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February 22, 1945     Quad City Herald
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February 22, 1945

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@1' J ...... LLEUIIIIEL], IIIL .LINmilLlmllmlillila,HJ U  LI LU PAll i NOTICE OF ESTRAY SALE NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, That Buck Stilwell on the 12th day of De- eemher, 1944, tok up and now keeps at the old P. L. Filer ranch, Twisp, Wash., the following estray heifer: t yearling heifer, age 18 months, Red with white on legs and belly, brand- ed 2X on left hip, the brand as near am I can tell, very gentle and seemed to be a bucket calf. Said estray will be sold to the high- ast bidder for cash at the old P. L. Filer Ranch on Beaver Creek. Rt. 1. Twisv, Wash., on the 27th day of Feb- ruary, 1945, at the hour of 3:00 o'- oLock in the afternoon of said day, un- less the owner thereof, or his legal rep- resentative, shall appar ,prior to that time. and make out his title and pay all charges against said estray. Date of first publication of this no- tice February 15. 1945. Rgietered January 18, .1946. V. B. 'HITE, County Auditor By JANE PROFIT, Deputy Feb. li, 22e O HRALD-REPORTIk, BREWSTER, WASHINGTON FE'BRUARY 22, 1945 o, CHECK SNOW been ncessary-a least once to RA '"----" Nrs  fly supplies to the snow-bound BUY THAT EXTRA NOTICE IQ HEREBY GIVEN, That havens. Extending from the roof Leslie G. Wenner on the 1st day of 1o- {Continued From Page 1) of each cabin is a pole with a vember, 1944. took up and now keeps CALENDAR ..... ":" " " "::: " at his ranch on Benson Creek. halfway works closely with irrigation shovel tied to its top. Sometimes between Twisp and Car[ten, Wash.. the districts, find the sureys of spec- the only indication that the cabin following esl;ray s'eers: I ag. 2, brands N, both ial value in determining operation lies beneath the snow is the shoe- '  ' O U R D E M O C R A C Y .... cropped; by Mat 1 Jersey brindle, age 1, left ear split schedules. For instance, the neces- el sticking up through the drifts. Processed Foods -- Boo 4 and right ear cropped, sity of generating a constant sup- Other cabins have "Santa Claus Blue stamps X5 through B2 Said estrays will be sold to the high- HOME AND FAMILY eat biAder for cash at the L. G Wen- ply of pover over a large system chimneys" through which the men valid through March 31. ner ranch on Benson Creek lalfway and at the same time retaining can drop down into the cabins. Blue stamps C2 through G2 are between Twisp and Carlton. Wash.. on enough water for irrigation makes The first survey was made near valid through April 28. the 27th day of February, 1945 at th Blue stamps H2 through M2 are "'THE SECURITY AND ELEVATIONOF THE hour of 2:00 o'clock in the afternoo it necessary to know far in ad- the end of January by Clarence ,, of said day, unless the owner thereof vance how much water the moun- Meils of Water Power, accom- valid through June 2. ILY AN{:> OF FAMILY LIFE ARE THE or his legal representative shall appear Meat, Butter Cheese Book 4 PRIME OBJECTS OF CIVILIZATION AND prior to that time, and make out his tain snow cover will yield, panied by Guy Imus of Stehekin. title and pay all charges agains said With this information, opera- The complete survey will be made Red stamps Q5 through $5 are ULTIMATE ENDS OF /LL INDUSTRY es! ay. Date of frst publication of this no- tion of the company's 12 hydro- in April, covering 10 snow cour- valid through March 31. ANDTRADE. " -#4REI.LIOT rice February 15. 1945. electric plants is so scheduled that ses in the Coeur d'Alenes and 18 Red stamps T5 through X5 ae Registered January 20, 1945. electricity can be generated in in the Lake Chelan region, valid through Ajril 28. COLEMAN P WALLS, plants where water supply is Computations of spring run- Red stamps Y5 through D2 are County Auditor[plentiful while water is being offs made from the information valid through June 2. Feb. 15, 22c 1 stored in other dams for use when Meils and Walter Johnson, also a Sugar -- Book 4 the dry season arrives. The same Washington Water Power hy- Sugar stamp 34 valid "  !i' {plan is worked out in close co- drologist, secure is astoundingly February 28. operation with the other members accurate. Their forecast for 1944 Sugar stamp 35 valid o  of the Northwest Power Pool. was only 2 per cent on the safe June 2. Other users of the snow survey side of the actual run-off. Shoes  Book 3 .L EMPLOYMENT,.. information furnished by War Airplane stamps 1, 2, 3, valid Power are the U. S. Forestry Ser- ARGENTINE SEED- indefinitely. A LARGE POSTWAr-. vice, as an indicator of forest fire CAUSING CONCERN C=solie t BUI LDING POGRAM hazards and grazing conditions; Unendorsed coupons invalid. A14 coupons, 4 gal. ach valid IS NEEI::)ED TO stock growers, municipal water Large importations of unadapt- to March 21. ASSIST IN CREATING systems, lderal Land Banks and ed Argentine alfalfa seed are FULL EMPLOYMENT. Fuel Oil similar credit agencies, crop es- GOC)P EYES WILL | timators, mining operators, wild- moving into this country, accord- Period 1, 2, 3, 4 coupons valid bE HEEDED, ALSO, life conservation agencies and in- ing to word received by the Ag- through August 31. Maximum use FOR FULL EM- PLOY/ENT. dustrial and commercial establish- ricultural Extension Service at the State College of Washington, to February 19 of total yearly ra- WORKERS WHO l ments, tion should not exceed 58 per FAIL TO CORgECT The trips into the mountains to from the Seed Production Pro- cent in Western Washington and VISUAL DEFECTS OFTEN make these surveys involve con- grams committee of the U. S. De- LOSE THEII JOIS. siderable hardship and physical partment of Agriculture. 70 per cent in Central Washing- effort as at least three trips into This seed is being distributed ton. ' the rugged Chelan and Coeur d'- here in the north, and its use may Victory gardeners produced 40 OPTICAL Alene drainage are, as during the lead to failure or lower produc per cent of the fresh vegetable ,most severe weather conditions tion specialists warn. The large supply last year. They are asked IFILLUSION"'THE O[SLIQUE I are necessary to obtain accura movLffirnent Of Argentine seed, the to do it again. To be sure of hav- LINE ON THE information, committee said, appears to be due ing seeds, fertilizers and insecti- Bedding, wood and food are to a shortage of domestic alfalfa cides when you need them, order RItT IS EXTENP- ED UPWARDS, IT j packed into the four shelter cab- seed and to tbe wide differential now. WILL hAEET THE ] ins early in the fall, but it has in price between Argentine seed LEFT LINE, ALTHOU6H IT ' and domestic seed. APPEARS MUCH LOWER. NOTICE OF ESTRAY SALE Experimental esults indicate PHONE LOCAL ITEMS TO THE that when planted in the United HERALD-REPORTER NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, That States north of the 38th degree I I HOW FAR CAN YOU SEE Howard Frazier on the 12th day of De- IN AN AIRPLANE? eember, 1944, took up andHillnOW keePsmiles of latitude, Argentinewinter_killalfalfade_ at his ranch on Happy 15 may disastrously SAVE TIME! NW of Okanogan, Wash., the fo]low-  e stray cattle: pending upon the severity of the ingNo of animals 3: Brown cow. age 4, winter. USE THE no brand can be feund, double notch on left ear. ear tag on cow C. Dibble; White roan helfer, age I; swallow PAY TAXES. LICK THE AXIS OKANOGAN VALLEY 00oth .. White spotted bull." age 1. swallow BUS LINES fork both ears. AT tO00 FEET YOU CAN Said estrays will be sold to the high- OST WILE) AI- EE AOU'[" 9 ILE (IF est bidder for cash at the H.ard BODY WORK MALS ARE FAR- YOUR EYES ARE UP TO PAR). Frazieruw of ranChokanogan,On HappYwash.,Hillon theI5 mLlee26th COMFORTABLE SERVICE SIGMTEE) ACCORD- AT 2,000 FEE[, 55NILES, AND day of February, 1945, at the hour of ll:0O o'clock in the morning of said IS ALL Lave Chelan .......... 7:SSA.M. irqG TO THE AT 5.000 FEET THE SEEING day, unless the owner thereof, or his Leave Pateros .......... 8:28 A.M. GUARANTEED that time, and mak out his title and Leave Brewstr ........ S:40 A.M. INSTITUTE. P, ANGE OF VISION IS tl;Oy all charges against said estray. LeavL Bridgeport 9:00 A.M. /xIOTALE EXCEI:::rl "- COMPUTEP Y MULTI- Date of first publication of this o- """ ION ARE THE PLYIN THE SQUARE tier February 15. 1945. Leave Mana4FieM .... 9=31 A.M. Registered January 19, 1945. [AIOONS, WHICH OF THE ALTITUPE BY ONE COLEMAN R. V(ALL, BOTH CAR & SIGN PAINT- Arrive Spokane County Auditor ARE P4E/M-SIGHTP. ANP ONE-QUAI:RNILES. By JANE PROFIT, Deputy ING 1:15 P.M. Feb. 15, 22c ] ' ....... "  UPHOI.TRING, FINISHING i - ; AND ALL KINDS OF GEN- Leave Spokane ERAL BODY REPAIR WORK 5:15 P.M. . Arrive Man=field ...... 9:00 P.M. RADIATOR REPAIRING AND Arrive Bridlport .... 9:31P.M. ENGINE COOLING SYSTEM Arrlve Brewst '. ..... 9:50 P.M. Arrive Patero ........ 10:0g P.M. CHECK-UP WORK Arrive Chelan ........ 10.35 P.M. Fast Express Shipments CHELAN BODY AND lade Daily - FENDER WORKS Cmanections t Pateros For JACK BLAIR, PROP. Methm, v Valley Rednts , I - TillS NEWSPAPEn i l ff00} AND T H 1 S NEWSPAPER SIX GBEAT IIAGAZll00 45o _) (_1 FOR BOTH NEWSPAPER AND MA6AZINES lull GBOUP. A -- blest TWO [.gnzlne, ]'w MAGAZINE r-I TRUE STORY .......... I Yr. AMERICAN G/RL ........ 6 Me. MST] n 0 OPEN ROAD (]BOYS) (IZ Imml)._14 Me. [] PAFAt (Weekly) ......... - __ _I Yr. SgOR'r$ AFIF, I .... - .... __ .... I Yr. BOgl for Price Skowu OUTDOOI (12 Imne) 14 Me. GROUP B -- Seleet Two hngazlnes Amerkau xuit Grower .... $2.7 / American Girl S.SO  FLOWER GROWER ....... 6Mo. C] CHRISTIAN HERALD - 6 Me. Amerkan Home (2 Yrs.) .... S.7S PARENT MAGAZIN ..... 6 Mo. American Poultry Journal .... 2.6 r'l THE WOMAN 1 Yr. ]Better Cooking t. Homemaking. 4.00 i-IPATH]F/NDKR (Weekly) -  1 Yr.  Life __ .A.10 ILBLOI[FIL,  --- Seleet Two Magazines 0 AM3kN FRI GROWER. .......... . .... 1 Yr. Child Life S.TS D AMg)[G&N POUI,[IY ]OtrRNAL.....I Yr. Christian Herald . S.O C] FARM JOURNKL & ARMR W][F 1 Yr. Country Gendem (. Yrs0 ..... 3.00 [-l HOUSEHOLD ............................... 1 Yr. larm Jourmd & Farmex's Wife, 2.65 , . , __,. Sometimes lheros [] POULTRY  - I Yr. lqower Grower 3.50  MOTHERJ HOME  __1 Yr.  Aee $.50 ..... ]ogumolumn Review __ S,7 Romehold 2.6S OOR'BIG SPECIAL'0FFER[ '" an Extra Rush on National It Monthly ...... , 4.00 l'lds Nemlmper ud 5 Greed "= (,o =, ,, Me, ......... ,. Rod,121.,14Mo.) .... 'J]$ Long Disfance HOUSEHOLD MAGAZINE i Yr. I SiX $.50 kTRUE STOY* ..................... 1 Yr.  -em Parents' Mqptine ,, AMRIC_J POULTRY JOURNal Yr..I rv,.  s.00  ov  , Wl Yr.  ov *Y  ,d.a o of,z Pot 4bun 2.6 Every day, millions ofhands reach F   of r, $, @ x pf,t t .2 for the telephone to use Long Dis- I[fM Afkld ..-m.lYr." ! AJkld S.2 rlo,m (m zt-,:...z,m, IDT wo=== " .zr,. tance. Most of those calls go through / Wma S.10 quickly. Tree Story ..... s.2 xo, ffi ze __ 4.00 But sometimes there's a crowd on certain lines. Then Long Distance IglLL IN AND MAIL TO TTN$ NI[WPAPER TODAY will say, "Please limit your call to 5 minutes." o= z , .... ,, , , ,he That helps everybody. .| 1q-mr " " : ..... Fo! Vktory--Buy United States War Bonds  OR R,,1F,.D, TIdLE PACIFIC TELEPIONE AND TELEGRAPH COMPANY Pedro IjBL--- PATERO$ TEL PATF.O el F EVER SINCE THE FIRST SETTLERS BUILT THEIR. EABINS STORED HEIR FOOD AND FUEL= IT'S BEEN TYPICAL OF THE NIEW WOR.LD TO REGARDTHE SECUIITY AND ELEVATION OF THE FAMILY AS PRIME OBJECTS ' ' THhT'S ONE BIG REASON WHY OuR. DEMOCR/CY IS WHAT IT IS TODAY-- WHY SO MANY OF US OWN OUR HOMES = HAVE MONEY PUT ASIDE IN WAirBONDS AND SAVINGS ACCOUNTS, FAMILY ._ ,_ SECqRITY IN LIFE INSURANCE- WHY Og,/ COUNTRY/S ;./ '/N'ST IN r'" M/OLO. "HEART OF OO/e CIFILIZAT/ON. Mr. C rchardist NOW IS A GOOD TIME TO GET THAT IRRIGATION PUMP AND SPRAYING EQUIPMENT IN TIP-TOP CONDI- TION FOR." NEXT SEASON'S CROP. WE ARE IN A POSITION TO AND WILL BE GLAD TO SERVE YOU. FOR FURTHER INFORMATION PHONE OR CALL AT VALLEY MACHINE & WELDING SHOP PHONE 54F2 PATEROS, WASH. HARRIS ELECTRIC SHOP BREWSTER O NOW OPEN FROM 1 P.M. TO 4 P.M.DAILY PHONE 40 OR 40R W. R.-HARRIS 7 ::: ii A FAVORITE AT HOME AND AT THE  ' FOUNTAINS -- THAT'S MEADOWM00R ICE CREAM,. ,. YOUR DEALER HAS IT IN ALL FLAVORS I MEADOWM00R DAIRY . WASHINGTON ! OMAK, .'.. ". :. -:- - ;=:;.: . .... BUSINESS DIRECTORY ,.,. ................ . , ........ , , . , , [ ' i c.R. 00KINLEY , M.D. I McKINLEY BUILDING Okan0gan, Wash.  [ Brewster, Wash. Okanogan County Abstract Company WM. BAINES, Mgr. Harold B. Stout, M.D. MANSFIELD Pateros: Tues. & FrL P.M ]venings B Appointment YAROOD FUNERAL HOME PHONE OKANOGAN --88 "j 1 PHONE OMAK -- 21|M L -- _