or steamed. I one linen dresser scarf; two lineu I-ose brin~in- toli-ht the many early ,, ,, ' Root vegetables can be stored forguest towels; two large bathtowel, P t; *;  " ur ; ,, w. Here and here only will we song Collegiate accompanied at the ' l [cases of tuberculosis among o lnd real progress And as a tribute lane b Miss B " " ' ' p" y " on'ta Holland. use the year around. They contain with washclothes; four linen, glass voun needle and causing a reversal a larg'e amount of cellulose( rough-:towels; two sets hohlers; four tea of the figures that take such a heavy to the old and a proof of America I The play gave evidence of much ' " ' .... restored, what could be ,better than!work on the part of the actors and age) mineral salts and are energy[ towels; one elothespin apron; one ltoU from their ranks " a joint reunion of the remnants of coach, producing foods. To save all the nu-l.apron; one side table cover. [ ................  the reat armies which, in the deadly trients of these vegetables they] Remember the date and"place of[ Don,t plant smut. It can be con- crucible of war, made our present Better pastures increase cow pro- s muld be cooked in their skins as the card party, Wednesday April 17[trolled at small cost by careful seed progresc possible, fitS. ' (Continued on Next Page) [ Odd Fellows Hall. treatment. iii i "MAN WHO LAUGHS" APRIL 19, 20 AND 21 ,'Cat White North ' WILL SHOWN AS OPENING PICTURE BE The ship riding out a stozTn of the North--The struggle of the desperate crew at the pumps to save the shhip --the hoisting of supplies overboard uto the sea to lighten it. The pursuit of an eighty ton whale Fascinating close-ups of the monster as he feels the biting steel of the harpoon.His struggle to break a- way--The tossing of the boat on the end. of the line as he styuggles to free himself. All these scenes and many more may be seen in "Tlm Great White North" which will be shown at the Brewster Theatre April 13 and 14, Saturday and Sunday. On April 19-20:-21 the show-going public of Brewster will be given a real treat when "m Man Who Laugh' 'will .be shown here. ,This show, dclared by those who know to be greater than either "The Hunchback of Notre Dame" or "The Phantom of the Opera." It is a Glimpse into England at the time of the Stuarts. "The Man Who Laughs," is a pic- turization of a famous novel by Vic- tor Hugo. Watch for further infor- mation of this wonderful photo-play. HISTORY OF WORLD IN A WANT AD COLUMN The historians have finally got- ten the history of the world boiled down to on volume but a writer in the Publisher Auxiliary has done bet- ter than that, he has written the his- tory of the world in a Want-Ad col- umn to-wit: Business OpportunityForty live capable younff men wanted for night employment. State experience with, jimmy, lead pipe, nitro-gycerin ani keleton keys in first letter. Steady work. References required. Junior partnership for the right parties. All Baba Box 0418. For Excha'nge---Reliable monarch wishes to exchange kingdom in "slightly perturbed condition for a fast horse that is not a wind sucker. A bargin for the right man. Reason for offer is that monarch must leave country at once for benefit of his health. Richard Ill, Windsor Castle, Eng. Dancing LessonsLatest ballroom steps and other fascinating move- ments taught by lady of experience and reputation. Private or class les- sons. Telephone for appointments. S. Salerno. Money to Lean--Don't go to loan sharks and get robbed. Come to me. I go one better. Try my new safety plan. One pound of flesh is all I re- quire for security. Open day and night. Uncle Shylock Loan Empor- ium, WateF Street, Venice Italy. Dogs, Cats, Pts,Select line of animals for household, farm or circus or zoo. For sale cheap, slightly damaged by water. Most extensive line in the city. Also com.plete as- sortment 0f trick fleas, rhinoceri, grasshoppers, . dinosaurs, .. elephants, potato bugs, etc. Noah's Arcade, Mt. Ararat, Walk up one flight and save money. LostSet of marble arms belong- ing to lady of excellent shape, form and manner. Corresponding meas- urements furnished if required. Suit- able reward. Venus D. Mile, General Dealer Rome Italy. Old and Misfit ClothesNifty coat silk lined, dandy tailor made, for sale cheap, slightly damaged by mud but dry cleansing will,put it in good shape again. W. Raleigh, London, Eng. PeronalMark, come and get me. Everything O. K. All is forgiven. Don't forget the fanflly jewels. Cleo. Female Help Wanted Refined young ladies desiring positions in a swell castle should apply daily, 9 a. m. to noon. Short hours guaranteed. Bluebeard. Musical lnstrumentsViolin, some- what damaged by smoke but in good condition, for sale cheap to right party. Nero, Rome, Italy.