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March 15, 1945     Quad City Herald
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March 15, 1945

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THE HERALD-REPORTER L. A. ALLFPI:, Editor and Publisher PUBLISHED EVERY THURSDAY AT BREWSTER, WASH. Entered as second class matter at Brewster, Washington Notiees of church entertainments where an admission fee i's charg- ed, cazds of thanks, resolutions of condolence, or notices intended to promote privat business of any kind, must be paid for at regu- lar rates. L I i i I | ii BUILD NOW.V Brewster and Pateros are badly in need of ho- using and several new homes have been alloted to,these towns. Anyone with the capital canbui!d one of these new homes if arrangements have been made to rent it to a family that is elgible. Moreover, there are many families in each town that are elgible for one of these new homes. The time to make inquiries is now so that you may have your new home Constructed before the rush of spring work starts on the orchards. e WASTE The usual layman point of view is that most of the paper of the nationis used by the newspaper. This is falacious as newspapers use only six per- cent of all paper consumed. It is a definite fact that the greatest waster of paper is the federal government with each of it's hundreds of bureaus, departments and commis- sions getting out publicity on tons of paper to justify it's existance. Even'if newspapers constantly curtail their circulation by 20 or 30 percent the saving on pa- per is very small It's the same story with paper as it is with la- bor, capital, gas and oil and all other commodi- ties. The government and the privledged em- ployees is wlere the greatest waste is occuring and where the least is being done to correct the condition. DISTRIBUTE THE WORKERS The manpower shortage will be greater than ever in the farming areas this year. This assumes adangerous condition especial- ly when many industrial plants, working on the cost-plus basis, anywhere from *'and in some ca- ses as high as a 50 percent surplus of labor on the job. There have been some surveys made of some plants. In one case, where 90,000 were working and additionallabor was demanded, the survey caused almost 20,000 to be dropped from the payroll and the plant immediately increased it's output. -- It is not really as much a shortage of manpow- er as it is a shortage of courage for the adminis- tration to demand :that labor be allocated in a manner to do the job. Where labor is concerned the administration has been treading so softly that it is evident that employees are operating under one set of laws and directives and labor under an easier set. This was eslcilty:notd when the govern- ment used a trffmtted:u p charge that Montgbm - ery Ward & Co." was hampe .rng the war effort and the firm as:taken over by the government but striking labor unions in war factories have been immune from such action. Wheat irritates the formersis that they are not wasting mateal or manpower and are being asked to raise bigger crops with less manpower and wornout machinery. What would the nation do if farmers were or- ganized to strike, have jurisdictional disputes or lockouts. The nation would surely starve if far- mers used the same attitude as the unions and were organized to act. " BUSINESS DIRECTORY , , f ' , ,,,, - . , " ' " , , n, [ OkangamCun ][ C.R. McKINLEY Abstract Company . WM. BAINES, Mifr. : McKINLEY BUILDING Okanogan, Wash. Brewster, Wash. - . YARAVOOD Harold B.'Stout;::M'D F" : H-" E MAN*FiEL":' :' " ::' UIJfJIDAJ[ US ] Pa,m,- F,L:F." [ [ oX00OG00- ss ,/../:, HERALD-REPORTER, BREWSTER, WASHINGIFON I i I ] MARCH 15, 1945 BREWSTER BAR Mrs. Zula Friesinger left Tues-' SADIE HAWKINS PARTY day for'-Ritzville to "be at th home of her sister, when a neph-  Oh March 9 the Pateros Girl's ew, Who isn-;h' Service. is home Club gave the annual Sadite G00NGE m.00.o"nT00e NEWS NOTES , o r,o  liasbee visit-Hawkins party. The girls came " in, g for a .;few .days ate home dressed in eotten dresses -with .... " ' of-Mr.' and Mrs: CharlesKittel. .their hair done in pig dils, and IVAN KIMBALL,- Reporter Mr. and Mrs. Jack Thrapp and '. * * escorted th boys. A good.' time ...... children spent Sunday visiting h Mrs. Rollund Darling was was had by all, even the boys. Twerty five members were Roy Thrapp family at Malott. down from. Riverside Tuesday to present last eg!ar meeting. * * bring her.father, .James Jerrow, lered Schmi&t returned last to stay foi--a time at the Vernon State Park Supt. E. A. Carroll Two new applieant.s were voted week after sFending a few days Tumblson':'-home, Mrs. Tumble- and Engineer J. L. Chambers of on and appr0yed. They were Arlo in Seattle on business, son and Mrs. Darling are sisters. Olympia were in town Wednes- Washburn and Dewyane Johnson. $ Mr. and Mr;. * Warner of day afernoon in the interest of Two rssignations were read and FOR PRINTING Jack Another *crb comforter was th Bridgeport State Park. %ccpJed. Don Housden "resigning Okanogan spent Sunday visiting tied by the:Aid_ F]:iday afternoon * * * " PHONE 37  ,the ,Ray Warner family, when Mrs. W, H, Olso entertain- Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Shaw as secretary and Carrie Lindquist . . as.treasur: * ed at the home )f Mrs. R.C. have returned to the ranch .on New. officers elected to fill ex- The Herald-Reporter Mrs. Jam;s * was a 'lliott gUest Wanamakr. Number of useful " at the home of her son, C. V. El- and beautifut articles' ire in read- Pearl Hill after spending the win- isting Vacancies were Irma Wash- burn tlasurer; Carrie Lindquist, " liott, inss for the(" bazaar to :be held, r. in Spokane where both were March3t. MrS{ Fi:L. McCrea is to employed, secretary;: Mae McClellan, Flora; Mrs. Elaine Bu;ges is visiting behostess ':March 23; When the [ .... * * * * .... Genevieve Washburn, Home Eco- roll eat] "i "e ' " i r me ummey macey amny has here with her parents and dau- - :. s.bJ ct lsV,t Y:. leveed to the former Seekamp Or- nomics Chailnan. Mrs. Don..:/v'idel's. birthday chard on the Bar, which they 'r'e- ghter, Mr. and Mrs. Elliott and Barbara Pasley has replaced Mrs, Cartwright as musician.. ] Apryl Burgess. anniversary was..celebrated Sun- cently purchased. Charles .. Gooch and Dorothy I Recent visitors *here from To- day by' a' dinner party. Those pre- Kimball eceived gifts and dec-[ orated cakes: in honor of, their birthdays. .- coma were Mr. and Mrs. Forest sent were Mrs Emma Widel, Mr. " Mr. and Mr. le; Hicks and Brown. Forest is a son of Mr. and Mrs. Guy Brown and ,th_e son John eturned the Iast of the and Mrs. Frank Brown. daughters of Okanogan, and the week from Bolivar, Missouri. . Don Wilel family., where they were called by ,the Mrs. M. S. :od * Mrs. Krl * * * " illness of Mr. Hicks' mother. The bland flavor of cottage and " : :'- '  : - cheese is. best.vhen pepped up Clendenin spent Tuesday and ' *. '-': --... - " NI RADiONIC Wednesday in Waterville visiting BRIDGEPORT . i. v: :arl;er.*former pas- with-skillful seasoning. Chopped j- tor of the Methodist-Church spent ni0n,: pimiento .... green pepper, celery, tomato, herbs like parsley FRJN AID relatives. NEWS NOTES 'Monday here and conducted ser-. and sage all combine well with / LL_ SAil COMPUETE Mr. and *Ms. *Sid*ney Braker " vices at the church in the even: the cheese. Chop.ped.:nuts, peanut returned Friday night from their ':   I  ao.l.i A-2.A ing. butr, eggs, and a little oil or |  |W,hN.utmbC.o honeymoon, and will be "at ho- MRS: CLARA. WRIGHT Jew;ll yls ;ook a hum- X I ff) ! me" in the Stennes house at Pa- Rev. fat improve both flavor and food EorphoneondCrd value. teros. - ,,, .... :. "  ber of young people to the Young ..... . , The Am:ric;n *L4ion Auxili- M. and Mrs,-Albert Rensink are Peoples Fellowship mid-winter .Ciu'rats inay 0rmay not make dry will meet the afternoon of spendng.rae: "tide-on.the:cOast. institu at Twisp Friday after, yoireeks pink or your hair -:::-'.: *+" , - noon. Those going were Jniee curly, but they do something im- March 22, at the home bf Mi. Mrs. Esther Erusberger and Asmussen, Joy Shaw, Alberta portan for.. yoU eyes. Their vita- Bob Whitinger. " 1 -- . Mrs. Marjorie. Himbigner slYent Conklin, Monte Berg. Herbert AI- 1 n A" will help to prevent "night The Hi ramtr amily have ,the week end in Spokane. exand'er, Jimmie Washburn, Ralph b!incInss,"-stlengthen l"esistance Ballard Drug Store moved back to their rehabilitated - .... ,  to disease, and keep the Skin in home, which was damaged by ..Mis,::Kathr!;n *Gil spent the Mackay and Maurice Hammers, r better condition. fire during the holidays, we, ] end a-hr home at Wilson -- Mrs. Grace Bertram was up : ". *" [ . . - " 1 " " from Cbelan to attend the fun- Mrs. Be'rta-:bl"ry,-Mrs. Lew BODY WORK ' real of James Vaughan. She had Barenfanger gad" daughter Jan, LIGNOLITE . been a near neighbor of the spent Monday'irL yeatche. family. , , IS ALL epltic for counter tops, paneling, shower Mr. and Mi's. L. E. Monroe Birthday*Br]d: lub met in Wre Wehatce Visitors :Mort- GUARANTEED stalls, wainscoting, itable tops and many other honor of LaVonne Gilltspie. Ger- day. " " , uses. We have this product in stock. No priority trude Chastine won first prize an I : , " . I. - I - 1 I . . second prize was awarded to Mr :, and- Mrs. Ster -""v'-, ing Monroe needed. Mabel Stranne. of :Okanogan "visited relatives BOTH CAR & SIGN PAINT- -- Mr. and Mrs. he;ter Johnson here.Sunday. : ING "" .... GAMBLE LUMBER CO of Bremerton spent the week end Bob Alexander is spending a at the Clarence Johnson home. few days']h .tVateros assisting his UPHOLSTgRING, FINISHING. 'BREWSTER, WASH. Mrs. Johnson remained to visit sister, Mrs. H.tch, in the stoe, 1 ' and Mr. Johnson left Monday for whilt.her_husbffd , is br ,the coast. AND ALL KINDS OF GIEN'l Bremerton. " " ""* " * * ERAL BODY R-PAIR WORK-  Mrs. Franci; Washburn* * and Mi. H&i-ry :Lilly is-spending a month @ith:"dr husband who is -:  .. .... . former Lyle McCormick house ..... RADIATOR REPAIRING AND which the Alan Manley family re- at Ephmta: ...... .  " " I " ..... :" '*" " * " " * " I .ENGINE COOLING SYSTEM U C n his side- etoCentlYIdaho.vacated when .they return- niece.: Cdude'AfdrLfiHa::Walker,aCeompaniedto Wenat-his CHECK.UP woax -, t: .GIVE X0W! {}IV| MOREl Max Gochry  has started con- chee,: /edasda. on her way to .... struction of an additional room her home in San Francisco. CHELAN BODY AND "SAVE WEAR AND TEAR! - to his srvice station. * * The room will be used for spare Mrs. L. . Kuns "of Aurora, - " " farm machinery parts and auto Oregon, carnie in Wednesday to FENDER WORKS Bring your car to CRAMER'S ,We do the ki attend the funeral of her sister- lubrication that will save wear and tear on parts.: and truck parts, in-law Mrs:' Tollie Livingston. JACK BLAIR, PROP. Baynard *Cr;'ssland*, who has - "? IL Come in today  you'll like our service. - been logging in Ferry County, has . spent a few days here with " " ' .1'  his pareats. Mr. andMrs. George " CRAMER S SERVICE Crossland, before going to his PLACE ORDERS NOW FOR next contract near Chelan. " .... ': The meeting ate o the Young SPRING DELIVERY '-, -" People's Rally. announced for HI CRAMER SMITH FUNERAL HOME PEARNE SMITH Licensed Funeral Director PHONE 421 PATEROS PHONE LOCAL ITEMS TO THE HERALD-REPORTER PHONE 191 OMAK theMarch 30 at Tonasket, has be,later * *  iill iit ' i i :" ':BurG$ I! 1" L changed to April &th. The speak; , er for the day, the Rev. Anderson   -, was not able to be present until tt " date.. On " " ....  -- " ii: ,;' Mrs. G. C. Braker and Mrs. ff Karl Clendenin are co-chairmen V:R ' " h01d of the R Cross Drive in Brew- a  { ii " for ,them. Our quota is $700,00: Mrs. Nannie Gillespie returne A TE AT HOME AND, ATTHE f " last week to her home here a;fte'r "F 1 . "- -- l/ a visit with her daughters, Mrs;  i O mu Alvin Swift near Colfax and Mrs W FOUNTAINS -- THATS " , James Crandallseattl% Mrs, GillespienearSeale" In" was  MEADOWM00R ICE CREAM ] I ' " ' ..... " 1 i  4 guest of a former rident o ..... Brewster, Mrs. Merle Douglas. -- ] MEhDOWM,OmO0000oDhlRY :i|t iltl f ' i " l " YOURDEALERHASITINALLFLkVORS , , I 1--1937 Ford Fordoor 2--1937 Studeba'ker Fordors 1--1937 Oids Fordoor 1--1937 Pontiac Tudor. HAVE 1--1937 Ford 60 Tudor WE 1--1936 Nuh Lafayette Fordoor 11936 Ford Coupe Pickup ..... 11936 Terraplane Sedan 1--1936 LaSalle Fordoor A full line of Baby Chick Feed "1 1--1935 Chevrolet Fordor .... 1--1935 Packard 120 Coupe ChickRemedies 1--1935 Ford Fordoor 1--1934 CAevrolet Coupe 1--1934 Graham Fordoor ' Dr. Hess' Dip and Disinfectant 1--1934 Ford Tuloor  " 1--1933 Ford Coupe . Liquid :and rowdered Louse Killers BraySLong Distance lines are, most cas  1 1--1934 Plymouth Fordoor -. 1--1930 Ford A Vudoor Bag Balm and Udder Ointment thmugh:dght. But there's still a rush on some 1--1929 Ford A Tudoor :: 1--1928 Chevrolet Fordoor ' .-,. :-"- 1--1938 Chev.Ton Panel  . o BREWSTER GRANGE SUPPLY CO., INC. When you're on a crowded line, Long Distance Rubber and Insulated BREWSTER, WASH. FLOOR MATS -,],:ou 1 help by saying, "Please limit your FOR _: 5" minutes." CARS and TRUCKS o HARRIS ELECTRIC SHOP - .... SEAT COVERS . . " ....... " .... ' TIRES  l " --CHAINS " SREWSTER Keepyour RED CROSS at his side- , for .  661VE N{}W! {}IVE M{}R[! CARS and TRUCKS -- NOW OPEN. FROM 1 P.M. TO 4 P.M. DALLY 1 MAC CHEVROLET CO. PHONE 40 OR 40R W.R. HARRIS THi PACIFIC TELIPHONE AND TELEGRAPH COMPANY Phone 11 Chelan PATEROS EL. PATEROS 0l d _J ]. ] J l