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January 24, 1991     Quad City Herald
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January 24, 1991

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The Terminal Man S:OS pm ) MOVIE: Act of Vengeance S:30 pm [TMC] ID MOVIE: Lady Singe the Blues () MOVIE: Lost in the Barrens 6:00pro 1( CBS News E,] I  ABC News I O L News O Miracle Planet [ Iml ) Charles in Charge [ I1 Larry King LJvel ) MOWE: TEe Exorcist (D Father Dowling Mysteries E ( Cosb}' Show I] (D Top uops 6:30 pm Eli CTJ Cosby Show I [SHOW] O It's Garry Shandling's Show [;] (El) C4 Perfect Strangers ] I  Wheol of Fortuno [;] (1 1 Hard Copy ) College Basketball 6:50 pm (]D MOWE: Telefon 7:00 pml E) C' Cheers [ [SHOWI)MOV/E: Catch Me tt You Can I) (]D Who's the Boss? [ ( Jeopardyl ] g myateryf II Enterfalnment Tonlght E I CNN EveningNews (]9 700 Club With Pat Robertson ( News ( Gabriel's Fire [;] " Cheers I 7:30 pm E) (I) Night Court Ell I)  MA'S'H I  Family Feud Q (] Current Affair E Wings I :] Antarctica: The Last Frontier 8:00 pm IBI CD Top Cops Eli ( Father Dowlln Mysteries r., [TMC] ID MOVIE: MImstry of Vengeance ) (JD Cosby Show [] ql Vietnam: A Television Hlsfory [ p The Slmpsons [;] IK, II moneyllne (D SJarocrow and Mrs. King  Night Court I1 Prlmetime Live [ 'J L.A. Law [;I 8:30 pm (1 ( Babes [;I Sports Tonight Ghost story U MlamJ Vice SportaConter 9:00 pm I CD CBS Movie Special Lonesome Dove (Pt 4 of 4) [ [SHOW] I MOVIE: Basket Case 2 1 (D Gabriel's Fire I O (]D Cheers I I) Mayto December .) Beverly Hills,. 90210 I KII ewsNight MOVIE: The Dirty Dozen: The Fatal Mission ) I) } News B College Basketball 9-05 pm gB MOWE: The Blue Knight 9:30 pm I (. Wings [;] (]9 Are "rou Being Served? (]9 MOVIE: Port oT Forty Thieves The Equalizer (]9 Judy Collins: Going Home I] 9:35 pm ) Cheers I (Z Toltlght Show Joopardy E 10:00 pm 1 (] Prlmetime Live [TMC] (It MOVIE: Under Cover L.A. Law 8 (ild, Wild Wodd of Animals ]1  Arsenlo Hall bnowBIz Today 10:05pm ) MA'S'H (] CBS Late Night The Exile 10:30 p m OWoodwright's Shop [ NewaNIght Update (]9 MOVIE: StreetBandlts I) MOVIE: Open House tJ MOVIE: The Man Without Country 10:35 pm [SHOW] ) MOVIE: Fright Night Part 2 Ni htlino E Laa Night With David Lattorman (]9 Party Machine With Nia Peoples 11:00 pm OC I(DI News I1  PartyMachlne With Nia Poe ,, s (] 700 Club With Pat Robartson I Budweiser Thoroughbred Digest 11:05 pm I]B MOVIE: Key West ) Into the Night (D Challengers 11:30 pm ]1CD CBS Late Night The Exile I) () NIgh tl)ne O C Tonlgh[ Show  Entertainment Tonight 1 U bports LateNight El Twilight Zone ) Spot,sCanter 11:35 pm El Later With Bob Coates El Instant Recall 12:00 am I) D El Paid Programmln0 [TMC] I MOVIE: Heart Condition (] Personalities NewaNIght Update ( One Davit a Time El MOVIE: Mary Poppina ) Up Close 12:05 om El Hard Copy News [;] CBS Late Night Night Heat 12:30 am El Q) CBS Late Night Nlahf Heat [SHOW] 0 MOVIE-Steel Megnorlas (Eli ( Into the Nlgm I [ Late Night-With David Letterman ) My Talk Show J boap (]9 MOWE: Living It Up I) College Basketball 12:35 am ( My Talk Show 12:40 am ( All News Night 12:45 am I1Newsroom 1:00 am (1 ( MOVIE: The Human Jungle Larry King uvermght I MOVIE: The Boy From Oklahoma 1:05 am (]B Leave It to Beaver ] Quiz Kids Challenge 1:15am (1 Family Feud 1:30 am El Q) All News Channel O ( Later With Bob Coates 1:35 am IBIQ) News (]9 I Love Lucy 01 Entertainment Tonight ] mm FRI., JAN, 25 ii MORNINg 5:15 am [TMC] I MOVIE: The Last Survivor = S:30 am ( SportaCenter 6:00 am [SHOW] Igl MOWE: Paris Blues (]) BudweiaerThoroughbred Digest 6:30 am [TMC] (B MOWE: M Station: Hawaii 7:00 am ) MOWE: Hansel and Gratel 7:05 am (]B MOVIE: Not Just Another Affair 7:30am ( inside the PGA Tour 8:00 am [SHOW] ]J MOWE: Man From Button Willow 8:05 am [TMC] (1 MOWE: Libeled Lady 10:00 am [SHOW](]9] MOVIE: Counsellor-At-Law [TMC]  MOVIE: Parry Mason: The Case of the AvengingAce ) MOVIE: ThaCdmaon Ghost MOVlE: Change of Habit MOVIE: PorryMaaon: The Case of the oat Love 10:0S am G) MOVIE: Stunts 10:30 am ( NCAA Woman's Final Four Highlight= 11:00 am ) Tennis 11:30 sm [SHOW] (]9 MOWE: Ground Zero AFTERNOON 12:00 pm [TMC] I MOWE: Disorganized Cdme O l:00pm (]) Legends of World Class Wrestling 1:30 pm ISHOW] (]9 MOVIE: The Quest 2:00pm [TMC] I MOVIE: The Incredible Shdnkln 0 Man () Super Bowl XX Highlights 2:30 pm I Super Bowl XXlII Highlights 3:00 pm lab Motowodd 3:30pm[TMC] MOVIE: Boys' f' Out I) Up Close 4:00 pm IS.HOWl 1 MOVIE: Man From Button willow MOWE: No Deposit, No Return ] SportsCenter 4:30 pm (]B WoHd Cup Skiing S:00 pm I) MOVIE: Cockeyed Cowboys of Cahco County (]9 MOVIE: Finish Line 5:05 pm ) MOVIE: Angel Dusted 5:25 pm [SHOW] I1 MOVIE: GoBots: Battle of the Rock Lords 5:30 pm [TMC] I MOVIE: Drugstore Cowboy 5:DO pm (]9 C CBS News 1 ]J ') ABCNews E O ) News O Washington Week in Review E (l ]D Charles in Charge (1 Larry King Livel Hitcncock Presents (]9 Full House E (]9 Quantum Leap E (] Guns of Paradise ] (]9 MOVIE: Bejewelled ] ( Tennis 6:30pro IE) _  Cosby Show [ J  Perfect Strangers I1 ;; Wheel ot Fortune I] O state of Colorado E) Hard Copy (]9 Ray Bradbury Theatre (]9 New Kids On The Block at Walt Disney World O 7:00 pm E) C) Cheers [;] [SHOV't (]GMOVIE: Ground Zero E_-4ho's the BOSS? [  Jeopardy!.[;] u wall $treetweek r' I) ) Entarfai0,menl Tonight E C-N EveningNews (]9 700 Club With Pat R:'ertson Q News (]9 The Hitchhiker (]9 Dcrk Shadows ] (]B Face to Face With Connie Chung I 7:05 pm (]B MOVIE: The Year of the Dragon 7:30 pm  C Night Court I Ell ( M'A'S'H [TMC] O MOVIE: Stand by Me ([31 () Family Feud O Stateline 1  Current Affair I (]D awamp Thing 19 Perfect Strangers ( 8:00 pm IB ( Guns of Paradise [;1 (]9 ( Full House [;] I[ C Quantum Leap [;] O reat Performances  America's Most Wanted Moneyline (]9 Bordertown [;I (] Night Court [;] (]9 Miami Vice (]9 20/20 [;] (]9 Midnight Caller [;] (]) Sons and Daughter= _E MOVIE: QuarteH0ack Princess I ESPN's SpeedWeek 8:30 pm ]1 ( New Kids On The Block at Web Disney World [;] I Sports ionic_hi (]9 Bordertown [;]  Eischled SportsCenter 9:00 pm (]9 ( Face to Face With Connie Chun or {SHOd/lIB MOVIE: Fourth ,Story , -- [TMC] ) MOVIE: Disorgamzed Came L,J I1 () Dark Shadows I (]1 Comedy Tonight I) B Against the Law Q NewaNight MOVIE: Cockeyed Cowboys of Calico County f) MOVIE: Hof Summer In Barefoot County (]9 (]9 (]B News IB College Basketball 9;05 pm rIB MOVIE: Clan of 1984 ( Western Tradition I1 ( Zazoo U News Update (]9 Heathchff and Marmaduke (]9 Minority Business Report (]9 Street Hawk (]9 Beetlejuice  ( Kid n' Play[ (]9 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles [] ,, MOVIE: The Dragon That Wasn't,..Or was He? [;] (]) Fly Fishing the World 7:05 am (]0 National Geographic Explorer 7:10 am (l ShowBiz This Week 7:30 em  () Widget ]1  Wizard of Oz I O Western Tradition [ (1 (} Bobby's World I Slyle With Else Klensch (]9 Fhntstone Kids (]9 Babe Winkleman's Good Fishing (]9 New Kids on the Block E ( Chipmunk= Go to the Movies I ) Fishtn' Hole 8:00 am ]1 ( Teenage Mutant NinJa Turtles I [SHOW] O MOVIE: Lost in a Harem I) ( Slimer & the Real Ghostbusters I M oC] K] MOVIE: Forbidden Planet Home and Garden Hour rid of Chemistry[] I (]B Tom and JerryKids 1 News Update (] Bonanza (]9 NWA Pro Wrestling (]9 Youthquake (]9 Bugs Bunny &Tweety Show I1  Saved by the Bell [;] Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure [;] E] ESPN Outdoors 8:05 am (i) MOWE: The Hanged Man 8:10 sm ([]1 Science end Technology Week 8:30 am O World of Chemistry [] ) Attack of the Killer Tomaloea I College Football Review (] it's Your Move (]9 Guys Next Door I] (]9 Pee-wee's Playhouse [;] (]9 Best of the Mickey Mouse Club [;;I El) SportsCenter 9:00 am I1C Garfield and Friends [;] ( [ Beetlejulce [ I ( Airwaves ( Against All Odds: Inside Statistics [;] ( Pigsburg Pigs : rewsuay ( The Virgmian (]9 Soul Train (]9 MOVIE: Porky's (]9 Pro BowlersrTour (]9 Saturday Morning Video= (]9 Dink, the Little Dmoseur (]9 Anne of Green Gable= (Part 3 of 4) .E NCHA World Championship Cutting Horse Futurity 9:30 am[SHOW] (]9 MOVIE: Love Story I) ( New Kids on the Block I1 (J GD Saved by the Bell I qB Aalnst All Odds: Inside Statistics [;I II  Fox Fun House I Evans and Novak (]9 NBA Inside Stuff[] (]9 CBS Storybreak I 9:35 am B MOVIE: The Iron Mistress 10:00 am E) ((] College Basketball 1 ( Bugs Bunny & Twenty Show Eli [TMC] MOWE: A Chorus I.lne: The Movie ' ( Guys Next Door ] Discovering Psychology  (]B Krypton Factor I1 NewsDay (] MOVIE: Girl in Room t3 (]9 Paid Programming ) Danger Bay Ell } College Basketball 10:30 am O Discovering Psychology 0 ) Paid Programming O Newsmaker Saturday ) The Rifleman I Senior PGA Golf ) Zorro 11:00 am O( Road to the Super Bowl I)  Saturday Morning Video= [ O Motorweek '91 News Update (]9 Wagon Train (]9 MOVIE: Affair in Rono (]9 MOVIE: Porky's Ih The Next Day (]9 Super Bowl (]9 MOVIE: The Time Machine 11:10 am 1Healthwook 11:30 am [SHOW] ]1MOWE: Cocoon: The Return I O VictoryGarden [] Q StyleWith Ella Klensch 11:35 am (]B MOWE: The Professionals 12:00 pm Eli  (]9 Madden Super Bowl Preview 1 ( Pro Bowlers' Tour [TMC] E) MOVIE: She-Devil 1 (1 Joy ol Painting ) WWF Superstars of Wroatllng Ik un the Menu (]9 Big Valley U.S. Pro Ski Tour American Muscle Magazine 12:30 pm I  NBA Inslde Stuff I O All About Trains ( Your Money (]9 MOWE: Planet Earth 1:00 pm ) (]9 PGA Golf ' (]9 College Basketball I ratlonal Geographic Special =(B College Basketball IKa trows Update (]9 Gunsmoke MOVIE: Porky'=, Revenge Wide World of Sports Freeze Frame College Football 9:30 pm . ( Pedect Strangers [;] 1:10 pm I Sports Close-Up Are OU Being ,Served? ......... -t,30 p) [SttOW] E) MOVIE: Haunted ( MOWE: Warlords of the 21at Century Honeymoon 9:35 gm (]9 Cheers I I  Senior PGA Coil (]9 Tonight Show I Future Watch (]B Jeopardyl O (]9 The Achievers lO:OOpm (E)( Sons and.Daughters I c_ 20/20 [] 0 ( Midnight Caller [] I) MOVIE: Sherlock Holmes in Terror by Night I ( Arsenio Hall I I1ShowBiz Today 1 MOWE: No Deposit, NO Return 1 10:05pm (]9 M'A*S'H (]9 CBS Late Night Dark Justice 10:30 pm [SHOW] Igl Paul Provenza: The Incredible Man-Boy I1 NewsNIght Update 10:35pm (]9 Nightllne [;I (]9 Late Night With David Letterman (]9 Party Machine With Nla Peeples 11:00 pm I (]9 ( ) ( News [SHOW]) Showtime Comedy Club Network [TMCJ  MOVIE: She-Devfl I I) ( PartyMachlne With Nia Poeples (]9 700 Club With Pat Robertson MOVIE: Fraternity Vacation Warren Miller's Great Skiing 11:05 pm (]9 MOVIE: Massacre at Central High (]9 Into the Night (]9 Challenger= 11:30 pm IICD CBS Late Night Dark Justice [SHOW]MOVIE: Screwball Hotel I)  Nightllne I I)  Tonight Show  Entertainment Tonight E ports LateNight (]9 Twilight Zone ED Spor[aCenter 11:35 pm (]9 Friday Night Videos B Instant Recall 12:00 am I1 ( (]9 Paid Programming 1 ( Personalities NowaNtght Update (]9 One Dayat a Time ( MOVIE: Bejewelled I1 ) Up CIoso 12:05 am (]9 Hard Copy g CBS Late Night Night Heat 12:30 am IB)C CBS Late Night Night Heat I1 ( Into the Night I)  Late NIghtNith David Letterman I1 ( My Talk Show (]9 Soap Motowodd 12:35 am  My Talk Show (]9 America's Top Ten 12:45 am Q Newsroom 12:50 am (]9 Night Tracks 1:00 am [TMC] I MOVIE: The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Part 2 ,   MOVIE: Laugh!ng Lady I1 Larry King uvarmght (]9 MOVIE: I Died a TRousand Times () MOVIE: Slaughter (]B Suzuki's Great Outdoors 1:05 am (]9 Quiz Kids Challenge (]9 News I1 1:15 am [SHOW] t1MOWE: Dragonard 0B Movie 1:30 am I) ( All News Channel  Friday Night Videos .1 epsi National Championship Sprint Triathlon 1:35 am I) News (]9 Entertainment Tonight I1 (]9 All News Night 2:00 pm [TMCI(D MOWE: American NlnJa 2: The Confrontation Jacques Cousteau EadyPrime (]9 Bonanza (]9 21 Jump Street [;] 2:05 pm (]9 Fishing With Roland Martin 2:30 pm ( Newsmaker Saturday (]9 World of Horses 2:35 pm (]B FIshin' With Orlando Wilson 3:00 pm (]9 C Roggin's Heroes [SHOW] E) Robin Hood ( Highway to Heaven [;] U Austin City Limits  College Basketball ) NewaWslch ( Bordertown I (B Super Force_ 09 MacGyver [;] (D To Be Announced This Is the NFL 0 Runaway With the Rich & Famous (]9 MOVIE: The Last Electric Knight [;I 3:05 pm 0B World Championship Wrestling 3:30 pm qB ( Paid Prolramming [TMC] (B MOVIE: The Bear [ Pinnacle Now Zorro 1 Hangln' In (]9 Memories: Then and Now El CBS News I 4:00 pm El ) Lifestyles of the Rich & Famous ]SHOW] ID MOVIE: Hot Pursuit I) (D Wide World of Sports I) ( National Geographic (]9 All Creatures Great and Small Q Capital Gang El Rin Tin Tin, K-9 Cop [;I  Hangin' In Counterstrike (]9 (]9 News (]9 MOVIE: Brave Little Toastor I ) SportaCenter 4:30 pm Q Sports Saturday (]9 Adventures of the Black Stallion [;I (]9 $100,000 Fortune Hunt (]B The Wost ( NFL Super Bowl XXV Match-Up 5:00 pm (]9 ( Reunion ( Weekend Travel Update U Nat King Cole (  MOVIE: The Cotton Club O PrimeNews (]9 MOVIE: The Tin Star (]9 MOWE: Fury In Poraalae 09 MOVIE: Exorcist Ih The Heretic (]9 Entertainment Tonight 1 NBC Nightly News I (D Mlaalng7Reward NFL's Greatest Moments 5:05 pm [TMC]O MOVIE: .Hamburgor Hill (]B MOVIE: Support Your Local Gunfighter 5:30 Pm El CD Tho Weal Q (D NBC Nightly News I g Senior Showcase  Colorado Getaways Wheel of Fortune I The Reluctant Dragon r't ( NFL's Greatest Moment= 6:00 pm CBS News [SHOV]OVIE: Threelugitives I lib Lawrence Welk I) ShowBIz This Week (]9 MOVIE: Cuban Fireba I (]9 YoungRIders I] Amen L (]B Uncle Buck [] (]9 MOVIE: The Black Stallion I NFL Films 6:30 pm  C News I) ([ ABC News[] ( On Scene: Emergency Response I Future Watch (]9 The Fanelli Boys I1 (]B Lanny I 7:00 pm (E) C) Best of National Geographic Special Q( Star Trek: The Next Generation [TMC] I MOWE: A Tiger's Tale ( Star Search I) National Geographic Speoial I CNN Evening News } Scott Ross (]9 News OD The Hitchhiker (]9 Under Cover [ (]9 Golden Girls [ (]B John Madden's All-Star Team ( Tennis 7:05 pm gB NBA Basketball 7:30 pm O (]B Harry and the Hendersona I Hitchcock Presents (]9 Empty Nest 8:00 pm (BI Uncle Buck J [SHOW](]gMOVIE: Lock Up ]1 ( Young Riders r O CJ Amen O Reilly: Ace of Spies ]1 ( Totally Hidden Video ( Capital Gang_ (]9 Bordertownu (]9 The Honeymooner= (]9 MOVIE: Fraternity Vacation _El Tag Team E t uarol & Company (]9 Candid Camera.., Smile, You're on Vacation I MOVIE: National Velvet 8:30 pm IID Lenny I1 I)  The ranelll Boys ]  Haywire ppprta Tonight u vloeosyncrasy (]9 MOVIE: Covered Wagon Days (]9 Dear John [;] 9:00 TeP mo,,, O C John Maddan'a All-Star ( Under Cover 1 [TMC] MOWE: Sh_ee-Devil [ ( Golden Girls 0 MOVIE: My Life Aa a Dog Q  COPS ii SAT., JAN. 26 BB 5:00 am I) Ethics in America I DayBreak (]9 American Baby U.S, Farm Report Now Adventures of Wlnnie the Pooh I ( Camp Candy I (]9 Muppet Babies (]9 Good Morning, MIckeyl B Outdoor Writers 6:05 am (]9 Bonanza S:30 am I1 (} Home Shopping Big Story ( Gerbert People to Peop.Je Wizard of Oz I,  Captain N & the Super Mado Brothers 3[;3 (]9 Jim Henson's Mother Gooao Stodos ( Sportsman's Challenge 5:00 am [SHOW] ID MOVIE: Three Fugitive= MFC ( MOVIE: The Bear I aces of Culture News Update Popoyo Charlando Paid Programming Slimer &1he ReaFGhostbuaters Gorfleld ond Friends I Animated Froggle Rock Jimmy Houston Outdoors 6:05 am (]D NWA Wrestling Hour 6:10 am Q Healthweek 6:15 am I) D Sunday School of the Air 8:30 am I) CD Paid Programming I) ( The aetsona Faces of Culture Moneyweek  Heethcllff and Marmaduke (] Heart of Chicago ) Hollywood Insider Gravedale High I (]9 Donald Duck])reaents ( Mark Solln'a Saltwater Journal 7:00 am Q Cp_Captoin Planet and the Planeteera () New Adventures of Winnle the Pooh KI NewsNight (]9 (]9 (]B News 9:20 pm (]B U.S, Olympic Gold 9:30 PmcOpC)OS Empty Nest I 8 Pvans and Novak (]9 Zola Levitt (]9 MOVIE: Undercover Woman 9:35 pm (]gMAS'H (]9 NWA Main Event Wrestling 0B 21 Jump Street [;] 9:45 pm [SHOW] (]9 MOVIE: Cop 10:00 pm (]9 C) Candid Camera... Smile You're on Vacation E) ( Tag Team I1 () Carol & Company [  Arsenio Hall's weekend Jam [;] I r'ews Update (]9 Paid Programming (]9 MOVIE: Alien High I Super Bowl I Highlights 10:05 pm 09 WKRP in Cincinnati (]9 MOVIE: The Time Machine 10:10 pm Q Travel Guide 10:20 pm 0B Night Tracks: Chartbustera 1030 pm 13Ct Dear John [ Pinnacle Super Bowl II HIgM;ghta 10:35 pm (]9 The Year In Sports 1990 (]9 Big Break 10:40 pm (]9 Alive From Off Center I 11:00 pm Eli C (]9 (_ E)(t) News I ) Comic Strip: Late Night I International Correspondents (]9 Jewish Voice  Super Force [;] SportsCentar 11:05 pm [TMC] I MOWE: Games That Lovers Play (]9 American Gladlatora 11:20 pm (]) MOVIE: Young Warriors 11:30 pm 1 Movie {SHOW]E) Jeff Cesario: Back to Reality ]  Star Trek: The Next Generation 1  World Wide Wrestling I1 ports LateNight (]9 Paid Programming (]9 Monsters ) Super Bowl III Highlights 11:35 pm (]9 Mission: Impossible (]B Movie 12:00 am [SHOW] E) MOVIE: Sensual Awakening =(B Friday the 13th: The Series I rewsNight Update (]9 One Dayat a Time I1 MOVIE: Beyond tho Unlverao {] MOVIE: The Black Stallion Super Bowl IV Highlights 12:30 am (]9( Paid Programming  Saturday Night Live I1 -uture Watch ( Runaway With the Rich & Famous ]) Super Bowl V Highlight= 12:35 am (]9 Street= of San Franoisco 12:45 am [TMC] ( MOVIE: Opposing Force 1:00 am Q (D ABC News I1 Larry King Weekend MOVIE: Lucky Me R1 Super Bowl Vl Highlights 1:20 sm (]D Night Tracks 1:30 am  ( Runaway With the Rich & Famous [SHOW] (]GMOWE: Predator I) (. All News Channel B Super Bowl VII Highlights 1:35am ( ABC News 1:50 am (]9 News r SUN., JAN. 27 i 5:00 am  Child Abuse and Neglect (l DayBreak ( Swlss Family Robinson (]9 Chicago's Very Own (]9 Cartoon Express . (]9 Ever Increasing Fairh (]9 Mi Linda Raze (]9 Good Morning Mickeyl I Super Bowl Xl/ H|ghughts 5:05 am (]B Flintstones 5:15 am (]9 What's Nu? S:30 am ( ( Home Shopping O Teacnors Tackle Thinking  Evans and Novak' Gorbert (]9 Heritage of Faith (]9 Jam (]9 Denver Showcase (]9 House of the Lord ) Jim Henson'a Mother Goose Stories ) Super Bowl XV Highlights 5:35 am (]B Captain Planet and the Planeteers 6:00 am [SHOW] I MOVIE: Goodbye, Mr. Chips ( EWU Education MvC] I MOVIE: Without a Clue I cites & Visions: DayWatch Pole Position/Record Breaker (]9 Mass for Shut-lag (]9 Cartoon Expressl ' I Miracles Now With Oral Roberts (]9 Paid Programming (]9 Charles Stanley :  Animated Fraggl4 = Rock Super BOWl XV[ Highlights 6:05 am G) Brady Bu}ch 6:30 am E]IC (]9 - Paid Programming 1 Your Money (]9 C.O,P.S. [ ) Leave It to BaaveT" "  Search World Tomorrow  Donald Duck Presents Super Bowl XVll Highlights 6:35 am (]BAndy Griffith 7:00 am E] Memories: Then and Now E)  James Robison O (. Search O Sesame Street  Sunday Mass I[ News Update ( Batman { Star Search It Is Written (]9 Sunday Today. (]9 CBS Sunday Morning I ) MOVIE: The Return of the Shaggy Dog I Super Bowl XVlll Highlights 7:05 am (]D Good News 7:10 am (1 On the Menu 7:30 am (]9  CBS Sunday Morning I Eli  Facts of Life ( Sunday Today . Pad Programming Nawsmaker Sunday Big Brother Jake I New Design For Living SportsWeekly 7:35 am 0B MOVIE: A Death in Californio 8:00 am [SHOW] (]9 MOVIE: Pound Puppies and the Le,.end of Big Paw ]1 ( This week with David Bdnkley LTMC] O MOVIE: Andy Hardy's Private Bocretary Sesame Street I1 O News Update (]9 Bonanza 1 Wild, Wild West James Robison ) Sports Reporters 8:10 am Q Travel Guide 8:30 am (  (]9 Meet the Press I 0 EIB Jimmy Swaggart ]1 NFL Preview (]9 Larry Jones (]9 Face the Nation SportsCenter 9:00 am (]9 C. (D College Basketball IJl Q) (] World Alpine Skiing unompionsnips ( ( (]9 NBA Showtime qB Shining Time Station [;] ( Nawsuay (]9 The Virginian (]9 MOVIE:God Is My Partnor (]9 All American Wrestling (]9 MOVIE: Born Free ) NFL GameDay 9:30 am [SHOW]Igl Klds-TV I ]D ( NBABaskefball U Degrassl High I1 ) Larry Jones I,:8 clence and Technology Week 10:00 am [SHOW] I[]1 MOVIE: Always [.TMC] (1 MOVIE: Life ueglns for Andy ardy Dr. Who E) Pall Programming NewsDoy MacOyver I1 10:30 am (]9 ( ( Senior PGA Golf O Moneyweok The Rifleman ( MOWE: Belle of Old Mexloo B Super Bowl XXI Highlights 10:35 om (]9 Lord of the Lions: Adamson of Africa 11:0(}am El Cl') Q College Baskotball (1  Conversation| Week in Review (. Wagon T.'atn ( MOVtE: 10 ( Super Bowl Xxll Highlights 11:30 am I) Statellne O _ New Lassie I I NFL Super Bowl XXV Match-Up 11:35 am (]13 Andy Griffith (]9 Animals of Africa 12:00 pm [TMC[( MOWE: Black Widow [;I 8 E NBCSportsWorld ( Munstars Today I] World Report Big Valley (]9 MOVIE: Oklahoma= Swiss Family Robinson ( NFL Dream Bowl II 12:05 pm [SHOW]  MOVIE: Witness for the Prosecution (]BAndy Grllfith 12:30 pm  GED I ) Out of Thla World 12:35 pm (]BAndy Griffith 1:00 pm I1 ( (]9 PGA Golf I) ( (]9 Super Bowl Pregame I Live From Lincoln Center ) Colleg =- Basketball unsmoke MOVIE: Quarterback Princess (]) Super Bowl XXlII Highlights 1:05 pm Q) Andy Griffith 1:30 pm (]9 Dog House Super Bowl XXIV Highlights 1:35 pm l) Andy Grlffith 2:00 m SHOW Super Dave [;] [ud[ MOJE"hout. C'U" ( Home Shopping I1 barlyPdme (]9 Bonanza (ID Swamp Thing (]9 Paid Programming I) Foot Locker Road Race of the Month 2:05 pm B' Andy GdfRth 2:30pro [SHOW] Igl MOVIE: The Adventures of Baron Munchaueen | Newamakor Sunday Hitohcook Presents Roggin'a Heroes Snow Skiing 2:35 pm (1 Andy Grlfflth 3:00 pm I) () Runaway With the Rich & Famous (]9 ( (]9 Super Bowl XXV (]B MOVIE: Better Off Dead This Week in the NBA (]9 Big Brother Jake I (]9 MOVIE: Giant (]19 Murdar She Wrote I (]9 Good Fishing (]9 Siakel & Ebert (]9 Anne of Green Gables (Part 3 of 4) I] I) U,S. Men's Pro Ski Tour 3:05 pm (]9 Andy Grifflth 3:30 pm (]9( Paid Programming (l Inside Business (]9 Maniac Mansion [;] m NBC NightULNews ItM .D News LI 3:35 pm (]BAndy Grifflth 3:4S pm [TMC] (E) MOWE: Under Cover 4:00 pm (]9 ( MOVIE: Deal of the Century  Conversation With Speaker Foley U woodwright's Shop [;] ( NewaWatch Naw Zorro MOVIE: Wheals of Terror News OVlE: Girl Who Spelled Freedom The ( Aatro World Series of Do 0 Shows 4:05 pm B Andy Grifflth 4:30pm (]D Wilde Profiles O ThisOId House I) Sports Sunday (]9 Adventures of the Black Stallion [;] (]B Crossroads 4:35 caPm_ [SHOW] (]9 MDWE: Catch Me If You (]9 Andy Griffith 5:00 pin ( ( Primetimers I) Wilderness Alivel (  Current Affair Weekend ] PrimeNews [ Bordertown [;I (1 Super Bloopers ond New Practical .jokes O (]9 60 Mnutea ) 30 Year= of ABC's Wide World of ports 5:05 pm (]9 Andy Grifflth 5:30 pm [TMC] I MOVIE: Another Man's Poison ( NBC Nightly Nowa [;] Americs'a'Backroads 5:35 pm B Andy Grifflth 6:00 pm I) C CBS News I (J[ News I1 Roaming Wild and Free  Enferfalnmont Tonlghf liW week In Review (]9 Charles Stanley (]B National Geographic Explorer (]9 Cour;terstrike  Real.Life With Jane Pauley [;] B MUrDer, She Wrote I (]9 Loretta and Crystal: Going Home I ([D Thrills ond Splls 6:30 pm IEll () News [SHOW] IJMOVIE: Always [ Missln./Reword xpose l:J I Top Rank Boxing 7:00 pm  60 Minutes [ [TMC] O MOWE: She-Devil [ ( Super Bloopers and New Practical ,Jokes [ O Nature I1 I11B True Color= I (1CNN Evening News (]9 Changed Lives (]9 News (]9 The Equalizer NBC Sunday Night at the Movies Love MOVIE: CBSSunday Night Movie and Befrayal (]9 MOVIE: Cat Ballou 7:30 pm 1 () Davis Rules [] O (]0 Parker Lowis Can't Lose Ell I) John Ankarborg 7:40 pm (] instant Replay 8:00pro E) C Murder, She Wrote O Lra Ski Pass II .J i') Real Life With Jane Pauley ) Masterpiece Theatre: 20th Anniversary Favorites E I1 ) in Living Color I Inside Buszndss (]9 John Osteen (]B Network Earth (]9 Monsters (]9 Miami Vlce E (]9 Cheers I1 ( NFL PrimeTime 8:30pm (]9 L_' M'A'S'H O ) Expose [;] I1 () Get a Life [;] () Sports Tonight I Winning Walk (lID Paid Programming (]9 Today's FBI (]9 Cheers [;] 9:00 pm ]1 (J MOWE: CBS Sunday Night Movie Love and Betrayal [ [SHOW] I;11 MOVIE: Relentless . . Time to Care Special: The Mad Housers [TMC] I1 MOVIE: Black Widow I (] NBC Sunday Night at the Movies [;I I E Marrla..With Children C;] I) World Report Final Edition (]9 Larry Jones (]9 Hollywood Insider  0:) News (]9 MOVIE: Cocoon ([I) NFL's Greatest Moments 9:30 pm O Red Dwarf ( ) Good Grief [;] (]9 (]9 Paid Programming (]B World Tomorrow (]9 MOVIE: The Long Gray Line 0:35 pm (]9 Sports Update ( Sports Extra (] Sports Final 10:00 pm IC) Sneak Peek M atery]l  Ycomicl'trip Live Prime Time (]9 Paid Programming (]9 Joe Harrmgton 10:05 pm (]9 WKRP in Cincinnati gB Siskel & Eberf 10:30 pm (]9 ( To Be Announced (]9 George Mohael's Sports Machine 10:35 pm {SHOW](]9 Steven Banks (]9 Mission: Impossible (]9 Lifestyles of the Rich & Famous 1 l:00pm IB  I)  0 .( News [TMC] I] MOVIE: Backfure (]B Party Machine With Nis Peeples (]9 It's Showtime at the Apollo (]9 MOVIE: Born Free ( NFL PdmeTime 11:05 pm [SHOW] ) MOWE: Messenger of Death 11:30 pm (]9 C CBS News I) () Siskel & Ebert  MOVIE: Silent Rage I =ports LatoNight (]9 Larry Jonas 11:35 pm (]9 Jesse Jackson 11:45 pm I Q) The West (]9 Streets of San Francisco 12:00 am(]9 () Nawhart O  MOVIE: Perry Mason: The Caao of the Lost Love O Evans and Novak Paid Programming Trapper John, M.D, AII News Night Bowling Wodd 12:15 am (]9 CD Paid Programming 12:30 am ]1 ) ABC News [;I (; Future watch ) Paid Programming uennis 12:40 am [SHOW] Igl MOWE: Split Deolsions 12:45 am (1C Simon and Simon [TMC] I] MOVIE: The Sugadand Express (1 Newsroom  Reunion MOVIE: The Gill Who Spelled Freedom 1:00 am ]1 ( All News Channel I News Updote (]9 NWA Main Evenf Wrestling (]9 MOVIE: Land of the Pharaohs 1:10 am  ShowBiz This Week 1:15 am (]9 ABC News I 1:30 am I) (D All News Channel  Home Shopping fl urossllra (]9 News 1:4S am (]9 C) News ii MON.. JAN. 28 BB MORNING 5:30 om Fn NFL PdmeTImo 8:00 am [SHOW[ 1 MOVIE: Random Harvest 6:30 am [TMC] ( MOVIE: The Year My VO ce broke (]) World Cup Skiing 7:05 am (]B MOVIE: Killjoy 8:15 am {SHOW] ( MOVIE: Robin Hood and the words of Woyland 8:30 am [TMC] I MOVIE: It the Terror From Beyond pace 10:00 am [SHOW] E)MOWF.: Design for Living [TMC'J (O MOVIE: Cannery Row 1 fJ MOVIE: Secret of tho laces MOVIE: Lucy Gallant (]9 MOVIE: Meet the Munoeys I 10:05 am (]B MOVIE: The Killer Who Wouldn't Die 10:30 am (]B Tennis 11:30 am [SHOW] q MOVIE: Without a Clue AFTERNOON 12:00 pm [TMC] IO MOVIE: Monsignor 12:30 pm i) NASCAR: Yeor In Review 1:09 pm ( Legends ot Wodd Clan wrestling 2:00 pm [.TMC] (]9 MOWE: The Deceivers [;I I Sports Reporters 2:30 pm  Sunklst ICI.D.S. 3:00 pm (]9 MOVIE: Where the Red Fern Grows Bcholoatlc Sports Amedco 3:30pro I Up Clds 4:00 pm [TMC] I) MOVIE: Holiday in Havona I Spons;enter * 4:30 pm  CoNege Beakatbell SaD0 pm {SHOW) I) MOVIE: The Rod IO loon ( College Basketball 6:05 pm (]9 MOVIE: The Alamo 6:30 pm ( Denver Huddle 6:00 pm IC Q C]D News SHOW]OV,E: Rob,n Hood ..d tho Bwords or Woyland (]9 D ABC News I (TMC]  MOVIE: The Year My Voice Broke Travoll [ 81 Chorles in Charge 0 Larry King LIvel (]9 Beauty and the Beast PrimeTime Wrestling (D Amorican Music Awards (]9 Unsolved Mysteries B Evening Shade I1 . (]9 MOVIE: Here Comes Mr. Jordan 6:30 pm (]9  Coshy Show I] I)  Perfect Strangers I Quad City Herald IBI [}3 Weel oi Fortune El; (]1  Hard Copy 6B Major Dad [] ) College Basketball 7:00 pm IB _) Cheers [ (]9 ( Who*s the Boss? ]   Jeopardyt Jueen Elizabeth Ih 60 Glorious Years (IB Entertainment Tonight CNN EvanlngNews (]9 700 Club With Pat Robertson (]9 News MOWE: NBC Monday Night at the vies Manhunt: The Search for the Night Stalker [ (] Murphy Brown C;] 7:30 pm (]9 .. Night Court I1 Eli (]D MA*SH (  Family Feud ]1  Current Affair (]9 Designing Women [;] 7:35 pm  The Achievers 8:00 pm E]I( Great Expectationl [SHOW]E)MOVIE: Three Kinds of Heat (]9 () American Music Awards [TMC] MOVIE: Always I ( Unsolved Mysteries U American Experience Ell I)  MOVIE: The Dark Command Moneyline (]9 Scarecrow and Mrs. King (]9 Night Court I (]9 Miami Vice (]9 Trials of Rosle O'Neill I (]9 Adventure= of Ozzie and Harriet 8:30 pm (BID Major Dad I1 ( Sports Tonight (]9 Nakia MOVlE: Dead Reckoning SporfsCenter 8:35 pm (]D MOVIE: Young Billy Young 9:00 pm 101  Murphy Brown [] .  MOVIE: NBC Monday Night at the Movies Manhunt: The Search for the Night Stalker O Executive Stress I NewsNight El Beauty and the Beast  (]9 The Equalizer @ E]Naws au uollege Basketball 9:30 pm ()C Designing Women [.SHOW[O Showtime Comedy Club Network Are You Being Served? Movie 9:35pm (]9 Cheers E (]9 Tonight Show (]9 Jeopardyl [;] 10:00 pm (Eli CD Trials of Rosle O'Neill [;I [SHOW] (]9 MOVIE: Black Widow I) Wild, Wild World of Ammals (]) () Arsenio Hall [;] I ShowBIz Today ) Beauty and the Beast [ (]9 Madame's Place 10:05pro (]9 M'A'SH (]9 To Be Announced 10:15 pm [TMC]  MOWE: Summer Job 10:30 pm OMotorwoek '91 NewaNight Update (]9 Hollywood Insider (]9 MOWE: Where the Red Fern Grows 10:35 pm D National Geographic Explorer Ni htline [ Laa Night With David Lotterman (]9 Challengers 11:00 pm II C (]9 (]:) I (:] News (1 ( PartyMachine With Nla Peeples (]9 700 Club With Pat Robertaon (]9 Paid Programming Best of A-mer!can Muscle Magazine 11:05 pm (]9 Into the Night (]9 Instant Recall 11:30pm E]) CBS Late Night Sweating Bullets () Nightllne [;] Tonight Show (]B Entertainment Tonight Sports LsteNIght (]9 Twilight Zone SporfsCenter 11:35pm (]9 Later With Bob Coates (]9 To Be Announced 11:45 pm [SHOW] 1 MOVIE: Bosket Case 2 12:00 am I1 ( ) Paid Programming O  Personalities ( NewsNight Update (]9 One Dayat a Time (]9 MOVIE: Meet the Munceys [;3 ) Up Close 12:0S am (]9 Hard Copy (]9 News Ell 12:15 am [TMC] O MOVIE: Dealers 12:30 am (]9 C CBS Late Night I) ( Into the Night ( ( Late NIghtWith David Letterman Q My Tale Show oap  College Basketball 12:35 am l) Gunsmoko (]9 My Talk Show 12:40 am (]9 All News Night 12:45 am Q Newsroom (]9 Family Foud 1:00 am 0  MOVIE: Geraldine ( Larry King Overnight (]9 MOWE: Hidden Homicide (]9 MOWE: Here Comes Mr. Jordan 1:05 am  Enterfainmenl Tonight 1:15 am (]9 Nightwotch 1:20 am [SHOW] (]9 MOWE: Heart Condition 1:30 am E]I All Nows Channel I ( Later With Bob Coates (]9 Paid Programming 1:35am E]I( (] News {]B I Lov? Lucy ii TUES., JAN. 29 MORNINO 5:30 am I) SportaCentor 6:00am HOW[I) MOVIE: Little Women D Top Hank Boxlng 6:05 am [TMC] ( MOWE: Lucky Stiff 7:00 am (]9 MOVJE: The Emperor's New Clothes 7:05 am (]B MOVIE: The Golden Gote Murders 7:30 am } Major League Baleball Mogazine 9:00 am [TMC] I MOVIE: H.M, Pulham, Esq, 6:30 am [SHOW](B MOVIE: Allen From L.A. 10:00 am[SHOW](]9 MOVIE: Oat Ballou 1 (B MOWE: UnfalthfullyYours (]9 MOVIE: The Lady FroWn Yesterda]( (]9 MOVIE: The Las(Eleotdc Knight ( 10:05 am (]9 MOWE: Ono Shoe Makes It Murder 10:30 am [TMC] MOWE: Missing Link ( College BaSKetball AFTERNOON 12:30 pm ) CART: Year In Review 1:00 pm sn Legends of World Clan Wrestling 2:00 pm [SHOW] (]9 MOVIE: Cocoon: The Return v] [TMC] JMOVIE: Operation Crossbow ) Powder Magazine 3:00 pm (]9 MOVIE: The Yearling ( NBA Today 3:30 pm ) Up Close 4:00pro ]SHOW] (]9 MOVIE: MaD From Button Willow ,IDMsC] I MOVIE: DuBarry Was a Lady portsuenter 4:30 pm ) College Baskotball S:00 pm (]9 MOVIE: Wings of Fire (]9 MOVIE: Counterforco S:05 pm OD MOVIE: Walking Tall 6:00 pm I)(D News [SHOW] I) It'! Garry Shandllng's Show I (]9 " ABC News [TMC] ( The Movie Channel's Short Film Showcase dre (]9 State ol the Union Nova I. 81 Charles in Charge I) Larry King Llvel (]9 MOVIE: Deadly Desire (]9 MOVIE: Niagara 6:30 pm E]I( Cosby Show [;] [SHOW]IDMOWE: Alien From L.A, I1 ( Perfect Strange'-= E [TMC] I MOVIE: Lu M, Stiff ])  Hard Copy . ) College [e.tskelba 7:00pro O( Chaors [ I) <] Who's tea Bose? E; I1 (33 Je(oardyl [ ....... 0 'reat ournaya (t aot e) I1 ( Enterfalnment Tonight Q CNN EvenlngNewa 700 Club Wilh Pat Robortson .- (]9 News ) Who's the Bnss? [;I (]9 MaUock I ' 0 Rescue: 91, 7:30 Pm IBI CI) Night Court [;I I) CJD M*A*SH I)  Family Feud  Current Altair uavla Rules [] (]9 Yellowstone Aflame 7:35 pm (]B MOVIE: Walking Tall, Pitt 2 8:00 pm E]( Rescue: 911 I " [SHOW] )MOWE: Rocxy_ I Who'l tho Boss It,' TMT]I) MOVIE: Heart Condition ( Mallook[ Pront ne   MOVIE: Jaws III I Moneyllno ( Scarecrow and Mrs, King [] (D Night Court [;3 (]9 Miami Vice  thirtysometh]nl O Low & Order  _ To Be Announcea Adventures of Ozzle and Hardet 8:30 m I) Davis Rules 1-1 0 porta onlght ( R]ker (]9 MOVIE: The Cdmson Plrato I SportsCenter 9:90 pm IB...CI) (]9 ( State of tho Union Address L. ( (]D To Be Announced O To the Manor Born O NewsNIght MOWE: Wings of Fire ( Tho Equolizer () ( News Ig) Great American Events 9:30 pm (]9 Are You Being Sarvod? (] MOVIE: Caged 9:3__5 pm Cheers [ t tonlgnt 5how ) Jeopordyl I 9:50 pm B MOWE: Your Cheatln' Heart 10:00 pm (D T'O Be Announced [SHOW] E]MCVIE: About Last Night,,.  =() lh=lrf=l'O, ething I t l mJ  mUV/O: O.B" Law & Order W 8 ild, Wild World of Animals I Arsenl_o Hall 5nowBIz rodoy MOWE: The Great Waldo Pepper ( U.S. Men's Pro Ski Tour January 24. 1991 P 11 10:05pm (]9 M'A'S'H (]9 To Be Announced 10:30 pm (]gTonyBrown's Journal O NewaNIght 1Jpdato (]9 MOVIE: Tho Yearling 10:35pm (]9 Nlghtllne O (]9 LateNigh! With David Lotterman 0 Challengers 11:00 pm I C (]9 GD I ( News I)  PartyMachlne With Nia Peoples ) 700 Club With Pat Robortson I) NBA Today 11:05 pm (]9 Into the Night (]B Instant Recall 11:30 pm ]) CI CB..SS Late Night Fly by Night I) ( NighUine ( ( Tonight Show ) ) Entertainment Tonight ports LateNight ( Twilight Zone ( Spor[aCenter 11:35pm (]9 Later With Bob Coates (]9 To Be Announced 11;50 pm (]9 MOVIE: Black Oak Conaplroay 12:00 am [SHOW] (]9 MOVIE: A Tiger'= Tale (]9 () (]9 Paid Programming [TMC]I) MOVIE: The Barbarians (1 () Personalities NewlNlghf Update (]9 One uayat a Time ) MOVIE: Dual of UItlmete Weapons ) Up Close 12:05 am (]9 Hard Copy (]9 News [;I 12:30 am (]9 C CBS Late Night I) ( Into the Night ( ( Late NightWith David Latterman  My Talk Show tJ ,oap ) College Basketball 12:35 am (]9 My Talk Show 12:40 am (]9 All News Night 12:45 am  Newsroom (]B Family Feud 1:00 sm (1 ( MOVIE: The Showdown I Larry King Overnight (] MOWE: Tllo Final Option (]9 MOVIE: Niagara 1:05 am (]9 Entertainment Tonight 1:15 am (]B Nightwatch 1:30 am ([]) ( All News Channel [TMC] I) The Movie Channel Picture Show I ( Later With Bob Coates 1:35 am CI (]9 News 1:40 am [SHOW] (]9 MOVIE: Backfire Bm WED, J_AN. 30 ill MORNING 5:30 am I SporfaCenter 6:00 am [SHOW] E) MOVIE: The Valley of Decision MwC ]  MOVIE: The Long, Long Trailer odd Cup of Figure Skating 7:00 am (]9 MOVIE: The Wonderful WoHd of Ihe Brothers Grimm (D U.S. Men's Pro Ski Tour 7:05 am (]B MOWE: A Queallon of Guilt 8:00 am [TMC] ( MOWE: Mississippi Gambler 8:30 am {SHOW](]9 MOWE: Under Cover Gang 10:00 am [SHOW]) MOVIE: Bye Bye Birdie [TMC] IO MOVIE; Domlnlck and Eugene [  MOVIE: Max Dugan Returns O MOWE: My Pal Gus 10:05 am G) MOVIE: Agatha Chrlstie's A Caribbean Mystery 10:30 om (]B Woman's College Basketball AFTERNOON 12:00 pm [SHOW]ID MOWE: Hot Pursuit [TMC] I MOVIE: Paacall'a Island 12:30 pm ( Thrills and Bpllls 1:00 pm ) Legends of World Class Wrestling 2:00 pm [SHOW]MOWE: Perry Mason: The Case of tho Lady In the Lake [TMC] 1 MOVIE: Hamburger HIll ) BOwlmg Wodd 2:30 pm i Up Close 3:00 pm (]9 MOVIE: Cheetah I (] Inside the PGA Tour 3:30 pm  SporfsCenter 4:00 pm [SHOW] E) MOVIE: Under Cover Gang [TMC l ] MOVIE: The Long Long Troller g College Basketball 5:00 pm (]9 MOVIE: My Pal Gus (]9 MOVIE: Three Llfflo Slsfers (]9 MOVIE: The Return of the Shaggy Dog o 5:05 pm (]B Clash of The Champions XIV 6:00 pm E) I1 News LSHOW] 1 MOVIE: A Summer Story 11C ABC News r'3 [TMC] I] The Movie Channel's Short Film Showcase Live From Lincoln Center Charles in Charge I Larry King LIvel (]9 MOWE: Swingin' on a Rainbow (]9 MOWE: Fire and Rain (]9 The Wonder Year= (]9 Unsolved Mysteries E (]9 48 Hours [] I Collage Bdsk'elball 6:0.).0b Show.l  ::*:  '" 'll'''orreoPtram's  :: ........ " ......... LTMC] ID MOVIE: Ameriqan NInja, The uonfrontation ( ( Wheel of F(',rtune I] i 1 ( Hard Copy (]9 Growing Patna [ 7:00 pm E) C[J Cheers E (]9 () Who's the Boss? I Jeopardy II 8  Entertainment Tonight I CNN EveningNews ( 700 Club With Pat Robertson (]9 News (]9 Doggie Howser, M.D. (]9 Night Court I (] Movie Awards rq (]9 The Everly Brothers Reunion Concert 7:30 pm (]9 C Night Court ] (]9 (' M'A'S'H ( Family Feud  Current Affair tJ Married People E (] Seinfeld ] 7:35 pm (]9 CIoIh of the Champions XlV 6:00 pm 48 Hours [;] [SHOW]CfOVlE: F/X Q C. The Wonder Years ) [TMC]I) MOVIE: Drugstore Cowboy I) (JD Unsolved Myltarias I I) i MOVIE: Cloak and Dagger II Moneyllno 0) Scarecrow and Mrs. King I Night Court I MFami Vice Equal Justice 0 Hunter E! Tho Evedy Brothers Rock and Roll yuay B SportaCenter 8:3__0 m I) D Growing Pains 1 I ports 1 omght (]B The Rousters 9:00 pm qD ( Movie Awards I I) ] Doggie Howser, M.D. [;] I  Nt.h Court ) . . I You MUlt Be the Huaoano I) NeweNight (]9 Bonanza (1 The Equalizer News POE: The Wonderful World of the Brothers Grimm (]B International Finois Rodeo 9:3__0 p mQ () Married People I L. ainfeld U Are You Being Served? ) MOVIE: The Wld Frontlor 8:3__5 pm ( Cheers I /om0ht Show (] Joopardyl I 10:00 pm [SHOW] (]9 MOVIE: Fourth Story I) () Equal Justice 1. [TMC] ]J MOVIE: Watcnora Hunter Bld WlldlVorld of Animals ]1  Arsenio Hall [ O ShowBiz Today I Prime Time Wrestling (i) World Team Lumberjock unampionshtp 10:05 pm QB MOVIE: 52 Pick-Up (] M'A*S'H lab TO Ba Announoed 10:30 pm I.For Veterans Only Q NewaNight Update ) MOVIE: Dead or Alive 10:35 pm  NIghtllna (]9 LateNIgh With David Letterman Challengers 11:00 pm IB CD I) I)( News O  PartyMachino With Nla Peeplea 700 Club W th Pet Robertaon Inside the PGA Tour 11:05 pm (]9 Into tho Night El Instant Recall 11:30 pm ID C COS Late Night Scene of the CHma I) NIghtllne [ [IITMT}[ MOWE: Minlltry of Vangaanco i ( Tomght Show 1 ( Entertainment Tonight ] upoa LateNtght ( Twiughl Zone ( MOV/E:Cheotah [ IB =ponauenter 11:35 pm [SHOW] Igl MOWE: The Seduction of lags Later With Bob Coates To Be Announced 12:00 Im (]9 ( (]0) Paid Programming (]9 Personalities NeweNIght Update One Davit a Time (]9 MOVIE: Marsh T: Portrait ot a Teenage Alcoholic ) Up Close 12:05 am (]B Gunsmoko Hard Copy tr Nowa I 12:30 am IB  CBS Late Night I)  Into the Night I) ([} Late NightWIth David Lotterman  My Talk Show uoap Powder Magazine 12:35 am ( My Talk Show 12:40 am (]9 All Nows Night 12:45 am ( Newsroom ( Family Feud 1;00 am[SHOW] (]9 MOVIE: Hot Pursuit I ( MOVIE: Down Dakota Way Q Larry King Overnight (1 MOVIE: Avalanche MOVIE: The Return of the Shaggy Dog (][} Foot Locker Road Race of tho Month 1:05 am (]9 Leave It to Beaver (]9 Entertainment Tonight 1:15 am (]B NIghtwatch 1:30 om(]9 ( All News Channel [TMC] I) The Movie Channel | Short Film Showcase (]D Later With Bob Coital I Love Lucy Corporate portl Battte 1:3S am 6 C (]9 News