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January 18, 1945     Quad City Herald
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January 18, 1945

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o: :: HERALD" REPORTER OFFICIAL PAPER coo0000Y BREWSTER PATEROS i ' - -- - - .1 , , n CONSOLIDATION OF THE BREWSTER HERALD AND THE PATEROS REPORTER f . .i ...... I I, - I .UME NO. 44 SUBSCRIPTION $2.00 PER YEAR BREWSTER OKANOGAN CX)UNTY, WASHINGTON. JANUARY 18,' 194S ..... II . fl I I I | I | DRYER BUSINESS OUTLOOK CHRISTMAS APPLES 45 ATTD ]CATTLE BUYER CPL. STAN GOEHRY FROM NEAR HOME DIES AT PATEROS AT NEW AIR BASE BETTER FOR COMING YEAR Mr. andMrs. CLUB MEET Friday night George W. Gates, GULFPORT Army Air Field, George Braker are in receipt of a 69, of Seattle, was instantly kill- GULFPORT, MISS. COrporal letter from their daughter, Lieut. CoIEtluniLy Bttterment Is ed when he fell from a one-story Stanley N: Goehry, son of Mr. and New Processes In Use At Pateros, Plant Will Increase somewhereThelma Braker,in Francean armYnearnUrse,the Topic OfDinner window, at the Pateres Hotel. He Mrs. Max Goehry. of Brewster, was in Pateros buying cattle for Wash, has reported at this Third Output And Cut Down Expenses German border, in which she tells Speakers the Grange Livestock Marketing Air Force bomber base for an in- During Next Season of having Christmas apples from .---- Association of Auburn. tensive trainir course, as a .gun- near home. She investigated the There was an aendanc of 45 Fred Brown of Auburn, who neT on .a B-17 .Flying. Fortre#s. boxes and found apples were persons at the .dirmer meeting of was in Pateros with Mr. Gates. Selected for this important as- Indications are that the Brewster-Pateros Pro- from the Wells & Wade Orchard the Brewster Commercial Club, said that he had complained of not signment after stringent'examina - at Wenatchee. Other boxes with held at the Linln Cafe last feeling well, earlier in the even- tions, Corporal Goehry will be a cessors, Inc., has beentaken out of the loss column only code numbers were from Thursday night Those who had inc. It was decided that he had member of a ten man crew who not previously attdnded me,tings stlJ[erd a heart attack while at will liv% and work together under and will show a profit this year. The plant started op- Falls.Chelan' Cashmere and Chelan were introduced I>'y President T.. theban_ window, simulated battle conditions. Upon eration rather late last yea r and there were several Lieut. Braker says they had a D. Welborn, wh@ :hen spoke on He was not found until the fol- completion of, training the erew operations that did network correctly or economic- Christmas tree and lots of eats. the proposal Cqlumbia River lowing morning, will be ready for duty on the fight, Authority. , ing fronts. Corporal GoehrF,,en- ally.The initial season was rather a bad one, for the IN THE ARMY NOW George Zahn Was introduced SGT. DUNDAS ON VISIT tered the service at Sattle in and gave a comprehensive talk on few difficulties the management had last year were BRIDGEPORT -- Dean Men- the. proposed northern cross-state Sergeant Donald Dundas re? February, 1943.. cause, quite a loss, A fully experienced roe has been inducted into the highway and askecU:for mode.sup- cently arrived from Los Angeles LT WM, F. WEST manager,was difult to find for the 1944 season,but ar d is now at Fort Lewis. port from towns ivoIvod, and visited Monday and Tuesday IN, SAAR TERRITORY He 4s the son of Mr. and Mrs. R. Willard "Butch"." Elwell, asked with the T. L. Dundas faN/IV in this was apparently solved when the officials of the c. Monroe. for cooperation inimproving the Brewster. PLANT appearance of th, ,own. especial-PATEROS SHED George Neff of Pateros tells company brought W. H. Baker of W.atsonville to Pa- BIG ' as pertained to vacant lots the Herald-Reporter that the has recently 'received a letter from teros to t,keeharge, unclaimed property, etc.  Lt. Wm. F, West to the effect HITS GeorgeZahn, as presMent ENDS SEASON Changes-we made in the set- Oren Murphy Said To of the county Parent-Tacher As- that he is along the Saar River up of the raclmery and th% sys- Be Miir: In Action sociation, spoke ori.the organiza- . : in Germany and reports that he is tern of puttiig=%he entire peeled .... Mhow.-Paeros Cxrowers tion and its program., in a "swelLtfit, areal bunch:of. and cored apple into the solution BRIDGEPORT--, Mrs. Stanley Doe Evertshusch;.Mayor of Pa- Methow Valley Growers fighters." His address is First Lt. Wm.,F of sodium bisulphide was chang- Childers has word that His Packout Of taros, spoke, on mmunity co- Sol, ice Had Record ed to the system worked out at her brother. Orea urphy, was OVer 000 -operation and Charles Kittel of West, 0-1320359., Co. I 10th In- ::Wmville by Mr. Baker, in 19- reported missing in action in Cr- Biewster reported Ja his work in Pakout * fantry, APe-No. 5.c-o P,, M' lw ': ''This is where the apple is slic- ed anti passedthrough the sodium many on December.. 15. Okan0gan county's largest pack- coaching basketballeams here. ' York City. ing and cold storage plant, the Bond.Driv,=CooA The Methw. Valley Growers FK'A" bisulphide, bath. ':Such a process CATTLE COboL Methow-Pateros Growers, corn- Charles J. "Pop" Sehulke, gave Service at Pateros completed its R : LODGE'- keps the apple in its natural col- or and in the top grade. PROGRAM TOD Ifleted its paelout last Friday af- a.brief report ontl sales of War packout with a record of 161,000, ter the largest  run in its history. Bonds in the recent drive. The lastSaturday noon. This is the HAS INSTAllATION Last year the dried apples, pro- i dneed by the Brewster, Pateros A new cattle control program The total packout of slightly over community has given a woder- largest packout in the history of ] Prooessors, Inc., dscolored and has been announced" by the Office 345,000 boxes from he 500,000 ful response and op asked a the young cooperative organiza- The Brewster Rebekah Lodge loose boxes is the largest in the rising .tribute to seral present tion. now five years old. held installation ceremonies at'a , this hurt th grade and the sell- of Economic Stabilization. The The organization constructed a recent meeting. Offices .fo:the I iflg prices of the product, purpose is to provide for more el- county and the cold storage fa- who had helped in th'e drive. , The dehydrated product is also fectiveconzrol of beef prices from cilit/es of 350,000 are likewise Mrs. W. W. Howard, president largecold-stoxage plant last year coming year are as follows: i being shipped: this year-with the the hoof to the rettil counter.. At the largest in this section, of the State Federation of Garden and barely had it finished in time Noble Grand, Myrtle Gamble; . maximum moisture content allow- fhe same time the increased sub-: Manager M. D: Armstrong, who Clubs spoke on roadside control to handle this year's crop. This Vice Grand, Marjorie Peele; R.S.. ed and thertfore the maximum sidy and higher maximus for good  been in charge of the plant and eliminationof various signs cold storage, with a capacity of Mable Mcea; L.S.;.PeaxL,Sap- weight is attained in the product and chaice grades provided for the past 11 years, tated the where they affected the appeals- 75,000is practically frill now and son; RSVG, Lizzie -Gillespie; I as it is sol& plan will enable the packer legal-: plant has packed over three Nil- axee of the landscape, Her tal the fruit, is in excelle condition VG, Pearl Coile; Chaplain, Ida Ovr SO0 Tons ly to pass this increase on to the lion boxes of apples since his stew- was ell received., according to Manager .Lee Coop- Curry; Recordng Secretary, Nan- j The llant will ship between 500 feeder, ardahip in 1934. A.R. Vernon, pro yrietor of the er. hie Giltespie; ancial=Secretary,: Plant Outstanding Brewster Cold Locker Service, Plans are made to finch the Eleanor Yeager; Teasurer,.Mary ; and 600 toni o dehydrated pro- Her are the outstanding lea- This is one of the most modern eported that there was a contin- office in the new building and do Knowlton; Conductor. Jessie Law= and complete packing and cold ued demand for nmv facilities, various other-work, though no less;-'Warden,--Jett.-Moore; I. " . tures of the plan ! duct thxs year. TI !]k t . .-,- .... will handle "em to '$;t I., :-i., An overmmng cening- oI will be done for the G., Tula Warner. Thee Past Noble -,, w, : ........ " " 11 t of raw ,,dmt tm mm".-"  10 pr cwt Chicago basra wi storage plants in the apple dist- and that it was hard, to get pri- more:building ........ riot of.-::Win:.The;wroll, orities to etain ew, year. It is pla.nned, however, to Grand is Elizabeth Hadley. e'_ .. - _  - "-.:-?lSq:_pn: ilv during  the past year has averag- construction, change some o tne c0mmofi "stor- The next meetiilg will b 'he i There is room for 50,000 box-aI945, thfus met _.g etl more than $1,00D per week. . age into cold storage, on January.18. es of zples in the plant's coldIq!l .be lewea.4l .* $I.14} per However, - the major portion of]NEW STORE' Mr. CoQper stated that very i Storage rooms and an addi.tlonal] cw . .  . little loss was ,caused any of his BE SURI YOU :TAIV..: i space for 25,000 common stor-[ , 2. The_ m aum pces which the payroll; like that of all other ae [slaughterers are permktea to pay packbig plants, occurs during the AT PATEROS orfrOm afrom inefficientlack Of THAT CARD ALONG v Three More Weeks If of good and choice grades of fall and winter. The total pay- The crop ran over the estimates " If you're applying for.gasoline The plant wiU complete its run cattle in order to qualify for the roll during 1944 was in excess of andthe bulk packed out was of in the first 10 days of February subsidy will be increased by $1.0t $60,000 and the largest payroll The Pateros Hardware Supply Delicious in good condition, rations supplemental;" specis after 19 weeks Of operation, for choice beef cattle and 50 was to 140 workers during the Co. will be open for business on Packing boss for the past sea- or furlough -- be. sure to take Through December the organiza- cents for good beef, per live cwt. peak of harvest last fall. Monday, January 22, according to son was Ralph Bonar. along your mileage- rationing -r tion had two shifts until the rush The incx'ease is nationwide. On Roy Silker is the packing for- an announeement made this week The cloe of tae packing season cord. That mileage, ration.hg re- had subsided when one shift could July 2 the increase for choice eat- man and Roy Duncan is in charge by the proprietor, Howard Plew. was eelebrated with a turkey din: cord was issued, to 11 basic A ra, handle the culls that were being tie will be reduced by 50 cents, of the cold storage and shipping. The new store will carry ag neT for the growers and workers, tion holders when they recently trucked to the dehydrator. As a result of these increases, Stresses Quality many items and.lines as available served at the American Legion registered. Other Prodrmts the maximum stabilization range Manager Armstrong stated that now and will add to its supply as Hall by the Legion Auxiliary. It replaces_the old tire ratjon-, Last summer the officials of price for choice cattle Chicago ba the industry must be especially merchandise becomes availzble, ing recOrd on which gas raidons -' the drier had planned on I:and- sis, is being raised from $16 to mindful of its quality product as Mr. Plew also stated that he issued to the car were listed:If - the lack of xperienced help, and} ling the. dehydration of potatoes $17 per hundredweight, and for insufficient labor has lessened the would handle sprayer parts and do GARDEN CLUB HEARS you don't have a mileage ratio= " repair work on sprayers starting WORDS OF THANKS ing ecord, get one fast.from your: but the machmery wa not avail- good cattle, from $15.25 to $15.- quality of Northwest apples dur- this spring, local board nd then hang:onto it. able and this was discarded. The 75. On July 2, the maximum sta- qrgization is now casting around bilization range price for choice ing the past two years. The Plew family has been real- BRIDGEPORT  Te Garden You'll need it every time you ,ap, to lndle another product which cattle drops to $-16.50, but for He said, "The quality positive- dents of th Pateros area for the Club rivet January 21 at the home ply for gasoline rations. No,.mi-_ will keep the plant operating most good cattle emains at the new ly must not ony be maintained past several years. Of Mrs. Clyde Ham with eight leage rationing record  no gaso )f the time during the year in- level, but has to show improvement as members present. Mrs. Washburn line!  stead of being idle except when 3. Subsidy payment on the soon as available labor is plentiful P.-T. A. MEETS" THURSDAY and Mrs: Summers were guests of dehydrating apples, good and choice grades will be again. We, in the Northwest in the club. BUYS HOME = In addition to W. H. Baker, an- raised by the amount of the in- the production and preparation of The Pateros P.-T. Aft will meet Letters of appreciation for the other experienced man, E. J. creases so that slaughterers can packaged apples, cannot afford to Thursday at 8 P:M. with Roma Christmas boxes sent by the clubs Clarence Johnson has purchas'- Burke, is employed. The latter is pay up to th new "stabilization" lose the excellent reputation we Tukey as program Chairman. and community were read from ed the L. S. Dowell home, ,former- plant superintendent, levels without losing money, or, have worked so hard to build." Doris Slade, Lois Monroe, John ly known as the Congregnational The Methow-Pateros Growers WILL FOR PROBATE Allen, Russel Summers, Norman Church parsonage in Brewster, having to go into the black mar.- showed a packout of 85 per cent and moved into the residence last Episcopal Guild Makes ket. " stromer and Norma Jean Lilly. 4. tt will be a violation for a Delicious with all orchards pro- The will of Eleanora Andersen Mrs. Troutman reported that week. The Holmes family, who. Plans For Year's Work slaughterer to pay more on the ducing more than was estimated has been flied for probate Her there would be Red Cross sev-ing formerly livd there have moved average-- grade and yield con- during the growing season, brother, Elmer Andersen of Brew to do soon andplans were made to the residence vacated by the St. Margarets Guild met Friday sidered  tha the maximum ster, sole heir, was named as the t meet at the school house to sew Johnson family. at the home of Mrs. Herbert prices of the stabilization range Tuberculosis Officials executor, to serve without bond as soon as the garments are .re- NEW RECORD French in Pateros. Present were: for the cattle purchased and Will Meet January. 22 r}l A D '| /'t{TIL  [ After ti business meeting thei Mrs. R. A. Downing, Mrs. George siaughtexed over a month's period. DlO: LUlt.# ]following program, in charge of, IN BOND SALEt Braker, Mrs. A. ' Tarbell, Mrs. This does not include calves. There will be a .special meeting _ . , .... , I Mrs. Pearl Cornehl, was enjoyed:[ " ster; Rev. and Mrs. Gordon LindSears and Miss Fox, all of Brew- MASONS SEA00 of" the Board Of Directs of the N| W.| N]a short talk on Channing Pollock, " " k Okanogan County Tuberculosis  ,w * I and quotations from his articles J and Mrs. Rheas Mansfield of O - : League n the court room. at Ok- Total sales in the Sixth War .-+ogan; Mrs. Cainey of Oroville; anogan on January 22. to The Brewster high school, has- on the subject of "Friends," by Loan Drive in the State of Wash- MF.C. Evertsbusch, Mrs. F.J. NEW 0FFICER$t0000u.v0000,o0000- Sinnett, Mrs. Alvin Anderson. " of the season at the hands,of, an Was answered by quotations on $334,450,000, it was disclosed to- Mrs. Lee Harrison, Mrs. Wilbur BIWst Ricketts and Mrs. Herbert French. BRIDGEPORT At te t rP.-W. A. experienced, .tail, hard-driving TO- "Friends;'" a paer "The Christ- day in an announcement of final mac Rose," by the Master Gard- results by Reno Odlin, State War meetng of Columbia Lodge F. & Meets January 22 nasket team. The final score was tb ener, was read by Mrs. Walter Finance Committee Chairman. hostess. 47 to 31. Tonasket hasn't been Cornehl. ' This total against a quota of i ans for the years work and A. M. the following officers were i installed, with Walter Cornehl as The regular meeting of the defeated this season. Mrs. Walter Cornehl also exhib- lede were made. installing officer and V. B. Men- Brewster P.-T. A. will be held on Brewster led at the half time 20 ited specimens of winter jasmine, $177,000,000, put. Washngton a- i roe, installing marshal; Lyle Mc- January 22 at the high- school at to 18. Troutman, the regular heather and acacia, telling some- mong the first five states in ,per- centare of achievement. AT INAUGURATION C0rmick, WM; Wn Mahaney, 8 P. M. Due to the lack of interest guard, injured his wrist and play- thing about each. Sales to individuals totalled SW.; .lar] Mackay, JW; W. G, shown this will be a business meet- ed only a few minutes. While The club will meet next time ? Cha-at.Miller of Pateros, went Morris, treasurer; Stanley Slade; ing to'discuss whether or not to handicapped the Brewster team at the home of Mrs. Earl Mackey $105,510,0,00 against a quota of , $88,000,000. : " to Olyni1#la last week to attend the secretary; W. H. Asmussen, chap- disband the P.-T. A. considerably. Rabine, the,only ex- .with .Miss Olga Peterson as host= "E" Bond sales of$65,100,000 - inauguration of Governor Men C. lain; V. B. Monroe, marshal; perienced substitute, played : ass and the roll call will be cur- were far in excess of the State's _ Wallgren. Stanley Shaw ST. D; Wilfxed] ASK LICENSES good game for Brewster. The 1 rent events. Shaw. Jr. D; Wm. McCormick,[ . __ cal team is handicapped only by a $53,000,008 quota. SS; Elmer Coile, JS; Chester] Application for marriage licen- lack of substitutes. DANCING PARTY Tribute For Okanogkn Comaty THAT'S FUNNY m From Winthrop 'Odlin paid high tribute to the Gilden, tyler. I ses has been made by John Abner, 'Every elected officer wasT55, Methow and Bonnie Green, Saturday night Brewster de- The members of the Birthday record of Okanogan County and present to be, installed, Stanley I 45, Pateros. Their witness was J. feted a hard-fighting Winhrop Club were entertained by their its War Finance Chairman V. B. There wWSn d=h;:rn unnusual Shaw coming out from Spokane i C. Wiggins of Pateros; Albert H. team 59 to 21. husbands, Satuhday night, at a White. 0kanogan County sals to- ' w es o for the oecusion. Prine, 46, and Anna Roberts. 48, Patero, Here January 20 dancing party at th Brewster tolled $2,356,713 against a qiota About six inches of. snow fell  both of Omak. Their witness was Saturday night, January 20, the American Legion Hall. of $1,000,000. in Pateros and about a mile and WANT DIVORCE  [ Mrs. Ray Van Brunt. Brewster team meets its old rivals. X [ Individual sales were were $1;- a half this side, but in Brewster Pateros, in a game at Brewster. RUPTURED APPENDI 5"32,841 and "E" Bond sales ,! it-rained throughout the day with Application for  divorce has _ IN HOSPITAL There will,be two games, One will -- were $565,592. " start at 7:30 between the Brew- The little granddaughter of I Chairman Vince White has ask- no snow on the hghway and the been filed in Superior Court by i - Mrs. Grace Bertram, ,Valerie I edth Herald-Reporter to express !i ground not even fully covered. John M. Phllips, from Loie Phil-. Mrs. Omar Aslakson of Pateros ster and Pateros second teams. Reports were that a total of 14 lips. They were married at Lind was operated on at the Deaconess Th main game will be at 8:15 Bain, is in a Wenatehee-haspital I his thanks to the local chairmen inches of new snow now covers in 1916 and have a daughter of Hospital in Wenatchee. Thursday A big crowd is urged to be. on as the result of:a ruptured appen- / and committees in this district for Paradise Hill at the Gamble Lure-t legal age. They have lived apart of :last week. She will be in the hand to see these two ams put dix. The Bertrams formerly lived t their work in putting: this Bond bet Co. mill. I for 15 yars, hospital about two weeks, on a real basketball game. in Brewster. Sale over. OFFICIAL. PAPER OF THE TOWN OF PAT]EROS OFFICIAL PAPER OF" THE: TOWN OF" BRIDGEPORT , ,. ,... _ ....... Ii. , i NUMBER 29 CONVICTION IS UPHELD CattleStealing Case Set- tled By Supreme Court Gerald Van Brunt, who was convicted-in Superio Court in Okanoga County in April, 1944, when hew as tried before Judge Kemp on a charge of larceny for stealing a yearlinK calf in the vi- cinity of Nespeiem, appealed his case to .the Supreme Court. John Hincock, Okanogan coun- ty prosec-utingatterney, appeared before the court irt September and argued for the state. Van Brunt ,was represented-by Thomas A. E. Lally of Sp.okame The  conviction was uphe!& Pbasley To Walls Walla Dick. Peasiey., who was convict- ed .at tle: same time, connected with the same case, was sent to Wall Walla. The BOard of Pris- on Terms-.has fixed his time at 9 years. Edith Bell, who is at Walla Wal- ls, convicted on the same case, e- calved, sentence of 4% years by the board. Van Brunt is at liberty at pres- ent on-his appeal bond, lendingo a- :remittur from the Supreme C0rt. lhaol J. Kelley of SPOkane appealed: a graiqd. larceny convic- tion of Clarence Bell, husband of Edith, to the Suprene Court. Hsmeok"w. alsa upheld in this convictiom HARD TIIVIE PARTY AT  BRIDGEPORT BRIDGEPORT  Mrs. Herb- err Miller, Mrs..Ernest Washburn, Mrs. Mry Caldwell and Mis. Katherine =Gill :entertained with a hard :times party in the Odd Fel- lows Hall Friday evening. A ba,k' soeial was enjoyed and games were played. Thee lresent were Mr. and i.'Utia's/Viidhu, Mr. and Mrs,.. Earl Mackay  and Mary Lu, Mo and. Mrs. Wm. Asmussen and Jadice, Mr. and Mrs. Andy Han- son, Mr: and Mrs. Stanley Mackey, Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Miller, Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Washburn, Mr. and Mr Tom Hanford, Junior and Shelden Tanfieberg, Mrs. Ber- nice Sornberger, Mrs. Mary Cald- Well; J0anne Long and Miss Kath- erine GilL. Rchatd. E...Gange_r Gets Service Honors VI- AR  FORCE SERVICE COMMAND: STTI ON IN ENG- LAND  Overseas since Decem- beT, 194,-Private First Class "E:. Garinge-of Brewster, assigned.t0: the suply.:division of this strategic air depot where Am- erican fighr aircraft are repair- ed,-- is-qalifitd to .wear the two gld chevrons.on, the: left sleeve which represeRt a year of service in E0repean Theatre of Opera- tions, . The son of Mrs. Maybelle Gar` ingoT, Brewster, Pot. Garinger en- tered the service in Dcember, 19- 42, and. served_ at the Laurel Army Air Base, Louisiana, until his transfer overseas. Pot. Garinger is a 1942 gradu- ato:of.;Pateros High School. Brewster Ladies Aid Plans Easter Bazaar The. Brewster IAtdis Aid met Friday afternoon at the home of Mrs. Nettle Vhitinger with Mrs. Viola "a hostesS. It was decided that each'Iady would make some useful or fancy article from flour be sold at a bazaar to be held some time .before Easter. Mrs. I-L R. Bulman displayed and described a collection of cur- ios obtained n. China during her 20 years as a .missionary there. During the serving of refresh- mnts of Cake and ice cream, the dmonst.ted the use of chop- sticks. The Aid meets next at the home of Mrs. Wanamaker with Mrs. W. H. Olson entertaining. BIRTHDAY PARTY BRIDGEPCRT  Anita Ma- haley, daughter of M. and Mrs. Thurrnar Mahaley entertained a fear of her classmates at a party in' honor  of= 'her 12th birthday, Thttrsday, January - 11. Those present-were Shirlee and Lorna Jenkins, Marjorie Buchanan, Nor- ma Davidsoff, Patty Shaw. Sandra Mhhaey and hostess Anita Ma- handy.