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January 30, 1925     Quad City Herald
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January 30, 1925

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I BREWS&apos;]'ER RALD i i i i i i ii i i i i iii1,1 i iiii . PUBLISHED IN THE INTEREST OF AND TO THE "GATEWAY TO THE FAMOUS OKANOGAN COUNTRY". VOME NO. 24. COUGAR FACTS BREWSTER, OKANOGAN COUNTY WASHINC.TON. JANUARY 30, 1925 IWH0 GETS THE NUMBER 33 WASHINGTON T I I # I i i VERSUS THEORY The man killing cougar shot last Wednesday afternoon near the scene of the fatalaty wherein Jhnmy Fehl- haber fell a victim to the rapacity of this animal, will be placed ill the: Smithsonian Institute at Washing- ton D.C. The animal was skinned last Saturday anti the bones were saved along with the skin and the whole thing will be sent to this Ins- titute and mounted and labeled with an appropriate label showing that it is the very first and only authentic "case in the annals of America where a cougar had stacked and killed a human being'. Of course there are  lmmber of cases where children -have disappeared and the supposi- tion is that they were c'arried away and devoured by cougars, but they were never prSvefl. In this pa:ticular case of the Garr- ett cougar shot by him last Wednes- ., day three miles from the repot where ,y, tmg Jimmy Fehlhaber lost his life by this same beast was clearly proven by the fact that the stomach of this cougar was found to contain human hair along with some horse hair, deer hair, and rabbit fur, and some pieces of bone shows conclusively ia the minds of all thinking men that tills is postively the male cougar that killed the boy. The first thing that entered tile minds of the Brewster people was that the GarTett cougar was the outlaw that had taken human lif6 The first thing to be done was of course to examine its stomach to ascertain if there was a chance of finding the hair. Mr. C. T. Peter- son, a noted federal hunter, made tile remark that if this was the man kill- er it was more than likely that the hair of his victim was still in its tomach." Mr. Pete,son was right and it is a noted fact that an animal of this kind retains hair in its stom- ach for nmnths at a time as it is very slo w to digest and is often re- tained by the animal a long time. This proved to be the case in this particular animal for there was a great mass of hair balled up in the beast's stomach and among the differ- ent' hair was long human hair the same color as Jimmy Fehlhaber and finger bones which clearly indicated that it was the identical beast that partly devoured the boy. On first hearing the report that a cougar was killed Wednesday morn- ins and that the animal was on ex- hibiti.an in Okanogan F. J. Clifford immediately departed for that city de- termined to have the animal examin- ed. He took some pictures of it and then tried to find out when the ani- mal would be cut open anti examined but strange to relate no ,one in the town of Okanogan seemed to be in- FOLKS INOUR TOWN [ WHEN DAD WAS A BOY terested. No one would take the initiative. No one wanted be have it examined. They often repeated that it was nothing 'but a kitten and there was no use of examining it. It surely was some kitten three years old and weighing some 89 pounds, :being six feet ten inches long. Surely some kitten. We are at a loss to !understand the reluctance of the i good people of the town of Okanogan !to determine the guilt or innocence <if this beast. They were apathetic. They seemed to Mse all interest in the matter after the word of Shuttle- worth that he thought the Winthrop cougar was the man killer. And still Shuttleworth had no evidence to go on. Just his bare assertion that he thought the cougar killed at Winthrop was the one. In fact the Winthrop cougar was an old decrepit animal and almost dead from starva- tion. Strange as it may seem the good people of Okanogan swallowed this assertion in its entirety. They cared for no further proof, while on the other hand Mr. Clifford of this dace 'felt all the time as .though the G,OE "I"O TH' CI.AWb Pl.A"/ OVEI, AT -rw .Hoot. sA'rURD'V Nlrff "rt.,V TOlD  P4 gt,ae ,. FUNNY A TH / By SATTERFIELD f ......... And Then They Laughed No More Edward McCullough AUTOCA,WITR i P.v HEAP-.D ] High ABOUT A ] HH cRoss-0000 00HEH , i REWARD MONEY For l  thcr pcoph_ . in the surroundin,14" country came to see the cougar that was on exhibition last Frhlay at tlu Clifford Service Sta- tion. It was killed Wednes ay morn- ing near Olema by Chas. Garrett and brought to Bre'ter b' F. J. Clifford i to examine, and to see if it wus the outlaw cougar, which proved to be l the case. When the word was passed around that they were ready to ex- amine the stomach of the cougar t]ie town people bgean to gather and nearly every nlan tllid wonlan in the town saw ttnd ',V(l'e convinced that it was the cougar muchly sought. When they saw the boy's imir they were all msitive that the right beast had fi- nally been killed. I The question now :irises .'is to who ts going to get'that which was collect- ed to pay the party who wouhl get the cougar? Some of the contribu- tions were to be given to Shuttle- [worth, Hihlebrand and Haley rcg'ard- [less of the fact whether they got the cougar or not, while that which was I collected at Wenatchee, as we under- 'stood it, was to be giwm for the pur- Iose of rehnbursing the party who 'actually killed the cougar. If such is the ease Mr. Garrett is entitled to the pay. "POSITIVELY IDENTIFIED". eattle, Wash., Jan. 26, 1925 Dr. L. S. Dewey, Coroner, Okanogan. i .__ Dr. Knudson, in charge of the zoo, Garrett animal was the.guilty one and to jump conclusions. Some one made reports that hair and bone eaten by as he could not get any encourage- a remark or expound a theory it is a cougar will be digested and eva- meat from the people ,where the coug- then grasped by the unknowing ones 'uated within twenty-four hours. ar was on exhibition he decided to and spread as gospel. The same STATE BOARD OF HEALTH buy the carcass of this beast and have way with the cougar. Wor 1 was Ye Gods and little fishes. What it examined. He made an offer of stated by someone that nothing but straights the Independent has been ten dllars to Mr. Garrett for the old and decrepit cougar would attack lput too in order to bolster up the animal and it was sold to him at a human being. There never was lShuttleworth theory. They have evei that fire(re. Parties went to Okan- a case wherein an old decrepit cougar,, roped in Dr. Dewey into controversy, ogan from here and brought the ever (lid attack a human. But there or at least he must have sent to this cougar down and kept it on exhibi tion for one day at telePhone requests from outlying districts to keep the .nimal so that they could see it. This was clone. "and many had the satis- faction of or[wing the beast that had killed its last human victim. Only for Mr. Clifford the matter would forever have been in dbubt, but now thanks to him and his foresight to leave no stone unturned to land the guilty cougar, the doubt has been removed and the people of Olema and [hat vicinity are fully assured that the guilty cougar has been found and sent to the home of all good cougars. Dead. Too often the people are prone o \\; ..) , , ?,: VEfle AWAY ,' HIAi:.,U-:. YOUI. 'HN Ci=  VV{I,I ,:,l.,:' BA'I" AHD_BALL , GtJ:','T DRAw A P|QTU R3 '"OLD POP" iH THi COM,.C LAUC.-I.IING-""/'O BEAT T : . i,iD" li, HiM i.Ui ^ i..i.clrl  itllmiv,4 II,,I l,,ili- D. THAN ,r. DltAV'l I.Al:tel-E 5IZ'E IEPP.ODUCED HF..E. wRi'r NAMe, ADDR55 AP< A& Obl B..,K ,oF D;2tNi:a' AND ,tShlD "TO '8OY CONT5"T , THiS PP. A_2F.P" u5 WHAT .iHP.O,_o2y,i, BAT You wm,!k 5.2 ' 15 E,i" PR|ZEg TO B AWAIIOED " ,7'UfT .THINI P.5. OF=AIa i=RIlll : I H,VE- lllllltWlNG'li AND IINTE$D d, _tN_._Trm vev,  is ease after case where young cougar have attacked children and have been driven away before they killed its victim but not so in the case of Jim- my Fehlhaber who was in a lonely canyon and his pitiful cries for help went unheeded. It has been advanced as a theroy and it looks very plaus- ible that a cougar is of the same na- ture to a great extent as a house cat. Take for instance a young kitten of the common house variety and it will often chase young chick- ens in a playful manner and if it hap- pens to catch one of the little ings it will immediately tear it to pieces. The animal instinct to kill is supreme it kills the chicken. The same with the cougar it playfully sneaks up be- hind its victim with perhaps no in- tention of doing it any bodily harm. The victim turns and sees the animal trailing it and unthinkly starts to flee and the animal instinct to masters the cougar and he takel the child and after once hold of its victim the instinct become paramount and it tear its victim to pieces. The cougar did not attack Jimmy it was itungry. It was in goo( tion. There was fat on its der the skin and on its had killed a deer a short and it is reasonable to it was either from curiosity 6: fulness that it started to trail Jimmy and as Jimmy started as the tracks showed y the: graphs taken of the scene Clifford, tle; beast then raging fu'y anti the desire became uppermost and h# to carry out its nature. This has been expounded by good at ity and by a man Who has seen' of the wild life in the west. all the facts now in oui" bear out this theory. doctor, Knudsou, for an opinion. The statement sent in by Mr. Knudson to the effect as appears above as far [as an opinion goes to prove' anything does not amount to much. To start ' with Mr. Knudson is a veternary. We should judge from the above a very poor one at that, if he will allow such a statement as the above g'o out as era[hating from him. If he can prove that a cougar can digest hair and bone in 24 hours he has proven something that science has never known before. Why it must Thb merchant buys straw winter. Prepare for that gard Order your seeds. Fire is a good servant, an eye on the chimney. Have der handy and own an extii Get the incubator'[n-" shape spring hatches. Figure on your*l(me* -- now ill not already in the ground. 1 PUBLICITY "rh Washing Month Publicity cam- aig'n is practically over, but there {s no need to stop the excellent pub- Ucity work with the month of Jan. uray is the word that comes to the .lirectors ,oftlle campaign from Har- {tin l. Peyton, State chairman :it Spo- :alle. "Personally I fe,l that the various :rganizations are just getting a good 1art for 1925, and I would certain-. ly hat(; t.o see all the sl)h:n,id work (tie," Mr. Peyton advisesd the direct- OI.'S. "On my return from the east last week, I had the privihge of cnfer- ring with P.S. Eustis, Passenger Traffic manager of the Burlington raih'oad in Chicago,"Mr. Peyton con- tinued. "Mr. Eustis and ther rail- road officials appreciate the manner in which the state of Washington en- tered the Washington month cam- paisa and feels that the results will be beneficial to all concerned." The Pacific Northwest Advertising' campaign ran a series of advertise- ments last summer calling attenti0P to the opportunities awaiting- the Pa- cific Northwest. The last ad appear- e(l August 3, anti since then the rail- roads have received amt answered more than 50,000 direct inquiries, which shows the people of the east save the eoupons anti mail them when they are in position to make, a change. "The lmnd of OpportunitpP book- let is being advertised at the present time, and during the first half of November 1120 inquires were re- ceived, 1624 the last half of that mnth and 1824 came in the first 2 weeks of December, according to the railroad officials. With this number of people throughout the east look- ing to the Pacific Nortiwest as their future home, a gxeat era of prosper- ity is just opening. EXPERIENCE OF A MAN WHO KNOWS In the statement of the Independ- ent of Tuesday, Jan. 27, under the caption "Postitively Identified" and signed by the State Board of Health and purporting as coming from Dr. KnudsQn, I wish to say that it is either false or given thru ignorance. No d.oubt Dr. Knudson bases his conclusions on the study of animals in captivity which bares no compar- ison with those in a wild state. Habits be a regular bene mill. We would land variation in food create a vast like Mr. Knudson to tell us how many deal of difference in stomach content. he has examined to find ut [wThispininlisbased s' arfare on p 'edatorv ona contipual ammais lot cougars what they contain and what he base ] " ' '. ' his statement( on that they digest [twenty years, eighteen of which has hair and bone in 24 hours. The [been with the government, bY the Independent hates like sin t.o give [writer. I have personally e.xaml.td I heoI Now the stomach contents of conslderab y up the Shuttleworth t 'y. i.omeout of it, Mr. Independent. Give over a bumlred cougars. . some foundation to base your[ In 1906 near North Bend, Wash- , m ton I shot a eougal that had killed ili] oil and not the unsupported I" g ,. " " rd'of a horse doctor who has had[ a pig. In it's stomach wbs pieces of ' ' ' ork arts of a house-cat with hair to bear ou lus assertion, but P , P meat to the animals. It and bones (it had been killed some Dr. Dewey Toul<l not lend two weeks previously,) deer-hair },.to such an absurd state- a cougar can digest hair in 24 hours. We woukl such a childish state- the above to any paper for regardless from k'hom we received it. wadded up with a piece of the hoof The animal had been down near the setlement for some three weeks anti couhl not kill deer as there were none there. So much for the twenty four hour theory of Dr. Knudon. In conclusion, I will say that one of the most important duties of pred- ld like to suggestion steps be t.o make a real change of the .office of commissioners and pine- control of game where all of the states have put it, (el. a czar-like comissioner can a citizen of another country v mongrel pup and send them a child-killing cougar and the power of his office to D. C. " (Signed) C. T. Peterson Government Predatory Animal Hunt- er OWNERS ARE RESPONSIBLE ;+" It has been decided that in cases where property owners rent buildings that the owners will be held respon- sbile f.or tixd collection of thb water rent. In many cases in the past, par- the work of veteran hunters ties have rented property and failed dned trail-hounds sent in by to pay for the water used and the city has been left to hold the sack, to get the animal, hence the action taken is to prevent it's time l:ara change and a too. toss to the city for the lack of pay- F. J. Clifford meut of water rent.