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January 15, 1932     Quad City Herald
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January 15, 1932

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...... "P _ | II I [ I J l lU it _ t .... ,,,, THE BREWSTER HERALD Published Every Friday at Brewster, Washington. D. L. GILLESPIE, Editor and Mgr. Entered a:q second class matter at Brewster, Waahtngton. la i i . i ,i i i i i More Civic Improvement .,,,,,,, ,, , ,,,.. A vote of thanks is due those who are giving their time and labor in working for the improvemerrt of the Locust Grove Cemetery. A benefit dance is being given to aid in raising funds to pay off a note (past due). The First National Bank has held the note for some time and now efforts are being made to take up the paper. We say, "Give those in charge credit for the good work and also give them your whole-hearted support," Hopping On Hoover (Wenatchee World) They' are making attacks on Hoover these days. From one end of the country 'to the other "it is all Hoover's fault." But it remained for Secretary of Agriculture Hyde to call attention to the fact that "it was Woodrow Wilson William G. McAdoo and Carter Glass who granted illegal loans amounting to $2,000,000,000 to Europe AFTElq THE WAR." Added to this, there has been another sum somewhat larger which has been sent to Europe as private loans since the war. We know people of Wenatehee who would like to have some of that money which they loaned in Europe. "Better Get Going, Bill" A boy rode up to a cotton patch near Spring Creek, Teaxs one September evening in 1881 and shouted to an- other ll-year old lad picking cotton, "Hey, Henry, the president is dead." "Who is he?" President James A. Garfield had just been assassinated. The cotton picker was William Henry Murray, better known now by the hem de guerre of Alfalfa Bill. He is conceeded a place in the 1932" Democratic national convemion by his friends. Many say he will be the party,s standard bearer. If so Bill had better get going. Not Worth So iMuch There is always a man who thinks he is worth so much. so we quote the value of the human body, as according to Dr. Thee. E. Lawson, noted British physician. Dr. Law- son says that the average human body is composed of the following: Enough water to fill a 10-gallon barrel; enough fat for 7 bars of soap; carbon enough for 900 lead pencils phosphorous enough to .make 2200 match heads; suffic- ient magnesium for one dose of salts; enough iron to make one medium-sized nail; sufficient lime to white- wash a chicken-coop, and sulphur enough  rid one dog of fleas. All of this at prevailing market prices would amount to 94c. So now, no matter how much this fellow thinks he 'is worth, you know his actual value. Fiddling While Rome Is Burning 6REWSTER HEILAL.D, BREWfiTER WASHINGTON in i i ...... ................... Hi I I [ i I III [ i I I I BRIDGEPORT i AND THE BAR i i ,i i i i * i Ray Reneau of Pear spent the week end with his family here. ,P $ * ,P Bert Belles and Horace McAroyl were visitors in Wenatehee last week. @ Bert Belles and mother moved to Omak last week where Mr. Belies is in business. Mr. and Mrs. Fritz Ham and Mrs. Al Yeager of Brewster were business visitors in Wenatchee Tuesday. Horace McAroy spent the first of last week with his sister Mrs. Blanche Yeager of Brewster. $ $ $ $ , Wm. Campbell and Wm Mahaney were over night visitors at the Ed Brandt home last week. $ $ $ $ Miss Worden, county nurse was here Monday testing eyes and ex. Raining pupils. w * $ Mr. Ray and Mr. Duncan were up from Wenatchee Wednesday and de- livered a new Willys six sedan to Henry Sornberger. Air. and Mrs. Gar Allen have mov- ed to the Jim McLean house. There they will reside the rest of the school term. Ir. and Mrs. Henry Sornberger and Mrs. N. O. Campbell drove to Wenatchee Sunday where Mrs. Camp- bell will remain a few days and vis- it her daughter, Ethel Brewer. The basket ball game between Mansfield and Bridgeport was well attended Friday evening. Bridgeport won the game. | Sam Bridgeport's ! Merto.n McKee went hunting in a bob best basket ball players suffered a seriously injured eye last week while practicing. He was struck by an- other players elbow. Great interest is being shown in the Holiness revival meetings being held at the M. E. Church every after- noon and evening. * * $ Clyde Rice of Mansfield has spent Crimson and White !VELUM le NO. 9 JANUARY 15, 1932 NUMBER 16 i i i ..................... STAFF EIGHTH GRADE Doldee Orton returned to school Editor ................ Wkaneta Crossland after an illness of three weeks. Ass't Ed ......................... Elsie Baltz Madeline Sampson was absent Reporters ................ English II Class from school Monday on account of illness. BASKETBALL The eighth grade is studying hard on geography aml reading in icw of Friday evening, February 8, in the fact that the state tests come at the Brewster high school gym, doublo lthe end of this week. GIRLS' P. E. CLASS header basketball games were held. l They are reviewing the classics in The grade teams of Brewster and I th fifth, sixth and seventh g'rades in The GMs' P. E. Class s spent Pateros played first and later the[reading i the last few periods playing basket Okanogan and Brewster high school I bali The girls tub's their former teams played. [ DEPARTMENT NOTES basket ball team but find this an ca- The first game was hard played  joyable way to work off extra enor- with the score 8 to 4 in favor of Pa- Pupils in Civics Class study civil !gY" Last Thursday the former bas- teros, engineering' as a vocation, ket ball gMs brought their trunks to The second game turned out much One of the pro'poses of the civics play in, as it aids the body in much better. The score was 15 to 12 in class is to give the pupils an idea of freer movements. favor of Brewster. what vocation they would want, and The first half of the game was all how to choose that vocation LIFE'S MIRROR in our favor but the Okanogan boys OnMonday the pupils reported on outplayed the Bears during the see- civil engineering as a vcation. Sea' "There are loyal hearts, there are end half. of the reports were very good, bu spirits brave, If our boys can play ball as they when others were asked to recite, th,' Th.cre are souls that are pure and did during the first half we should following conversation took place: true; make a fine showing for this year. "Give your report on civil engin- Then give the worht the best you The Bears will play the Winthrop erring," said the teacher to a boy. have, team on Saturday night, January 16. ' "I haven't mine finished," replied And the trust will come back to The Methow Valley boys a].ust have the boy. you." a strong aggregation this year as "Why haven't you?" was the next Live a clean and square life and they cleaned Pateres last Friday by question, love your fellow man. IIelp him bear a 23 to 12 score. ,Playing on our "I could not find time," was the' his ha'den along. If you speak a floor, this should be a thrilling game. answer, because I had to do my com- word of cheer when he is down-heart- mercial geography." ed, it will give him hope to journey PERSONALS "You may write 800 words on the on same subject," was the response Life's as yell nmke it You can Maurice Pettit spent Sunday with Most of the students are findin!,: make it a grumbling journey, one of Burt Cross. it easier to write 200 words on a fret and dislmir, or the happy one of Jack Goehry went skiing" Sunday. report than to write 800 words be- love and beauty. You need not fear Bob Goehry and Charles Rowland cause they did not have their lesson: what the future hohls if you have went on a hike Sunday afternoon, without a good reason, faith in your freind BIOLOGY: Who doesn't enjoy You do not l]eed to have the wealth diaecting the small good-natured and coin of the lands in order to be sled Sunday. crayfish? That's what the biology wealthy. He has friendswho un- class has been doing, and they are derstand him, in storm and fair William Rowland enjoyed both interested. Some of the girls in par- weather. Saturday and Sunday hunting, ticular, always look forward to biol- Life is measured by wh,at you mete, Ernest Washburn went after some ogy labratory days, so that they may and in the end your reward that you horses Saturday v  , " ]ha e their turn to d'ssect a grass- gain is your repay. Irene Rawley visited over the week]hopper or perhaps cat! Who knows? Throu:ah love you gain your re- end with her parents on Paradise} ENGLISH IV: "the English IV ward. It hakes no difference where i Pearl Mayhood foerly of Omaklclass have recently experienced a you dwell. Maybe it is a hmnble 'has enrolled in high school. ]rare treat. Their teacher, Mrs. Fish- (Continued On Last Page) ............................. t|l er, who has had dramatical training, - read Dickens' Christmas Carol. Somv of the pupils in the study hall were iuite alto'reed at first at the teach- r's actions, butreali zing the cause for it all they quieted down and be- came as interested as the English Class. Let's ask for it, too in the,__..a other English classes the last few clays here helping clear the roads between Bridgeport anti Mansfield. Mr. and Mrs. C. A. Spurgeon spet Friday at the home of Mrs. N. 0. Campbell and the night with Mr. and Mrs. Harry MeA.roy. before leaving for their home in Endicott. t Mr. and Ms. C. A. Spurgeon of Endicott, former residents of Pearl Hill were here visiting their son and family, Mr. and Mrs. Howard Spur- geon last eek. 4 @ Mr. and Mrs. Ray Reneau motor- ed to Wenatchee, Friday, on buslnes and to visit Mr. and Mrs. John Nu- gent and Mr. and Mrs. Avchie Ren- eau and families. The Rebekahs ad Odd Fellows (Muncia, Indiana, Press) held a joint installation Thursday Former Ambassador to Germany and England, Alanson night. Ater the meeting  o" ..... refeshments were served and dane- B. Hough'ton, followmg his vmt to Pans, where he was ....... lag Wa In ort4er. lqA Wa.q Illrn- homed down by an audience of 8,000 Frenekmen when lhe d b "" - ' y mr.  . he attempted to make a speech of peace, proposes that] .... declarations of war hereafter be controlled by a popular 1 'om HenleY, Rph Ricar re.- referendum. I tored to Waterville, Saturda by way of Wenatchee Joe Parker and The Constitution vests the power to declare war in i Congress. The Houghton scheme would require a consti-lSweraecmpanied them to Wenatchee tutional amendment, the boy had his eyes examin- It is highly improbable that this government will ever fight another war except one of national defense- It is improbable that the self-styled pacifists who want to get us involved in foreign wars by undertaking to keep the peace of the world through such devices as the League of Nations, will ever put their program over. Consequently we may anticipate that the United States will hereafter keel) out of other people's fights. Bu if this nation should be attacked by some other power, is it Mr. Houghton's idea that while the other na- tion is amassing, drilling and transporting troops and otherwise preparing for war, Americans should be hold- ing ,mass meetings and torch light processions to decide whether we are going to defend ourselves? While we are engayg'ed in carrying on that kind of a debate, the war =.would be over, America would be "licked" and there would be nothing left to decide. Another reason why radio will never take the place of the newspaper is that the newspaper rarely fades in the middle of ahot story.  Investigators find that milk can be kept in cold storage indefinitely. That's the way a lot of the milk of human kindness is kept. '- ',,:'..*:a_.'.. ''' ed. I $ $ $ ] I Bessie Brewer and Henry Sovn.[ berger were united in marriage at} Okanogan, Monday, January 4. They  were accompanied by the bride's l mother Mrs, N. 0. Cmpbell who was] also witness with W. H. Vaughan of I Okanogan. After the ceremony they] took dinner in Omak and then return- 1 ed home. They will make their home] here as Mr. Sornberger, long in the employ of the highway department is in charge of the Brewster-Coulee road maintenance crew operating from here. LOSTI Ford truck tire, tube and rim mounted on disc wheel, between Monse, Wakefield or Brewster. $5.00 I reward.---John Gebbers, Brewster. LOST: On Jan. 3, a pair of long snow shoes, near Ophir grade, or on Brewster Flat. Reward, Phone L. L. Allyn, 29, Brewster. 2tp After February 1, MacMarr Store here will charge 5e instead of 10e for milk bottlea. ff THEN .I00EAD THE PRICE TAC RCA Victor D. L. Gillespie