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January 24, 1991     Quad City Herald
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January 24, 1991

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Karen Enger ties a yellow ribbon on the oi' tree for her son Mark. Bridgeport needs ditches opened Bridgeport Mayor Steve Jenkins wants some of the residents of his community to do a little spring cleaning. Okay, maybe it is early to talk about spring cleaning. But Jenkins is asking for a little more than just changing the shelf lining paper and washing the windows. Jenkins is concerned about derelict cars and buildings and debris in drain ditches, and his worries are about more than cosmetics. Drainage ditches have been filled with debris (including whole apple trees) and in some cases filled in with dirt to make driveways. Those dirty ditches mean the city is already out of compliance with the terms of a $700,000 emergency grant received after a flood in March 1989. That moriey was given to Bridgeport by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) with the requirement that the city would try to correct con- dltlons that had led to the flood. Now "we're already as bad if not worse than we were two years ago," Jenkins said. Bridgeport also is attempting to obtain funding for improvements to the city sewer plant and storm drain system without at the same time being forced to make substantial raises in water and sewer rates. Jenkins said the funding to do that might be in Jeapordy if the city's ap- pearance does not improve. In the old days the presence of en- tire orchards in drain ditches or whole fleets of cars in town would have been none of the government's business, but the times, they have a- changed. "We are becoming so. regulated it's Just unbelieveabl.' And this is supposed to be a small- town atmosphere," Jenkins said. However, if the city is to meet the goal of sewer and water im- provements at minimal costs to town residents, it must dance to the tune played by the federal and state governments. That means the city must at least attempt to clean up not only drain ditches but also derelict cars and buildings. And the work must begin before the February funding deadlines. Now, one person's junked car Can't. on page 7 I iiii iii "Tie a yellow ribbon_ " The yellow ribbons began going up the day aRer the first attack on Iraq- -at Brewster Ace Hardware, at Lin- dsey's Drive-ln, then proliferating up and down Main Street. In the window of the Quad City Herald, decorated with red, white and blue streamers, is an eloquent three- word message: "Pray for Peace." When the Bridgeport Mustangs took the floor against Thorp Friday night, the five starters each wore a piece of tape with the letters "USA" inked on it. At Whybark's Family Store in Brewster Monday morning, they were cutting the last piece of yellow fabric into strips for ribbons. At Bob's Triangle Texaco in Brewster, on the signboard that usually advertises batteries and tires for sale, is another eloquent three-word message: "Support Our Troops." In such ways has the Quad City area gone to war. A second audio tape is being prepared by friends of Brewster native Tom Reichert, now a lieutenant in the Air Force. A CARE package proposed by those same friends (Reichert requested lots of Doritos and salsa) may have to wait- -according to news reports, the military has asked people to refrain from sending anything but letters and audio tapes. That may mean packages destined for Kathy Win- der--sent by her anut, Linda Zwelgle of Bridgeport, in an effort to insure the female troops in the Persian Gulf get the things they need--may be delayed too. That is not stopping Zweigle, who is gathering items anyway. Loretta Zaversnik of Coun- tryside Studios in Brewster is helping in the effort and has vo!tm- teared her house as a dropoff point for items; Zaversnik can be reached at 689-2255, Zweigle at Apple Valley Cabin burglarized The burglary of a vacation cab',m was reported to the Okanogan Coun- ty Sheriff's office Friday, Januai- IB. Ken and Vicky Orford, of the Sb(-I tle area, reported the burglary' of' their cabin, located on Bill Shaw Road. They reported numerous items stolen. According to Okanogan County Sheriff's Office Deputy Blake Emigh, some of the items had ali'eady been recovered. The sheriff's office does have a suspect. " Weather The Desk Behind The E :]itor January 16 36 27 January 17 37 33 .01 January 18 45 30 January 19 37 22 January 20 25 16 January 21 33 15 January 22 32 14 Weekly weather report through courtesy Security Section, Chief Joseph Dam By Doris Vallance I'm down to the third layer on my desk cleaning project and I happened across this. Don't know who brought it in but after reading it I relaxed, forgot my problems and enjoyed the moments. MOMENTS Ill had my life to live over, I'd try to make more mistakes next time. I would relax. I would limber up. I would be sillier than [ ever have been. I know of few things I would take seriously. I would be crazier. I would take more chances. I would take more trips. I would climb more mountains, swim more rivers and watch more sunsets. I would have more actual problems and fewer imaginary ones. I have had my moments, and if I had it to do over again, I'd have more of them. In fact, I'd have nothing else. Just moments, one after another instead of living so many years ahead of each day. I would go places and do things and travel lighter than I have. ! would stand barefoot earlier in the spring and stay that way later in the fall. I would succeed by accident. I would ride on more merry.go-rounds. I would pick more daisies. I would meet more people and hold more hands. Perhaps it's not too late. Anonymous Ok Ted Huckabee you've had it! At his instructions we placed his ad upside down in the paper, the picture right, the wording wrong. What he really wanted was a donkey pulling the wrecker, but, our mat books are somewhat more sensible than this and no such graphic could be found, on to his next idea, put ad in upside down. We follow directions explicitly for adver- risers. After all it is their money paying for upside, around, or down. Of course sometimes we get the blunt of their idea - did you know you put that ad in upside down? Ted thought it was a great idea, especially when his wife Genelle ex- claimed, "Ted they put your ad in the paper wrong, its upside downl. '' I'm not at all sure he explained to her just whose idea this was - but now Oenelle and everybody else knows- take the blame Ted! A couple of complimentar, y notes in- cluded with subscription renewals and we really appreciate them! "I really enjoy the paper. I lived in Pateros since '65. Keep up the good work and send me the paper for another year." Pauline Nickles of Spokane. "'['hanks for the sample paper. I sure slipped up on getting my subscription in the mail, too much Christmas. I sure enjoy the paper. You do a great job with it. Hap- py New Year to All. Blessings." Wilma C. Words of paise such as this go a country mile with all of us, gives us the incentive to work much more diligent to produce a bet- ter paper, even with ads upside down[ 7th Street Market employees Sue yellow ribbon. Dental Clinic, 689-2867, during the day and at home, 686-5275, in the evenings. Also, a hank account has been set up for monetary con- tributions at Security Pacific Bank in Brewster, under the name CPI Support Group. Related Story Christmas lights are still burning at Okanogan-Douglas District Hospital, but now they shine in sup- port of U.S. soldiers at war in the Arabian desert and the Persian Gulf. On the tree along with the lights are yellow ribbons, marked with the names of residents from the hospital district who are serving in the Gulf. Best (left) and Doreen Barrutla proudly d/splay the American Flag sporting According to Mafia Targai, public relations director at the hospital, the goal is to put yellow ribbons on the tree for every person in the district who is serving in the Gulf. The idea orginated after hospital worker Karen Enger, asked if she could hang a yellow ribbon in the lobby for her son, Mark. Other hospital em- ployees suggested the ribbons be placed on the Christmas light- studded trees just outside the lobby and that the lights be turned on until the war is over. "This will stay up until it's over," Targai said. The tree project is designed to show support for the troops in the Gulf--to show "We're all 100 percent behind them and we're very, very proud of them." In fact the ribbon project has been extended beyond its original focus of local residents. Anybody with a relative or friend in the Gulf can send the information to Targai. A ribbon will be placed on the tree and the address will be added to a list on the bulletin beard in the hospital lobby. The list, decorated with yellow ribbons and the insignias of the different branches of the ser- vices, will "just stay there" until the conflict is over. "Our hearts and prayers are with them" Targai said. Letters To The Editor Shocking Quad City Readers, There has been some shocking news from station KGOin San Fran- cisco. No. I, President Bush and Saddam Hussein had gotten to- gether and made plans for what is going on right now! If you don't believe that, just call KGO Station in Frisco and ask the man named Ray who is on between 1:00 a.m. to 5:00 a.m. (ungodly hours yes) and he will tell you the whole story as he gets the facts as they really are but we do not during the day on TV. Bush knows now that he will never get a second term in office now so he has to have bloodshed going long enough to (not change horses in the middle of the stream) and also, this war has made almost everybody forget that two of Bush's sons are in the S. & L. mess that has robbed billions of their lives savings. Another thing to bear in mind is that the first casualty in any war is the (truth). We listened through the night Friday January 14 and it showed on the screen the map drawing of quite a number of land layouts of the countries and Jordan is right in between the Iraqi land and Israel and there is no way Iraq can fire a missile into the land of Israel without that warhead passing right over Jordan and King of Jordan stated that he was defending the air- space above Jordan but, he is most peace loving leader in the mid-East and as long as the missiles did no no harm to Jordan he has so far remained silent. One caller who called the KGO station and asked how he could figure out how the missiles could reach Israel, a military man stepped up to the mike and said "the missiles passed over Lebanon!" I had my camera on hand and took photos of the mapping that was shown and soon as they are printed I will be able to prove that he was right to say that the missiles would have to pass over Jordan. Likewise, the news we get that we are winning all the time is also a fluke as they would not dare tell the truth and have the people of the U.S.A. demand a stop of the war at once. The United States has been giving the Jews anything they want for all these years and many times they don't even ask but come right over and take whatever war weapons they want. Once on "Crossfire" 4:30 p.m. program came on when Braden was still there, a man from Israel was on and when Braden asked him what did they give in return for all this wealth they have been getting from the U.S.A. this Mr. David Barr Elan stated "We impart to you wisdom in return"! Japan and Ger- many are going to gain from this bloodletting and we are going to have to carry cards but not any money and shortage here is also going to be suffered because of our foolishness. We need the Parlimen- tary system to breathe again. H. Wattenford PAD meeting tonight in Brewster Dear Editor, What can our community do about the drug problem in our area? PAD ("People Against Drugs") is meeting again this Thursday evening to brainstorm. The meeting will be at 7:00 p.m. at the Senior Citizen Center. Students are especially encouraged to attend. If you are concerned, this is an oppor- tunity to be involved. The agenda at this meeting will include three areas of particular in- terest to our area: I) What is the juvenile justice system like in Okanogan county? A representative of the Okanogan County Juvenile Court will explain it and what is seen in the county in terms of juvenile offenders. 9.) What risk factors place young people at risk in becoming involved in alcohol and other drugs as well as in juvenile crime? The program manager for the Okanogan County Drug Prevention program will present the community and school- based risk factors which have been identified through examination of studies of juvenile offenders. 3) What can be done? Let's plan the next step. We hope concerned people will at- tend this meeting, Linda R. Thomason Car, horse accident fatal for Twisp man People throughout the area have been shocked to learn of the sudden death of Kenneth (Ken) L. Nelson which occurred last Friday evening, January 19 when he and his wife, Edith were driving from Twisp to Okanogan. She was to spend the evening with her son Bill Widel and his family while Ken attended a 40 et 8 meeting. Road conditions were good, they were in the correct lane but R was black dark at 7:00 p.m. and of course they had their lights on. Edith is not sure of the name of the location on the Twisp-Okanogan highway but there is a curve and a grove of trees. They came around the curve and there were the horses. One veered to the left and missed the car, the other one was probably blinded by the headlights and came straight for it, jumped, attempting a lengthwise leap over the car, came down on the top which crushed under its weight and down on top of Ken. The car was immediately out of control. Edith says she was screaming at Ken to "step on the brake." "Steer the car." Then looked at him, saw that something was very wrong, his head was at an odd angle, felt for a pulse which was no longer there. She does not remember what lmp- pened then but the car stopped, the man who was driving the horses and his wife who was waiting in the truck in which they planned to haul them came immediately to help. They called the State Patrol and the am- bulance, comforted Edith and remained with her until help came. Both Nelsons were wearing their seat belts which did not help Ken but Edith believes that it probably saved her from serious injury. Other than severe shock she was uninjured. As far as is known the horse sur- vived. Quad City Herald Established 1901 Ike Vallance Editor & Publisher Published every week on Thurs- day at Brewster, Washington. En- tered as second class matter at the Post Office, Box 37, in Brewster, Okanogan County, Washington 98812. Telephone 689-2507. Second- Class postage paid at Brewster, Washington USPS 241-920. 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