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February 8, 1945     Quad City Herald
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February 8, 1945

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....................................... + .......... HERALD " REPORTER .... OF'I .......... THKOFFICIALTOWN= '-'oFPAPER'PATKRO5|I! ',.,, ' OFFICIAL PAPER OFFICIAL PAPER BREWSTER - PATEROS OF OKANOGAN COUNTY OF THK TOWN OF BRIDGEPORT I CONSOLIDATION OF THE BREWSTER H ERALD AND THE PATEROS REPORTER !" "-" " ++ " + " ...... r i i i i i PII I i , ,. ,r ......... V/OLUME NO. 44 SUBSCRIPTION $2.00 PER YEAR BREWSTER, OKANOGAN (OUNTY, WASHINGTON. NU/IBER 32 FEBRUARY 8, 1945 _ ,:DI|K[ N' MARCH OF DIMES IDI AlkIKIIM IND SHOWER GIVEN FOR I fAKI fIDNIID PRAYER DAY DATE + 'I[TA'IfflAIV l,1,=V,| BRINGS IN MONEY 's II+I'kL, LIILIU ItL MRS LE HARRISON LUPkl, U|kUUIO IS SET AS FEB. 16 l RAINS HITS FRUIT VETERAN AID Thursday evening Mrs. Lee ARE'COMBINED WASH 'ROADS ser was very well supported. Harrison was honored at a stork Day of Prayer has been set by the Flood Water Runs Into Chaiman Mrs. Win. Stranne. with Committee Already Nam- shower at the home of Mrs. F. C. Benjamin H. Nickle Head Council of Churches for Febru- Lots Of Trouble For The Packing Plant the help of Mrs. Gordon Hess and .Evertsbttsch in Pateros. After ap- Of The New Am- ary 16. Since Mrs. Bulman_ of 1-14ghway Crmvs In Mrs. M. S. Todd report $37.56 ed For Post-War propriate games and prizes, re- " Brewster, who graciously took Basement from the containers in the busi- Work freshments were served and Mrs. clarion charge last year, is moving away Few Days hess houses; $32.95 from the Harrison opened her many lovely Mrs. May Burnside will assume Nature dealt the Wenatchee- school and $80 from theatrr col- Okanogan County's Farm So- gifts. Although the snow storm Consolidation of the four ha- this duty. She will appreciate the A steady rain last week end Beebe Orchard Co. at Brewster a lection, making a total of $150.51. eurity Administration Committee kept many home those present tiona] farm loan associations in voluntary" cooperation of those and Sunday caused county and cruel blow early Monday morn- has been designated by the Vet- were w+ere Mrs. Herbert French, this district into the Cascade Val- who took part in the past and all state roads to be washed out or ing when the county culvert and MEETING TONIGHT ervns' Administration to serve as Mrs. John Neff, Mrs. Howard ley Association, with headquart- who wish to do so this year. covered with sand and ebris in the city culvert wre too small to the County Veterans' Loan Corn- Plew, Mrs. Raymond Burgett, ors at Wenatchee; payment of The place of neeting chosen by various places, The road from Ok- carry the torrent rushing down The Pateros Junior Womens' mittee to certify GI farm loan Mrs. Rhesa Mansfield, Mrs. Ho- thousands of dollars in cash settle-- mutual consent is the Full Got- anogan to Bewster on the state the Paradise Hill canyon. The wa- Club will meet tonight at eight at guarantees, reports Arthur A. mer Martin, the guest of honor, ment for association stock held per parsonage in the the basement highway was covered in several ter backed up at these culverts the home of Mrs. Peggy Plow Ziegler, County FSA Supervisor, Mrs. Harrison, and the hostesses, by former borrowers who have of the church at 7:30' P.M. spots and was closed for several , and flowed down the road that wtih Mrs. Ruth Martin as cot First National Bank Building in Mrs Evertsbusch and Mrs. Wilbur paid off their loans ,and rehabili- hours Sunday, evening and Mort- goes directly past the Beebe ware-hostess. Okanogan. o, 00+oi00t00oo BRIDGEPORT 00orenooo house. It accumulated and forced.__..______. DAY A special school for committee- . ....... structure, is announced by Barn- depth of five feet, covered the oien to ven;ilation doors to theli,INCOi,N men held January 23 at Yakima DIMES DANCE ard Eli,)t, secretary-treasurer of mB t llIlroad near the Let Myers place at basement and flooded a large rUl was attended by George A. Davis the oo+io or00+a00+n DEAL [VlADi4I the foot of Ophir grade, but the basement stored with packed ap- of Brewster; Peter R. Sonnichsen. RETURN GOOD Heading the new, enlarged as- road was opened Monday fore- " BANQUET =dl Winthrop; George Ruply, Okan- sociation, which makes and set- noon for a short time and then The water roe about three ogan; Arthur A. Ziegler, Okan- Mrs. Win. Burger of Pateros re- vices loans for the Federal Land Caldwells Sell Bubiness was opened in the afternoon by ogan and Sterling T. Monroe, Ok- ports that a total of $224.78 was Bank of Spokane, is Benjamin H. To Wenatchee the state highway crew and road feet and soaked the stacked three Russell Mack, Hoquim, anogan, nominee from the Voter- taken in and $177.20 cleared at Nickles, well known orchadist of gl'aders. The state highway near bottom boXes of each tier of ap- Folk ,w'th muddy water. In addi- Will Be Chief anN' Administration, to secure de- the March of Dimes Dance held to Wenatchee, Douglas County. L.R. the Pattros stockyards was wash- tion "the flobd carried between Speaker tailed instructions for their new celebrate the PreSident's birthday Folsom, dairyman at Leaven- BRIDGEPORT A deal was ed out and was impassable for 80 and 5 tons of mud onto the _ assignment. Other members of the and to aid in a fund for rehabili- worth has been elected vice presi- closed on Monday, February 5. in several hours before it was re- floor of the building. It also The Republican precinct corn- committee not able to attend were tation and recovery of those child- dent. Other members of the co- which Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Cald: paired. buckled.the only wooden basement mitteemen have reported that ev- Fred A. Stiverson, Tonasket, and ren crippled b irlfntile paralysis, operative's board of directors are well sold the confectionery and The state highway between Ok- floor in a room 60 by 80 feet so cry portion of the county will be John Wall, Riverside. D. Teele of Tonask'et; Fred V. pool hall to Mr. and Mrs. Jske anogan and Brewster was clased that the floor will have to be re- represented at the Lincoln Day Differt Set-Up GRAND LARCENY Brownell of Malaga and Win. Watson of TCenatchee. at times Wednesday as the rains laid this summer, banquet this Monday, February "New responsibilities of the ON THEFT CHARGE Business Incrsing The transfer which has been brought down another avalanche Manager M. S. Todd estimated 12. FSA committeemen in connection Spanjer of peshastin, underway since January'IS, was of water and mud over the high- that it would cost approximately The affair will start promptly with the veterans' farm loan guar- Elwood Davis 17, and Edwin I Consolidation of the accounts held iri beyance until all "rights way.- Men and equipment w'ere $3,0D0 to repack the 7,000 boxes at 7:30 P.M. at the Omak Masonic antee are entirely separate from Julius Christensen 16, and Virgil of hese associations will bring and licenses were transferrred. " working to get it cleared, but their of soald apples and it is thought Temple with the Eastern Star the farm security program of su- Kenneth Davisson 16, entered to more than 300 the n.umber of The 2aklwells bought the husi- Work .'depended entirely on the that the damage to the building serving the banquet, pervised uredit. GI services of pleas of guilty tO a charge of farmer-borrovers served by the nest and building in April 194 :ainfalt continuing or abateing. The road was wash again badly will be approximately $2,000. Russell Mack, Speaker committeemen will be carried out grand larceny in connection with larger organization, and the corn- and have modernized and redecpr- at PatrdsW, ednesday and the de- Foreman Henry Lautenslager One of the most forceful speak*- under direction of the veterans', the theft of an automobile, and bined loan value will exceed ated the place both inside and out. .... .-'eported that he was in the build- ors ever to addess a Republican administration," Ziegler said. asked for parole. This will be re- $900000, according to Mr. Eliot. They have enjoyed an increased tour was filled wifii'mud to stop ing at 10 P.M. Sunday evening to banquet in the county will de- Provisions of the GI farm loan ferred to the pro)ation officer. Rehabilitation of the capita] ptronage but felt a rest would be traffic temporarily there. check the temperatures and there liver the principal address of the guarantee program make it pot- structure of these associations beneficial to the'health of both. The trains were also stopped was no sig of flooding waters in evening. Russell Mack', Hoquiam sible for honorably discharged MORE DIVORCES which have ben impaired will They have 'ented the Joe Bouska VedneSday as the mud continued the area at that time. publisher will be the speaker of veterans to secure farm loans ., erase all outstanding obligations property across the street from to Ylow over the tracks. A crew has started work getting, the evening and audiences who finn banks, commercial credit or- ,Final decrees of divorce were and set up reserves to cover all the gymnasium and are "making ." .... the fruit seggregated and the re- have heard Mr. Mack give an ad- ganizations and individuals with a granted in SupePibr Court, Tues- forseeable losses on loans now on their home there for the present. SCOUTING LEADER packing "will start as soon as pot- dress, report that he is an excel- guarantte up to $2,000 for the day to B.verly Hyatt from Ar- the books, Secretary-Treasurer They left ,Wednesday to visit rela- IS GIVEN MEDAL sible, according to Manager Todd. lint speaker and has a stirring purchase of farms, farm build- thur G. Hyatt; t@Daisy Ryckman Eliot said. The associations will tives in'California: It is reported that requests will message to deliver. " lugs, equipment or livestock. Af- frown Jess Rycknn and to Mar- have three years in which to de- be made by the Beebe and resi- Chairman Bert Cast reported ter the veteran has qualified and inn E. Hurd from Melvin Lowell terrnine their losses; It enables At the 24th Annual Meeting dents of that area that large cul-that the past state chairman, a commercial credit agency or Hard. [them to ,,e ,n ,u,, or ,too00 UNDERW00DS o, e o 0oo verts be placed under the city and Wilder Jones, and the Chelan bank has agreed to make the loan, held by former borrowers who tral Washington Council of Boy cunty rads in the canyn s Cunty Republican Central Cm" the applicatin will be reviewed by HOME" yISERVICE [hav00 p00id 00ft00eirl00n00but000000l" BUY 0RCHARD:ISu0000 Su"d+' there will be no more trouble from mitt'ee chairman, E. W. Hatfield, the Veterans' Loan committee to ed to obtain reimbursement for Fred (Doc) Evertsbusch of Pater- floodwaters from the nearby can- will both be present and will be insure the veteran has a good  _ttheir association stock. "oswere presented Scouting'thigh yon. among the honored guests, likelihood of success. "This consolidation and rehab- Win. Underwood, former Pa- honor award, the Silver Beaver ........ Mr Cast as1s chat all guest FSA'S loans for livestock and ....  ' iliitidn progran, w1iiCh srength- teros and Br'fe'iStdiii;Te -'T'ki-aard is present to Former Bridgeport be on time as the banquet will equipment, water facilities and (Continued On PaSo 4) Woman Is In Cast be served promptly at 7:30. farm ownership will continue to Facilities for aiding the fatal- cently purchased the Killian See- men outstanding in Scout work be available to veterans and faro- lies of servicemen and veterans kamp Orchard, formerly known  as over .a period of years. F. C. Ev- 0KANOGAN ily-type farmers who cannot se-are maintained by the American LAWLESS BUYS the Sid Braker orchard and locat-ertsbusch is into his 20th year While in Spokane last veek sure suitable credit and manage- Red Cross in nearly all of its 3,- DRAYING OUTFIT near the Siwash OrChards. The with Scouts and is very deserving Mrs. Herman Corneh] visited Mrs. ment assistance from the usual 757 chapters. Called "Home Set- property includes a modern home of the honor. i3 The presentation was made by Pete McCormick at the Sacred H FFi sources. The GI farm loan guar- vice," this branch of. Red Cross Ralph Lawless of Brewster has and has 33 acres of apples besides C. H. George, also a holder o fa Heart Hospital. Mrs. McCormick antees do not apply to loans from activity last yar helped 35r00,00.0 reoently purchased a truck from some pasture land. Silver Be+tver and a long .time was th victim of a hit and run driver about three weeks ago and The Brewster Bears play-their federal agencies but there may be serwcemen nd' their families to Ed Myers and also taken over the Mr. and iVrrs. nderwood mop- her back was injured to such an last home game of the season with instances where FSA or farm solve problems that might other- gency for the Harms Feight Line ed t-o their property last week end. friend and co-worker in Scouting. credit loans may be ud to sup- wise have robbed the men of their and is also carrying the mail be- Mr. Underwood recently re- Only 15 of these awards have extent that she is in a cast. She Okanogan on the local court on is a former resident of Bridgeport Tuesday, February 13. plement loans made under the GI fighting efficiency and threaten- tveen 'the Great Northem Depot signed from the State Gam Game been made in this district. Bar. The Bears lost to Okanogan by garantee, ed the scurity of their homes, and the Brewster post office. He Department where he has been oc- Information as to the GI farm At one enod of the world-gird- took over the work last week. cupied with work and manage- " RE.PACKING a score of 34 to 32 at Okanogan. loan guarantee program may be Ifng system of communications ment of various fish hatcheries for The Metho,-Pateros Growers However, Brewster is handicap- BACK FROM CALIFORNIA Ok&flOg&If Bride pod by the loss of Arnold Bohring- obtained through th County FSA that makes this -Red Cross service the state in the Imst 20 or more now have a cew of five re-pack- Mr. and Mrs. W. l. Galbraith ing. Being Dil[ntitntled or, stellar forward, who hind an office, committee members, and possible is the serviceman's home- year. from the Veterans' Advisory com- town or county Red Cross chap- Of Brewster returned Monday, af- appendicitis operation, mittee established in the County ter. At the other is the Red' Cross CHECK Now The old bridge over the okan- Junior High Tournament field director who follows him ter spending two months visiting ]SIIDAY PARTY ogan River at Okanogan has been Also, don't forget the Junior Agent's office, right up to the battle line, and the their daughter at San Jose, Calif., " FOR MRS ASBURY dismantled recently after it was High Tournament at the local Red Cross hospital workers, who and spending some time in Los ,,,,NM C0000R condemned three years ago. This high school gym. R starts at 2 BUD SCHMIDT continue to keep him in touch with Angeles. They " reported that the Some of Mrs. G. S. Asbury's span, constructed by the county P.M. on Saturday. The finals am his family even if he is wottnded Soutliern California weather was friends at Brewster surprised her over 20 years ago, has ben bar-to be played at 8P.M. MARRIED or ,, excellent all the time they were Now's the time to checl-your on the evening of her birthday by red to traffic and the work of And when he is discharged and -there and that they had an en- pressure cooker so it Will be ready going in with games, refreshments tearing it down started several CORNELLS LEAVE returns home, Red Cross Home #joyable- trip. to do that big canning job again and gifts to spend a few hours in weeks ago. The following telegram was re= Service continues to serve him b.y F0--UNDERS DAY* next summer, statesElizabeth J. the home and to-wish her many The bridge, now in use at Ok- Sergeant and. Mrs. Richard ceived in Brewster last Saturday helping him understand and be- Bush, home demonstration agent, happy returns. Participating were anogan, was built eight years ago Cornell let the last of the wek by Mr. and Mrs. F. E. Schmidt. It come adjusted to his status as a Don't wait until the day you want Mr. and Mrs. C. V. Elliott, Mr. and is of concrete. Henry Hag- for his camp at Santa Barbara. speaks volumes in few words: veteran. Last year 350,000 ex- 1][ I  OBSERVED to use it to see if it is in tip-top and Mrs. G. L, Wilson, Mrs. Mary man of Cashmere was the con-[Mrs. Cornell expects tO be there Dear Folks: servicemen and their families re- . shape. tractor, two weeks. Married Tuesday night. So hap- ceived this Red Coss Service. ' Heat the cooker up to see if it Fox' Mrs..Marion Brown, Mrs. Myrtle Stewart, Mrs. Oi P. McCoy py writing impossible. Details iff BRIDGEPThe P.-T. A./ is leaking steam. If a spring is and the Misses Nona Fox, Ida letter following. Too much in love POTLUCK SUPPER root"Friday night at the school weak in the safety valve, or the Curry, Marybelle Armstrong and to think now. Thee will be a potluck supper in house. The meeting opened with  parts loose or pitted, this part Apryl Burgess and Mr. and Mrs. I! BUD and MICKIE the Methodist Church basement in tht salute to the flag, followed by may need to be replaced. This part  Asbury. W08 r#,,ABD g/ ufJ'_ b0 "Bud" is a Technical Sergeant, iateros Friday evening, Febru-the singing of the Star Spangled or other parts rsay generally be an aerial gunnery instructor and a ary 16, for the WSCS .members Banner. Following the business secured at your local hardware g@t h0@ l vteran of many overseas fight- and their families who are invited meeting a short program under the store, or direct from the manu- ShOwer Given For ff Ch@fl@ to .@ ing flights., to attend, direction of Mrs. Wilfred Shaw, facturer of your pessure cooker. Mr,. Wilbur Conklin the Founders' Day chairman was The gauge should b checked P.-T A To (bserve GENEVIEVE ORR given. . against a matte gauge before  BRIDGEP.ORT__ Mr:t.le  + " ,." ,. ,, , - [ A RECENT BRIDE The first number on the prcamng .lt5 t,l{JIll::.lffanu rounmng r uraer I . . gra m was ; t, ,by Mira; 4 Z p' at  i Cenevieve O 4md -r:t the' mam' 1L_:?c-.-.r '.'. Wilbur The Patos P.-T. A. Meetmg], Xnso-.!A,le|,|"@ $1 at the to be held on' February 16 prom-.[  '" .-'+i|mNke a small charge of 25in' :dTM. Ham. Twenty-one x o ave Outstandm one '   for testxng the gauge and 52 cents _ ises t be ry i . " g ": Tuesda-" ev ;] fed Shawl Mrs. [: ! . , ents lifriend s of the honored guest on- They will celeste Founders' [ o ,m' "" vn>. ar -Mrs] Earl Mackey, Mrs Win. Asmus-I for testing and mamg an aajus-Ljoyed the afternoon and she was "  ....... """--, .............. ' " " i ed You o,,r-: . r rdan f the ast ment ff it s need may Day and a g eat y o P {  ...... hnsn of Brewster sen, Mrs Wade Troutman and] : , ; . the recipient of many lovely and premdents will ether be thee" or! q ....  ......  farma' hv Mrs. Herbert Mdler. I mail the gauge in. wth 52 cents useful ifts. sen in letters 1 .............................. anlayIiandb I return postage They will re- d i n or At the conclumon of the play Clarence Johnson, who s a - . w l be a number b the , turn the difference ff no adjust , Th. ere . I . ", Y.  dained minister who formerly oc- the group sang Brahms Lull . .. " MARRIAGE LICENSES #umor womens" tnorus anu a al The last number on the ro menz s neoea . . " " i cuuied a pulpit in the Yakima V - Pro-I: "   - play presenze. I T. addition to uerformin the gram was the P.-T. A. song sung]   Five applications for marriage "- .....  - I" r n" , -- ,..,..o ,,-.-- o.  ,.  ., :[ marriage ceremotv for his son, Y a I pese z. [ licenses were made in the County CIOOI ILleI1ons ,Chester, Mr Johnson has perform- The March meetin will be' A. E. Messer]y, filed petition Auditor's office this week as ol- Held On March 3, ed the marriage ceremonw for his Dad's Night and the committee in other two sons. charge is ERr] Mackey, Wade for letters of administration for lows: the estate of his wie, Laura MeN- Max Robert Wynn 28, USMC, Th annual school elections I The bride is a graduate of the Troutman, Jewell PyloN, Clinton will be held on Saturday March 3. class of 1944 of the Brewster Roys and Win. Rasmussen. serly who died in February, 19- and Ruby Hall 22 Omak. Their Voter at any school election must high school and has a large circle 44. Heirs are the husband and one witness was Lucille Picard. Robert H. Erb 22, Disautel. be registered under the perman- of friends here. The groom at- Kitchen Remodeling son, of legal age. Ella Jerome 22, Nespelem. Their ent registratio a't. All registm-tendedhighvalley and movedSChl inherethewithYakimahis V|anned By Group SON RESCUED witnessH. A.WaSsimmonsMrs" Matie67, Grumlose.Tonasket, ' [[,A!- j=vrT parents three years ago and he The King's Daughters Sunday and Dolly Almira Morgan 70, To- il joined the U. S. Navy about a School Class of Pateros met last Mrs. Omar Aslakson of Pater- nasket Their witness was W. R. DON T TRAV|L unless ]"" IK//a|" year ago. Thursday evening at the home of os was especially thrilled at t'de Hart. " : v . A total of 36 inches of snow Only the immediate relatives of Mrs. Arthur Irwin. re)ease of the 513 prisoners in the - Jack. Allard 30 and Evelyn was on Paradise Hill, Tuesday:-but the young coupl attended the Plans were completed to clean Phillippines last week for her Weet[ 25, both of Oroville. Their :F0ur trip hips win the rain Tuesday night and Wednes- ceremony, the church basement and future brother, Pvt. Lloyd L. Anderson witness was Mrs. Mary Allard. day settled "the snow to a depth Petty Officer Johnson will leave plans were made for remodeling of Everett was one of thtm. " Chest Johnson 23, U. S. Navy of 30 inches Wednesday after- Saturday for his base at Bremer- the kitchen in the basement. The,e She is anxiously awaiting word and Genevieve'Orr 19, Brewster. I. omct o+ offtlm TIOII noon. ton. were 12 members present, from him. Their witnesswas Lois Orr.